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Nestled in the heart of the Puget Sound with views of water or mountains at every corner, Vashon Island is truly a paradise like environment. You can only access this island by taking a breathtakingly beautiful yacht ride. Friendly people, relaxed atmosphere, sandy beaches, woodsy trails, parks, pastures, and unique natural settings make Vashon a refreshing Northwest getaway. Once you are on the island, you will be amazed by twists and turns, winding one-lane roads, tall trees, greenery and its sandy beaches. Whether you want to rent a kayak to explore the city from the crystal clear waters or wish to take a bicycle ride, here are a few things that you must do and see while vacationing in Vashon.

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Things to see and do on Vashon Island

  • Beautiful Beaches: Vashon Island has approximately 50 miles of beachfront. It boasts a variety of beaches, rugged rocky beaches to sandy ones. If you prefer sunbathing, picnicking and wildlife viewing opportunities, then visit KVI Beach. Lisabeula beach has a boat launch site and offers great fishing opportunities. Watch ferries and ships go by at the North End Beach Ramp. You can begin your kayak trip around Blake Island from here. Point Robinson Lighthouse has a beach and fishing access with ample views of Puget Sound and the island. If you want to do some bird watching, then visit 3.5 acre Fern Cove. Jenson Point is a great place to enjoy paddle boarding, kayaking and canoing with the whole family. Jenson Point also has a small grassy area with picnic tables. Try some diving and fishing at the Tramp Harbor Dock.

  • Amazing Parks: Vashon is an island of parks. It has many beautiful parks that provide great opportunities for exploration, wildlife viewing, and adventurous activities to enjoy. Agren Memorial Park has 30 acres of riding trails and is also home to a baseball playing field. Burton Acres - Jensen Point is an ideal place for swimming and horseback riding. It boasts 68 acres of walking and riding trails, a boat launch area along with restrooms, a picnic area, and beach access. Dockton Park has 23 acres of hiking trails, swimming access and picnic areas. Inspiration Point Outlook is a must visit place for sunrise watching. Bird watchers must check out the 90-acre wildlife preserve area – Fisher Pond. If you are nature lover and want to spend time hiking the forested areas, then visit Maury Island Park. Other parks and activity centers include Ober Park, Paradise Ridge Park, Pt. Robinson Park, Spring Beach Park, Vashon Commons, and Village Green to name a few.

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  • Tourist Attractions: The “tree that ate a bicycle” is a popular tourist destination for curiosity seekers. A boy left his bicycle chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned and the tree started growing around the bike. Now this incredible 'bike in the tree' is a great tourist attraction. Nashi Orchards is located on the south end of Vashon and is a great place for outdoor events and celebrations. Lavender Hill Farm opens seasonally from late June to July when lavender blooms. This ½ acre certified organic lavender farm also boasts a vacation rental. Palouse Winery is the best Puget Sound winery where you will find wines that are smooth and voluptuous. The winery is also known as one of the best Washington Winery Makers. Also, wine tasting is available at Vashon Winery. Located on the northwest part of Vashon, Shinglemill Creek Preserve is a great place to see coho salmon returning to spawn and view shorebirds. If you are interested in learning arts and culture of Vashon, then Ravens Nest Art Gallery is a charming place for you. You will find paintings, sculpture, photography, pottery, jewelery, wood, glass, textile and more. Enjoy hiking in the 60-acre multi-use trails of Frog Holler, Vashon’s newest Community Forest. Fisher Pond is Vashon's largest open water pond and a perfect place for bird watching. Other tourist attractions include Rabbs Lagoon, Portage Store, Mukai Pond, and Northilla Beach to name a few.

  • Shopping and Dining: You will find plenty of retail and craft stores in Vashon. You can buy teas, organic food and essential oils at Minglement store. Experience the elegance of home decoration at GIRAFFE store. Museum Store specializes in books, maps, cards and other items related to Vashon. If you want hand-designed, unique silk garments, visit the Dova Silks shop. Vashon Intuitive Arts, Kronos, Heron's Nest, Country Store and Farm, Vashon Triftway, Hinge Gallery, and Raven's Nest Art Gallery are some of the popular retail stores in Vashon. From amazing organic coffee, tasty pizza to authentic Mexican food, you will find different varieties of cuisines in Vashon. Do check out these popular restaurants May Kitchen & Bar, Cafe Luna, Alli Lanphear Vineyard and winery, Isola Restaurant, Anu Rana's Healthy Kitchen, and Zamorana.

  • Adventurous Activities: The waters surrounding Vashon offer great fishing opportunities for pink salmon and plenty of fishing piers for catching bottomfish and migratory salmon. Marine Area 11 is located south from the north tip of Vashon and is the best fishing location in Vashon. Whale watching in Vashon typically focuses on Orcas (Killer Whales), however whales are often seen up and down the Washington coast. Gray whales and humpback whales are also seen as well as a wide variety of other marine wildlife. Some of the popular whale watching spots in and around Vashon include Dilworth Point and Pt. Robinson Lighthouse, and the San Juan Islands. Paddle kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, sailing, hiking, walking, and biking are all favorite activities for outdoor enthusiasts on Vashon-Maury.

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  • Day Trips: Vashon is a city for water lovers. It sits on Puget Sound and Bainbridge Island, Whidbey Island, Seattle, Tacoma are just a short boat ride away. Bainbridge Island is only 35-minute boat ride away from Vashon. Be sure to visit the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, spend time wine tasting at Eagle Harbor Winery, or go on a tour to Bainbridge Organic Distillers. Whidbey Island has much more to enjoy - beautiful towns, farms, and the amazing Deception Pass State Park. Take a leisurely ride on a luxurious yacht and visit the four sister islands of San Juan County - Lopez, Orcas, Shaw or San Juan. Seattle is the most beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest region, which is known for its unique beauty and cultural significance. If you have some vacation time left after exploring Vashon, you can plan to include these destinations in your charter itinerary: Vancouver, Victoria, Port Townsend and Camano Island.

From the heart of Puget Sound to the soul of the Pacific Northwest culture, Vashon Island is packed with beautiful scenery and unusual experiences. Discover the magnificent beauty of this Northwest destination and outdoor activities on a luxury yacht charter with Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters. We have numerous luxurious yachts equipped with all the amenities that you need for a memorable vacation. Our attentive crew, on board your own private chartered vessel, will help you explore the magnificent sites of Vashon and enjoy fishing, sailing, wildlife watching and other interesting activities. Find out more about the type of luxury yachts that you can charter for your Pacific Northwest vacation in Vashon by clicking on the Our Fleet link provided here. You can contact our charter consultant directly by clicking here to plan your charter itinerary.


Buddy is resting up, getting ready to run (make that walk) a good campaign for Vashon's Unofficial Mayor as Vashon Island Pet Protectors candidate.. Our mission is fostering a love of reading for Vashon Island youth, one book at a time.. Children are able to borrow 2 books at a time, and can exchange them for new ones during bi-monthly visits.. Together they represent our amazing DOVE team of educators, advocates and counselors who provide survivor services, prevention education and community programming that aims to reduce interpersonal harm.. These four puppies - DOVE’S PREVENTION PUPPIES OF LOVE - are asking for your vote to become 2022 Vashon Unofficial Mayors so that everyone can feel that puppy love.. I'm one of the most affable four-legged fellas you'll meet, but I'm dogged about affordable housing.. and we've got big plans for the coming year to make sure it's a right our island provides for everyone.. BrambleByrne Farm has been caring for homeless ruminants for over twenty years.. We’ve had as many as 20, and as few as 5 at any given time.. In short this is where they come to live out their years happily grazing, fertilizing and playing in their large pasture.. But caring for goats can be expensive.. Last year we rang up almost $7,000.

Hop the ferry to enjoy a small-town experience with a cute walkable downtown, plus beaches, outdoor activities, and the best restaurants on Vashon Island, Washington.

Vashon Island is not well known outside of the Pacific Northwest, but you should hop on a ferry and discover this jewel of the Puget Sound.. Maury Island is connected to Vashon Island by a spit.. Ten-acre Point Robinson Park is located on the east shore of Maury Island and is a must-see when you visit Vashon Island.. To really get a sense of the food scene in Vashon, ask the locals, and they’ll help you discover places that are off the radar, like the Vashon Sugar Shack.. The Hardware Store gets its name from the building it’s housed in, which is one of the oldest on Vashon and the original island hardware store.

The best things to do on Vashon Island including tips for a day trip from Seattle, where to eat and idea if you have more time.

Even though you can’t get to Vashon Island by car only, you will want a vehicle to explore the island.. Along with Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie along the highway, or Pollard Per Se Coffee to the west on Bank Road, Burton Coffee Stand is one of the best spots on Vashon to get your fix.. Vashon Island connects to Maury Island via an isthmus the locals created in 1913.. Being a separate island, it doesn’t technically count as a Vashon Island attraction, but it’s well worth visiting.. If you’re taking your Vashon Island day trip on a Saturday between April and December, head to the Vashon Island Farmers Market in the center of town outside the Vashon Island Center for the Arts.. No Vashon Island day trip would be complete without spending some time in the town of Vashon.. If you’re hungry, stop by one of the town’s independently-owned eateries, including Island Queen, Bramble House, Vashon Island Baking Company, Café Luna, Anu Rana’s Healthy Kitchen, or Snapdragon Bakery.. Known as one of Puget Sound’s creative havens, Vashon Island, similar to South Whidbey or Lopez Island in the San Juans, has a robust artist population.

Wondering what to do on Vashon Island? This guide has the best things to do on Vashon Island, along with all the information you need to plan an amazing trip.

Whether you want to enjoy it at a relaxed pace, take part in exciting outdoor adventures, or a little of both, you’ll find plenty of things to do on Vashon Island.. You might meander along the picturesque, wooded trails, stroll peaceful sandy beaches, browse the Vashon Farmers Market and perhaps do a little wine tasting.. With a short ferry ride to the island, no matter which ferry route you take you’ll get to enjoy the many things to do on Vashon Island if you’re coming for a day trip from Seattle , but of course, the more time you have the better.. One of the top things to do on Vashon Island is to visit Maury Island , which isn’t actually it’s own island, rather a peninsula at the south end of Vashon, home to 320-acre Maury Island Marine Park.. Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie, a local landmark, is must-stop to start the day off right with fresh coffee, antiques, and local art in a more than century-old building, while Snapdragon is famous for its delectable baked goods, including huge cinnamon buns.. Vashon’s peaceful, tree-lined roads make the island ideal for biking, and you can pick up rentals at Vashon Bike in the center of downtown if you don’t bring your own.. Vashon Brewing is also downtown in Vashon Village, brewing high-quality handcrafted beers inspired by the Pacific Northwest.. Vashon Winery : Vashon Winery is open seasonally from April to October every weekend between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Their wines are produced from grapes grown on the island, Puget Sound AVA and eastern Washington, in small batches known for their bold flavors.. Ferries are frequent with the schedule varying depending on the time of year – the specific timetable can be accessed here .. Many use this “foot ferry” that takes just 20 minutes to cross, and then get a ride, use the local bus, or bike from the dock to downtown Vashon.. Vashon is enjoyable to visit all year-round, although each season offers something unique of its own.. The best time to go really depends on what you hope to do and your own personal preferences – many enjoy the late spring and early fall which typically bring pleasant weather and few crowds while most attractions, including the farmers market and farm stands, will be open.. There will be lots to do in the great outdoors and on the third weekend of July, you’ll be able to attend the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival.. It usually begins to cool as the calendar turns another page but it’s unlikely to be too chilly, plus the farmers market will be open until the end of October and the Vashon Winery is open for weekend tastings through October first.. More Weekend Guides in Washington

Spare yourself some travel time and opt for a quick ferry ride from Seattle or Tacoma to Vashon Island! Here's how you can enjoy the island.

Puget Sound’s largest island, Vashon is really made up of two islands connected by an artificial land bridge.. Running north and south, the Vashon Highway branches off throughout the island getting you to where you need to be.. The highway goes up and over the island dropping back down to the water again just before the town of Burton.. Take your cup of joe across the road and watch for sea life in Quartermaster’s Harbor or venture into the woods at Burton Acres Park.. Keeping north past the harbor, the road turns inland again heading towards the town of Vashon.. A few blocks before town on the left, kitty-corner to the Vashon Center of the Arts, is The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie .. All the same, it’s a good view of the slow-paced day to day island grind.. Rain or not, it’s hard to resist a stop at Point Robinson Lighthouse .. Sticking out like a nose on the island’s easternmost point and close to the Maury Island Marine Park, the lighthouse has been operational since 1885 .. Looking north from the lighthouse towards Seattle, Three Tree Point sticks out from the mainland on the channel’s east side and Vashon’s northeast shoreline runs up the west framing the view up through Admiralty Inlet.. The other views offered at the point, even more elusive, are the whales.. A literal dock town, the village of Dockton grew up around its dry dock repair facility located just inside the safe waters of Quartermaster’s Harbor.. Sometimes going with the flow of the moment and not setting expectations on your journey can lead to some of the best days.

Vashon-Maury Island is located in the middle of southern Puget Sound, midway between Seattle and Tacoma, within the boundaries of King County. Its history parallels that of the rest of the county, but its growth and development have occurred at a much slower rate, owing in main part to its inaccessibility to the mainland.

Vashon-Maury Island is located in the middle of southern Puget Sound, midway between Seattle and Tacoma, within the boundaries of King County.. In 1792, during exploratory missions on Puget Sound, Captain George Vancouver named Vashon Island after his friend Captain James Vashon.. At the time, there was a portage between the two islands.. By the end of the decade, ferry service was available at both the north and south ends of Vashon Island.. The first auto ferry arrived in 1916, when the King County Ferry System began running the M. V. Vashon between Des Moines and Portage.. Many felt he had a veritable monopoly on Puget Sound ferry service, especially those living on islands throughout the sound.. With all the rigmarole surrounding the past few years of ferry service to the island, some state officials thought maybe the time was ripe to finally connect Vashon-Maury Island to the mainland with bridges.. The majority of Vashon Islanders began fighting any plans for a bridge.. In 1992, a small meeting to discuss another bridge plan was held, and 2,000 of the island's 9,000 residents showed up -- some wearing signs reading: “Don’t Mercerize Vashon Island,” and “Bridges Bring Death.” When the conveners asked how many people in attendance supported a bridge, the crowd responded with dead silence.. In time, Vashon-Maury Island residents have been able to maintain most of their rural way of life, while moving forward with the rest of King County into the twenty-first century.. Steamer Vashon arriving at the Burton Dock, Vashon Island, 1910s. Berry picking, Vashon Island, 1943. Sources: Roland Carey, Van Olinda’s History of Vashon-Maury Island (Seattle: Alderbrook Publishing Co., 1985); “Ferry District Operation Proves Successful,” Vashon Island News-Record , March 18, 1948, p. 1; “The Day the Vashon Vigilantes Repelled Captain Peabody’s Navy,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer November 14, 1971, Magazine pp.. 4-6; “Cross-sound Bridge Temporarily Shelved,” Vashon Island News-Record , October 13, 1955, p. 1; “Vashon Island: Its Residents Still Can Lived ‘Spaced Out,’” The Seattle Times , January 3, 1960, p. 6; “Vashon Bridge Route Called ‘Foolish’ by Highway Aide,” The Seattle Times , May 25, 1966, p. 6; “Vashon’s ‘Bridge’ to the Future,” The Seattle Times August 11, 1968, Magazine pp.. 6-7; “Problems Today are a Repeat of the 1940s,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer January 8, 1986, p. C-12; “Vashon Islanders Say it Loud and Clear,” The Seattle Times , March 10, 1992, p. C-1; “Islanders Envision a Bridge Too Near,” The New York Times , March 11, 1992, p. 4; Further information provided by the Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association.

Waterfront homes make up a large percentage of the luxury real estate in Greater Seattle. Vashon Island and other nearby cities will often have waterfront homes available in a variety of locations. Seattle-area waterfront properties include luxury lakefront homes on Lake Washington, Puget Sound w...

Vashon Island is located just a short ferry ride from West Seattle, across the Fauntleroy and downtown ferry routes.. Sometimes referred to as Vashon-Maury Island for its Siamese island appendage, the Vashon and Maury area are known for their artists and farmers, while a large number of residents commute to Tacoma and Seattle for more traditional work.. It covers an island alternately called Vashon Island or Vashon-Maury Island, the largest island in Puget Sound south of Admiralty Inlet.. Native American inhabitants Up until the late 1700s, Vashon and Maury Islands were inhabited solely by American Indians, and there is evidence of human activity on Vashon Island dating back 10,000 to 12,000 years.. Some of the Native peoples known to have lived on Vashon Island were the Marpole culture from about 7,000 years ago, the Salish about 1,000 years ago, and the S'Homamish starting about 500 years ago, the latter of which established 5 known major village sites.. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Vashon CDP has a total area of 80.8 square miles (209.3 km2), of which 36.9 square miles (95.6 km2) comprise the island and 43.9 square miles (113.6 km2) are the waters of Puget Sound surrounding the island.. Transportation There are no bridges to Vashon Island, so all access to the island is by sea or by air.. Due to expanded access to vaccines, media coverage of the measles outbreaks, and education about the benefits of vaccination, the vaccine rate for the Vashon Island School District has risen over the years, even though it is still one of the lowest in the United States.. Public schools: There are three public schools provided by the Vashon Island School District#402:. Chautauqua Elementary School McMurray Middle School Vashon Island High School. The island is home to a choral group established in 1989 under the name Island Singers, and now known as the Vashon Island Chorale.. The island is home to the Vashon Island Rowing Club, which participates in many events such as the Opening Day celebrations on Seattle's Montlake Cut.. Vashon Island Foreclosures Vashon Island Water View Homes

Where to eat on this island near Seattle.

Visiting Vashon Island restaurants is my favorite thing to do when I go to this island right off Seattle.. If you want to make sure you eat the best of the best when visiting the island, here’s the list of my favorite Vashon Island restaurants anyone who loves seriously good food should visit.. One of my favorite Vashon Island restaurants is May Kitchen and Bar.. It’s this dish that put May on my list of the best Thai restaurants in Seattle .. It’s the epitome of the technique and love she puts into each dish.. In order to hit up as many Vashon Island restaurants as possible, I like to come here and order the raviolo as an appetizer before heading to May’s for a main course.. On our last trip to Vashon this was our favorite meal of the day, so don’t skip this dish!. What to get: The Meat & Noodle dish.. You don’t miss the meat because it’s one hell of a belly bomb and super flavorful.. Just make sure you have some time to visit the popular-with-the-locals Vashon Island restaurant.. More Restaurants on Vashon to Try Here are restaurants on Vashon Island I heard were great, but still need to try.. You’ll find a mix of places I’ve visit, plus the ones I still need to try.

Putting the independent back in film festival, the Vashon Island Film Festival (“VIFF”) is an annual 3-day event held on picturesque Vashon Island, WA, every second weekend of August.

Putting the independent back in film festival, the Vashon Island Film Festival (“VIFF”) is an annual 3-day event held on picturesque Vashon Island, WA, every second weekend of August.. 2022 Festival Badges The following tiers of film festival badges are available for purchase.. Platinum Badge 12 film screenings + Opening Night Gala + Saturday Night Soiree + Awards Ceremony. $117. Gold Badge 6 film screenings + Saturday Night Soiree + Awards Ceremony. $72. Silver Badge 3 film screenings + Saturday Night Soiree or Awards Ceremony. $36. A film festival favorite (Santa Barbara International Film Festival/Deadcenter) and the 2022 Dances with Films Audience Award Winner for Fusion Features, writer/director Nick Richey’s follow-up to the hit indie Low Low (2019) has been revered by critics as “… a great tale of redemption and growth” ( ) that is “surprisingly heartfelt and realistic” ( Film Threat ), and star “[Dallas Dupree] Young is a revelation.” Fans of coming-of-age stories won’t want to miss this special film.. VIFF’s Saturday night headliner, discover why early audience reactions have been littered with praise of the highest order for Freedom’s Path : “Oscar potential”; “Deeply emotional”; “Original, powerful, and beautiful film”; “This is poetry on screen”; “Best film I’ve seen in years”; “A MUST WATCH!!. Showtime: Saturday, August 13, 2022 | 5:30PM | Vashon Theatre. Narrative Feature at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, this “… gritty character study is punctuated by moments of poignancy” ( We Got This Covered ) as “[director Sarah Elizabeth] Mintz’s intense and bracing gaze… allows her to chart her own singular path” ( The Playlist ).. Showtime: Saturday, August 13, 2022 | 3:00PM | Vashon Theatre. Premiering at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival early this year, Juniper is “a solid entry into the mumblecore genre… [it] excels in the performances, particularly that of the lead trio… Another strength is that [the film] is thoroughly and unapologetically a female-centered film, with the leads, writers, producers, editors, and directors almost all being women.. A mockumentary film about filmmaking set during the pandemic, Wes Schlagenhauf is Dying recently premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, where its “laugh-out-loud bluntness” ( Hammertonail ) had audiences in stitches: “Seaman and Das have made a feel-good buddy comedy that never tries to make itself self-important, and ends up having you believe in the power of friendship.. Fresh off the heels of its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, The Stranger ’s Charles Mudede hails the documentary as “expertly edited and researched,” further confirmed by Film Threat ’s Josiah Teal: “[The film] asks questions of its audience and holds a mirror to the world… one cannot help but acknowledge its sheer historical value.”. Presented by VFI President and veteran film producer Mark Mathias Sayre, An Introduction to the Motion Picture Industry is a crash course in the business of filmmaking designed for any layperson who has ever wondered: “ What does a film producer actually do?” Covering development through distribution, film fans and future filmmakers are offered an insider’s look behind the magic of the movies.. Born and bred on Vashon Island, director Anthony O’Brien explores the significant metamorphosis a film undergoes before it is presented to audiences.


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