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Thule is a trusted brand in the roof rack industry. Apart from selling sturdy roof racks, Thule also manufactures roof rack accessories. The roof rack parts are made out of steel and plastic.

Thule provides roof rack accessories for all kinds of outdoor equipment. If you decide to go on a biking ride, then the biking mount is perfect for you. You can also purchase a roof rack accessory to hold up a kayak. Mounting heavy gear to your car can be tricky.

Thule’s robust designs and state-of-the-art structures ensure that all your equipment is safely mounted. The lock and latch systems are built to provide optimum support.

There are a wide array of roof rack accessories to choose from. But before you pick a roof rack accessory, you must select a roof rack that goes with it. Thule sells all kinds of roof racks. Make sure to choose one that will go well with the roof rack accessory you wish to purchase.

All the parts should be looked at as a unit instead of separate structures. While choosing the right roof rack, make sure to keep the following things in mind – the weight of your equipment, the size of your car, and your budget. Once all these aspects are in place, you can buy the perfect roof rack.

Then come the roof rack accessories. Roof rack accessories need to be chosen based on your activity. Do you prefer kayaking or biking?

Product Name ImagesSuitable For Current Price
1. Thule 835 Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak CarrierThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (1)Cars, SUVThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (2)
2. Thule Upride 599000Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (3)Cars, SUVThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (4)
3. Thule Universal Flat TopThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (5)Cars, SUVThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (6)
4. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush MountThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (7)Cars, SUVThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (8)
5. Thule SnowPack RoofThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (9)Cars, SUVThule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (10)

There is an accessory for both. Are you looking to attach a windshield to maximize aerodynamics? Before you start looking through the list of roof rack parts, you need to be clear about the nature of your activity.

Thule roof rack accessories are durable. They are made out of long-lasting materials that keep your equipment from falling off. Fitting outdoor gear into the car’s back seat is next to impossible.

(Video) Roof Racks - Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack 480R

But you can’t just tie it to your roof rack either. To keep your equipment from getting damaged, you need to buy the right kind of roof rack accessories.

So, let’s take a look at the best Thule Roof Rack Parts that you can purchase.

1. Thule 835 Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier

Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (11)

The Thule 835 is perfect for carrying a kayak. The Kayak carrier is 20 inches long and 11 inches wide. Its height is 5.5 inches. The carrier is made out of powder-coated steel, ensuring that the kayak carrier does not rust.

Corrosion of the carrier can also damage your kayak. That is why it is essential to purchase high-quality products that do not rust. The Thule 835 Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier can be attached to a round crossbar.

You can easily attach this carrier to the Thule Roof Rack. Ensure to check the kayak’s weight before mounting it on your car.

Your car should be strong enough to take the weight of the roof rack, the kayak carrier as well as the kayak.

After factoring in the weight of all three things, you can proceed to buy the perfect kayak carrier for your outdoor adventure. The J cradle built into the kayak carrier ensures your kayak is firmly secured to the roof.

It also frees up space and allows you to add other things to the roof rack. The kayak carrier prevents your kayak from getting damaged.

The simple clamp system of the Thule 835 is easy to use. It firmly secures the kayak to the roof. You can tighten or loosen the clamp as per your needs. The Thule 835 Hull-a-port Pro Kayak Carrier weighs 12.6 pounds.

It comes in a sleek shade of black and grey. The kayak carrier is built-in with a cushion that prevents your kayak from getting damaged. You can strap your kayak in place using the front and rear strap.

They allow you to attach the kayak to the front and rear end of the roof rack, thus preventing it from falling off. The Thule 835 Hull-a-port Pro Kayak Carrier comes with a lifetime warranty.

(Video) How to Make a Custom Roof Rack | I Like To Make Stuff

All their products are made out of high-quality materials. Thule takes their customer’s needs very seriously. If you are looking to purchase a sophisticated kayak carrier, this one is for you.

2. Thule Upride 599000

Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (12)

Thule Upside 599000 is one of the best bike racks in the market. It weighs 17 pounds and can hold one bike at a time.

If you wish to go cycling with a big group, you can attach another bike rack to your roof. It is sturdy enough to hold your bike upright while you cruise along. Thule Upride can hold up to 44 pounds. It is advisable to check the amount of weight your car can carry.

This way, you can be sure that both the car and roof rack are safe. The weight of all three elements needs to be considered – the bike, the roof rack, and the car. Thule Upride 599000 can hold a bike wheel that falls into the following dimensions.

The bike wheel should be between 20 inches and 29 inches, with a maximum width of 3 inches.

To fit the Thule Upside to your roof, you need to have the crossbars in place. It would help if you made sure that the locking brackets align with the crossbars. Now remove the end caps of the Upside and slide them onto the T tracks. You will then see a bunch of levers near the front tire. Lock them tightly to keep your bike in place.

The next step is to adjust the clamp onto the bike wheels. You can tighten or loosen them based on the size of the bike wheel. Once the clamps are in place, the bike wheels will be held properly.

It ensures that your bike does not budge when your car is moving. You can tie down the rear ends of the cycle with a simple strap. The Thule Upride guarantees that your bike will be held in place. It also frees up space on your roof rack. You can add other things to the roof of your car.

3. Thule Universal Flat Top

Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (13)

The Thule Universal Flat Top allows you to carry your skis and snowboards. It is built to carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. If you love snow sports, then the Thule Universal Flat Top is for you. It is a multi-purpose top that can hold both snowboards and skis.

The universal flat top is made out of extruded aluminum. The soft rubber clamps cushion your gear. They keep your skis or snowboards from getting damaged. If you want to buy a clamp and not an entire flat top, you should go for the Thule Snowpack Roof.

You can attach the universal flat top to the crossbars or a universal speed fitting. You can strap on the universal rooftop with the help of clamps. The straps will allow you to fix it tightly in place.

(Video) Roof racks - Thule Evo Raised Railing

The lever and the built-in lock hold the flat top in place. The universal flat top can also hold surfboards or water skis. You can attach several flat boards to your rooftop. It allows you to explore multiple outdoor adventures without worrying about your gear.

Each clamp of the Thule Universal Flat top is 3.3 inches long. The clamps weigh 6.5 pounds, making it easy for you to attach and detach them. The built-in lock locks help you attach the strapping mechanism to the crossbars.

The large push buttons allow you to open the clamps easily. You can quickly secure the clamps in position. If you are outdoorsy, the Thule Universal Flat Top is for you. It allows you to hold skis, snowboards, water skis, or surfboards. The multi-purpose nature of the flat top makes it a great buy.

It is built to protect your gear from damage and allows you to load or unload your equipment quickly. One of the biggest problems with roof rack accessories is that they don’t hold your gear in place.

There is nothing worse than realizing that your equipment is damaged. Since cars move at high speed, the roof rack accessories need to be aerodynamic. That is precisely what the universal flat top is known for. Its ability to clasp your equipment in place is an essential feature of the flat top.

Once you understand the amount of weight your car can hold, you can easily attach the Universal Flat Top.

4. Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount

Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (14)

The Thule Aeroblade Flush Mount is made out of high-grade aluminum. It makes the mount light yet sturdy, minimizes noise, and ensures a smooth ride. When you are going on a road trip, you tend to drive fast, causing the wind to crash into your roof rack and make a lot of noise.

The Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount minimizes the noise. The bar is 47 inches long and 6 inches wide, with 4 inches. It has tapered edges that stop the loud whistling noise made by the wind. The bar weighs 6 pounds and is made out of powder-coated metal, preventing it from getting corroded.

Abrasion resistance is another excellent quality of the Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount. You can easily attach the Flush mount to the roof of your car. It is ideal to purchase two crossbars instead of one. The lock-in system is built for convenience and helps you attach the mount to your vehicle.

The Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount is built to hold up to 220 pounds. You can secure your equipment, luggage, or anything else that you deem fit. Before loading the roof with heavy gear, make sure you check the amount of weight your car can hold.

The flat surface of the Aeroblade edge allows you to spread your things evenly. It is spacious and robust.


Thule offers this product in black and grey. You can pick the color you like. The stylish design of the Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount enhances the aesthetics of your car.

Roof racks can make the top of your vehicle look boxy. The sleek design of the Aeroblade edge will make your car look stylish. You can purchase this gear through Thule’s online store. You can also buy it from their showrooms.

Either way, the quality of the product will always be top-notch. Thule takes pride in its customer service. In case of a problem, you can always get in touch with their customer service team.

They will quickly resolve the issue and help you with all your needs. The Thule Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount is just one of the many products manufactured by Thule. Their high-end products are quite popular.

5. Thule SnowPack Roof

Thule Roof Rack Parts - Rack Hungry (15)

The Thule SnowPack Roof is a well-designed ski carrier. It is made specifically to hold your skis in place.

The SnowPack Roof easily mounts onto crossbars. Before purchasing this product, make sure that your car roof is equipped with crossbars. You can buy the SnowPack in black or aluminum.

The SnowPack is hinged to one side of the roof. It allows you to have more space on your roof rack. You can attach a box or any other equipment that fits well with your skis.

The SnowPack Roof is designed in a way that allows it to hold your skis tightly in place. You can also attach a snowboard to it. The clamps are lined with cushions. It protects your gear from getting damaged.

The clamps of the SnowPack roof can hold all kinds of snowboards. They are easily adjustable. The SnowPack Roof reduces the whistling noise of the wind. This Thule roof is 29.5 inches long and weighs 7.56 pounds.

Even though it’s light, the SnowPack roof is super sturdy. It can hold up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. If you love winter sports, then the Thule SnowPack Roof is for you. It is made out of high-quality materials. The Thule SnowPack roof is durable and long-lasting.


Now that you are well versed with all the additional roof rack accessories, you can purchase one that fits your needs. Thule offers several roof rack accessories that go with its roof racks.

(Video) Roof racks - Thule Evo Clamp

Make sure to buy the right roof rack before you decide to purchase an accessory. You can mount your bicycle, skis, snowboards, or surfboards to this rack. You have an accessory for all kinds of outdoor activities.

With Thule’s high-quality roof rack accessories, you no longer have to worry about damaging your equipment. You can now drive to your destination without constantly worrying about your gear. Strap your equipment to your roof rack and drive to your adventure.


Where is model number on Thule roof rack? ›

If you own a Thule or Yakima roof rack or accessory you can find the key number engraved on one side of the key. Thule key numbers start with an "N" followed by 3 digits. The key numbers range from N001-N250.

Why does my roof rack make so much noise? ›

Why do roof racks make so much noise? Roof racks usually start to make a high whistling noise once you start traveling at highway speeds. This is caused by wind passing over a consistent shape of a surface. The shape and speed of travel determine the tone of the wind, which happens to be a high whistle over roof racks.

Are Yakima and Thule tracks the same? ›

Thule cross bars are rectanglar in section and Yakima are round in section. For heavier kayak handling when rolling onto the truck from behind, the rectangular section bars are much better as the yak saddles do not roll forward or backwards as they are prone to on round section tubes.

Why does my Thule rack whistle? ›

Description. Thule WingBar Evo, Aeroblade Edge, and Aeroblade crossbar systems are designed to be aerodynamic and quiet. Noise or whistling in these systems is usually due to a gap somewhere in the crossbar foot or rubber seals.

Does Thule have a lifetime warranty? ›

No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, scratches, accidents, modifications or any types of repair other than those authorized by Thule.
Warranty by Product Category.
Warranty by Product CategoryWarranty period
Thule Technical BackpacksLimited Lifetime
Thule Luggage & DuffelsLimited Lifetime
16 more rows

How is Thule pronounced? ›

Though it isn't spelled phonetically in English, “Thule” isn't difficult to pronounce. The correct way to say it is “too-lee,” Rack Outfitters reports.

How do I stop a roof bar noise? ›

Quick Tip: Quiet Down Your Roof Rack - YouTube

How do I stop my roof rails from whistling? ›

Simply wrap a 4-foot bungee cord in a tight spiral around the crossbars, attaching the cord at both ends of the crossbar. The bungee cord should be tightly wrapped around the crossbar. If yours is loose, you'll need a shorter bungee cord.

Can you use Yakima on Thule? ›

Expert Reply: Most roof rack ski carriers, including Yakima's own carriers like the FatCat EVO 6 # Y03096 and FreshTrack # Y03093, will directly fit the most common roof rack crossbar shapes including Thule square bars, Yakima round bars and most other elliptical/aero type bars including Thule's AeroBlade type.

Will Yakima work with Thule? ›

Expert Reply: The landing pad you would need is part # Y00221 which will fit Thule roof rack channels. For towers you need two of the part # Y00152 and a round bar adapter part # Y03536. For 58 inch crossbars you would want part # Y00409.

Are Yakima and Thule compatible? ›

Q: Are Thule and Yakima Racks interchangeable? A: Yes, Thule and Yakima racks are interchangeable. Accessories like kayak racks, roof baskets, cargo boxes, and bike racks from Thule will work on Yakima's crossbars and vice-versa.

Do crossbars affect gas mileage? ›

Aerodynamic effects of roof rails: When compared with cruise control set at 65 mph, adding the cross rails of a roof rack (and driving with cruise control set at 65 mph) caused a 1 percent loss in fuel economy from 27.2 mpg (without cross rails) to 27 mpg.

How fast can you drive with a Thule roof box? ›

Boxes made by the Swedish manufacturer Thule have a maximum speed limit of 80 mph. Other manufacturers might recommend 70 mph as the limit for their particular carrier. For the majority of people, these limits are likely to be higher than the maximum speed allowed in their country or state.

How do I stop a wind noise ladder? ›

How to Stop The Ladder on Your Truck From Whistling - YouTube

What is the Thule guarantee? ›

The Thule Guarantee will cover any defect or damage affecting your Thule product. Even damage caused by normal wear and tear or the natural discoloration of materials for 2 (two) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. The Thule Guarantee gives you specific legal rights.

Are rooftop cargo boxes worth it? ›

Yes, it's worth it to use a rooftop cargo box. They cost more that rooftop cargo bags, but hard rooftop cargo boxes are easier to install and secure. Plus, they are weather resistant and simple to use. They are a convenient way to transport extra gear when traveling.

Are Thule roof boxes waterproof? ›

Description. The cargo bags & boxes are weather resistant. Exposure to dirt, dust, and light precipitation for a short time should not affect the contents inside the carrier. The hard shell carriers, or boxes, are the most water resistant but are not waterproof.

What does Thule stand for? ›

/ ˈθu li for 1, 2; ˈtu li for 3, 4 / PHONETIC RESPELLING. noun. the ancient Greek and Latin name for an island or region variously identified as one of the Shetland Islands, Iceland, or Norway: supposed to be the most northerly region of the world. ultima Thule. Also called Qaa·naaq [kah-nahk] .

Is Thule Made in USA? ›

Thule is a Swedish company. But while some products are indeed made in Europe, 75% of the Thule products sold in North America are actually made the USA. Thule has factories in Seymour, CT and Chicago, IL.

How do I know what Thule Fit Kit I have? ›

Registered. Thule's website says to give them a call and they'll tell you what fit kit you have by the bracket and pad numbers.

Where is the serial number on Thule Urban Glide 2? ›

Answer: On the underside of the back axle area. There should be the serial number there.

How do I know which Thule key I need? ›

Replacing Your Thule Keys

Just look on the lock core's face and you will see a number stamped, in the image above the key number is N113. By placing an order for a single key with us, and putting the number N113 in the comments field, we will send you that specific key to work with your racks.

Are Thule keys universal? ›

Keys are sold individually Original Thule replacement keys** Guaranteed to work Must have lock and key number before ordering. If you are unable to read the number on your Thule lock cylinder, feel free to email us a photo of the lock cylinder.


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