Are you visiting sunny San Diego sometime soon, but don’t know what beach to go to while here? San Diego, CA has so many different beaches to offer: La Jolla beach being one of them.


La Jolla, CA is located about 20 minutes north of the San Diego airport. This is a small, quaint, picturesque town surrounded by cliffs. There is a protected Cove that is part of a marine reserve.

This beach town has lots of marine life and it is very popular with snorkelers and scuba divers. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an activity-filled day, you can find it all in La Jolla, CA.

A complete breakdown of the best things to do in La Jolla, CA


La Jolla is known for its higher-end, luxurious hotels; however, you can still find a decent-priced hotel for those who are budget-friendly. Here is a more detailed list of La Jolla Beach Hotels.

1$- $150 per night check out: La Jolla Biltmore Hotel



Price: $90/night on average

Reasons to stay here: cost-effective, free wifi, just a short walk to the beach from here

$151-$250 per night check out the Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa



Price: $239/night on average


Reasons to stay here: they have a spa, the cutest pool, restaurant on-site, boho vibes

$251 and up per night: Marriott La Jolla



Price: $299/night on average

Reasons to stay here: beautiful rooms, gym on-site, centrally located


I always go to The Weather Channel to check reports for the weather in La Jolla. I feel this is the most accurate website. The weather tends to be foggy in the morning but usually burns off by the afternoon.

I would suggest bringing a light jacket with you. There tends to be a slight sea breeze all day long. As per most of San Diego, the weather in La Jolla is warmest during the summer months and gets to the mid-60s in the winter months.


You really can’t beat that kind of weather. San Diego is known for some of the nicest weather year-round. So, there is no bad time to visit La Jolla beaches.


There are so many different places to eat in La Jolla. You can enjoy a beautiful breakfast overlooking the beach. You can grab a coffee and walk around downtown La Jolla, bring your own picnic to enjoy on the grass, or enjoy a romantic night out.

The options are endless. Check out the top places to eat for every meal of the day below.


The perfect place to enjoy a cup of joe with your friends and/or family.



The cutest restaurant for breakfast. Brockton Villa Restaurant is in one of La Jolla’s original beach cottages. This location offers views of the famous La Jolla cove.

They serve all meals, but I personally suggest going here for breakfast and ordering the cinnamon roll pancakes. Bring a jacket! This cottage is located on a hill, so it can get a bit breezy if you choose to sit outside.



This restaurant is named after the famous Olympic swimmer and water polo player, Duke Kahanamoku. He is also known as the father of modern surfing.

Duke’s overlooks the La Jolla Cove. They are a very welcoming place and offer great service. This is the perfect place for you and your family to enjoy lunch.



This is a higher-end restaurant located in the heart of La Jolla. They focus on their freshly caught seafood. They describe it as “our guests get to enjoy an ocean-to-table culinary excursion and social dining experience with al fresco dining, a raw bar, exhibition kitchen, and 100-year-old olive trees in the famed beach community.

If you choose to eat here for dinner, reservations are highly recommended.


There are actually quite a few different beaches located within the town of La Jolla itself. Check out my favorite three beaches below to help you get started on which beach to choose.




This beach in La Jolla, CA is mostly known for its surfing. However, even if you don’t surf this is a fun beach to hang out on. It is a bit tucked away under the cliffs, so it can be quiet and peaceful at times. Windansea is also one of the best spots to watch a sunset.



One of the best spots to take the kids to or to take your date to. The Children’s Pool is located close to downtown La Jolla. It is a small little cove where you can see the famous La Jolla seals and walk along the sea wall.

This area does shut down a few times throughout the year to protect the seals. It is strongly advised to not swim in this area to protect yourself as well as to protect the seals.


This is the best beach to enjoy a wide variety of activities. You can do it all here. From sunbathing to water sports, La Jolla Shores Beach has everything you can imagine.

This 1-mile long beach is located south of downtown La Jolla. If you plan to go kayaking in La Jolla this is the only launch spot. Make sure to read on to find out the best spot to rent kayaks from.

As previously mentioned, La Jolla shores beach has it all. This beach is mostly flat, the sand is soft, it is located near a park for the kids, there are fire pits and bathrooms.

For a full list of beaches in La Jolla, CA check out the La Jolla mom’s article on all the beaches in La Jolla, CA.




I can almost guarantee you that if you head to La Jolla you will see the infamous La Jolla seals. The best place to see the seals though is from the Cave store down to the Children’s pool. Make sure to bring your camera and please don’t touch the seals for your safety and their safety.



This Cave, called Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave is the only sea cave in California that is accessible by land! Once you enter the sea cave store you will pay $5 for adults and $3 for anyone under the age of 17 to walk down the slippery steps to the bottom. Expect to spend around 20 minutes walking down and back up the stairs to the cave.

Kayaking and Snorkeling

(Video) Top 5 Things to Do in LA JOLLA, SAN DIEGO

There are lots of opportunities for water activities when visiting La Jolla. Bring your own snorkel or check out La Jolla Snorkel Cave Store to rent snorkels. If you are looking to kayak you can join a tour group or rent your own kayaks from Everday California.



There are so many different options for hiking around La Jolla, but the most popular option would be Torrey Pines. This is considered to be one of the most beautiful locations along the San Diego coastline.

Hiking Torrey Pines is for all ages and experience levels. There are a lot of short, flat trails that all interconnect with each other. Head here for some amazing sunset views. San Diego county has tons of hiking options if you want to hike outside of La Jolla.



Surfing is a super popular sport for those who live in San Diego. If you are visiting the La Jolla area and want to try surfing, then check out San Diego Surf School. Make sure to check out their Instagram page as they tend to offer a lot of discounts.

If you don’t want to try surfing then just relax on one of the many beaches that San Diego has to offer.


The beach town of La Jolla is probably my favorite place to visit in all of San Diego. I love how much it has to offer from different activities to places to eat! Plus the views in this area are just stunning. I hope you are able to find some fun things to do in La Jolla after reading this article. Tell me in the comments your favorite spot.


What is La Jolla CA known for? ›

Consistently voted one of the top beach destinations in the world, La Jolla offers a wide range of accommodations from luxurious hotels to casual coastal retreats, along with museums and art galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, great restaurants and a slew of outdoor activities.

Is La Jolla worth visiting? ›

Visiting La Jolla is an awesome way to see some of San Diego's rich history and culture, as well as its beautiful coastal beauty! Between its beaches, the wildlife, the numerous restaurants, and the shops, La Jolla is a great place to visit for a day or weekend.

Can you walk around La Jolla? ›

La Jolla is very walkable because the downtown area is so centralized and all the shops and restaurants are right here,” Leow said. “I also like that there are so many galleries around, and the beach is so close by, so if I'm taking a walk there is a lot to see.”

Do you have to pay to go to La Jolla Cove? ›

La Jolla Cove is free to explore and open 24 hours per day, though swimming is never recommended without a lifeguard present. The cove has showers and bathrooms on-site and there are parking lots nearby.

Is La Jolla a wealthy area? ›

The Torrey Pines area of La Jolla is even more affluent. It's actually one of the richest neighborhoods to live in San Diego with median household income of $248k and 55% of households earning at least $200k! La Jolla is known for more than expensive real estate.

What does Jolla mean in Spanish? ›

Despite the word “jolla” sounding Spanish, it's not a real word. The Spanish word “joya”, which is similar in pronunciation to jolla, translates to Jewel. Historians believe that sometime in the 19th century when Spanish colonials arrived on the land, they accidentally called it joya. The name has stuck ever since.

Can you swim in La Jolla Cove? ›

Because of its extraordinary beauty, La Jolla Cove is one of the most photographed beaches in Southern California. With small surf in the summer months, the north facing La Jolla Cove is ideal for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers. Water visibility at the Cove can sometimes exceed 30 feet.

How far is La Jolla from Mexican border? ›

The total driving distance from La Jolla, CA to Tijuana, Mexico is 30 miles or 48 kilometers.

How long is the La Jolla coast walk? ›

Few places combine these qualities as effectively as the La Jolla Coast Walk Trail. The 0.6-mile hike offers some of the best views in La Jolla, but without the exertion that typically accompanies other hiking trails in Southern California.

How long is the Coast Walk Trail La Jolla? ›

The La Jolla Coast Walk Trail is just about 0.6 miles and begins at either the Cave Store (from where you can walk down into Sunny Jim Cave) or at the small cul-de-sac along Prospect St., where you'll find a parking lot with about ten spots.

How do you get to La Jolla Cove swing? ›

From the southernmost end of the Birch Aquarium parking lot, look for a narrow trailhead that begins with a small wooden plank walkway, not far from the end of the lot. Traverse up a steep and windy incline for not more than 100 feet and you should spot the swing.

Is parking free at La Jolla? ›

Compared to other areas of San Diego and California coastal communities, the cost to park in La Jolla is extremely low. Plus, web visitors, like you, can access an ALL-DAY $4.95 parking pass HERE. In addition, the following parking lots and garages welcome public parkers during the hours listed.

What time does La Jolla Cove open? ›

La Jolla Cove Beach Amenities:

Lifeguards staff the permanent lifeguard tower from about 9 a.m. to sunset daily. Showers and public restrooms are located on the bluffs.

Does it get cold in La Jolla? ›

Climate and Average Weather Year Round in La Jolla California, United States. In La Jolla, the summers are short, warm, arid, and clear and the winters are long, cool, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 50°F to 77°F and is rarely below 44°F or above 85°F.

Where do millionaires live in San Diego? ›

1) Carmel Valley

Residents expect a lot for their money, which they get in this neighborhood. ranks Carmel Valley as #4 in Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in San Diego. Moreover, Carmel Valley is ranked #5 in the Best Neighborhoods to Live in San Diego.

Where do most billionaires live in California? ›

Almost half of the state's billionaires come from tech. Much of that wealth is concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area, where 116 of the state's billionaires reside. That includes the state's richest residents: Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Who is the richest man in San Diego? ›

  • #7. Robert Pera. ...
  • #6. Laurene Powell Jobs & family. ...
  • #5. Eric Schmidt. ...
  • #4. Jensen Huang. ...
  • #3. Mark Zuckerberg. ...
  • #2. Sergey Brin. – Net worth: $115.4 billion (#8 wealthiest in the world) ...
  • #1. Larry Page. – Net worth: $120.2 billion (#6 wealthiest in the world) ...
  • You may also like: Where people in California are moving to most.
31 Mar 2022

How do you pronounce La Jolla? ›

La Jolla—pronounced La-HOY-a—is also known for its picturesque family beaches.

How big is La Jolla? ›

La Jolla Village, San Diego
CitySan Diego
• Total1.65 km2 (0.638 sq mi)
11 more rows

Is La Jolla considered a city? ›

No, it's not it's own city. La Jolla is a neighborhood of San Diego like North Park or Pacific Beach.

Can you touch the sea lions at La Jolla? ›

La Jolla Cove is mostly home to sea lions, and no, you can't pet them. You also can not pet the harbor seals at the Children's Pool.

Is it safe to snorkel in La Jolla? ›

If you're wondering whether there is good snorkeling in San Diego, the answer is yes. Thanks to clear water and a marine life rich underwater park, most of the best spots are right here in La Jolla.

Can you go in the La Jolla caves? ›

Six of the seven caves can only be accessed from the water. Booking one of the La Jolla kayaking and/or boat tours is the best way to see those caves. The seventh cave, Sunny Jimmy's Cave, is the only one accessible from land.

Do any famous people live in La Jolla? ›

Do celebrities live in San Diego? As you can see, the question is not, do any celebrities live in La Jolla. For the record, the answer is a resounding YES.

Can you drive into Mexico from San Diego? ›

Driving from California to Mexico

With so many travelers driving to Mexico from Los Angeles and driving to Mexico from San Diego, this is a popular route. Coming from these two cities, you'll want to use the San Ysidro Crossing, which goes from San Diego to Tijuana.

Does La Jolla mean the jewel? ›

Another suggestion for the origin of the name is that it is an alternative spelling of the Spanish phrase la joya, which means "the jewel".

Are there penguins in La Jolla? ›

La Jolla aquarium opens exhibit for world's smallest penguins, known for 'big personalities' A La Jolla aquarium is becoming the first in the western U.S. with a habitat for Little Blue penguins, known as the tiniest species of the aquatic bird.

Do sea lions chase people? ›

There's no other way to put this: A viral TikTok video shows pandemonium on a southern California beach. In the video, dozens of beachgoers at La Jolla Cove in San Diego are seen running away from two fast-moving sea lions. It appears the sea lions are chasing the people. But that's not what actually happened.

Are sea lions aggressive? ›

Sea lions are typically not dangerous. They are not aggressive and generally keep to themselves, but as a 600 lbs wild animal they do need to be respected. There have been incidents when sea lions have injured humans.

Can you walk at La Jolla Cove? ›

The La Jolla Coast Walk Trail runs from La Jolla Shores beach to La Jolla Cove. It is easy and quite scenic. Park along Coast Blvd. The trailhead for this hike is just north to the left of the Cave Store.

Are the seals at La Jolla Cove? ›

At La Jolla Cove the seals and sea lions are all over the massive rocks that surround the small beach. They come in from the water on a regular basis. The locals say they are 15 minutes in the water and 2 hours on the shore, but we have experienced them swimming with and around the divers for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How long is Torrey Pines trail? ›

Check out this 2.3-mile loop trail near Del Mar, California. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 2 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and walking, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring.

How long is Ho Chi Minh trail San Diego? ›

The trail is less than a half-mile long and takes just 15-20 minutes to descend.

How long is La Jolla Shores Beach? ›

La Jolla Shores is a sandy beach approximately 1 mile long located in the community of La Jolla. In summer, waves at this beach are usually the most gentle of all San Diego beaches. La Jolla Shores is adjacent to the San Diego La Jolla Underwater Park Ecological Reserve.

Can you walk dogs at La Jolla Shores? ›

You and your leashed dog are allowed on La Jolla Shores Beach together only before 9 AM and after 4 PM from November 1 through March 31. During the busier season from April 1 to October 31, dogs can roam on the beach before 9 AM and after 6 PM.

How many secret swings are in La Jolla? ›

To be more specific, in the La Jolla cove region. Like most of the enthusiastic explorers, today with two of my friends, I decided to find the secret swings. However, after some research, I found that there are actually three of them! As a responsible blogger, follow me to see what I've gathered for you!

Where are the secret swings San Diego? ›

The "secret swings" are just that: a secret. Hidden in the trees on a La Jolla hillside above Scripps Pier near UC San Diego are a few sets of swings. They're just a short hike up from Expedition Way -- it's worth it for the ocean views.

What is a secret swing? ›

While some outdoor swings are widely known about and are tagged on maps leading you straight to them, “secret swings” are instead notoriously known for having no geotag anywhere online.

Can you see sea lions in San Diego? ›

You can spot sea lions anywhere along the San Diego coastline, but you'll find the largest number of them at La Jolla Cove. La Jolla Cove is famous for its sea lions, and it's the best place to go if you want to see them in their natural habitat.

Are there seals or sea lions in La Jolla? ›

La Jolla Cove has both seal and sea lions – but how do you tell the difference between them? Firstly, you're way more likely to see seals at the Children's Pool, whereas the sea lions live next door near the cliffs at the Cove.

Do you have to pay to get into Balboa Park? ›

One of the very best things about Balboa Park is that it's free to enter. With grounds open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can always walk right in.

What are the La Jolla caves? ›

The La Jolla caves serve as a land border of the offshore La Jolla Ecological Reserve. You'll find them roughly between La Jolla Cove Beach and La Jolla Shores Beach. Coast Blvd., which runs along the Cove area in the Village of La Jolla, provides the only direct landward access to and viewing of the sea caves.

What is the water temperature at La Jolla Cove? ›

Today's La Jolla Cove sea temperature is 71 °F.

What is the best month to go to San Diego? ›

The best times to visit San Diego are March through May and September through November. You can find some great deals on travel rates during the low seasons in comparison to the peak summer season.

What month has the best weather in San Diego? ›

Late summer, especially September, tends to boast the best weather, warmest ocean temperatures, and smaller crowds. Most people come to San Diego for its beautiful beaches, and if enjoying the water, sand, and sun is your priority, you'll want to plan your visit for the summertime.

What is the warmest beach in San Diego? ›

San Diego has the warmest beach in... - Coronado Beach
  • United States.
  • California (CA)
  • Coronado.
  • Coronado - Things to Do.
  • Coronado Beach.

Who lives in La Jolla San Diego? ›

What famous people live in San Diego?
  • Shaun White. You might know Shawn White as a snowboarding Olympic gold medalist. ...
  • Bill Gates. ...
  • Deepak Chopra. ...
  • Aaron Rodgers. ...
  • Steve Perry. ...
  • Phil Mickelson. ...
  • Zandra Rhodes. ...
  • Tony Hawk.

What is the average income in La Jolla CA? ›

The average annual household income in LA Jolla is $185,009, while the median household income sits at $113,676 per year.

Is La Jolla a nice place to live? ›

La Jolla is in San Diego County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in La Jolla offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In La Jolla there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

How much does it cost to live in La Jolla? ›

The average cost of living in La Jolla is $1946, which is in the top 10% of the most expensive cities in the world, ranked 955th out of 9294 in our global list, 837th out of 2202 in the United States, and 190th out of 319 in California.

Where do celebrities hang out in San Diego? ›

7 San Diego Hot Spots for Spotting Celebrities
  • Del Mar. The beach city of Del Mar was founded in 1885 by Colonel Jacob Taylor with the intention of building a resort by the sea for the rich and famous—the Del Mar Inn. ...
  • Carlsbad. ...
  • Encinitas. ...
  • La Jolla. ...
  • Coronado. ...
  • Downtown San Diego.
25 Mar 2019

What is the safest city in San Diego? ›

5 Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in San Diego
  • Gaslamp Quarter.
  • Normal Heights.
  • Rancho Bernardo.
  • Rancho Penasquitos.
  • Scripps Ranch.
18 Aug 2022

What is the hottest month in San Diego California? ›

The hottest month of the year in San Diego is August, with an average high of 77°F and low of 68°F. The cool season lasts for 4.1 months, from November 29 to April 2, with an average daily high temperature below 67°F.

What is a livable salary in San Diego? ›

Living Wage Calculation for San Diego County, California
0 Children2 Children
Living Wage$22.74$30.95
Poverty Wage$6.19$6.37
Minimum Wage$15.00$15.00

What percentage of La Jolla is white? ›

Today data from the U.S. Census Bureau show nearly 75 percent of the 40,000 residents in all of La Jolla are White, 10 percent are Hispanic, 9 percent are Asian and less than 2 percent are Black.

How much do you need to make a year to live comfortably in San Diego? ›

According to Visual Capitalist, San Diego is the third most expensive city when it comes to purchasing a home. With a median price of $905,000, you need a household income of $166,828 to afford it.

How big is La Jolla? ›

La Jolla Village, San Diego
CitySan Diego
• Total1.65 km2 (0.638 sq mi)
11 more rows

Where should I live near La Jolla? ›

Upper Hermosa

Southwestern La Jolla, north of Bird Rock and east of La Jolla Boulevard, this neighborhood boasts some impressive views among the hills. Many large homes are located in Upper Hermosa, as well as a beautiful park that overlooks the ocean. One of the most beautiful neighborhoods in La Jolla.

Why is San Diego rent so high? ›

[San Diego] is top-ranked ranking number six now for 2021. We will note the new statistic in 2022 soon. But we see LA and Orange County falling while San Diego keeps growing upward. Because of that, more jobs, and more migration coming into San Diego are causing rents to go up.”

How much is the average electric bill in San Diego? ›

In San Diego County, CA, the average monthly electric bill for residential consumers is $242/month, which is calculated by multiplying the average monthly consumption by the average electric rate: 750 kWh * 32 ¢/kWh.

How did La Jolla get its name? ›

La Jolla History

La Jolla may have gotten its name from the Spanish word la joya, which means the jewel, as it is still referred to today. Or, it may have gotten its name from the Kumeyaay term woholle, meaning hole in the mountains, referring to its many shoreline caves.

Fifteen miles north of San Diego, La Jolla promises fun in the sun. Our guide uncovers the best 11 things to do on a beach town vacation.

La Jolla is one of the state's best places to go kayaking due to the large variety of trips you can take and all the cool stuff you might see from playful sea lions popping up out of the kelp forest to towering craggy cliffs and their eerie sea caves.. Everyday California , an adventure tour company, offers a sea caves tour suitable for almost everyone over the age of 5 all year long as well as a combo snorkel-and-kayak tour.. Hidden beneath an unassuming jewelry and gift store is a suspected bootleggers tunnel that cuts down through La Jolla Cove's sandstone cliffs and ends in Sunny Jim's Cave.. Courtesy of Murals Of La Jolla. Conceived in 2010 to bring vitality and creativity to the community, Murals of La Jolla commissions massive works in a variety of mediums to fill predetermined walls of varying shapes and sizes on public buildings throughout the city by visionaries like Mark Bradford, John Baldessari, Catherine Opie, Kota Ezawa, and Beatriz Milhazes.. One of the most useful research tools at Scripps researcher's disposal is the 104-year-old Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier —which because of delicate scientific instruments and ongoing research projects housed there, is usually closed to the public.. Courtesy of La Jolla Playhouse. The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center , which opened in 2019, is made up of four distinct concert spaces and is the permanent home of the La Jolla Music Society.. There's so much good food on offer in La Jolla that you could spend the whole trip eating.. With its proximity to the water and San Diego's intrepid fleet of fishing crews, seafood is always a safe bet whether you get it in sushi form ( Blue Ocean ), as a burrito or sammie ( El Pescador Fish Market ), or in a fancy fine dining setting like the old-school Marine Room .. Beach towns are often brunch towns and La Jolla is no exception.. La Jolla is a gorgeous seaside town just 15 miles north of the San Diego airport.. It's also a bustling college town, a ritzy enclave with fancy restaurants, cultural activities, and art galleries, and a primo weekend getaway spot featuring fun activities for families, romantics, sun worshippers, and even adrenaline junkies.. Whether kayaking around sea caves, wandering a museum, swimming with harmless leopard sharks, catching a play destined for Broadway, or stuffing your face with fresh seafood and Mexican food is your idea of a good time, it's easy to populate an itinerary for La Jolla, especially when you have this list of the top 11 things to do to guide you.

La Jolla may well be one of the enviable postcodes in San Diego. You’ll find a wealth of things to do here, from wine tasting at top-notch restaurants to paragliding ... Read more

You’ll find a wealth of things to do here, from wine tasting at top-notch restaurants to paragliding over the glistening waters of the Pacific Ocean.. Source: Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla / Facebook Atlas and Map MuseumThis museum is bound to please history lovers, travelers, and artists alike with its displays of over 200 maps from different periods of history.. It’s free to visit and well worth the trip.. The Museum of Contemporary Art evolved from this avant-garde community in the 1960s, and it has since become one of the best museums in San Diego.. Source: jessicakirsh / shutterstockLa Jolla CoveThis rocky, picturesque beach is one of the most popular in La Jolla.. See some of their best prints all in one place in this permanent collection of the magazine’s photography.. Sit at the bar when the oysters are on offer, or have a blowout meal with friends.. La Jolla is known for its long history as a hub for artists, and the museum chronicles the lives of those who have been inspired by the area’s idyllic coastline.

Discover the best things to do in La Jolla California, from beaches to hikes and even where to watch the famous San Diego sunset!

So whether you’re just visiting La Jolla or it’s part of a larger San Diego vacation, don’t miss out on all the best things to do in La Jolla California!. The place where you’ll see the most is the La Jolla Cove, but really anywhere along the cliffs in this area will do!. After seeing the underwater park, one of the best things to do in La Jolla California is to experience the seven sea caves.. So if you’re looking for what to do in La Jolla on the water, the sea caves are amazing!. One of the best things to do in La Jolla San Diego for art fans is to visit the many galleries!. ), but we still believe it has one of the best sunsets in California.. After a day of fun and adventure one of the best things to do in La Jolla San Diego is happy hour!. As you look out across the ocean from downtown La Jolla you might see something interesting flying off the cliffs!. We honestly can’t think of a better, more luxurious place to stay in San Diego!

La Jolla is a popular coastal town in Southern California, located in the area known as San Diego. Best things to do in La Jolla (CA).

Source: depositphotos.comLa Jolla Shores Park is a beautiful park located on the shore of the La Jolla Cove.. A coastal community tucked away in the La Jolla, California area, Shores Park is a special recreational area that offers a variety of activities for the whole family.. Source: depositphotos.comThe Torrey Pines State Reserve in La Jolla is a 2,700-acre coastal park along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.. The reserve is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the endangered Torrey pine tree, the only native species of pine on the San Diego coast.. The cove is often a bit windier than neighboring Torrey Pines Beach, but you can always find a nice, breezy spot to relax.. Source: depositphotos.comThe Sunny Jim’s Sea Cave is a spectacular little beach area on the north coast of San Diego.. La Jolla Cove is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery, play golf and take a walk along the beautiful shore.. Source: depositphotos.comLa Jolla Natural Park is a beautiful, picturesque area located in the city of La Jolla, in the San Diego County in California.. Source: depositphotos.comSeaWorld San Diego, the largest and most popular theme park in the Western United States, is located in the city of San Diego, California.. Cliffridge Park is located at the end of the La Jolla Coast Road and gives you a great view of the city of San Diego.

La Jolla is 20-minutes north of downtown San Diego, with stunning beaches like La Jolla Cove and Children's Pool Beach, a 1-mile clifftop walk, and a lovely village with restaurants and upscale shops.

It starts at La Jolla Cove , then passes Boomer Beach, Shell Beach, the Children's Pool Beach, South Casa Beach, and Wipeout Beach , ending at the La Jolla Tide Pools.. La Jolla CaliforniaContinue along the western shore of La Jolla Cove to Boomer Beach .. La Jolla TrailContinue south to South Casa Beach at La Jolla, and take the stairs down to the beach.. Drive north to the popular 1-mile long La Jolla Shores Beach , with a lifeguard station and a playground at La Jolla Shores Park.. Best beaches: La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores Beach.

  When you visit La Jolla, you start to understand why the Spanish settlers called it a jewel. We discovered the countless things to do in La Jolla

We discovered the countless things to do in La Jolla California that will allow you to see the beauty in the jewel city that sits on the cliffs of the west coast.. While buying a home in La Jolla isn’t exactly in the budget for many, the Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa is a great alternative.. Some of the most active things to do in La Jolla California will take you to some of the most beautiful sites.. But one of the easiest things to do in La Jolla California is to find one-of-a-kind item at one of the many boutique shops that are only located in La Jolla.. Another great time and place to shop are every Sunday from 9 am until 1 pm at the La Jolla Elementary School, the La Jolla Open Air Market.. Kayak tours and bike tours are amazing in La Jolla and you could always go for a beautiful drive but so are the Segway tours.

Perched on the edge of rocky cliffs, La Jolla offers outdoor fun, fine dining, and unparalleled sunset views. And despite its small size, there is plenty to keep visitors busy.

Perched on the edge of rocky cliffs, La Jolla offers outdoor fun, fine dining, and unparalleled sunset views.. Enjoy floating above the ocean while taking in the expansive views of La Jolla .. To view the whales in the water, book a kayak tour with La Jolla Kayak .. La Jolla is home to the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, a vast underwater preserve that protects seven sea caves, kelp forests, and abundant marine life.. For an organized tour, or to rent equipment, check out La Jolla Dive , located just two blocks from the ocean.. Head to the Scripps Coastal Reserve to explore an undeveloped part of La Jolla.. Located on the rocky cliffs of La Jolla, both the north and south courses offer stunning views of the ocean.. Visitors to the University of California, San Diego — located in La Jolla — may expect to see numerous buildings, expansive lawns, and groups of students hurrying to class.. If you’re not able to visit La Jolla’s sea caves on the water, then head to the Sunny Jim Sea Cave instead — the only one accessible by land in California.. La Jolla Cove offers paddlers the chance to glide on top of the water amongst towering rocky cliffs and a dense kelp forest, all while searching for marine life like seals, leopard sharks, bat rays, and garibaldi.. Bike & Kayak Tours and La Jolla Kayak offer board rentals.. La Jolla is an outdoor lover’s dream, but it’s also home to great shopping.. For a casual meal with spectacular views of La Jolla Cove, head to Duke’s La Jolla .

How to spend one day in La Jolla? Check out this guide and itinerary to learn about the best things to do and top places to see here.

How to spend one day in La Jolla?. The locals should plan for a few day trips to this area.. Once in the cave, you can spend as much time as you need.. Yet the young beachgoers didn’t enjoy the place for a long time.. For many visitors of La Jolla, the underwater world fills the whole day without leaving time for any other activities.. The day visitors with children, however, might need to look for more kid-friendly places.. While you can come across plenty of the murals on your own while spending a day in La Jolla Village, here are a few places to start with.. With plenty of things to do and places to visit, La Jolla fills your day completely.. So here is how your day in La Jolla can look like.. Reserve the rest of the day to exploring La Jolla Village .. Go to the Torrey Pines and see how long you can walk before returning back to the Village for dinner.

La Jolla offers beautiful views of the ocean and rugged cliffs, but you'll also find elegant restaurants and little cafes, along with upscale shopping, art museums, and a world-class research aquarium.

A day spent in La Jolla, just a 20-minute drive north of downtown San Diego, will include beautiful views of the shoreline and ocean and rugged cliffs.. Here’s a look at some of the most popular La Jolla attractions to help you plan your perfect day.. One of my favorite ways to spend time here is to walk along the sand to the picturesque pier.. This area is located between the parking lots and the beach.. La Jolla Cove is a small beach with a different feel from La Jolla Shores.. And La Jolla is one of the best areas for tide pools anywhere along San Diego’s coast.. The Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is an area of beach and cliffs at the north end of La Jolla.. If you’re looking for hiking with a view, this is the place to go.. Before you go, take a look at the six main trail options online and plan your time.. You will find many fun ways to enjoy the ocean in La Jolla.. Many of the restaurants come with a panoramic view of the ocean, too.. La Jolla provides a handy list of the best places to shop in the area.. You can find chain hotels such as Hilton in La Jolla, or you can easily stay in downtown San Diego and spend the day in La Jolla.

With dramatic ocean bluffs, heavenly beaches, and fantastic fine-dining spots, La Jolla is the perfect coastal escape.

Dramatic ocean bluffs, heavenly beaches, and fantastic fine-dining spots—no wonder La Jolla is known as the jewel of San Diego.. As you cruise along the highway past Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, you’ll spot the glimmering ocean waters and immediately understand why La Jolla is a coveted San Diego destination—incredible coastal views, renowned golf courses, gourmet restaurants, and high-end shopping destinations await; you’ll never want to leave this place.. The first thing to do upon reaching La Jolla, San Diego, is to check in to the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines Hotel.. The oceanfront eatery features magnificent views of La Jolla Cove and is one of the best brunch spots in San Diego .. La Jolla Cove is one of the most photographed places in SoCal and one of the best winter beaches in the state —the warm sands and turquoise waters complement the California sea lions resting by the ocean bluffs.. Walk off your breakfast by window shopping; the hottest shopping spots in the San Diego coastal community are located in La Jolla Village.. Windansea Beach is located in Bird Rock, a seaside neighborhood of La Jolla with hidden ocean lookout points, so spend some time exploring the area.


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