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***Editor’s Note: Our List of the Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets has been updated for 2021!***

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (1)

Northern Pike Fishing requires some different fishing gear than your normal fishing adventures; you need wire leaders, strong fishing line, and most importantly the right fishing net that can actually handle a 20+ pound fish!

You do not want to lose a giant northern pike because your bass net failed you – get a good northern pike fishing net if you are going to be serious about this type of fishing.

What is the Best Northern Pike Fishing Net? We would recommend the Frabill Power Catch Landing Net. But there are some other great northern pike landing nets available as well.

To help you on your pursuit of trophy northerns, we have put together a list of the Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets, and all the information you are going to need to make sure you select the best option for your fishing adventures.

Table of Contents

Quick Best Northern Pike Fishing Net Cheat Sheet:

We strongly encourage you to read each individual best northern pike fishing net review; but if you just want some information really quick – here are our recommendations for the Best Pike Fishing Nets for different situations with affiliate links to purchase.

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Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets Chart

Here is your Best Northern Pike Landing Net Chart with pictures – and a much more detailed review of each option below it.

RankPike Fishing Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthPicture
#1Frabill Power Catch48" Sliding40" x 44"48"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (2)
#2StowMaster Tournament Series Pike Net94" Telescopic30" x 32"42"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (3)
#3Drifter Marine Predator Series XL Fishing Net48" Handle37" x 35"36"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (4)
#4Frabill Power Stow48" - 66" Telescopic40" x 44"58"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (5)
#5Frabill Pro-Formance Net48" Handle29" x 34"44"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (6)

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets

Best Overall Northern Pike Fishing Net: Frabill Power Catch

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (7)

What do you need when you are looking for a good northern pike fishing net? You need a net that is big, you need a net that is strong, you need a net that is easy to lift and handle in the water, you need a net that is durable – and the Frabill Power Catch Fishing Net checks all of those boxes.

Let’s start with the handle. It has a hexagonal profile to make it easier to handle and grip than your traditional round handles. This handle is a sliding handle that is 48″ in length, giving you enough reach to scoop big fish.

This net is designed with what Frabill calls the “Pow’R Lok™ yoke system” – which provides amazing durability, and this yoke system is backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

Oh, when not in use, this handle does slide into the Yoke System to make the net a little easier to store. But this is still a big fishing net.

The netting mesh is a tangle-free knotless mesh that is pretty gentle on the fish and should help prevent lure tangles in the net itself. The mesh is 1 and 3/4-inches making the net move easily in the water and making the net easy to lift out of the water.

And with a net depth of either 42″ or 48″ depending on which size you pick; you won’t have to worry about running out of room to hold that trophy northern!

You also got two great size options to pick from which you can see here:

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Frabill Model NumberHandle LengthHoop SizeNet Depth
Frabill Power Catch 842548″32″ x 41″42″
Frabill Power Catch 845048″40″ x 44″48″

Overall, you can see why these fishing nets are our number one choice for Best Overall Northern Pike Fishing Net.

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (8)

Easiest Northern Pike Net to Stow: StowMaster Tournament Series TS94X

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (9)

This StowMaster Tournament Series (Model Number TS94X) fishing net is not only the easiest northern pike fishing net to store, but it also has a lot of other great qualities to it that make it an excellent fishing net for pike!

The handle is a two-stage telescopic handle that can be extended to 94″ if needed. The diameter of the handle is 1.25-inches – which makes it very easy to grip. The handle is made from high-end aluminum alloy and has extra ridges on it to help your grip. The hoop is also made with the same aluminum alloy as the handle to maximize the durability.

The net hoop is 30 x 32″ with a net depth of 42″. The mesh size is large to allow it to flow through the water easily, and the netting is made from a fish-friendly, knotless nylon material.

But it is the ability to store this net that has anglers excited. Imagine having a net this large that you are able to store at a size of 16″ x 44″! That is a size that can easily be stored in a boat, closet, or garage – so if you need to save space what a great option!

We can’t stress it enough – the stowing ability of this net is awesome, but all of the other features make it a wonderful northern landing net as well!

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (10)

Strongest Northern Pike Net: Drifter Marine Predator XL

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (11)
(Video) This Lake Holds the BIGGEST Pike in the World

Now, I’ll be the first to admit the full name of this fishing net is the Drifter Marine Predator XL Musky Net making this a musky net; but if you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of similarities between trophy Northern Pike and trophy Musky.

But in all seriousness, there is a lot to love about this fishing net. These nets are strong – this model is rated to pick up 60-pound without bending or failing – which would be a world record pike (we hope you catch one that big)!

The 48-inch handle is a reinforced aluminum with a unique “T-Grip” handle that provides extra control of the net. The hoop is also reinforced to provide all the strength that you will ever need.

The hoop size is 37″ x 35″ with a depth of 36″. I really like how the mesh is rubber coated to protect the fish – which is really big if you like catch and release fishing like me.

These fishing nets are also MADE in the U.S.A – which I love! If you want the strongest northern pike net on the market – here it is!

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (12)

Frabill Power Stow Landing Net

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (13)

There is one net in the Frabill Power Stow Landing Net line that is perfect for northern pike fishing – that is the Frabill Power Stow model 8530. This net provides you with all the size you need to land a trophy northern, but also stows down to a very manageable size – which I think most of us anglers can really appreciate!

The biggest selling point to this net is going to be the design, which allows it to be stowed very easily. In fact, the stowed size of this net is 20″ x 55″ – which is very manageable.

Why we recommend model 8530 is because it has a 40″ x 44″ hoop size, 48″ to 66″ telescopic handle, 58″ net depth, 1.5″ mesh size, and a tangle-free knotless mesh. All those features will help you land those big fish.

(Video) How To Find And Catch Pike In New Water

From a durability standpoint you are looking at a glass-filled nylon yoke system and a heavy-duty aluminum handle. It is going to last you a very long time.

All of these factors make it a great northern fishing net.

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (14)

Most Affordable Northern Pike Fishing Net: Frabill Pro-Formance

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (15)

If trophy northern pike fishing is a once or twice a year adventure for you, and you are just looking for a functional northern pike net in case you land a big fish – than we would recommend the Frabill Pro-Formance fishing net because it won’t break your bank.

This is not the easiest net to stow, or the strongest net, and it doesn’t have some of the fish-friendly mesh options the other nets do, but it really is a solid fishing net. It has a 1 and 1/4- inch round aluminum handle, a strong 5/8″ aluminum hoop, a 48″ handle, 29″ x 34″ hoop size, 44″ net depth, and will get the job done when you are trying to scoop some big northerns.

Like we said, there isn’t any remarkable features to this fishing net, but it is affordable and very functional; getting the job done when you are fishing!

The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets | Fishing Net World (16)

Final Notes and Other Links of Interest

Some of my first memories fishing as a kid was catching a few 10+ pound northerns in the waters of Ontario. Those memories will always stick with me, and they would not have happened if my dad did not pack a good landing net! So, make sure you take our advice and purchase a Northern Pike Fishing Net that is going to get the job done!

If you are going to be doing some fishing in a place like Canada – you might need a fishing net that can handle a few different species. We would recommend you check these lists out.

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  • The Best Walleye Fishing Nets
  • The Best Crappie Fishing Nets
  • The Best Muskie Fishing Nets

Enjoy, and we can’t wait to hear about your northern pike fishing trip success stories!


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