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Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (2) DESIGNED & DEVELOPED

The Takacat LX Series is the most innovative inflatable dinghy on the market. Combining key features, such as the Tube Transom®, catamaran hull design and open bow, it is no wonder that Takacat is the fastest growing brand in the US inflatable boat market.

The LX Series is the perfect boat for any lifestyle. Lightweight and portable enough to take it with you in your RV or as a tender to a larger boat. The stability and speed with a 6 hp makes this hard to overlook as your next personal fishing boat.

Packed with innovative features, Takacats are one of the most versatile inflatable boats on the market.

The Takacat LX series is the perfect canvas for your needs. It has a flat, unobstructed interior as well as short and flat gunwales. The Takacat does a great job of being the perfect platform on which to build your next adventure!

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Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (3) 1 2 3 4 5 6

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (4) 1 2 3 4 5 6

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (5) 1 2 3 4


Innovative Tube Transom is open to allow for quick draining. No more sloshing water or soggy gear.


Open bow provides safe and easy boarding and exiting from the beach and boarding onto the boat from the water by swimmers and divers.


Inner and outer grab lines provide infinite seating options with comfortable and ergonomic hand holds.


Included oars, in combination with the catamaran hull design, make the LX Series one of the best rowing inflatable dinghies on the market.


Halkey-Roberts inflation valve allows for fast inflation and deflation. The pressure relief valves prevent damage by over pressurization when left in the hot sun.


Innovative PVC anti-skid material remains grippy even when wet. It's even comfortable for bare feet. Anti-skid material is ultra UV stabilized so it won’t fade and provides UV protection to the air deck floor.


Pinched bow reduces windage and glides over chop and waves without getting passengers wet.


Oar retainers keep the oars attached to the boat. Great for adjusting course when drifting down a river.


Quadruple overlap seam means your Takacat will remain air tight for years of frequent use.

(Video) XCAT Catamaran | Complete Assembly in 15 Minutes! | Red Beard Sailing


Low profile design provides better visibility for the operator. The bow will stay below the horizon, even when plowing at low speeds.


Rubber rub rail provides extra protection from docks and other boats.


Multi-chamber tubes come standard on 380LX and 420LX boats for added safety and redundancy for longer trips and for challenging conditions.


Wide rubber strip under each tube protects against frequent beachings.


Raised center floor allows air to cushion the ride in choppy weathers, no hard slapping.


Smaller bows with less displacement means less splash, even when motoring into the wind.


Bow D-Rings hold the floor in place so the floor doesn’t shift or pop out.

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (6)Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (7)

Find the right Takacat inflatable watercraft for your next adventure.

The Takacat LX Series range of boats is not separated by a significant price differences between models. This allows you to get the boat you need, instead of settling for a less than perfect option. If you are on the fence, check out the most common uses below.


Lightweight, Stable and Portable

Scuba / Swim / Snorkel
Day Boat / RV

The Go Anywhere Boat

Marine Research
& Rescue

Stable, Versatile and Portable

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (8) Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (9) Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (10) Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (11) Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (12)

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (13)

The Perfect

What more could you want out of your tender? The Takacat LX can be pushed by a smaller outboard or get more speed / range out of your current outboard. It can easily be packed away for offshore passages, and it is the perfect platform to explore your destinations—be it ship to shore or snorkeling in that remote cove!






Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (14)

Easily Powered Portable with Open Bow

The Takacat LX series requires less power than other inflatables. If you are going to be inflating and deflating with each use, you shouldn’t need an army of helpers to move your outboard. The open bow of the LX Series makes it easy to board from the water which makes it the perfect boat for SCUBA as well as using it as a swim platform.

(Video) Grabner Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing






Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (15)

The Jon Boat that Fits in Your Car

The Takacat LX series’ features make it the perfect boat for sportsmen. Fish all day in choppy waters in comfort due to the catamaran design. If it rains, you won’t have to bail a single time.

The larger LX boats like the 380LX and 420LX have large carry capacities which are perfect for hunting with a few buddies. The wood camo disappears on a marshy backdrop, perfect for duck hunting. Your retriever can get back on board without any fuss and all water exits without creating puddles in the boat.






Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (16)

The Popular and Practical Choice

The Takacat LX Series is being used by researchers and first responders all over the world. The open bow means wildlife or injured people can be brought onboard without too much effort. The open transom allows you to constantly pump water over marine life while on board without flooding the boat.





Takacat Specification Comparison

T260 LX

T300 LX

T340 LX

T380 LX

T420 LX

Overall Length

8’ 6”

9’ 10”

11’ 2”

12’ 6”

13’ 9”


5’ 1”

5’ 1”

5’ 5”

5’ 5”

6’ 1”

Tube Diameter






Boat Weight

55 lbs

64 lbs

68 lbs

89 lbs

111 lbs

(Video) 65: Dinghy Daze Part 3, The Takacat Lite

Rec. Outboard Engine

2.5 - 6 HP

2.5 - 8 HP

2.5 - 10 HP

6 - 15 HP

15 HP


3 people / 793 lbs

4 people / 809 lbs

5 people / 1135 lbs

6 people / 1410 lbs

7 people / 1576 lbs

Boat Specification Comparison

Overall Length

T260 LX 8’ 6”

T300 LX 9’ 10”

T340 LX 11’ 2”

T380 LX 12’ 6”

T420 LX 13’ 9”


T260 LX 5’ 1”

T300 LX 5’ 1”

T340 LX 5’ 5”

T380 LX 5’ 5”

T420 LX 6’ 1”

Tube Diameter

T260 LX 19"

T300 LX 19"

T340 LX 19"

T380 LX 19"

T420 LX 22"

(Video) ROWonAIR Rowing on Inflatable SUP Board | Universal Rowing System | Red Beard Sailing

Boat Weight

T260 LX 55 lbs

T300 LX 64 lbs

T340 LX 68 lbs

T380 LX 89 lbs

T420 LX 111 lbs

Rec. Outboard Engine

T260 LX 2.5 - 6 HP

T300 LX 2.5 - 8 HP

T340 LX 2.5 - 10 HP

T380 LX 6 - 15 HP

T420 LX 15 HP

Max HP

T260 LX 8 HP

T300 LX 10 HP

T340 LX 15 HP

T380 LX 20 HP

T420 LX 25 HP


T260 LX 3 people / 793 lbs

T300 LX 4 people / 809 lbs

T340 LX 5 people / 1135 lbs

T380 LX 6 people / 1410 lbs

T420 LX 7 people / 1576 lbs

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (17)Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (18)Takacat is committed to providing boaters all around the world with a revolutionary line of inflatable catamarans. The Takacat LX Series offers safety, stability and speed as well as versatility and easy handling.



Who We Are

We love what we do and it shows. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we know the recreational boating industry like the back of our hands and it shows when you see and experience our boats on the water. Our boats are durable, stable and designed to meet the needs of both the marine professional and the recreational boater.

The Takacat Story

The development of Takacat inflatable boats was pioneered by company founder Greg Sowden in Auckland, NZ. Greg’s leading edge design approach was born from the love of the water and nurtured from a lifetime spent in and around inflatable boats. That depth of experience led him to produce an inflatable catamaran boat that broke the mold!


Passion Breeds Perfection

Our passion for boating and cutting edge design comes from a lifetime spent in and around the water. We invite you to experience the most innovative and fastest growing range of inflatable boats in the world! High performance, versatile, portable, cost effective and capable of handling various and changing conditions, Takacat boats are ready for a day of family fun or your next water adventure!

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (19)

The Takacat is not only used for recreational purposes, but, in some cases, has proven to be a great tool in research situations. Above is a snapshot of the Takacat being put to use by Barba), an organization focused on marine explorations and raising awareness around conservation.

Takacat | Inflatable Boats | Red Beard Sailing (20)

Takacat Warranty

Both PVC & Hypalon have a 3-year warranty against defects and deterioration that affect usability as aging, cracking, or delamination.

Air Filling pipe seams have a 2-year warranty. Additionally, parts and equipment, including the high-pressure deck, carry handle, “D” rings,bow, seat, lid, paddles, oars, will be free from defects in material and structure for 2 years from the date of purchase

To register your warranty, click here.

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Where are Takacat manufactured? ›

Where are Takacat inflatables designed and made? Designed, developed, and tested by founder Greg Sowden in Auckland, New Zealand. These versatile inflatable catamaran boats are then CE tested and custom-built in our Chinese factory using quality components from around the world.

What is a Thundercat boat? ›

What is a Thundercat? Thundercats are catamaran RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boat), a high performance relative to the Zodiak. The inflatable sponsons have an aggressive profile in contrast to traditional recreational catamarans that allow them to turn like they are on rails.

What is a small catamaran called? ›

MiniCat is a sailing inflatable catamaran you can take on the plane with you when going on a sailing holidays, is easy to fit in any campervan, motorhome or RVs and is a great addition to your super yacht without the usual storage problems.

How much is a small catamaran? ›

New cruising catamarans cost between $200,000 and $1,000,000, with an average price of about $500,000. Used cruising catamarans cost between $200,000 and $600,000. Small recreational catamarans, usually under 20 feet in length, cost under $50,000.

What is better PVC or Hypalon? ›

Generally, PVC fabric won't last as long as Hypalon fabric, especially when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no protective measures are taken (such as this UV protectant). Hypalon is highly preferable in hot climate areas.

Is Takacat Hypalon? ›

All Takacat boat models are available in both PVC and Hypalon fabric construction. Standard tubes are fabricated from durable custom-made 0.9mm, 1000 denier PVC.

How much does a Thundercat boat cost? ›

'To go racing, a fully-equipped Zapcat ready to go will cost somewhere in the region of $14,000 to $16,000 and that adds up to truly affordable racing,' he added.

How fast can a Thundercat boat go? ›

Powered by a pair of 400 hp Mercury Racing 400R outboards, the Thunder Cat can be coaxed to a top speed of 120 mph. But what makes this boat really fun is its ability to simply cruise along, with no drama, at 80 to 90 mph.

How much does a thunder cat cost? ›

The ZR Thundercat is the ultimate ride for the speed demon in your family. *Plus destination charge and set-up. Logistics surcharge of $200 will apply.
ZR 9000 Thundercat
Rear Travel13.5 in.
7 more rows

Do catamarans have bathrooms? ›

Yes, they do. Usually, every catamaran has 2 restrooms and the smaller ones have 1.

Are catamarans good in rough water? ›

Yes, catamarans are good in rough water. One of the reasons for this is that boaters have the option to steer from the inside during bad weather. What's more; the size, bridge, and bridge clearance all contribute to catamarans being a joy to drive when the water conditions are less than ideal.

Are catamarans good for beginners? ›

Catamarans are perfect for beginners. They are by far the most stable of the choices, even if they might end up being more expensive. A catamaran has two hulls and is typically far wider because of this. This makes your likelihood of capsizing very low.

What is the best size catamaran for ocean sailing? ›

Catamarans are generally longer than monohulls, but their accommodations and handling vary widely between sizes. The best size catamaran to sail around the world is 45 to 50 feet.

Are catamarans easier to sail? ›

Catamarans however, because of their extra stability and room, allow for much easier movement around the boat as they do not heel. For this reason catamarans are often considered “easier” to sail.

Why was Hypalon discontinued? ›

Hypalon production was discontinued by its original manufacturer, DuPont, back in 2009. This was due to production safety reasons and environmental considerations. For one, when Hypalon burns it releases highly toxic fumes.

What boats do the Navy Seals use? ›

The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat is a high-speed, high-buoyancy, extreme-weather craft with the primary mission of SEAL insertion/extraction and a secondary mission of marine interdiction operations. The RHIB is also used by U.S. Navy sailors for visit board and search operations at sea.

What replaced Hypalon? ›

Hypalon was discontinued by its manufacturer (DuPont) and is now sold under its slightly different formula and new name "CSM" or Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene Rubber.

Can you tow a Takacat? ›

Q. How to tow my Takacat? A: We recommend towing your Takacat by making a 3 point bridle to the two bow safety line D-rings and the under-floor D-rings.

Are takacats any good? ›

Easy access to water, great stability, low drag when towing and great ability to hydroplane with heavy loads to mention a few. " "The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season.

What is a zebec boat? ›

A xebec (/ˈziːbɛk/ or /zɪˈbɛk/), also spelled zebec, was a Mediterranean sailing ship that was used mostly for trading. Xebecs had a long overhanging bowsprit and aft-set mizzen mast.

How heavy is a Thundercat? ›

At a glance
Owners' reliability rating:4.4 out of 5 (4.4/5)
Annual servicing cost:£120
Power:100 bhp
Seat height:Medium (31.7 in / 805 mm)
Weight:Medium (412 lbs / 187 kg)

What is a Zap Cat? ›

A Zapcat is a catamaran inflatable racing boat. As Zapcat is used commonly to refer to these types of boats, Zapcat officially is the specific brandname from Gemini Marine. Other common names of this type of boat are Pencil Ducks or Thundercats.

What is the fastest power catamaran? ›

Top 10 Fastest Boats Ever Made - YouTube

What was the fastest boat in 2021? ›


How much is a Arctic Cat 2022? ›

2022 ALTERRA 600 SE - Starting at $12,699 | Mecanic Plus.

How much does a 2022 Arctic Cat Thundercat cost? ›

2022 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat ES • $17,695

It's the fastest and fiercest snowmobile on the planet, now with electronic power steering.

How much is a 2022 Thundercat? ›

2022 ZR THUNDERCAT 9000 - Starting at $21,235 | Centre du sport Lac-St-Jean à Alma.

Do catamarans make you seasick? ›

Catamarans and Seasickness:

People susceptible to motion sickness are less likely to get sick on catamarans than other mono-hull ships. Catamarans cause less chance of motion sickness because they allow for gentler motion and be more predictable. Catamarans can also prevent seasickness while in the hull.

How do you use a catamaran toilet? ›

How To Use A Sea Toilet On A Boat - YouTube

Do catamarans have bedrooms? ›

A catamaran with four cabins comfortably sleeps four couples in double cabins or staterooms. Most catamarans, like The Moorings 4200, offer convertible lounges or saloons that transform into single or double beds. Hired Skippers will require the use of one interior cabin, so bear that in mind when planning your trip.

Why are catamarans not popular? ›

Catamaran yachts are not suitable for sailing sport. They can be just great to go for a vacation or even to live on them, just like in a houseboat, but it is exactly because of their stability that half of the yachtsmen would never buy them.

Why do catamarans capsize? ›

A Catamaran will capsize when rotational forces overcome the stability of the boat. Capsizing can happen in two ways, either the ship overtakes a wave and sinks it bows into the next one, inducing something called pitch-poling.

Is a catamaran safer than a sailboat? ›

As catamarans don't have heavy, lead-loaded keels, they will remain afloat, even when (heaven forbid) they are holed. This is because most modern catamarans have such a large amount of buoyancy built into them that they are almost unsinkable, making them much safer than monohull sailboats in this regard.

What is the most seaworthy sailboat? ›

Not many small steel bluewater sailboats boats were built, but the Van De Stadt is definitely one of the most seaworthy ones. The first Legend 34s were built in 1969 in the UK, featuring a fin keel with a skeg rudder. This small bluewater sailboat goes very well into the wind, with a gentle motion even in steep seas.

What is the most stable sailboat? ›

Most Stable Hull Design in Different Situations
Vessel typeWhere and whenMost stable
SailboatsEverywhere, all conditionsMultihulls
SailboatsEverywhere, very large wavesDeep Keel Monohull
PowerboatsLarge bodies of water, wavesDeep-V
PowerboatsSmall bodies of water, no wavesFlat Bottomed

What is the safest ocean to sail? ›

Sail from the Atlantic westward to the Caribbean, using the trade winds, crossing the Panama Canal, the South Pacific Ocean, and then either around Cape of Good Hope or through the Suez Canal. The safest sailing conditions are along the equator since it provides the most reliable sailing weather and calmest waters.

How do you drive a Thundercat? ›

How to race Thundercats - Driving - YouTube

What species are the Thundercats? ›

The Thundercats are from a planet called Thundera, the Mutants are from a planet called Plun-Darr, and the Lunataks are from the Moons of Plun-Darr. They ended up on Third Earth through various interplanetary travels.

Who makes jet boats now? ›

So it's no wonder that when it comes to small runabouts, jet boats are extremely popular. Even so, there are only a couple of major builders who make jet boats today: Scarab Boats, Yamaha Boats, among others. Let's look at three affordable jet boats from each—plus some additional options.


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