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In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Teddy Ray Trivette and Mildred C. Trivette to Michael Ray Trivette, Wendell AL Trivette and Angela T. Hicks; 0.355 acres Mount Airy; $0.

– Rickie Dodd, Rick Dodd and Jayne Dodd to Jennifer Kleinheksel and Lindsay Tweeten; 0.764 acres PB 4 177 Elkin; $0.

– Robert Terry Smith III and Elizabeth Michelle Smith to Vicky Sue Allen; tract one 1/3 acres and tract two 0.48 acres and tract three 1 acre Mount Airy; $60.

– Robert Mitchell Simmons to Jodi Holloway and Claude Holloway; lots 31-34 J.H. Crossingham property PB 3 77 Mount Airy; $280.

– Beroth Oil Company to Muath Salim; tract 1412 S. Main Street Mount Airy; $320.

– John C. Harford and Kimberly Harford to Stephen Albert Berry III and Laura Blinson Berry; 12.272 acres PB 40 169; $1,370.

– Howard William Hull Jr., Howard Bill W. Hull Jr. and Cathy Hull to Amanda D. Pennix and Harry C. Pennix III; 1.1996 acres PB 40 100 Stewarts Creek; $34.

– PMB Ventures, LLC to Jenna L. Nunn; condominium deed unit F Colonial Condos bk 1 3 Pilot; $250.

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– Brian Allen Dennis and Kelly Lynn Dennis to Jessy Wade Norman and Realyn Taylor Norman; tract one and tract two 0.884 acres PB 36 194 1149 W. Lebanon Street Mount Airy; $340.

– Kenneth C. Mason Living Trust, Kenneth Martin Mason and Kenneth C. Mason to Estate of David Lee Mason, Joseph H. Williams and David Lee Mason; 6.860 acres Rockford; $0.

– Larry Marshall to Aasha Renee Marshall and Dustin Anthony Lawhon; 1.66 acres; $164.

– Howard William Hull Jr., Howard Bill W. Hull Jr. and Cathy Hull to Jonathan Troy Waddle; 1.996 acres PB 40 101 Stewarts Creek; $83.

– Ruth C. Evans to Peggy Ann Kostuck; .54 acres Pilot; $508.

– Richard Luffman Elmore, Margaret Elizabeth Walker Elmore, Amalie Joanna Walker Hinson, Carla Melissa Anderson and Charles Michael Anderson Jr. to Miranda Anderson; 0.460 acres Elkin; $0.

– Catlyn Thompson to Jacob McHone; 6.11 acres Mount Airy; $254.

– Alice V. Hawks to Jasmine M. Smith; 0.706 acres PB 40 181 Mount Airy; $246.

– Jan Bowman to Joshua B. Eleva; tract Mount Airy; $14.

– Sheets Self Storage, LP and AJ Sheets, LLC to Valley Storage Mount Airy, LLC; tract one 7.31 acres PB 30 133 tract two tract; $17,338.

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– Pearlie Mae Hawks, Sandra Hawks Fisher, Sandra Hawks Wright and Clinton Fisher to Sandra Hawks Fisher; 2.878 acres lot 22 Stone Creek subdivision PB 11 135 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– James Wilson Collins Jr. and Sandra Smith Collins to David K. Reich and Elaine G. Reich; 16.61 acres tract four Willie Brinkley estate plus easement South Westfield; $210.

– Michael C. Finney and Deborah M. Finney to Autumn Blaze Campgrounds, LLC; 48.938 acres Marsh; $841.

– Andrew H. Berman and Sherry Berman to Michael Alan Hettleman and Anna Kathleen Hettleman; 1.321 acres Elkin; $790.

– Brian Wilson Marsh, Jenny Lea Marsh, Larry Wilson March and Louise E. Marsh to Cory T. Marsh and Kayla W. Marsh; tract Dobson and Rockford; $1,500.

– Fredy Gomez, Fredy Demetrio Gomez Vasquez and Theadora Marian Gomez to Jennifer Jo Bartley; tract two Burchview Station PB 16 124 Elkin; $302.

– Mary Jane Griffith, Garner R. Jarrell and Linda Jerrell to Timothy Cook and Bonnie Cook; 39.70 acres Pilot; $340.

– Todd Morrison to John G. Calhoun and Lisa R. Calhoun; 21.628 acres tract two PB 40 122 Eldora; $200.

– Beverly L. Grubaugh to Arland Lee Hardman Jr. and Maria De La Luz Caballero; unit 205 Lakeview Condominium book 1 189-192; $240.

– Jeffery L. Hodges, Peggy C. Hodges and Peggie Cockerham Hodges to Erik Puntos Martinez, Manuel Luna Ruiz and Eddy Cabrera; tract Franklin; $220.

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– Michael D. Love and Barbara Love to Yogi D. Love and Lisa Ann Josey; 6.42 acres Eldora; $0.

– Ngo Minh Thuy Ngoc to Charles Edward Carns; lot 3 Southwood PB 9 134 Mount Airy; $340.

– David Norman to Keychain Capital Investments, LLC; tract one 0.470 acres and tract two 1.669 acres Bryan; $150.

– The Estate of Karen Jessup, Mark S. Royster, Seth G. Worth and Karen Jessup to Paul C. Rasmussen and Ashley Elizabeth Beavers; lots 5-8 V.R. Hunter subdivision PB 5 23 Estate of Karen Jessup file 21 E 669; $418.

– Allied Investors Group, LLC to Joshua Horton and Rachel Horton; tract Mount Airy; $588.

– Warriers For Christ, LLC to Jorge Llamas and Olivia Llamas; lots 19-20 block D E.C. Bivens land PB 3 69 Mount Airy; $40.

– Jeffrey G. Throckmorton and Sara Cook Throckmorton to Michael Henry Morand and Tonya Annette Mornad; 3 lots Mount Airy; $364.

– TH Propco, LLC to 1039 N Bridge St, LLC; tract; $2,062.

– TH Propco, LLC to 349 Andy Griffith Parkway, LLC; lot 1 PB 22 32; $3,385.

– The Paul G. and Bettina R. Porter Living Trust, Paul Gregory Porter, Paul G. Porter and Bettina R. Porter to Rickey Erwin Porter and Kellie Anne Porter; .263 acres Pilot; $0.

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– Alfred Cecil Tyner Jr., Janet Marie Tyner, Bobby J. Tyner, Trinity C. Tyner and John W. Tyner to Robert Wayne Newsome; .68 acres Shoals; $30.

– Caroline Cooper Lamm, Kent Lamm, Daniel Kent Lamm, Grady Cooper III, John Stephen Cooper, Mary Cooper, David Samuel Cooper, Larry R. Hazelwood, Joseph Vann Cooper, Harvi Cooper, Daniel G. Dobbins, Angie Dobbins, Grover C. Dobbins Jr. and Martha Dobbins to Town of Dobson; 0.031 acres PB 40 116 Dobson; $0.

– Simms Family Trust and David Joseph Simms Sr. to Alla Dibbert; first tract lots 18-23 and second tract 0.07 acres portions of lots 48-52 and third tract lots 33-38 block B Blue Ridge Acres development PB 5 3 8531 NC Hwy 8 Elkin; $460.

– Katie S. Welborn, Katie R. Sherrill and Jennifer D. Welborn to Christopher Todd Gifford and Crystal Lynn Gifford; 1.68 acres South Westfield; $700.

– Timothy Dale Hodgin, Robin Hodgin, Gary Wayne Hodgin, Diane Hodgin, James Marshall Hodgin and Denaye Hodgin to Jimmie McMickle; tract Mount Airy; $740.

– Melissa W. Casey to Yolanda Rodriguez and Adrian Rodriguez; lot 3 Dobson Acres PB 12 129; $340.

– Jack Allen Cox Jr. and Sheila C. Cox to Dharmin Patel; tract 386 Lovers Lane Mount Airy; $26.

– Angel Lee McCloud to Christopher Williams and Marshay Renay Williams; 1.409 acres Mount Airy; $31.

– Ana Rosa Leandro and Alejandro Vega to Carlos Rodriguez Rangel and Maria Reyna Rodriguez Perez; lot 8 PB 14 235 Marsh; $90.

– Robert O. Poplin IV to Hawks Enterprises, LLC; tract one 0.170 acres and tract two tract Mount Airy; $370.

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– Surry Endeavor, LLC to J-Mac Properties, LLC; six tracts Pilot and Dobson; $2,500.

– Helen S. Pfitzner and Glenn S. Pfitzner to Allison Pfitzner Pratt and Benjamin Craig Pratt; 1.430 acres PB 40 163 Mount Airy; $0.

– Elias Fernandez and Mayra I. Fernandez to Bianca Galloway; lot 7 Millers Creek subdivision PB 12 17 Dobson; $400.


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