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In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Claude Lincoln Puckett Jr. and Deborah Puckett to Taylor Rudisill and McKensie Bare; 1.223 acres lot 32 Knollwood subdivision PB 12 186 and PB 40 183 201 Oak Ridge Circle Mount Airy Stewarts Creek; $366.

– Johnny Harrell to Lisa Harrell and Gary L. Smith; lot 3 Sherry Knoll subdivision PB 10 69 Mount Airy; $76.

– Dale Morgan Riddle Sr., Tamson Terrell Jensen, Keith Jensen, Dale Morgan Riddle Jr., Bethany Alice Riddle and Gilda L. Riddle to Dale Morgan Riddle Jr. and Bethany Alice Riddle; tract one 0.682 acres PB 40 172 and tract two 50.543 acres PB 25 42 South Westfield; $0.

– Sheila Jamison to Gail Curtis; tract one lot 30 and tract two portion of lot 29 Alta Vista development PB 4 190 Mount Airy; $461.

– Charles R. Smith, LLC to Brett Jordan Bunker and Maddison Ryley James; tract Eldora; $746.

– Jenny Y. Anderson to Tommy Hylton and Drema M. Hylton; lot 6 Crosswinds subdivision PB 11 121 Mount Airy; $188.

– Darrel Ray Leonard to Jeffery Trenter; 0.458 acres PB 7 15 Stewarts Creek; $260.

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– Donald G. Collins and Darlene M. Collins to Shawn Watson and Amanda Watson; 1 acre Eldora; $28.

– Brandon C. Kallam to T & K Properties of Pfafftown, LLC; 11,632 sq ft 125 Masonic Drive Elkin; $235.

– John David Long and Pamela C. Long to John Bradley and Emily Bradley; tract one lot 15 and tract two tract and tract three lots 13-14 Laurel Hill Estates 222 Valleyview Dr. Mount Airy; $371.

– Estate of Ricky Thomas Shelton, estate of Leslie Shelton Atkins, Amy Jo Shelton, Ricky Thomas Shelton, Jody Shelton, Camden Atkins, Leslie Shelton Atkins, Sundi Shelton McGee and James McGee to Bobby Dean Bryant; .65 acres Pilot estate of Ricky Thomas Shelton 22 E 68 and estate of Leslie Shelton Atkins 22 E 293; $120.

– Kenneth Aman, Darlene Aman, Brian Aman, Lisa Aman, Janice A. Fansler and Gray Fansler Jr. to Richard D. Eads; 1.03 acres lot 3 PB 15 42; $0.

– Marty Douglas Puckett, Monica E. Puckett, Rhonda Puckett Hamstead and Steven Lynn Hamstead to Andrew White and Joanna White; 4.59 acres Jim Hill Road Westfield; $0.

– Hassle Free Land Sales and Nexus Property Holdings, LLC to Nora Alvarez; lots 29-32 block 3 section A M.H. Greenwood estate PB 4 123 Elkin; $22.

– CPC-Surry, LLC to Hai Yong Chen; lot 38 R.J. Galloway land PB 1 121 Mount Airy; $190.

– Estate of Peggy Gentry Comer, Wyatt Earl Comer, Peggy Gentry Comer, Eric Porter Comer and Bessie Comer to Leslie Taylor; tract one lot 34 and tract two lots 30-33 PB 4 106 155 Fowler Circle Dobson estate of Peggy Gentry Comer; $262.

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– Teramore Development, LLC to Golden Summer, LLC; 3.424 acres PB 30 163 Dobson; $4,521.

– Anthony Dwayne Sexton to Katherine L. Sexton and Lloyd Dwayne Sexton; lot 15 Carters Glen PB 13 128 251 Wandering Walk Road Lowgap Franklin; $0.

– Christopher Lee Mickey Jr. and Kelli A. Mickey to Jay W. Robinson and Heidi J. Robinson; 19.139 acres Shoals; $480.

– Brenda Brendle to Trent E. Brendle and Leslie J. Brendle; 4.144 acres Marsh; $300.

– Rita Hinson Wiles, Neil Wiles and Jay Hinson to Jay L. Hinson; 2.950 acres Elkin; $0.

– SCM Real Estate, LLC to Bryan T. Creed, Kevin S. Masten and Peter T. Sheppard; 0.954 acres; $0.

– Substitute Trustee Service, Inc., Brandon Crouse and Sonia Crouse to W.J. Kellam Jr. and Taylor Bradley Coalson; 1156/462 trustees deed .14 acres Mount Airy; $125.

– Bryan T. Creed, Mark S. Royster, Kevin S. Masten, Nancy Katherine Masten, Peter T. Sheppard and Ashley Nicole Sheppard to Hutton Mount Airy NC ST, LLC; .954 acres; $2,500.

– Estate of Al Smith Moore, Teresa Moore Haymore and Al Amith Moore to Shane Neal Oakley; 0.446 acres tract C and 1.829 acres tract D PB 39 119 Rockford estate of Al Smith Moore 16 E 616; $0.

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– Christopher Lynn Danley and Tara Danley to Gabriel Secundino Vargas; 1 and 75/100 acres Mount Airy; $156.

– Robert C. Hemmings and Betty F. Hemmings to Dennis C. Woodring and Karen J. Woodring; 3 acres Dobson; $50.

– K & L Enterprises of Randolph, LLC to Paul Barker and Jennifer Barker; 59.00 acres tract one and two PB 40 159 Stewarts Creek; $350.

– David P. Hiatt and Maria B. Hiatt to Diane J. Milhan; tract 1010 South Main Street Mount Airy; $522.

– Charlotte Moore Walker, Daniel Walker, Marvin Woodrow Moore Jr. and Catherine Moore to Stephie Stanley and Kay Stanley; lots 10-11 Royal Lane Dobson; $12.

– The Dan River Company, Inc. to 52 Properties, LLC; tract Mount Airy; $630.

– John Campbell to Edward Patric Rusu and Lindsay Danielle Rusu; 7.32 acres PB 20 101 Shoals; $864.

– Mary Alice Summers and Myra Lynn Wills to BEHA Investments, LLC; lot 35 section III Town and Country Woods development PB 7 30 Mount Airy; $240.

– Greater Mount Airy Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Karen Talbert; tract Mount Airy; $28.

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– Granite City Restorations, LLC to Stephen Thomas Slate and Kimberly Ashley; 1.834 acres tract one PB 39 47 Dobson; $588.

– Neil Moss and Deborah A. Moss to Simon Futures, LLC; .412 acres Mount Airy; $625.

– Redoak Development, LLC to Adriana B. Martinez; tract Mount Airy; $247.

– Billy Allen Belton to Kobe Slate and Anna Martin; 0.71 acres lot 28 section 4 Knollwood subdivision PB 12 186 113 Oak Ridge Place Mount Airy Stewarts Creek; $330

– Teddy M. Speas, Lester Reid Rogers, Kathy Rogers, Deborah Stone Rogers, Lucy Elizabeth Rogers and Lynn Carol Rogers to Needham Holdings, LLC; tract Pilot; $50.

– Maria Isabel Rodriguez to Cody Rogers and Cody Flippo; tract Mount Airy; $345.

– Bradley Gray Beck, Ashley N. Beck and Ashley N. Cox to Amber Lynn Sheppard; 21,406 sq ft Dobson; $270.

– Estate of Daron Samuel Hamby, Catherine Pender Hamby and Daron Samuel Hamby to Harold Aldean Snow and Penny C. Snow; tract one 1 acre and tract two 6.64 acres Dobson estate of Daron Samuel Hamby file 22 E 233; $142.

– Willow Pond Investments, LLC to Phyllis Shelton Eads; 0.366 acres lot 2 PB 40 71 Pilot; $20.

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– Cynthia Jessup Denny to Jessica Marinan Denny; 1.77 acres Shoals; $0.

– CIA Holdings, LLC to Juan Carols Cervantes Jr. and Jiselle Cortes; lot 8-9 Westwood estates PB 6 218 Dobson; $466.

– B&C Properties and Charles W. Vaughn to Redoak Development, LLC lots 11-13 Laurel Creek subdivision PB 13 127 Mount Airy; $84.


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