Real Estate Roundup: Five-bedroom, five-bath Fayettesville Road homes sells for $750K (2022)

May 23, 2022

Real Estate Roundup: Five-bedroom, five-bath Fayettesville Road homes sells for $750K (1)

The Bealeton home went on sale for $750,000 in March 2022 and sold for its initial list price in May 2022.

A five-bedroom, four-bath Fayettesville Road home sitting on just under five acres recently sold for $750,000. The property is located on a cul-de-sac just minutes away from Warrenton.

The home features a kitchen with a breakfast area and a great room with a dual-sided gas fireplace. According to, a breezeway leads you to the entrance of an in-law apartment, a full kitchen, a living and dining room, a bedroom, a fully renovated bath and two laundry areas, according to

The main-level bedroom suite features a jetted soaking tub and separate shower. The upstairs offers a bonus room with doors to attic storage and two separate garages totaling four spaces. The previous owners recently installed new insulation. Homeowners are also a short distance from nearby restaurants and shopping.

The Bealeton home went on sale for $750,000 in March 2022 and sold for its initial list price in May 2022.

Hunterleigh went on the market in April 2021 with an asking price of $2.9 million, according to

Bridget Rosensteel with Keller Williams Realty/Lee Beaver & Associates represented the seller. Ki Yoon represented the buyer with Pacific Realty.

The Fauquier County Circuit Court clerk’s office recorded these real estate transfers from May 11 to May 17:

Lee District

-Dawn M. and John W. Wood to Melvim Villalobos and Morena Lemus, Lot 39, Lees Glen Subdivision, 11690 Fort Union Drive, Remington, $365,000.

-Louis Johnson to Juan A. Alvarado Jr., 0.5 acres, Lot 128, 11109 Crest Lane, Bealeton, $380,000.

-Michelle L. Wilson and Meyer W. Wilson Sr. to Lae Jin and Esther Myeong Park, 4.8 acres, Lot 1-A, 10267 Fayettesville Road, Bealeton, $750,000.

-Ulysses S. Adkins and others to Jeremiah Warren, Lot 6, Meadfield Subdivision, 11248 Meade Court, Bealeton, $395,000.

-Johnathan Branch to Brittaney Johnson, Lot 16, Rappahannock Landing Subdivision, 9118 Freemans Road, Remington, $410,000.

-NVR Inc. to Tiffany Gaines, 0.1 acres, Lot 142, 7630 Hancock Street, Bealeton, $498,590.

-Richard and Andrea Sacks to Stephanie and Thomas R. Barnett, 3.8 acres, Lot A, 7447 O’Keefe Road, Bealeton, $560,000.

Marshall District

-Nita G. Millar, trustee, to Mark and Stephanie Sturges, 5 acres, Lot 2, 9485 Ada Road, Marshall, $685,000.

-Erik and Katrina S. Abjornson to Rebecca Hersman and Patrick R. Terrell, 1.8 acres, 14091 Hume Road, Hume, $651,000.

-Ryan V. and Diana M. Jackson to William B. Bryant, 2.6 acres, Lot 1, 6662 Turning Lane, Marshall, $500,000.

-Maria N. and Robert Davis to Erick A. Osorio and others, Lot 3, Carter Subdivision, 8474 Emerald Lane, Marshall, $229,000.

Cedar Run District

-Donna S. Sager and others to Franco and Samantha Traverso, 0.8 acres, 7547 Edington Drive, Warrenton, $305,000.

-Kenneth J. Huber Jr. and Evelyn Huber to Todd and Doreen Johnson, 5.7 acres, 8349 Squires Lane, Warrenton, $600,000.

-Jessica and Joshua Collins to Olivia L. and Derek J. Burton, 1.1 acres, 6307 Duhollow Road, Warrenton, $575,000.

-Lorrie Vancheri to Nicholas M. Shannon, 0.7 acres, 8437 Meetze Road, Warrenton, $391,000.

-Maria Chaves and others to Daniel J. McInerny and others, 2 acres, 5194 Leeds Manor Road, Hume, $850,000.

Center District

-Brandon W and Stephanie T. Ryan to Christopher and Amy H. Jojola, Lot 41, Monroe Estates Subdivision, 636 Warrenton, $715, 000.

-Linda M. Allen to Ryan and Amanda Rommes, Lot 82, Bethel Academy Subdivision, 7134 Meadow Street, Warrenton, $590,000.

-Washington Green LLC, Devin T. Finan as managing member, to Christian J. and Rebecca G. McClure, 0.1 acres, Lot B-3, Lees Subdivision, 36 Washington Street, Warrenton, $825,000.

-Christopher J. Shepard to Christa J. Bush, Lot 46, Highlands of Warrenton Subdivision, 564 Highland Towne Lane, Warrenton, $392,000.

-Edward Rollins to Sarah Falcon and John K. Elliot, 0.3 acres, Lot 3-A, 131 High Street, Warrenton, $754,000.

-Kenneth Henson and others to Krystn Rash and Joseph McCaskill, 308 Falmouth, Warrenton, $780,000.

-Susan A. and Margaret P. Clarke to Galya D. Porter, Lot 25-A, Cedars of Warrenton Phase 3 Subdivision, 743-A Cedar Crest Drive, Warrenton, $236,100.

-William F. and Elizabeth M. Ahlberg to Anthony G. and Erin M. Smith, Lot 12, Chestnut Turn Subdivision, 7230 Mosby Drive, Warrenton, $550,000.

-Timothy R. and Sheila E. Dehaven to Zak D. Wendt, Lot 140, Warrenton Lakes Subdivision, 6470 Lancaster Drive, Warrenton, $599,900.

-Colin Crook to Laura Huacuja, Lot 57, Mews at Menlough Subdivision, 40 Sire Way, Warrenton, $360,000.

Scott District

-Mark Genovese to Kelly R. Williams, 1.2 acres, Lot 4, Hunton Wood Subdivision, 5755 Hunton Wood Drive, Broad Run, $850,000.

-Phillip B. and Courtney H. Brown to Barbara H. Quarles, Lot 16, Brookside Subdivision, 6918 Emma Court, Warrenton, $1,215,000.

Real Estate Roundup: Five-bedroom, five-bath Fayettesville Road homes sells for $750K (2)
Real Estate Roundup: Five-bedroom, five-bath Fayettesville Road homes sells for $750K (3)

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