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Trash Lines, Hurricanes and Too Much Bait

What a way to start an article, Trash Lines, Hurricanes and Too Much Bait. The picture that paints is negative and not very inspiring, but in fact it’s perfect and exactly what we expect at this time of the year. A few years back we had 26 different and active Hurricanes pass Puerto Vallarta fishing areas with no impact. Keeping that in perspective, the important thing to know about Hurricanes is: Which direction is it heading, How far out is it and how does it affect the conditions regarding swell size and frequency. Or you can rely on a person like myself to get you the correct information, in a non-panic way. And yes, we had another Hurricane pass us as this article is being written. But if Hurricanes don’t get landed, they have a tendency to head north with few sea lane interruptions. Hurricanes bring rain and that produces trash lines, thank the fish gods. More importantly, depending on the direction and distance of a Hurricane, it can and does push fish away from the Hurricane. Lately we’ve been lucky with plenty of fish, but you need the correct information if you want to catch fish. Right now the amount of bait in the bay and surrounding Puerto Vallarta fishing grounds is massive. There lies the biggest challenge!

Stormy Currents, To Find Fish, Follow the Bait

We’ve been riding a Rollercoaster of storm currents when it comes to fishing in Puerto Vallarta. Right now to find fish, you have to follow the bait. And they’re riding the currents. With changing storm currents this means fish right now are spread out from Yelapa to El Banco. We had a Hurricane pass us last week and for a few days Sailfish and Marlin were pushed into the area. Then we got hit with some heavy rains, which of course means plenty of dirty water washing down the rivers which dumped into the bay. Dirty water pretty much, at the moment this article was written, was in most of the bay, and any fishing grounds that would be normally associated with an eight hour trip. Sounds kinda negative now doesn’t it. This is when you have to turn your head and look in a different direction. Open you mind and think like a fish. What would you do if you were a fish in our local waters?

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You know the funny thing about the world of fishing is, you never really know what to expect in the summer in Puerto Vallarta. With constantly passing Hurricanes hundreds of miles out, this affects currents. Currents are fish highways. The ride along and use them to their advantages. This creates crazy currents which can be for good or evil. And along with those currents come bait fish. In fact it’s a bait buffet at all the deep water fishing locations. The bay had a surprising streak of a few days were larger Dorado and even Sailfish were running the neighborhood of Yelapa to Los Arcos. Things are changing by the day, what happened yesterday, well that was yesterday.

Corbetena Lives, El Banco Marlin, Blue Water and Bait

Last week you might remember how surprised I was that Corbetena just “crapped” out and for a few days anyway other options were more favorable. This week I’m glad to announce that Corbetena Lives! El Banco has Blue and Black Marlin along with blue water and plenty of bait. With calm seas and perfect fishing conditions we’re moving now into September when things start happening. Even though it’s a La Nina year, which means the water is cooler than normal, the fishing is surprisingly good. When tourism moves into September, Puerto Vallarta fishing finally turns into the conditions that built our reputation in Puerto Vallarta as some of the best fishing ground in the world!

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Marlin at El Banco, No Pulse at Corbetena, Bay Fishing Your Best Option

Normally at this time of the year, we’re discussing the “incredible fishing” at Corbetena. But not this week, this week we’re seeing the complete opposite. You see we’ve had tons of heavy rain. Combine this with passing Hurricanes pushing currents in all different directions and all of a sudden, fishing at Corbetena turns into a grave yard! We all know “fishing is fishing” but this is a bit unusual. It’s a La Nina year, we should have close to 90 degree water temperatures, but we don’t. Air temperatures should be much warmer, but they’ve been hovering at 85 to about 88, with high humidity. The panic that these “conditions” could last are unfounded. Remembering I’m writing about last week, this is no indication of what’s going to happen. We all know fishing is like riding a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs. But we have Marlin at El Banco, even if there is almost no pulse at Corbetena. If that’s not bad enough, Porpoise have been stealing your dead bait and chasing your lures. For now that’s all a “pain in the drain”.

Blue Marlin at El Banco, Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena,Striped Marlin in the Bay?

For the last month or so, I’ve been declaring “summer fishing” has arrived, and it has. But like most things in life, it doesn’t happen all at once. Daily, as we move deeper into “high season” for fishing in Puerto Vallarta, we’re confronted with several “fishing surprises”. What surprises you may ask? Well, Blue Marlin at El Banco, Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena and Striped Marlin being boated in the bay? If none of that is surprising, then you don’t know fishing in Puerto Vallarta or you’re jaded. But even the most jaded like myself are felling the excitement. Last week we had some indications that Marlin were moving in to El Banco. But the bay? Striped Marlin being boated in the bay, dirty water an all? Sailfish are all over the place, in fact, in the bay your chances are better to catch a Sailfish than at Punta Mita! If this isn’t exciting to you, then maybe you’re reading the wrong article. If it is exciting, please read on!

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Hurricanes and Strong Currents, Puerto Vallarta Fishing Challenges in Perfect Fishing Conditions

We all know at this time of the year Hurricanes and strong currents can present challenges to those fishing in Puerto Vallarta. One thing most people don’t know is we have many, not a few, but many passing Hurricanes every month. If there isn’t damage or threat thereof, we tend to ignore weather conditions. But the guy on the water dealing with the swells, fish moving in or out, perfect blue water and plenty of bait, conditions are about perfect. At times like this, with perfect conditions, when you can’t find fish or they won’t take bait, welcome to fishing amigo. This happens all the time. Don’t panic, people are catching fish, the thing is fish move. Amazing concept, fish moving. This means if you’re heading to one spot and you don’t have an agreement with your captain through your agent, you may miss what’s out there because you didn’t pay for unlimited fuel usage! And that’s the real problem. Fish are out there, the question is will your captain take you to them?

Puerto Vallarta Fishing Slows, Sailfish and Dorado at Punta Mita

For the last couple of weeks the fishing in PV has been on fire. This week, as Puerto Vallarta fishing slows, Sailfish and Dorado are still off the Punta Mita coastline. Marlin are at Corbetena this week as well, but El Banco is showing signs of “life” with Blue Marlin as well. One frustrating thing is fish move. Where they were yesterday is never a guarantee they’ll be in the same place tomorrow. Especially in this time of the year as we have Hurricanes hundreds of miles out causing changing currents and pushing bait and fish in and out. This past week with the weather pattern changing, the pattern is now from the sea. As a result we have some fairly stiff winds for a few days which made the fishing a little rough. But we all know these conditions only last a few days and with all the “positives” the fishing isn’t great, but it’s still good

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Punta Mita to Corbeteña Puerto Vallarta Fishing Improves!

It’s mid-July now and the calendar tells us we should have warm water, Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Trash lines and some normal dirty water close to shore in the bay. Everything that is happening is exactly right on time! With plenty of bait in many forms, blue water, smooth seas and about any “warm water” species you could want. The fishing has finally improved to measure up to a “world class” fishing experience. Tournaments have started and at weigh-in, the fish being brought in are “tournament worthy”. Now things aren’t perfect, they never are. But the fishing has gotten to the point where you can pick your fish, if you have the time and the fuel money. For those on vacation now and are “budget” locked, we can help you too. Inside the bay we’re seeing many freaky things, Sailfish are weird, but not that weird. What is weird is Black or Blue Marlin in the bay! I’m at a loss for an explanation, so I’ll keep my mouth shut and just enjoy the action!

Bay Fishing Explodes with Sailfish Dorado and Marlin

Here we go again folks! It’s been a strange and wonderful week, but the “norms” these days are anything but normal. Remembering it’s still a “La Nina” year with a strange mix of Hurricanes, strange water temperatures and even stranger currents, anything is possible. Water temperatures are perfect, blue water in all the deep water fishing grounds and mostly blue in the bay. Plenty of varied bait and favorable seas. With the seasonal Tropical Rains finally kicking in gear, we have a beautiful trash line and plenty of fish. Sailfish, Dorado, Marlin, Tuna, pick a fish and set your sights. But like always, no matter how perfect things seem, we know there are always challenges in the world of fishing. Right now, if you’re here in Puerto Vallarta and you’re not at least on the water for a six hour fishing trip, then you’re missing out on short day fishing, with long day species results!

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