Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report July 2018 (2022)

Black Marlin Move In, El Banco has a Pulse,Yellowfin Tuna at Tres Marias Islands!

Written by: Stan Gabruk owner of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle

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Once again it’s low season for tourism as we move into “High Season” for fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. The summer tourist, people like teachers, have yet to arrive but will soon as July begins the summer tourism season. Because of this there are very few boats heading to the deep water fishing grounds as we wait for more fish to move in. These locations being thirty five and fifty miles out fromMarina Vallartameans you’re risking your fuel dollar (at five dollars a gallon and rising daily) with no suggestion of a return on your “fishing” investment. El Banco is a perfect example of this, with nobody and I mean almost nobody heading in this direction it’s hard to get a feel for what’s happening in the area. But it looks like El Banco has a pulse again, let’s hope this continues improving. Maybe we’ll see some Yellowfin Tuna, now that would be nice.

Corbetena has been picking up in numbers and species. Black Marlin have started moving in anywhere from 200 to 500 lbs which to my knowledge is the first Black Marlin of the season boated. Blue Marlin are most likely in the area as well, but again with so few boats heading this way it’s hard to make a call. Which reminds us fishing is a “risk” sport, you lay it on the line and you can come up blank at times for your targeted species. Sailfish are a few miles to the north of the rock in decent numbers. Then there’s the Yellowfin Tuna, some days they’re 25 lbs, other days they’re 60 lbs or larger, then some days they’re nowhere to be found. You see fish move and you just have to find them, it’s part of the game amigo. The smaller YF Tuna are a great draw, Marlin love the 25 lb Tuna so they may not be too big, but they’re plentiful and they’re right on time. Not much else to talk about in the area, but we’ll be happy with what’s out there right now!

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The area aroundPunta Mita, El Morro and the Marietta islands, normally a hot spot(s) have been unusually quiet. You’d think Dorado and Sailfish would be in the area, but you’d be wrong. Now remember things can change in a heartbeat and species can move in. There have been some Sailfish and Blue Marlin about six miles off the point, but nothing you could rely on. So if passing the area and you see a boiling bait ball, give it a shot, anything can happen. With the seasonal rains we’ve seen large floating Seaweed debris clumps which of course are Dorado heaven. Don’t pass one of these without throwing out a couple of jigs to see what happens. You’ve got your normal fare, Bonito, Needle fish, Jack Crevalls are moving out with the warm water, but there are still some lingering “rebels” so anything is possible. I truly expect to see Sailfish in the area soon, but I’ve been wrong before, just ask my ex-wife.

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Inside the bay is once again alive with action, you can even find Sailfish around the Los Arcos area. With loads of bait in the area it’s a nice “draw” to keep these billed fantasies in the area. It has been like this now for over a year. What used to seem unusual is now almost common place. They’re not that abundant, with ten boats and maybe two will boat a Sailfish. So keep that in mind. The good news is there are still baby Dorado, with some larger 20 pounders in the same area. Dorado taste great to Sailfish as well so that’s just another reason to “hang”. Jack Crevalls are surprisingly abundant, they shouldn’t be, but with all the bait in the area I can’t blame them for sticking around. Bonito, Snook near the shoreline and of course around the structure there’s always fish for the dinner table. A four hour trip will get you plenty of fish and maybe a Sailfish. Six hours will give you a better chance of hitting a Sailfish. A day in the bay is affordable, fun and you may see Orcas Whales, they’ve been cruising the area.

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One reason we have so many fish in the bay, in a word: BAIT. Every bait you can imagine is in the bay, at the point of Punta Mita and Corbetena. Skip Jack Tuna (aka “Skippies”) at 6 lbs, Rainbow / Green / Blue runners, Flying fish, Goggle eyes, Bonito, bullet Bonito and the list goes on. Depending on where you are. But in the bay the amount of available bait has been astounding for months and months, we won’t complain. The Bite is always a moving target, but we’re still seeing an early bite about 9 a.m. so be where you want to be at that time and you’ll be making the most of your fishing charter.

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For those looking for Monster Yellowfin Tuna, the Tres Maria Islands have turned into the new place to be. Boats stuffed with people head out for three day trips chasing the Elusive Cow. That’s a Yellowfin Tuna over 200 lbs. Monsters are over 300 lbs, very common in this area and while it’s not cheap, you can come in with a fish bigger than your car. Maybe several, but it’s a three day trip. For now the Tuna are over six miles off the “Prison” Island, but remember there is a twelve mile “buffer” zone, but the law is seldom followed. If you’re on a private boat it’s best to keep away from the islands. Master Baiter’s is not putting together luxury Tres Maria Island Fishing charters. Not ten to twelve people for $1,600 usd per person. No folks, We’re Master Baiter’s and people do and should expect more. For the guy who doesn’t want to be stuck with some low rent type for three days, we’ve got your best options. I have a beautiful 60 ft. Delta, sleeps only six, luxury all the way with world class treatment. Bring your own equipment, we’ll do the rest. Our Price point has been yet to be determined for a 2½ day trip per person, stay tuned for more details as they come available. It’s not for everyone, but for the guy who wants to be with a world class organization where quality and service is “standard fair” then we’re your guy. We’re getting licenses now and will soon be promoting this her on this site and our web page. Stay tuned, more information to come.

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Master Baiter’s now has two locations, one in Marina Vallarta and the other on theMalecon, next to Sr. Frogs under Murphy’s Bar. Both have our famous T-Shirts and assorted products. We can save you some money on tours and are willing to always answer any questions you may have. We are moving into our own line of Tackle and lures of superior quality and affordable prices. Nothing worse than losing a hundred dollar lure, when our thirty dollar lures, developed by locals with local knowledge. You can never beat the local knowledge, which after 18 years in business, we have…

Remember at Master Baiter’s, We won’t Jerk you around!

Until next week, Don’t forget to kiss Your Fish!

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