Port Dinorwic Marina (2022)

Offering year-round cruising in the sheltered Menai Straits, the picturesque grade II listed marina is ideally placed to help berth-holders explore and discover the beauty of north Wales.

  • Safe and secure moorings
  • Sheltered marina in picturesque setting
  • Fully watered dock berths to swinging moorings
  • A range of local services including hairdresser, beauty salon and physio
  • Excellent cruising in local area
  • Beautiful local area with many other activities
  • The fabulous La Marina restaurant and Swellies café

Charlotte Dawson
Marina Manager

Port Dinorwic Marina (1)

Sheltered Harbour, good facilities and super friendly dock and office staff. Great location in the Menai Straits.

Ricky Chalmers - Google Review

A very picturesque place to stay. Lock staff very efficient.

Ann Chrome - Google Review

Pretty little marina away from the main road. Nice spot to take a walk. Easy to park up.

Alison T - Google Review

We love port dinorwic marina, everyone is so friendly and the water and area is great and facilities on site, with breakfast available. Amazing little place we have our boat here and we won’t be leaving, we love it here x

Cheryl Boulton Icapg - Facebook Review

Great marina, lots of interest for the visitor. A really great cafe..."The Swellies" is situated on the harbour side serving great coffee and snacks. Lots of boaty things going on for the visitor to see. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

Allan James - Google Review

Beautiful tucked away marina with lovely views.

Loraine Dowle - Google Review

What makes Port Dinorwic so special

Sailing from Port Dinorwic

There are quiet anchorage spots just a stones throw away in Rowen Bay or Abermenai Point for a night or two, or for venturing further afield, Conwy, Holyhead, Porth Dinllaen, Abersoch and Pwhelli are all within easy reach. The more adventurous the Isle of Man and Ireland are within a day’s sailing.

Other activities in the area

Hailed the ‘Adventure Capital of Europe’, north Wales has a wide range of activities on offer.

Historical facts

The development of the dock system and associated buildings began in 1763 when the Assheton-Smith family built a small quay on a marshy inlet to ship the slate from Dinorwic quarries, the world’s second largest slate quarry.

Berth Holder Facilities

  • Free parking for berth holders
  • Brand standard washroom facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Rubbish disposal and recycling facilities
  • Electricity to berths with prepay cards
  • Fresh water to berths
  • Dedicated marina office
  • Diesel berth
  • CCTV

Marine services available

  • Boatlifting
  • Antifouling
  • Valeting
  • Hull washing
  • Polishing
  • Rigging
  • Engine servicing

See prices below

Berthing Prices

We offer a range of flexible berthing options with new berth holders welcomed all year round.

  • Annual Berthing

    £350/meter in advance

    Serviced pontoon
    up to 6 meters £1,617/annum

    Serviced pontoon
    between 6 and 7 meters £278.50/meter

    Unserviced pontoon
    over 6 meters £236.50/meter

    Unserviced pontoon
    up to 6 meters £1,412.50/annum

    Get a quote

    • Flexible payment options. Pay in advance or monthly by direct debit (10% surcharge applies)
  • Swinging Moorings
  • Visitor Berthing

    Daily/overnight £3.50/meter

    Monthly £53/meter

    Get a quote

  • Storage

    Hard standing monthly £19.50/meter

    Trailer/Kayak/Canoe storage £11.50/week

    Get a quote

    Take advantage of your boat being ashore and book in your boat maintenance and engine servicing with us.

  • Up to 5 metres ~ £873/£1125

    5 - 6 metres ~ £935/£1325

    6 - 7 metres ~ £992.50/£1431

    7 - 8 metres ~ £1108/£1537

    8 - 9 metres ~ £1344/£1770.50

    Get a quote

    • Prices shown are for 6 months/12 months
  • Marine Services

    Tractor launch ~ £30

    Lift in / Lift out ~ £23.50/metre

    Lift and hold ~ £25.50/metre

    Lift to transport ~ £25.50/metre

    Step / unstep mast ~ £100

    Pressure wash fin keel ~ £8.00/metre

    Pressure wash bilge keel ~ £9.00/metre

    Labour ~ £46.00/hour

    Workboat tow ~ £50.00

    Cradles ~ £60.00/month

    Stands x 4 ~ £40.00/month

    Stands x 6 ~ £60.00/month

    Get a quote

Interested in Berthing with us? Get in touch

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  • Dangers and Restrictions

    A strong tide can be experienced across the entrance to the Tidal Pontoon Basin. A 5 knot speed limited exists in this area of the Strait. In addition please observe a DEAD SLOW speed limit to avoid creating unnecessary wash.

    Marina approach

    Contact the dockmaster on Channel 80 before approaching. Both the Lock Basin and Tidal Pontoon Basin entrances dry but are accessible HW + / – 2 hours approx.

    Lock entrance approach

    No movements in Lock or Lock Basin without permission. To enter lock, from main channel, turn when entrance opens up and keep 10 metres from wall. All movement is controlled by the dock master.

    Tidal pontoon basin

    Berth Holders and short stay visitors only – Dries at springs. Strong cross tide at entrance. To enter turn when entrance opens up, beware of departing vessels.

  • Approach to Marina

    From the North:The Britannia Bridge lies 2 nm to the north of Port Dinorwic. To the south east of the bridge, on the opposite shore to Nelsons Statue is an Historic Wreck. Avoid this by keeping north of the channel until the Straits turn south. The Lock opens up to port 300m after the start of the residential development and below the Hotel Port Dinorwic.

    From the South:The lock entrance opens up to starboard 300 mtrs before the end of the residential developments.

  • Sailing from the marina

    Bound North from Port Dinorwic:
    The correct time to pass through the ‘Swellies’ is at HW or LW slack. This is -2 Hours Liverpool (-0052PD). However, due to the height and time between the ends of the Straits, passage north at this time means you effectively travel up hill, against the tide. By timing your arrival at Britannia Bridge ( 2nm from PD) – 3 hours before Liverpool (-0152PD)you will gain a favourable tide to Bangor, then a period of relative ‘slack’ until you gain a ‘new ebb’ toward Puffin Island and the northerly exit of the Straits

    Bound South from Port Dinorwic:
    The tide flows with considerable strength along the full length of this end of the Straits. Provided due care is taken, the passage is danger free between Port Dinorwic & Caernarfon. ( Note buoyage change near Caernarfon). It is best to leave Port Dinorwic early as you will need to push against the last of the flood. The aim is to reach Fort Belan at the southern entrance (to the Straits (5.5.nm) at the top of the tide (-0025PD) This will allow passage over the Bar at maximum depth. Passage over the Bar at half tide is not recommended even in calm conditions.

On arrival at Port Dinorwic Marina

All new boats must report to the Marina Office on arrival to complete a mooring contract. Boat owners need a copy of their fully comprehensive insurance documents. If you require a competitive quote for marine insurance contact Bay Marine Insurance.

Get Directions

  • Port Dinorwic Tide Table 2022
    Port Dinorwic Tide Table 2022

Marina Office Opening Times ~ 01248 671500/01248 670176

For more information or to view our facilities please visit our marina office where our staff will be happy to help.

Marina Office (Administration)

Monday - Friday

8.30am - 4.30pm

Saturday & Sunday


Lock Office & Marina Operatives On Duty - Summer

7 Days A Week

8am - 8pm

Lock Office & Marina Operatives On Duty - Winter

7 Days A Week

8am - 6pm

Sea Lock Dock Master On Duty

7 Days A Week

Day & Night - High Water +/- 2 Hours

  • Intro
  • The Area
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Navigation
  • Find us
  • Tide table
  • Opening hours

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