Pop Up Camper Bike Rack - How To Carry Bikes With Popup (2022)

Whether you would like to have your bicycle along for running chores or are a seasoned camper interested in combining camping and cycling or a bike enthusiast looking for a great alternative to staying in hotels for competitions or training, then a bike rack for your popup camper is the perfect solution for you.

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  • 1 What Is a Popup Camper Bike Rack?
  • 2 Why Use a Popup Camper Bike Rack?
    • 2.1 Built To Be Reliable
    • 2.2 Easy to Install
    • 2.3 User Friendly
    • 2.4 Aerodynamic Design
    • 2.5 Incredible Carrying Capacity
  • 3 What To Consider When Shopping for Pop-Up Camper Bike Racks.
  • 4 The Best Pop Up Camper Bike Racks.
    • 4.1 1. CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount
    • 4.2 2. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack
    • 4.3 3. Rage Powersports RV or Camper Trailer Bike Rack
    • 4.4 4. YAKIMA, SpareRide, Bicycle Rack
    • 4.5 5. Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 2-Inch Sq.
    • 4.6 6. Stromberg Carlson (CC-275) Bike Bunk for Cargo Tray
    • 4.7 7. Pro Rac Proformance 4 Bike Tent Trailer Rack
    • 4.8 8. Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for Pop Up Camper
    • 4.9 9. Rhino-Rack Mountain Trail Universal Fork Mount Bike Carrier, Small (RBC035)
    • 4.10 Front Mount hitch bike rack
    • 4.11 The other reason is that it is not a very popular choice for many other reasons.
      • 4.11.1 Obscured or impaired view of the road
      • 4.11.2 Front Number plate
      • 4.11.3 Airflow to your engine
      • 4.11.4 Wind drag
      • 4.11.5 Maneuverability
      • 4.11.6 Conclusion
  • 5 Roof Mounted Bike Rack
  • 6 No Bumper Hitch?-No problem!
    • 6.1 Curt 19100 Camper RV Bumper Hitch

The good news is that there are various lightweight affordable ways to safely transport your bikes on your camping trips. Pop-up camper bike rack options include the hitch mount bike rack, wheel mount racks, tow vehicle roof rack, truck bed racks, and bike mount racks for the roof of your pop-up camper.

We will be focussing on finding the best pop-up camper bike racks to keep your bike secure while traveling.

Bike racks for pop-up campers are the ultimate solution for bike lovers transporting their bikes safely with them on their camping adventures.

No matter the type of bike you wish to take along on your camping trip, be it an electric bike, road bike, mountain bikes, or your regular bicycle from home to help get around once you have arrived at your camping destination, there is a perfect bicycle rack for your needs.

Built To Be Reliable

Most bike racks are built to be sturdy and durable, even the more expensive and complicated models on the market stack up with the cheaper more straightforward models in this regard.

Providing you with the added comfort that your precious bikes are stored safely while you travel. All are typically built with corrosion safe materials.

Easy to Install

Regardless of being built sturdy, these pop-up camper bike carriers are typically easy to install as they don’t have many working parts or components.

This makes them easier to assemble and install using your instruction manual and even if you have purchased your carrier second-hand and assembled, the manual should be easily obtainable from the bike rack manufacturers online.

User Friendly

As with any bike rack, these carriers are straightforward and easy to make use of no matter the type of pop-up camper, providing you with easy access to either collect or stow your bike at any time as required. With the added bonus of keeping your bike secure and out of the way in the interim.

Aerodynamic Design

All of these pop-up camper bike racks are designed to be aerodynamic regardless of where they are installed on your pop-up camper. No matter whether they are snug on the back of your camper or roof-mounted bike racks, they are built to minimize extra drag, benefiting your gas mileage and comfort whilst driving in windy conditions especially.

Incredible Carrying Capacity

Some of the pop-up camper bike racks we will be covering can hold as many as six bikes at a time. Very practical when considering the additional weight. Even some of the more basic models can easily load 1-3 bikes if you have a limited weight capacity in your pop up camper.

What To Consider When Shopping for Pop-Up Camper Bike Racks.

What are your specific requirements?

For example:

  • How many bikes do you wish to transport?
  • Do you need them to be safely secured from theft while you travel?
  • Are you concerned about which might cause extra drag?
  • Which hitch type best suits your space requirements?
  • Which might best fit the rear hitch of your tow vehicle as well?

More to consider

  • Are you limited in regards to the weight capacity of your pop-up camper or tow vehicle?
  • Are you jeopardizing your pop-up campers warranty by the installation of your towing bike rack? Roof mounted bike rack.
  • How easy is your pop-up camper bike rack going to be to install?
  • Ultimately finding the best pop-up camper bike rack that suits your specific needs and budget.

The Best Pop Up Camper Bike Racks.

By now you might be getting slightly overwhelmed by all the various bike carrier options and features available out there so we have compiled a list of pop-up camper bike racks currently available.

Each of the bike racks listed below is either the most popular by volume of sales or the best version considered by us and popular review. There are other bike rack models and bike rack manufacturers which might better suit your more specific needs.

So with all your additional questions and concerns in mind, you can work your way down this list of high-quality racks of various methods and innovations to aid you in your choice.

1. CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount

This Curt clamp-on carrier is as practical as it is simple in every way. Designed to clamp firmly onto any hitch shank 2 inches by 2 inches(2-inch shank) and carries up to 3 bicycles. It is not only installed within seconds to your popup camper tow hitch but can easily be installed on your tow vehicle for shorter day trips.

A bumper hitch receiver can be installed to your bumper instead of a hitch mount.


Easy to use and install, is versatile enough to use with any 2-inch ball mount shank.


You might have to install a hitch shank to your popup camper or tow vehicle.


Transports: 1-3 bikes.

Overall weight: 13 lbs

(Video) DIY Pop Up Camper Bike Rack

Installation: Hitch mounted bike rack which simply clamps on.

A ball mount bike rack that clamps on might suit you better depending on your hitch ball mount.

2. Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

This Swagman carrier is an adjustable platform-style rack. It comes with a compatible 1-1/4 inch and 2-inch receiver hitch to not restrict your hitch-mounted bike rack preference. The platform design keeps your bike securely in place in transit while being just as easy as other hitch-mounted carriers to install. This model also includes an anti-wobble hitch device built into the existing system to keep the bike secure.

The platform’s wheel trays and upright arm are adjustable to properly fit different sized bikes and bike frames holding your bikes firmly in transit. The trays fold securely upright when not transporting bikes if you just want a relaxed camping trip. Ideal for bulkier bikes.


Easy installation and compatible with both 1-1/4 and 2-inch hitch receivers. Adjustable to fit any bike frame on a platform base for extra security.


This carrier is limited to two bikes only.


Transports 1-4 bikes.

Overall weight: 39 lb.

Max load capacity: 140 lb.

Installation: Standard hitch mount back rack compatible with 2-inch hitch receivers.

3. Rage Powersports RV or Camper Trailer Bike Rack

Rage Powersports pop-up camper bike racks are renowned for being strong and reliable. Ideal for someone looking for a more permanent solution to carrying up to 4 bikes on the back of their popup campers, fifth wheel trailers or RVs or even on the front bumper as a frontloader bike rack. Keep in mind that frontloader bike racks might drastically affect visibility at night. Available also in a smaller 2 bike version.

The L-style heavy-duty steel construction makes for an impressive combination of durability and overall reliability. The trailer bumper requires a load capacity of 140 lbs. This bumper bike rack is installed with 6.5″ and 8″ long bolts around the square trailer bumper.

This mounting system adds considerable weight and load capacity to your pop-up camper. The tire cradles will not fit standard mountain bikes tires.


Carries up to 4 bikes. Fits tow vehicles, RVs, and camper trailers. Sturdy design.


Slightly harder to install. More expensive than many competing models.


Transports 1-4 bikes.

Overall weight: 39 lb.

Max load capacity: 140 lb.

Installation: Designed for 4″ to 4.5″ bumpers.

4. YAKIMA, SpareRide, Bicycle Rack

This bike rack turns any rear-mounted spare tire into a dual bike rack! It fits nearly any stock size spare with a universal mounting plate and an extension to suit most lug patterns. This easy to install bike rack requires no additional tools and is even easier to use once in place.


This very light bike hauler is built tough and user-friendly with many additional features adding peace of mind while traveling.


Requires a rear-mounted spare tire for installation.

(Video) Unirack bike rack for popup camper


Transports: two bikes.

Overall weight: 21.5 lbs.

Max load capacity: Any 2 bicycles.

Installation: Rear-mounted spare tire.

5. Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 2-Inch Sq.

This Eclipse hitch receiver carrier boasts a sturdy center tower design that conveniently folds for storage and includes a reflector for added safety. A tilt feature allows easy access to the trunk hook and loop straps for convenient ease of loading.


User-friendly tilt feature and a standard 2-inch shank hitch carrier with a capacity of up to 4 bikes, lightweight and sturdy.


The extra features might require extra attention along the way.


Transports: 1-4 Bicycles

Overall weight: 30 lbs.

Installation: 2″ Shank receiver.

6. Stromberg Carlson (CC-275) Bike Bunk for Cargo Tray

This Stromberg Carlson bike bunk is a unique innovation as the first trailer tongue bike/cargo carrier system designed for A-frame trailers. As being mounted above the A-frame is the most stable point on your popup camper, this bunk adds very little additional weight while offering a convenient safe solution for carrying your bikes securely or additional cargo. Ideal if you are lacking the extra space.


Lightweight with an impressive load-bearing capacity. Can also carry some cargo.


Might not fit your A-frame configuration depending on your model of popup camper with LP tanks. Requires additional 2″ receiver bike rack.


Transports: Depends on the additional 2″ receiver bike rack.

Overall weight: 30 lbs.

Max load capacity:100 lbs

Installation: A-frame adjustable bike/cargo bunk.

7. Pro Rac Proformance 4 Bike Tent Trailer Rack

This lightweight yet sturdy bike rack is designed to carry up to 6 bikes on top of your tent trailer. The carrier is fastened with a removable clamp system to your camper frame and telescopic arms make it easy to adjust to the height of any tent trailer so that the bikes are securely standing with their rear tires across the top of your trailer.

The telescopic arms make it possible to set the height of the rack to match that of your trailer frame, they also drop down to make it possible to open the front tent of your camping trailer without removing the bike rack.

It is possible that your A-frame amenities configuration i.e batteries, propane tank, equalizer bars, and safety chains, might get in the way of the brackets so be sure to measure and check.

Your bikes are mounted by removing the front wheels and the front forks are secured to the ProRac load bar using 9mm skewers. The skewers are hand tightened to avoid over tightening and for convenience.

Once the fork is secured the seat is fastened with an independent strap to prevent the back wheel from sliding around on the top of your trailer and your bike steady.

ProRac offers a front-wheel holder which attaches to the t-track on the load bar. Your wheel drops in and clamps down with its own quick release. Other add ons include the ProRac Tire Pad Kit to keep your tires off of the lid of your trailer and the ProRac 2 bike Skewer Kit so you can easily load 6 bikes at a time.

(Video) Popup Camper Bike Rack


Lightweight construction, easy to install with no need to drill any holes.


Might not fit your personal A-frame configuration. Wind drag.


Transports:1-4 bikes

Overall weight: 23.1 lbs (ProRac 4 Bike Rack)

Installation: Removable A-frame clamp

8. Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for Pop Up Camper

If you are towing your popup camper with a pickup truck then a truck bed bike rack might just be the ticket! This example is a 2 bike truck bed rack transporter to illustrate the principle and give you the option of still utilizing the rest of the load space for any additional amenities you might wish to take along.

The noninvasive clamping system easily secures to any pickup bed rail and means no unnecessary drilling or subsequent holes. Adjustable pivot arms then link your bike or bikes to the clamp and each other before strapping the front wheel to the bicycle frame to prevent them from rolling. The kit includes a lockable cable that ingeniously locks all your bikes to the clamp and prevents the clamp from being removed at the same time so your precious bikes are safe.

This mode of transporting your bikes on the back of your truck has several obvious advantages, provided that the original loading space was not needed in the first place. Ideal for transporting heavier electric bicycles or more specialized bikes while not contributing to the overall weight capacity of your popup camper. Your bikes are also securely stored out of the way until you need them, leaving you to enjoy your camping destination.


No need to install any additional trailer hitch receiver on your travel trailer. No wind drag. Suitable for all bike sizes and frame sizes. Keeps your bikes secure. Easily installed.


Space requirements for this pop-up camper bike rack impede on your truck bed.


Transports: 1-6

Overall weight: 4 lbs ( 2 Bed Bike Rack)

Installation: Bed Rail Clamp System

9. Rhino-Rack Mountain Trail Universal Fork Mount Bike Carrier, Small (RBC035)

This roof bike rack is suitable to use with most roof racks due to its versatile design. Even camper roof racks though the additional height could exceed travel restrictions depending on the height of your type of pop-up camper trailer.

This fork-mounted bike rack is lockable and weighs very little, it only loads one bike at a time, but the only limit of units you can install is the size and weight capacity of your aftermarket roof rack. Ideal for mountain bikes.


Lightweight and easily installed. No drilling is required. Your bike/s is locked safe and out of the way.


Requires aftermarket roof rack. Adds wind drag. Increases your overhead clearance. Requires storage for front wheels.


Transports: 1 (per unit)

Overall weight: 8 lbs (per unit)

Max load capacity: 35 lbs (per unit)

Installation: Fork mounted roof bike rack that clips on easily.

(Video) Pro Rac pop up camper bike rack thru axle mod

Front Mount hitch bike rack

We have selected to not present any front mount hitch bike rack examples for two reasons. The first is that most hitch-mounted bike racks are compatible with your bumper hitch receiver or merely require that you install a front mount hitch on your pickup truck.

The other reason is that it is not a very popular choice for many other reasons.

Though it is legal to use front hitch-mounted racks in most states and countries around the world, the rules do differ from place to place concerning front hitch-mounted racks, be it for bikes or luggage.

Obscured or impaired view of the road

In just about every state or country with reasonable road laws, it is illegal to block or obscure the view of the driver. This just means that your bike carrier should be installed as low as possible as not to obscure your view. Even in areas where this law might be more relaxed, it is certainly not a safe practice to drive with a limited view of the road ahead!

Front Number plate

In some states or countries you might visit, the front bumper plate might have to be clearly visible at all times while driving which can prove problematic, especially if one is transporting several bikes at once. One solution is to move your license plate to a new position as to be clearly visible at all times.

Airflow to your engine

Now that you have gotten your bike rack fitted low enough as not to obscure your vision and the license plate is safely visible you have to take into account that the more you have in front of your towing vehicle grille the less cooling you will have in the form of airflow into the grille. Depending on your towing vehicle this could lead to overheating so a few shorter trips at first to measure the results is recommended.

Wind drag

Having bike racks in front of your tow vehicle is obviously not very efficient when it comes to wind drag. No matter how aerodynamic the pop-up campers are, bike racks in front of the towing vehicle are going to lower your miles to the gallon.


Maneuverability can be drastically affected by front-mounted bike racks also. Having multiple bikes on the front of your towing vehicle can render your turning potential dramatically especially when towing larger pop-up campers.


With all these potential issues mentioned above, a front-mounted bike rack might still be the only option or at least the option available to you for a host of other reasons concerning your pop-up camper. Perhaps you don’t have the option for a rear-mounted hitch bike rack or you are concerned about a warranty due to aftermarket installation on your pop-up camper, at least now you are better prepared to make your selection of a front-mounted bike rack.

Roof Mounted Bike Rack

A roof mounted bike rack might be ideal to carry bikes on your tow vehicle and you might even find a camper roof rack that suits your camper. A roof bike rack on your tow vehicle is recommended over a camper roof rack when possible for a few practical reasons.

A camper roof bike rack might affect your pop-up camper warranty if installation requires drilling holes in the roof of your camper.

Holes drilled into the roof of your camper could lead to water damage and a roof rack bike carrier is going to greatly increase your vehicle’s height clearance.

A roof mounting system to carry bikes also increases your wind resistance dramatically which is less severe on your tow vehicle.

No Bumper Hitch?-No problem!

Perhaps you have put off buying a hitch mount bike rack because your pop-up camper simply does not have a trailer hitch or your towing vehicle’s trailer hitch or ball mount does not suit your preference of bicycle racks?

Simply install a bumper hitch receiver yourself! Not everyone is particularly good or interested in DIY jobs, but that doesn’t mean one can’t handle a simple job themselves with a little oversee help from an experienced friend or family member. Plus there are always very informative and easy to follow videos on YouTube.

We have found a fantastic example for your consideration to best illustrate just how easy and efficient these hitch mounts truly are.

Curt 19100 Camper RV Bumper Hitch

This model is designed to fit any 4-inch bumper beam and provides you with a 2-inch receiver. These are the most common and practical dimensions for most truck and RV owners as well as most bike racks, but there are of course many variations available out there to best suit you and your towing bike rack.

The Curt 19100 simply slots into place and fastens securely with just 2 bolts, it is rated for a whopping 3,500 lbs. trailer weight and 350 lbs. tongue weight. Every unit from Curt is tested at one of their engineering facilities according to SAE standards.

Finally this pop-up camper bumper hitch is protected from rusting, chipping and UV-restatnt with a dual-coat of rust-restistant and powder coating.


Tested and guaranteed quality, easily installed with all of its major components being adjustable to ensure the ultimate fit.

Cons:Some installation is still required and this unit is pricier than similar models.


Item weight- 8 ounces

Rated for:3,500 lbs. trailer weight and 350 lbs. tongue weight.

As a final suggestion for your consideration, an aftermarket rear-view camera may be worth considering if your towing vehicle or RV doesn’t already have one. Manufacturers produce a broad variety of DIY rear-view cameras to suit your needs and pocket.

The cost of these cameras vary with the size and resolution of the digital screen. They are not only perfect for maneuvering your pop-up campers, but great for checking on your pop up campers bike rack from the comfort of your driver’s seat. For more great tips regarding popup campers, see our page here.





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