Paddleboards are the hottest product of the summer- here's the deals (2022)

A day out paddle boarding seems to be on everybody's minds for summer 2022. Exploring what the UK has to offer, as we have all seen, has been popular over the last year or so, and now people want to make use of nature and fill their weekends with outdoor activities.

Outdoor essentials like paddle boards, surf boards, tents, hiking gear and more are the hottest trending products at the moment but you just need to find where to get the best offers.

Pre Amazon Prime Day, we have some great places you can head to for saving some cash in time for summer but don't forget, there will be massive cuts available on the Amazon pages in just a matter of days.

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While the likes of Aldi have revealed their trending Paddleboard sale for July, here are a handful of online retailers you cannot skip past without checking out their bundles of offers in time for summer 2022 fun packed days with family and friends, because let's face it, Aldi's will sell out almost immediately.

Paddleboards are the hottest product of the summer- here's the deals (1)

The EZ Board SUP is an inflatable stand-up paddleboard suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The stand-up paddleboard measures in at 4.7" thickness and is ideal for adults under 100kg.

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Key features of the paddleboard include:

  • Strong and stable. Multi layer, drop stitched construction inflates up to 15psi and doesn’t flex under foot.
  • Perfectly proportioned. With a 4.7″ thickness, 10′ 6″ length and 32″ width. Optimum buoyancy for up to 100kg user weight.
  • Feature packed. Action cam / GoPro mounting point and kayak seat attachment points fitted as standard!
  • Everything included. Premium double action hand pump, backpack, ankle leash, extendable paddle and repair kit to get started

The paddleboard is an all-rounder so it's perfect for use in rivers, for small waves in the ocean or for touring. It's currently discounted to £219.99 making it fantastic value for money.

They also have the children's version- the 9' EZ Board. The board is built for children or adults under 60kg and at 4.7" they are easier to carry under the arm. The board is currently discounted to £199.99

Here, our Lancashire Live reporter Rebecca Lockwood, who trialled the EZ Paddleboard and here are her findings at the start of the year:

Paddleboards are the swans of the inflatable world. Having tested an entire range of inflatables and even an inflatable kayak, throughout my wet endeavours I would look over to nearby paddleboarders with envy.

There's something graceful about standing or kneeling on a paddleboard as you head across the river, or at least that's what it looks like. You can enjoy the sun on the water with little risk of falling in and it has always looked like a fun time.

Over the past couple of weeks, skies across the county have often been clear blue. For the first time this year, the smell of a nearby BBQ lingered in the early evening and taking a head count of how many people risked going out in shorts became a fun game to play while running errands.

A lot of us have been making purchases to use for upcoming breaks or booking experiences for the summer holidays. After last summer, my goal this year was to attempt to go paddle boarding.

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Typically, an inflatable paddleboard can cost anywhere upward of £250. While budget boards are likely to crop up as we edge closer to summer, EZ Shopper have a 10'6 board that was reduced down to £219.99 ahead of the summer season. A price that is a tad closer to being realistic. But as one of the cheapest paddleboards on the market, is it worth the price?

My experience with EZ shopper was really seamless overall. Delivery was super quick and I even received a text from customer services to let me know the board was to be delivered and to let them know of any issues.

When the sun reappeared, we took our board up to to the Crook O' Lune to test it on the River Lune. Given that the board is of a substantially higher cost than our budget inflatable kayak, expectations were pretty high.

The EZ board is an inflatable stand up paddle board with everything included. It comes with a double actions hand pump, a backpack, an ankle leash, an extendable paddle, a removable fin and a repair kit. I was really pleased to see a pump included and once we'd worked out how the pump worked, the board was incredibly easy to inflate.

Paddleboards are the hottest product of the summer- here's the deals (2)

This was something that we struggled with when it came to our inflatable kayak. They kayak took us about 25 minutes to inflate with both our own breath and a foot pump which is a bit of an ordeal, but with the EZ board the task was really nothing to worry about.

Once the board was inflated, it turns into a bit of a turbo inflatable. You can knock on the board and you could think there is nothing inflatable about it. Its really strong and stable and I had no fears in wondering whether or not it could hold my weight. We were ready to go in under fifteen minutes.

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The board is absolutely huge. I am 5'3 (ish) and the board is exactly double my height. On the water, I had never felt so fearless about an inflatable. I think this makes the EZ board pretty accessible for beginners. It comes with everything you could possibly need and all of a sudden you find yourself on the water paddle boarding.

When it came to the boards deflation, we were shocked about how easily done it was. Due to the many parts of our inflatable kayak, deflating it is a bit of a task, but due to the valve on the board it was really easy. We rolled it up and had it back in the backpack quicker than you could say swan.

Paddleboards are the hottest product of the summer- here's the deals (3)

When I reviewed Aldi's inflatable kayak, I said I can be quite optimistic about any purchase over £25. If something is a big purchase I assume it must be worth it else why would it be priced that way?

I want to bring that in here because I believe water sports should be accessible and it shouldn't cost a large amount to float down the river. The EZ board is about four times more expensive than that kayak and I would say there are very evident differences between the two.

If you can spare the money to buy the 10'6" Ez Board, I would definitely recommend it. Its a stress-free paddleboard which makes for a really nice summer accessory. With the board resting in the backpack for the time being, I can't wait to get it out again in the summer.


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Amazon have an extensive number of paddleboard variations- alls you have to consider with them is the P&P charges.

But, luckily for us, Prime Day is only around the corner where the prices are knocked right down and we can bag a bargain.

The countless, Wowspeed, Dog Sport, Mesuvida and more branded Paddleboards deals are already available now so there will definitely be further reductions we can imagine- keep your eyes peeled.


Paddleboards are the hottest product of the summer- here's the deals (4)

Aldi's version- InflatableStand-Up Paddle Board (£199.99) will be available online from 17 th July .

The impressive 10ft long board comes with everything required for a day on the water, including a paddle, pump, carry bag, seat and safety bag. Perfect for yoga, paddling and exploring the waves safely, Aldi’s Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board also offers savings of up to 40% versus other inflatable paddleboards.

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SUP boards from the top 11 brands listed below offer excellent stability that helps riders maintain control in and out of their turn.. Stand on Liquid Boardworks Surf Connelly Bay Sports iROCKER Thurso KIALOA Bluefin Goplus BOTE Board Pau Hana. Boardworks Surf sells pretty much everything that you would probably need to improve your surfing skills.. After a few years, Connelly decided to build a small business called Connelly in his hometown.. Several customers claimed that some famous surfers have been using iROCKER SUP boards in different national competitions.. Thurso is another reliable SUP brand that helps beginners and pros enhance their skills.. As the brand became more popular, the Thurso Company started to produce more SUP board models.. KIALOA is another trusted Hawaiian SUP brand with many years of experience in the surf world.. Novices, intermediates, and advanced surfers in the United States have been purchasing the SUP board at Goplus due to its sleek designs and unique features.

Nautical 10’6’’/11’6’’ Gili Air 10’6”/11’6” Bluefin Cruise 10’8’’ Outdoor Master Ace 11’ Gili Mako 10’ Outdoor Master Voyager 12’6” Thurso Surf 120 iROCKER All-around 10’ Bay Sports Basix 10’8”. They feel great on the water, are built durably, and are backed by a great company.. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8 will take the number 3 spot on our list because of its high quality construction, comprehensive list of included accessories for a budget friendly price.. Great kit value for a low price Roomy backpack comfortably fits the board and accessories Board shape makes for some added speed in the water without sacrificing stability Lots of storage and attachment options Durable construction. Like most boards on this list, Outdoor Master does a great job at including all the accessories you need to get started.. Durable dual layer construction Stability with some speed Added length allows for more gear or en extra person Loads to features for versatility in gear storage or attachments Optional action mounts don’t clutter the deckpad if you don’t want to use them. Small, maneuverable board without losing stability Dual-layer construction for durability Plenty of features and cargo areas Roller back-pack with compartment for fins/smaller accessories High quality carbon-blend paddle 3 year warranty + great customer care. As is typical with iROCKER this is a well constructed, durable board.. Lightweight, but durable construction Super stable at 34” wide High weight capacity to bring along kids, gear, or pets Lots of storage areas Action mount for GoPro, cup holder, or phone mount. Although the MOAI 10’6” is not the best value compared to the boards on the list above, its still a great SUP kit for under $500.. Included Accessories: Most inflatable paddle boards will have everything you need for the water out of the box.. Construction: Better construction not only makes a paddleboard more durable, it also tends to help it perform better under more weight or in less than ideal conditions.. Included gear kits: All-around boards will often, if not always, include all the necessary gear you need to get out on the water.

Why are paddle boards so expensive?We will look at a few reasons why paddle boards cost so much.Paddle boards can range in price from $300 to $3,500.. Good inflatable paddle boards are expensive because they are built using better materials, better construction methods and advance technology.. EPS foam blanks are shaped by different methods.. These layers are created using a very expensive mold the manufacturer must buy adding to the board cost.. What are paddle boards made of?EPS foam core and expensive epoxy resin Paddle boards use an EPS foam blank which is lighter and stronger that the tradition surfboard PU foam blank.. EPS foam not only requires an expensive epoxy resin but often needs more layers.. You can often save money buying a paddle board online because they are factory direct.. Paddles are another increase in cost when buying a paddle board.. Everybody want a paddle board now.. How often will you paddle?

According to British Canoeing , more than 1.9 million people have tried paddle sports in the last year with paddleboarding one of the most popular watersports.. Once you’ve launched your board on water, start out by practicing paddling on your knees.. When you feel ready to try standing, move one foot at a time and place your feet where your knees had been resting.. Sola’s kids storm 3/2mm full-length wetsuit (£53.20, earned the top spot in our review , with our tester saying: “A combination of 3mm neoprene on the torso and 2mm on the arms and legs means you get a full range of movement with extra warmth where it’s really needed.”. The millennial pink hotel was designed by interior designer, Tola Ojuolape

The best inflatable paddle boards provide an accessible way for many to join in with the stand-up paddle board craze.. That’s a pretty hassle-free package, and as inflatable boards now offer good performance too, rigid boards are on the decline except for very specialised applications like racing.. Many of our best paddle boards for beginners are inflatable options too.. The Portofino 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board earns a place in our best inflatable paddle board ranking thanks to hitting a sweet spot in size, being light and portable yet also stable in calm conditions.. It’s such a flexible package that a small conversion kit is available to convert the Portofino 10ft SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board into a kayak, for those that really want to hedge their bets on a new watersport.. In our Decathlon X100 stand up paddle board review , our tester commented that the narrower nose makes it easy to get some good speed up, while the wider body still delivers good stability.. However with the enormous Red 15'0 Tandem MSL Inflatable Paddle Board, two of you can paddle together, with plenty of room left over to safely stow all your gear, making it ideal for a paddling and camping adventure.. Get all the facts in our Red 15'0 Tandem MSL Inflatable Paddle Board review .. Released in 2020, this inflatable paddle board is 20% lighter, with a larger deck pad and a larger rear cargo storage area, and a lighter, stronger paddle.. Head to our M.Y PointBreak 10' paddle board kit review to find out more, or see how it compares to our top pick in our M.Y Pointbreak 10' paddle board kit vs Red Paddle Co Ride MSL faceoff.

Great package.Length11'11'10'6"11'10'6"Width32"32"34"32"35"Weight24lbs29lbs23lbs19lbs27lbsMaxCapacity435lbs330lbs350lbs300lbs450lbsMax PSI15 psi15psi Tested to 20psi20 psi15 psi15 psiWarranty2 years2 years2 years2 years2 yearsRead Full Review iRocker All-Around 11′ SUP Board ReviewThurso Surf Waterwalker Review 11′Nixy Venice G3 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewAtoll Inflatable Paddle Board ReviewBlackfin Model X Inflatable Paddle Board Review. All-Around SUP Boards The SUP boards on this list are “all-around” inflatable paddle boards.. On the other hand some all-around SUP boards make great yoga paddle boards.. This is a nice all-around paddleboard.. It’s a nice all-around paddleboard.. See Best Price and Customer Reviews 👍 Extremely Stable👍 Well Constructed And Durable👍 Carbon Side Rails👍 450lb Weight Capacity👍 Attachment Point For A Fishing Rack👍 Attachment Points For A Sand Spear Anchor👍 8 Action Mounts👍 20 D-Rings👍 Two Large Bungee Systems👍 28oz Carbon Shaft Paddle👍 Nice Wheeled Carry/Backpack👍 Dual Chamber Triple-Action Hand Pump👍 Safety Side Handles On The Nose And Tail For Passengers👍 Great For Fishing and Yoga👍 Great For Heavy Riders👍 Great For Family Fun and Beginners ❌ Not fast.. See Best Price and Customer Reviews 👍 Very Lightweight👍 Well Constructed and Durable👍 400lb Weight Capacity Tested to 700lbs👍 Fun Lively Feel👍 Reasonable Price👍 Maneuvers Well👍 Universal Center Fin Box👍 15 D-Rings👍 Rugged Military Look👍 Cool Logo👍 Carbon Fiberglass Nylon Paddle ❌ All-Arounds Are Not Fast❌ Towing D-ring on the nose would be nice.

At the Palm Beach show, I lingered in front of a gracious vessel called Namasté, until I was dissuaded by a wooden placard: “Private yacht, no boarding, no paparazzi.” In a nearby berth was a two-hundred-and-eighty-foot superyacht called Bold, which was styled like a warship, with its own helicopter hangar, three Sea-Doos, two sailboats, and a color scheme of gunmetal gray.. If you hail from the realm of ineligible visitors, you may not be aware that we are living through the “greatest boom in the yacht business that’s ever existed,” as Bob Denison—whose firm, Denison Yachting, is one of the world’s largest brokers—told me.. told me that one appeal of boats is that they can “absorb the most excess capital.” He explained, “Rationally, it would seem to make sense for people to spend half a billion dollars on their house and then fifty million on the boat that they’re on for two weeks a year, right?. But a half-billion-dollar boat, actually, is quite nice.” Staluppi, of Palm Beach Gardens, is content to spend three or four times as much on his yachts as on his homes.. Even before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the yachting community was straining to manage its reputation as a gusher of carbon emissions (one well-stocked diesel yacht is estimated to produce as much greenhouse gas as fifteen hundred passenger cars), not to mention the fact that the world of white boats is overwhelmingly white.. In a candid aside to a French documentarian, the American yachtsman Bill Duker said, “If the rest of the world learns what it’s like to live on a yacht like this, they’re gonna bring back the guillotine.” The Dutch press recently reported that Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, was building a sailing yacht so tall that the city of Rotterdam might temporarily dismantle a bridge that had survived the Nazis in order to let the boat pass to the open sea.. “To me, the yachts are not just yachts,” she told me.. Among yacht owners, there are some unwritten rules of stratification: a Dutch-built boat will hold its value better than an Italian; a custom design will likely get more respect than a “series yacht”; and, if you want to disparage another man’s boat, say that it looks like a wedding cake.. One boating guest told me about a conversation with a famous friend who keeps one of the world’s largest yachts.. In the morning, I had an appointment for coffee with Gaëlle Tallarida, the managing director of the Monaco Yacht Show, which the Daily Mail has called the “most shamelessly ostentatious display of yachts in the world.” Tallarida was not born to that milieu; she grew up on the French side of the border, swimming at public beaches with a view of boats sailing from the marina.. Whenever possible, Tallarida presents her verdicts as a matter of safety: the layout must insure that “in case of an emergency, any boat can go out.” If owners insist on preferential placement, she encourages a yachting version of the Golden Rule: “What if, next year, I do that to you?. Rayson’s clients report a range of scenarios beyond the boundaries of ordinary employment: guests who did so much cocaine that they had no appetite for a chef’s meals; armed men who raided a boat offshore and threatened to take crew members to another country; owners who vowed that if a young stew told anyone about abuse she suffered on board they’d call in the Mafia and “skin me alive.” Bound by N.D.A.s, crew at sea have little recourse.“We were paranoid that our e-mails were being reviewed, or we were getting bugged,” Rayson said.

Inflatable paddleboards are also great for anyone who wants a board they can travel without having to strap a hard-bodied board to their car or arrange for transportation.. Affordable and made from a classic SUP design, this hardtop, rigid board will make your vacations and days out on the water so much more enjoyable.. The Isle kit includes a carbon adjustable paddle, an 8′ leash, and a nylon touring center fin.. But the best features come in the kit: along with a hand pump and a sturdy adventure backpack, there are a carbon paddle and a repair kit, both of which will be useful on any trip.. Courtesy of Hala Gear. The Drift inflatable SUP will carry you toward the best summer ever because it comes with a nice paddle, hand pump, and a leash.

There are inflatable paddle boards and hard paddle boards.. Hard boards are best for speed and waves, but the inflatable boards are easier to store.. Shorter boards specifically designed for surfing are usually best for catching those waves.. If you intend to use your board for surfing, find one that is less than 10 feet in length for superior maneuverability.. If you wish to do yoga, you will do best to choose a paddle board that is designed to accommodate yoga positions.. Stand-up paddle boards for yoga have a wide base for stability and include a specially-textured surface to prevent slipping.. Since inflatable paddle board surfaces have more give, most people prefer these models for yoga.. If you want to do any paddleboard yoga at all, consider a yoga-friendly design.. This board is specifically designed for yoga beginners and can be used for yoga and paddling around in still water.. Because of its design, the Irocker is not suitable for super choppy waters or surfing, although some do use it in the surf.. The BIC Sport is available in 9’2”,10’6” and 11’6” lengths.. The Sport is a solid board and is considered to be one of the best surfing stand-up paddle boards on the market.. The rocker design of this paddle board makes navigating the water easier, while the length makes it simpler to move around other riders.. Many people enjoy doing yoga on this inflatable board as well.

We carry the hottest Inflatable Paddle Boards from Synergy and Aqua Marina.. ISUP = Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)". "Close (esc)"


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