City Directories and History: The land grant plat map, part of the Amos Collection, displays mid 18th century land grants along the Pacolet River in upcountry S.C. See enlargeable PDF this page and the accompanying spreadsheet of related data.



A shoal is a natural land form that can be a sand bar, gravel bar, or solid rock in shallow water. In the Pacolet river area there were a number of shoals. These were convenient places to ford the river. The wider the shoal, the slower the water, and after rains, would not increase in depth drastically.

GRINDALL SHOALS– was widely known because it was the best place to ford without removing the entire contents of the wagon. Generally a loaded wagon bogged down in the mud, however, at Grindall’s shoals, it was solid rock. It was a very wide crossing and even the banks were easy to maneuver. This became known as Grindall shoals (also Grindel and other variations).

It was such an active and well-traveled crossing that there was a community there. John Grindall had a trading post and sold to hunters, the over-the-mountain men, and Indian traders. Trappers would bring furs and skins, then sell or exchange for goods. Beaver was especially valuable for making top hats for gentlemen in Charleston and Britain.


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Grindall had a fish weir for trapping fish. Fish and meats were salted for preservation. He also had a mill, and in addition to milling various grains, he could manufacture gun powder. There are still foundations there showing his many warehouses where he stored his goods. He shipped furs and salted meats on boats that floated down the Pacolet, and eventually to Charleston. His men would return with finished goods to be sold in the store.

It was on the bluff above Grindall’s where General Daniel Morgan camped for several weeks in the winter prior to the Battle of the Cowpens. Thus Grindall shoals played a pivotal role in supplying General Morgan with gun powder and food. And that was not all. The geography there is still most unusual as the road is between two high gravely shoal banks, and only 2 horses could ride side-by-side. Except for the road from the river, the flat land is marsh-like and virtually impassable. Thus, it was perfect protection from ambush or any surprise attack. Morgan showed brilliance in his selection of Grindall Shoals for both protection and access to food and strategically important gun powder.

Unfortunately, the tragic flooding of the Pacolet in June of 1903 covered up the shoals with several feet of mud and it can no longer be seen. With the building of bridges, the old roadway was by-passed and now highway 18 has kept it all but hidden.

CARROL’S SHOALS (also Carroll) – This was the original name given to what is now Grindall Shoals. It was named for Richard Carol, a very early settler around 1751. The name Carol’s Shoals was described on Grindall’s land entry.

SWIFT SHOALS– These shoals were cited as “nearby” on John Grindall’s SC Memorial (to formalize a North Carolina grant that was in error) as being nearby.

PETTET SHOALS– While these are not on the map, they can be pointed out. (Note the plat to John Kirkconnel on the north side of the Pacolet, a few miles below Grindall.) At the western boundary of where his border meets the Pacolet, it was called Pettet (or Pettit) Shoals.

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SKULL SHOALS – While not shown, the skull shoals are just a bit further downstream on the Pacolet, at a complete horseshoe bend.

TROUGH (OR TROFT) SHOALS – A mill was established here and later the name changed to Pacolet Mills, SC. The Yorkville Enquirer reported on April 24, 1889 – “Mr. William Strain has returned from a months visit to Trough Shoals Factory. Many of the operatives are from western York and norther Union Counties.” (Pacolet Mills is in Spartanburg Co., S.C.)

EASTERWOOD SHOALS – Named for Lawrence Easterwood. This shoal was where Tarleton crossed the Pacolet when learning it was unguarded. This allowed him to by-pass Grindall Shoals. (Note this is shown on MILLS Atlas of 1825). Lawrence Easterwood had several large land holdings, although no original grants.


GOUCHER CREEK – Named after a settler, Henry Goucher. He did not apply for a land grant and was probably a “squatter” that moved on when the population increased. There was a “Henry Goucher” after the revolution that applied for land in the Pendleton area. It could have been him or his son. It is not a common name.

WILLIAMS CREEK – Named after John Williams who first applied for a survey in 1770. His plat is not shown as most of it was taken up by John Kirkconnel, a surveyor. Williams creek flows into the Pacolet through Kirkconnel’s property.

TOBIAS CREEK – Tobias Creek flows into Williams Creek. As this is where Pettit Shoals is located, it is interesting to note that on a 1787 plat for John McWhorter near this area, a copy of the plat was said to be “delivered to Tobias Pettet”.

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MILL CREEK – As early as 1767 this was known as CLARKS MILL CREEK. Due to the fall line of the water, there were several mills on MILL CR. One survey noted the number of feet drop such as “in 6 chains (length of 396 ft.) the drop is 6 feet, 6 inches”.

LUKEROY BRANCH – Named for an earlier landowner named John Lukeroy. This was near the Wofford Iron Works and a mine. This branch also flows through Michael McGaughy’s plat.

Aldridge, William1784200SpartbgSC State PlatPackolet R, borders1787 sold to Mathew McBee who bordered his property.
Allen, David1788543CherokeeSC State PlatGoucher Cr, both sidesbordered his own, and Wm Anderson
Balm, Hanas1751400CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Thicketty Cr., main, both sidesThe earliest known plat in this district. Re-surveyed in 1767 due to loss of all corners except beginning.
Beckham, John Jr.1792692SpartbgSC State PlatRidge betw Pacolet & Thickettyon wagon road
Bridges, James1767375CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.At the mouth of Mincom Cr where it flows into Thickettyborders Haunas Balme’s, chain carries Charles Robeson, Micajah Collins
Brown, David1767150SpartbgSC, Colonial platMaye’s Cr of Fair ForestBounty (land grant for soldiers pay)
Brown, David1787100SpartbgSC State PlatMaye’s Cr of Fair Forestborders his other plat
Brown, Isaac180553SpartbgSC State PlatBranches of Fair Forestborders David Brown
Brown, James1793943CherokeeSC State PlatRidge betw Pacolet & Thickettyborders James Brown land
Bullock, Zachariah1766540UnionNC, Meck. Co.Jumping Run Creekchain carriers Thomas Draper, Randolph Haymes
Bullock, Zachariah1767400UnionNC, Meck. Co.Jumping Run Creekborders another of his plats, chain carriers John Hail, Dan Bush
Bullock, Zachariah1770640UnionNC, Tryon Co.Spartanburgh rd, Jumping Run Cr.Chain carriers, Thomas Draper, John Haile, borders his own and Randolph Hames, on Spartbg road
Campbell, James1773200CherokeeSC Colonial platTobias Creek, to Pacoletborders Thomas Cook
Campbell, Robert1773300CherokeeSC Colonial platRidge betw Pacolet & Thickettyborders James Phillips
Chesney, Alexander1773100CherokeeSC, Colonial platBranch of Pacoletborders John Grindall
Chesney, Ann1773100CherokeeSC, Colonial platsmall branch of PacoletIrish allocation (for Irish Protestants)
Chesney, Robert1773350CherokeeSC, Colonial platsmall branches of PacoletIrish allocation (for Irish Protestants), borders Grindall & John Williams
Clark, Benjamin1786435UnionSC court caseMill Cr, flows to Pacolet R(map incorrectly stated 432 acres). Included land from Jacob Green, John Kirkconnel, and Anglica Mitchell.
Clark, Henry177183CherokeeSC Colonial platThicketty Cr., south sideborders Stephen Jones
Clark, John1752600UnionNC, Anson Co.Pacolet, both sides1763 sold to James Hughey, Sr.
Coleman, Christopher1766200UnionNC, Meck. Co.Mill Crjoining Robert Coleman, chain carriers Thomas Draper, Randolph Hames
Coleman, Christopher1767200UnionNC, Meck. Co.Mill Crjoining his other plat, chain carriers William Coleman, Joab Mitchell
Coleman, Robert1766600UnionNC, Meck. Co.Mill Crjoining Thomas Draper
Cook, James1766200CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Tobias Creek, both forks of, to Pacoletchain carriers John Grandel, George Dickey
Cook, Sarah1772300CherokeeSC Colonial platWilliam Br, flows to PacoletWidow. Land memorialized to John Ellison in 1773.
Cook, Thomas1772214CherokeeSC Colonial platridge road (hwy 18)borders Adam Goudelock
Cook, Thomas1792227CherokeeSC State Platborders his own
Cruse, Richard1773350SpartbgSC Colonial platHarris Br, of Fair Forest Cr
Davis, Evan1786394CherokeeSC State Platon ridge path (Hwy 211)
Dietmar, Henry1763100CherokeeSC Colonial platAt Thicketty Crsold to John Steen, who bordered this plat
Donaldson, Hugh1784340SpartbgSC State PlatHarris Br, of Fair Forest Crborders George McCarter
Draper, Thomas1767451UnionNC, Meck. Co.Mill Cr of Pacoletborders Coleman on the east side of Draper’s plat
Easterwood, Lawrence1779200purchasedPacolet R, bordersOriginal grant to Daid Park in 1754, sold to Michael Crawford in 1775, who sold to Easterwood.
Elliot, John1771300UnionNC, Tryon Co.Pacolet R, both sidesborders John Grindall’s line
Gossett, John1787405Unionpurchased from the GranteeBranches of Fair ForestSold by Seth Lewis, grantee
Goudelock, Adam1767200CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Thicketty Cr., reedy branches of, both sides(map incorrectly stated 300 acres). Chain carriers Joseph Jolley and John Goudelock.
Goudelock, Adam1770300CherokeeNC, TryonRidge betw Pacolet & Thickettychain carriers John Nuckols, John Goudelock
Gout, Joseph1784100SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet, north of(Probably Gault)
Grindell, John1767250bothNC, Meck. Co.Pacolet R, both sideson Carrol’s shoals. When memorialized in SC in 1775, it was 150 ac between “Swift Shoals” and Carrol’s Shoals”.
Grindell, John176880UnionSC MemorialPacolet R, both sideson his other corner
Hames, Randolph1771200UnionNC, Tryon Co.Mill Cr, south fork ofChain carriers, Christopher Coleman, Phillop (sic) Coleman, border Coleman & Bullocks lines
Holmes, Jacob1784200SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, bordersborders Judge Savage
Jones, Stephan1766300CherokeeSC MemorialThicketty Cr., main, both sides, mouth of Jones Cr.sold in 1771 to Henry Clark, who bordered his property
Joy, Richard1785200CherokeeSC State PlatFarmers Branch of Thicketty
Kirby, Boling1799100Unionpurchased
Kirby, Frances1799124Unionpurchased
Kirby, John179450Unionpurchased
Kirby, Richard1807350Spartbgpurchased from GranteePacolet, south ofSold by John Tolleson
Kirby, William1799176Unionpurchased
Kirkconnel, John1771200UnionNC, Tryon Co.Pacolet, borderslives on improvements where John Williams lives. Chain Carries Thomas Nichols & John Elliott
Lemaster, John1791291Spartbgpurchased from Granteewaters of Storey’s Mill Crsub-divided plat of James McCool
Lewis, Seth1784405SpartbgSC State Platsmall branches of Fair Forestsold to John Gossett
Marchbanks, William1766400CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Goucher Cr, both sidesCo-owner, William Sims. Hain carries James Fanning, Hugh Wilson. Sold 245 acres to John Lipscomb in 1791. William Wilkins would later own the remainder.
McBee, Mathew1784100SpartbgSC State PlatPackolet R, bordersMouth of Lawson Forks at Pacolet R
McBee, Vardy1772600CherokeeSC court caseThicketty Cr., main, both sidesLoose Colonial plats
McCarter, George1784300SpartbgSC State PlatHarris Br, of Fair Forest Cr
McCool, John1788500SpartbgSC State PlatStorey’s Mill Crsub-divided to John Lemasters and John Vandiver
McGaughy, Michael1788600SpartbgSC State PlatLukeroy Br., flows to Richland Crpart of Judge Edward Savage’s land confiscation of 3 plats, totalling 1000 acres (known as Forfeited Land)
McWhorter, Elenor1765300UnionNC, Meck. Co.Pacolet R, both sidesIrish allocation, chain carriers Joihn Portman, George McWhorter
McWhorter, John1774150UnionSC Colonial platPacolet R, borders
McWhoter, Robert1774500UnionSC Colinal platPacolet, bordersborders Anelia Mitchell
Mitchell, Angelica1767600NC, Meck. Co.head of Clark’s Mill CrChain carriers Joab Mitchell, John Hail. Sub-divided to Kirby Family
Mitchell, Joab1766541UnionNC, Meck. Co.Mill Creek of Pacolet Rborders Robert Coleman
Mitchell, Joab1767300UnionNC, Meck. Co.Pacolet, both sidesChain carriers, Charles Robinson, Johhn Beckham. borders Gindal’s
Mitchell, Joab1767446UnionNC, Meck. corner on road to SpartbgIncludes James Wilson’s improvement. Along Draper’s line.
Mitchell, Joab1768300UnionSC Colonial platPacolet R, both sidesOriginal plat in Mecklenburg, NC.
Moore, Hugh1771100CherokeeNC, Tryon Co.Thicketty Cr, Bullocks forkChain carriers, George Underwood, Isham Saffold
Nail, John1785506SpartbgSC State Platbranches to Trough shoals of Pacolet Rsold to John Stone, 1797
Neale, John1784368UnionSC State Plat
Nuckols, John1767400CherokeeNC, Meck. CoThicketty Cr., main, both sideschain carriers Joab Mitchell, Stephen Jones
Nuckols, John1784136CherokeeSC State Platwaters of Thicketty Crborders James Robinson & John Nuckols
Petty, Joshua1789600CherokeeSC State PlatThicketty Crborders Samuel Shippy
Phillips, James1773250CherokeeSC Colonial platon ridge path (Hwy 211)sold to Samuel Littlejohn
Portman, John1765200UnionNC, Meck. Co.Pacolet, both sideschain carriers James Byars, John Moore. Including his improvements.
Portman, John, Jr.1767200UnionNC, Meck. Co.Pacolet R, both sidesborders Widow (Elenor) McWhorter
Potter, Adam1787957UnionSC State PlatPacolet, south of
Reddy, Lawrence1784150SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, bordersincludes mouth of Tumbling Shoals, sold 1786 to Willliam Poole
Ross, John1784200SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, bordersborders Holmes
Shippy, Samuel1801536CherokeeSC State PlatThicketty Cr, main, Goucher Cr.
Simpson, Arthur1766200UnionNC, Meck. Co.Jumping Run Creek, branches ofChain carriers James Mayes, John Foster. On road to Spartanburgh
Simpson, Arthur1784181UnionSC State PlatMill CrSold 1795 to Arthur Simpson McCarter.
Simpson, Samuel1765400UnionNC, Meck. Co.Harris Br, of Fair Forest CrChain carriers, James Mayes, William Mills
Sims, William1766400CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Goucher Cr, both sidesco-owner, William Marchbanks
Sims, William1767400CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.on ridge path (Hwy 211)Chain Carriers, William Marchbanks, Adam Burchfield. Sold to Samuel Littlejohn
Stacy, Robert1786394CherokeeSCon ridge path (Hwy 211)plat not granted
Steen, John1767200CherokeeNC, Meck. Co.Thicketty Cr., main, both sidesJoins one of his other plats, chain bearers James Steen, Timothy Calaham
Steen, John1767300CherokeeSC MemorialThicketty Cr., main, both sidesLand laid out for John Brown but land deserted, delcared “vacant” and certified for John Steen.
Steen, John1775850CherokeeSC Colonial platThicketty Cr., main, both sides
Steen, William1773200UnionSC Colonial platborders south side, Pacoletborders Elenor McWhorter, land laid out for Arthur Graham
Strange, John1784300SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet, borders
Strange, John1788600SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet, north ofborders John Portman
Tanner, Josiha1792422CherokeeSC State PlatMouth of Goucher at Thicketty Crborders John Shippy
Tate, William178772CherokeeSC State PlatMincom Crborders John Thompson (see Thompson’s 358 acre plat)
Thackston, James1771300UnionNC, Tryon Co.Pacolet, north side ofChain carriers, Joab Mitchell, John Hail. Joins Ralph McNear (McNair)
Thompson, James1784225CherokeeSC State PlatWater of Goucher Cr.
Thompson, John Jr.1784358CherokeeSC State Platboth sides of Mincom and Pole Cat creeksbordered John Thompson
Thompson, Patterson1797326CherokeeSCon ridge path (Hwy 211)
Tolleson, John1786137SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, both sides
Tolleson, John1787540SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, borders
Tolleson, John1789300SpartbgSC State PlatPacolet R, bordersnear mouth of Tumbling Shoals
Tolleson, John179152SpartbgSC State PlatFork of roads, Grindall Shoals
Vandiver, John1791135Spartbgpurhased from Granteewaters of Storey’s Mill Crsub-divided plat of James McCool
Williams, John1770500UnionNC, Tryon Co.Pacolet R, both sidesGrant issued 1770. Chain carriers Adam Burchfield, George Marchbanks.
Wofford, Joseph1766200SpartbgNC, Meck. Co.Packolet R, borders, mouth of Richland Cr.Chain carries, John Dennis, James Hammett

PACOLET BASIN LAND GRANTS MAP – COPYRIGHT PROTECTED (Email requests for limited reproduction to:, the owner of the Amos Collection will be contacted for authorization. Maps are also available by contacting the Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County in Forest City, N.C., where the Amos Collection map may be acquired.)

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