La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks (2022)

Covid updates: We are OPEN for kayak tours and rentals.

As we adapt to rapidly changing advise and directives from the city and the state, the safety of our team and our guests remains our top priority. We believe that the ocean is a healing place and we look forward to sharing it with you this summer!

Guided Tours & Rentals (858) 454-0111

You have a choice among companies for your business. If you’re shopping for the best deal, make sure you’ve read the fine print.

We don’t charge hidden 'service fees' or charge extra for locker rental to keep your belongings safe.

Most companies limit availability at peak times for discounts like Groupon so you may find yourself unable to take advantage of the advertised discounts.

(Video) La Jolla Caves Kayaking | San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I store personal belongings during my tour? +

    We provide complimentary storage for your belongings. We secure our lockers with zipties, but please feel free to bring your own lock. We recommend bringing a towel and a set of dry clothes for after your tour as you will get wet!

  • Do I need to make a reservation? +

    We highly recommend it! Many tours sell out in advance, especially on summer weekends and holidays. If you have a flexible schedule, we may have some last-minute availability, but making a reservation 3-10 days in advance (depending on the time of year) will ensure you aren't disappointed! We require full payment at the time of reservation (see below for our cancelation [policy). Your tour can be reserved online or with your credit card over the phone.

  • What is your cancellation policy? +

    Our tickets are changeable (based on space available) and refundable (minus a 3.5% fee) up to 24 hours before your tour. Within 24 hours of your tour, we are unable to make changes or provide refunds for any reason, even those that are beyond your control. Of course, if we cancel a tour for any reason you will have your choice to reschedule or a full refund.

  • Will the tour be canceled if it's raining? +

    It never rains in San Diego… except sometimes when it does! But because kayaking is a wet sport, a little rain certainly won't stop us! Of course, we will cancel a tour when we determine that conditions are unsafe to continue, at which point we will provide refunds. Please note that weather conditions in San Diego are very localized and vary over a short period of time, so expect a tour to run until a staff member informs you otherwise. During rainy or cool and overcast weather, we recommend bringing a light wind breaker or renting a wetsuit from us ($10) and bringing warm dry clothes for after your tour.

  • Can I bring my dog? +

    Well behaved dogs are welcome on our tours! Make sure to bring a life jacket for 'Fido', they deserve to be safe too and without it they won't be able to go kayaking with you. If you don't have one or forget to bring it, dog PFDs are available to rent for $10.

  • Where should I park? +

    Especially during the summer, finding parking near the beach can take a little extra time. We highly recommend using Uber or Lyft if possible during the busiest summer months. If you drive, leave yourself plenty of extra time for driving and finding parking. Parking spaces on Avenida de la Playa are limited to 90 minutes which is not enough time for your tour. Street parking in the surrounding residential neighborhoods is unlimited. There is a large parking lot on Camino Del Oro nearby, but this is often full by late morning. Underground parking is available on weekends for $20 in the large office building at the corner of Paseo del Ocaso and Avenida De La Playa. Keep your day relaxed and easy by arriving early! Enjoy the beach, a bit of shopping, or grab a bite or a beverage at one of the many excellent restaurants/cafes on the street! Keep in mind that check-in time is ONE FULL HOUR before your tour time.

  • Can you guarantee that we paddle into the caves? +

    No. Your safety is our highest priority. The Pacific Ocean can be wild and unpredictable and there is always some risk associated with entering the caves. Sometimes the risk is very high and we will never take unnecessary risks with your safety. The caves are super cool even at a distance and beauty and wildlife will be all around you. Most people don't realize that the Marine Protected Area is an extremely unique stretch of Pacific coast. Our launch zone is well protected from the unrelenting Pacific swell and this allows people of all skill levels access to the open coast. In just 2 square miles, a kayaker will experience 5 different marine habitats: the sandy flats, rocky reefs, sea cliffs, deep water canyons, and kelp forests. Each of these habitats supports it's own unique flora and fauna and they all collide in this small area, producing abundant and diverse wildlife viewing opportunities. In many ways, the caves are the least interesting part of your adventure!

  • I've never kayaked before - can I participate? +

    Yes! If you've never kayaked before, please join us for a guided tour. You will receive dedicated instructional and safety information throughout the tour from professional guides. No experience is necessary for our guided tours. If you have kayaking experience, you are welcome to rent kayaks from us and enjoy the area on your own, without guides. Rental kayaks are not allowed to enter the caves by order of the San Diego Lifeguards.

  • Can my children participate? +

    Children over 6 years of age are welcome to join our guided tours! Children between 6 and 14 years must be accompanied by an adult on a tandem kayak. Children under 18 years must have a parent or guardian sign a liability release form on their behalf. Minors who wish to rent a kayak must be accompanied by an adult.

    We understand that every child is different and what is fun and exciting to one, is terrifying to another. Your 6 year old may love every minute and your 12 year old may be in tears. Kayaks do capsize in the surf, especially when landing. While this is great fun for some kids and adults, it can be frightening to others. If your child (of any age) is a bit timid about the water or the ocean, please let your guide know so we can take extra precautions to ensure that their experience is a positive one that will foster a life-long love of water sports and our amazing oceans! Don't hesitate to call us if you have special concerns or questions.

  • Why are the kayakers in your web site photos wearing helmets? +

    (Video) Kayaking in SEA CAVES! | La Jolla, CA

    For the same reason you wouldn't let your child or friend ride their bike without a helmet: because there's a chance they could fall off and hit their head on something hard. Well, if you're kayaking close to rocks and into sea caves, then there's a chance… a small chance… that you could fall off and hit your head on something hard. We simply can't take the risk, no matter how small, that your wife, or your brother, or your child, or YOU, could injure something as valuable as a head when the simple act of wearing a helmet can reduce the consequences of that risk.The ocean is an unforgiving and often unpredictable place and (as with every outdoor sport) there are risks associated with kayaking. We do our best to minimize those risks.

  • I have a disability. Can I still kayak? +

    We believe that kayaking should be accessible to as many people as possible. Many disabilities can be accommodated without compromising safety. Read our Essential Eligibility Criteria for renters and tour participants on their corresponding pages. If you meet these criteria, we can accommodate you! If you are unsure about your ability to meet the criteria, please start in sheltered water like Mission Bay. We can provide written, waterproof safety and tour information for hard-of-hearing and deaf guests (wearing expensive hearing aids on the water is not advised!); various adaptations to back and thigh support for low spinal cord injuries and amputations; grip enhancement for weak or painful hands; and a "beach" wheelchair to cross the sand for guests with mobility challenges. Kayaking in a tandem with a companion can be a tremendous benefit for guests with and without disabilities. Please call us to discuss any adaptations you may need.

  • Why is check-in time an hour before my tour time? +

    Your “tour time” is the time we will be shoving off from the beach. This time is inflexible given the conditions of our permit with the City. In order to adhere to them, guests need about an hour to check in at the shop, complete liability waivers, change clothes, get fitted with life jackets, wetsuits, etc, and then head to the beach for an orientation and instructional/safety talk. Failure to check in an hour before your “tour time” may forfeit your spot on the tour. We will be unable to refund or reschedule guests arriving late. Be sure to allow plenty of time to find parking during busy summer months. Make your day relaxing and arrive extra early, then enjoy some tasty food or a beverage at one of the street dining venues on our block. Check out "Area Links" for cafes and restaurants within a few blocks of our shop.

  • What should I bring? +

    Your confirmation email will contain lots of information to help you prepare, but we'll highlight a few things here: You will get wet! Please plan on wearing appropriate clothing like board shorts, bathing suits, rash guards, wet suits, etc and bring a set of dry clothes for after your tour! Heavy cotton clothing like jeans and sweat shirts is not allowed while kayaking. Wet suits are recommended on cool days in the fall through spring and can be rented for $10. A light windbreaker will keep you comfortable for most of the year. Nothing beats a change of warm dry clothes when you’re done! We have complimentary lockers and changing rooms in our shop for your convenience.

  • Should I tip my guides? (2) +

    Although not compulsory, in the US, tips are an expected expression of your satisfaction with the people who have assisted you on your tour. Although it may not be customary to you, it is of considerable significance to your guides. We believe in paying fair wages for work and have considered including gratuities in the price of your tour; however, we feel that by leaving an amount discretionary, our guests can provide direct feedback to their guides on every tour and that this will result in better guides. If you feel that your guides did an adequate job, rest assured that they are adequately compensated for such a performance. If you feel that they did an above average to outstanding job, then a gratuity of $5-$10/guest will reflect the quality of their performance. Tips are shared among your guide team - no need to tip each guide individually. We accept cash, credit cards, apple pay, venmo, etc. for tips. The team @SeaLevel is constantly striving to improve and we embrace constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Please let us know if you feel that your guides fell short! If we could have made your experience better, please speak to your guide or shop staff; or contact management at or (858) 454-0111.

  • There are other companies that offer the same tour. Why should I go with you? +

    There are 4 other companies that offer the same tour we do and we welcome you to explore your options. We are all regulated by the City of San Diego and the San Diego Lifeguards, but we believe we stand out from our competition for the following reasons:

    1. Owner Jennifer Kleck is one of the most highly certified kayak guides and instructors in North America. Her Passion for safe, empowering, and adventurous kayaking experiences, and high standards of professionalism are reflected in her staff selection and training. Her expertise is verified by her certifications: American Canoe Association Level 5 Sea Kayak Instructor, British Canoeing Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach and Advanced Sea Kayak Leader/Guide. In addition to holding these awards, British Canoeing recognizes Jen as a Trainer and Provider of their coaching and leadership awards.

    2. As professional outdoor guides, every member of the team is dedicated to a great guest experience. There are many factors about the Pacific Ocean that we can't control, so we control what we can (like investing in quality life jackets and providing world class training), and then strive to match the level of challenge and support to each guest, each day.

    3. We are dedicated to reducing the overwhelming impact of humans on our oceans and to fostering a love and appreciation of La Jolla's coastal beauty within our guests. We aim to stock our retail store with environmentally and socially responsible/sustainable products whenever we can find them, and we donate generously to not-for-profit organizations that support the health and beauty of our coastlines.

    4. Value. At first glance, our tours may look more expensive, but we ask you to look more closely. Your tour price with us includes the most professional guides, plus all taxes and fees, AND complimentary lockers to store your belongings. We hate hidden costs. Here's a representative comparison chart of the competition. Prices for every company (including ours) vary widely with seasonal demand. On any given day, you might find a lower price elsewhere, so we've linked each company's website below:

    Companytaxes/feeslocker rentalwetsuit rental

    La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks




    36" tall


    EDCA12% + $5+ booking fee$6-12??
(Video) La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour San Diego Seven Caves


Open 7Days a Week March1 - August 30, 2022

Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the winter.

9:00am to 6:00pm

Check the online calendar for your specific dates.

Hours may fluctuate due to weather and demand and are subject to change without notice. Please call (858)454-0111 if in doubt!

(858) 454-0111

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks
2164 Avenida de la Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037

(Video) La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak

What to know about the seven La Jolla sea caves including their names, history, and how to see them from land or by tours.

The La Jolla coast boasts some of the most fascinating geology in Southern California.. That includes handsome bluffs and arches, not to mention two significant submarine canyons.. From east to west, the seven caves of La Jolla comprise White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprize, Arch, Sunny Jim, and Clam’s caves.. While the details vary a bit, the basic story explaining White Lady Cave’s name is a tragic one.. The Cave Store, originally Shulz’s home, serves as the La Jolla Cove access to the Sunny Jim’s Cave tunnel.. It’s not considered one of the seven La Jolla caves but there is a small La Jolla Cove cave adjacent to the beach.. Aside from the walk down into Sunny Jim Cave, the La Jolla sea caves are best appreciated from the water.. One caveat is that some experienced tour guides will take you inside Clam’s Cave if the currents permit.. This is because the best way to check out the seven caves of La Jolla is on one of the many guided kayaking tours.. Depending on the tide and current conditions, these tours may actually enter Clam’s cave.. I would highly recommend a snorkeling and kayak tour where you kayak out to the caves, tether the kayaks together, hop out, and go snorkeling.. Since most of the La Jolla caves can only be seen from the water, many local residents don’t know they exist.. Take a kayak tour or snorkeling/kayak tour to the sea caves.

Genießen Sie die großartige Küstenlandschaft, während Sie während dieser Kajaktour in den Meereshöhlen und dem Naturschutzgebiet von La Jolla eine Vielzahl von Meereslebewesen beobachten. Paddeln Sie mit Ihrem erfahrenen Naturführer und beobachten Sie die zahlreichen Vogelarten, Delfine, Seelöwen und sogar Orcas, die in der Region leben. Fahren Sie mit dem Kajak zwischen den üppigen Seetangbetten, die im Reservat wachsen, und erkunden Sie, wenn die Bedingungen dies zulassen, die Meereshöhlen an der felsigen Küste der Region. Diese Höhlenreise nach La Jolla beinhaltet alle notwendigen Ausrüstungsgegenstände, eine Schwimmweste, einen Führer und den optionalen Verleih von Neoprenanzügen.

Dies war 1.. Das war eine gute Erfahrung, die Höhlen waren wunderschön und Natalie war großartig!. Ich wollte etwas Neues ausprobieren und es war ok, ich persönlich würde das nicht noch einmal machen, nur weil ich nicht in Form bin und ich nicht mit viel Paddeln gerechnet habe lol die Wellen haben mich zuerst rausgeholt, ich bin klein und zierlich und ich wurde immer müde.. Wenn Sie in Form und aktiv sind, dann ist dies das Richtige für Sie, lol, machen Sie ein Double, ich habe ein Single gemacht und es war etwas schwieriger für mich. Gute Tour und nette Leute!. Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit, aber ich war nicht ganz überzeugt von der Reisegesellschaft oder den Guides.. Die Wellen waren sehr hoch und die Guides waren nicht hilfreich.. Sie kamen nicht einmal, um zu sehen, ob es uns gut ging.. Was für eine großartige Erfahrung, es war eine großartige Zeit.. Wir haben diese Tour am 10.. Ich kann diese Tour nur empfehlen und wir hatten viel Spaß!. Die Reiseleiter waren so lustig und sehr gut informiert über unsere Umgebung.. Ich würde es nicht empfehlen, weil es viel zu voll war.. Mein Freund und ich teilten uns ein Kajak und das schien die beste Entscheidung für uns zu sein.

If you love exploring the ocean by watercraft, then kayaking at San Diego’s sea caves, specifically in the La Jolla area, will be a magical experience for you. The La Jolla Sea Caves are one of the most popular attractions for kayakers. There are various ... <p class="read-more-container"><a title="La Jolla Sea Caves: How To Kayak San Diego’s Famous Caves" class="read-more button" href="" aria-label="More on La Jolla Sea Caves: How To Kayak San Diego’s Famous Caves">Read more</a></p>

If you love exploring the ocean by watercraft, then kayaking at San Diego’s sea caves, specifically in the La Jolla area, will be a magical experience for you.. La Jolla Sea Caves are a popular tourist destination, located just off of the coast of La Jolla in San Diego.. After just a 20 minute paddle out from the La Jolla Shores boat launch, kayakers will arrive at the famous La Jolla sea caves.. If opting for a guided kayak tour, you can expect to be taken through the Ecological Reserve and along the La Jolla Sea Caves.. La Jolla Cove Sea Cave Kayak Tour – This one is all about the sea caves.. Kayak & Snorkel Tour – This tour will take you into the reserve with your guides and give you a chance to swim with La Jolla’s best: sea lions, Garibaldi, bat rays, shovel nose guitar fish, even dolphins, and sea turtles if you’re lucky!. With Hike Bike Kayak San Diego, no gear or experience is needed to paddle along the coast with a guide, exploring sea caves and rock formations while looking for marine life such as sea lions, dolphins, and even orcas.. The La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour is their original tour.. Sunset Kayak La Jolla Half-Day Combo (Bike and Kayak) – Explore La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and the sea caves. La Jolla Kayak is a tour company that offers fully guided kayak tours that take you through the Ecological Reserve and along the La Jolla Sea Caves.. Original La Jolla Kayak Cave Tour Sunset Original Kayak Tour Kayak through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve while the sun sets.- Kayak and Snorkel Tour – Kayak along the La Jolla Sea Caves and jump in to snorkel around the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, where you’ll get the chance to swim alongside the Garibaldi, leopard sharks, sea lions, sea turtles, and lush kelp forests.. While you can kayak almost anywhere along the San Diego coast, La Jolla Shores is one of the most popular areas to launch your kayak.. And that about wraps it up–we hope you enjoyed this guide on kayaking the La Jolla Sea Caves in San Diego!. Whether you’re in San Diego with family or friends, couples on a romantic getaway, or new to the San Diego area and looking for things to do, La Jolla Sea Caves offers a unique opportunity to see part of what makes San Diego so special.

Explore La Jolla Ecological Reserve&#39;s sea caves during a 90-minute kayaking tour. Follow your experienced guide through several diverse ecological habitats, home to one of the highest concentrations of sea life in California. Paddle toward the Seven Sea Caves, where you can get stunning views from inside Emerald Cave, the only north-facing cave in the state (conditions permitting). Explore a giant kelp forest inhabited by wildlife like otters, harbor seals and sea lions. Use of all kayaking equipment is included; no kayaking experience is necessary.

Jesse was an amazing guide and the owner of Everyday California went above and beyond to make sure our family had a great experience kayaking.. If it wasn’t for Phil M. , we would only gave it a three star because the previous guide was late and we had to wait around 30 minutes , but Phil M saved the time problem with his awesome energy and experience and our group was super cool!. Fantastic time with California Everyday and their sea cave kayak tour.. Guides were fun and informative.. Great experience with very kind kayak guides.. First there were way too many kayaks out in the cave area (so many tour companies in the area and they all have about 15 kayaks out there at once).. As an avid kayaker it was pretty cool to do a tour to the sea caves with expert guidance because you get a lot of the history.. Our kayak tour was amazing even though we tipped over lol the water was fresh and fun to enjoy definitely recommend it to anybody trying new adventures. Our tour guides were very fun and knowledgeable!

The La Jolla Cove is a small beach cove at the southern end of La Jolla. Its rocky shoreline offers some of the best kayaking in San Diego.

The La Jolla Cove is a small beach cove at the southern end of La Jolla.. Kayaking La Jolla Caves is a must for all avid kayakers.. The history of kayaking in La Jolla goes back to the early 1900s when people would use kayaks for sport fishing.. Most kayaking trip in La Jolla is easy for kayakers with no experience.. Well, you can kayak La Jolla caves on your own but we would not recommend it.. The coves in La Jolla are quite deep and that is why kayaking is not recommended.. Yes, it’s possible to kayak the La Jolla caves without a tour.. When you’re at La Jolla, don’t forget to take a kayak tour around the cliffs.

See 35 reviews and photos of the Original La Jolla Sea Cave Kayak Tour for Two. 2022Kayaking & Canoeing in La Jolla.

The Original Sea Cave Kayak Tour (90 Minutes in Length) offers unforgettable guided tours through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve.. Guests will participate in a 90-minute, fully-guided tour of the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and the famous Seven Sea Caves.. • La Jolla Caves, La Jolla, San Diego, CA • Everyday California, 2261 Avenida de La Playa, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037-3221. Confirmation will be received within 48 hours of booking, subject to availability Children must be at least 5 years old and accompanied by an adult Refunds will not be issued if tour/activity is missed due to late or non-arrival of guests Dress code is swim wear or beach attire (anything that can get wet) Kayak weight limit is 425 lbs Once you have purchased your voucher, please contact suppliers booking office directly at the number on your voucher to confirm the reservation.. Failure to do so may result in not being able to participate in activity Reservations, recommended two weeks in advanced, subject to availability Please arrive 30 minutes prior to schedule tour time for check in A maximum of 6 people Wheelchair accessible Stroller accessible Surfaces are wheelchair accessible Most travelers can participate This experience requires good weather.. If it’s canceled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund This tour/activity will have a maximum of 2 travelers Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff Regularly sanitized high-traffic areas Gear/equipment sanitized between use Paid stay-at-home policy for staff with symptoms Contactless payments for gratuities and add-ons. The waves got a bit rough around the caves and some kayakers got into distress but Reuben and Danielle remained calm and kept not only their tour group, but the other two tour groups, near us safe and calm.Cannot express how awesome the experience was!. The 11am tour was great because the lighting in the cave was amazing at this time!. Danielle was an awesome tour guide who showed us around the waters and shared some history about the shores and the area.. i recommend the guided cave tour , it is awesome.. josh was an awesome tour guide with lots of great information about the area and was super patient with new time kayakers


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