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Kayaking in San Diego is one of the best ways you can explore this beautiful city and what better place to go than in La Jolla. Kayaking the La Jolla Caves is a once in a lifetime experience.

There are multiple kayak rental locations in La Jolla; however, I recommend going with Everyday California.

Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (1)

Everyday California began back in 2008, when two young guys couldn’t find a job in San Diego after graduating college. They took a leap of faith and began this outdoor ocean adventure company.

This company is now the largest of the companies located on Avenida De La Playa. They run tours, do rentals and even have a shop with the cutest clothes!

La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Tour: Getting Started

My mom and I personally chose to go on the La Jolla sea cave kayak tour. It turned out to be a beautiful and sunny February day. We couldn’t have asked for a better adventure! So, let’s get to the details of kayaking the La Jolla caves with Everyday California.

Your tour begins inside the shop of Everyday California located at:

2261 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037

Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (2)
Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (3)
(Video) Secret Spots in San Diego: Hidden Gems La Jolla Swings edition

When you register online for your tour you will either sign a waiver in advance or you can just sign the electronic waiver when you arrive.

Check-in at the front counter and they will get you started. Depending on the weather, you may want a wetsuit which they can provide for you! I personally went in the winter and chose to wear a wetsuit; however, I had the top portion off as it was still nice enough of a day outside!

Your tour guide will grab a helmet and life jacket for you as well. If you are choosing to snorkel on your tour, then they will also grab all the gear needed for snorkeling.

From there, you will walk down to the beach where the kayaks and paddles will be awaiting you.

Kayaking La Jolla Caves: The Tour

Your La Jolla sea caves kayak tour begins right at the ocean where the water meets the sand. Prior to heading out, your tour guide will give you some brief instructions on how to properly paddle, what to do if you feel unsafe or are in danger, and how to kayak over the waves into the open sea.

Once you reach the calmer waters your tour guide will gather you all together and begin to share some fun facts with you!

I will share some here, but you will have to go on the tour to hear all the fun facts about San Diego!

P.S. I highly recommend this tour even if you are a local. I learned so many great facts on this tour!

-This region of La Jolla is considered to be an Underwater Park as it spans 6,000 acres (24 km2) of ocean bottom and tidelands. The park includes four distinct habitats. You will get to enjoy 3 of them on this La Jolla sea caves kayak tour.

  1. Rocky Reef: Home to majority of the wildlife
  2. Kelp Forest: Protects the rocky reef from apex predators. This kelp grows at a rate of 2ft/day
  3. Sandy Flats: Home to leopard sharks in the summer months
  4. Submarine Canyon: Underwater highway for whale migration

You will begin to make your way over to the la jolla sea caves. If the tides are right, then you will get to kayak into them. Unfortunately, tides didn’t line up for us, but we were still able to get pretty close!

There are 7 sea caves. Each cave has a different name which was named by lifeguards as a way to identify them when conducting search and rescue missions.

Our tour guide, Al, gave os TONS of information on each of these caves. There is some pretty cool history here including stories of rich people smuggling in drugs and alcohol through these caves.

If you have ever been to the Sunny Jim’s cave from land you will be able to see it by water when kayaking.

After completing the sea cave tours you will then head over to the kelp forest before making your way back in. This tour is 90 minutes long and can accommodate up to 10 people ages 5+ and up.

Other adventures with Everyday California

Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (6)
Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (7)

The most popular tour with Everyday California is kayaking the La Jolla Caves; however, they do offer tons of other ocean adventures.

Snorkel tours: Go searching for marine life via snorkeling. They have the perfect beginner’s snorkel tour that will help you spot tons of marine life.

Whale watching tours: The grey whales migrate into San Diego between December and March, so hop on a kayak and get to see them up close and personal.

Surf Lessons: Visiting San Diego and want to surf!? You can either rent surfboards here or take a surf lesson! You can also take Paddleboard lessons!

Want to do your own thing, but don’t have the gear? Rent kayaks, surfboards, SUP, and snorkel gear from Everyday California.

If you want to book any of these tours you can use my coupon code “CHELSEYEXPLORES” for 20% off at checkout.

Where to eat after kayaking La Jolla Caves

La Jolla itself has tons to offer as far as food goes. Our tour guide, Al, was wonderful and gave us tons of recommendations as to where to replenish after the tour.

Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (8)

The city of La Jolla decided to shut down the street Avenida De La Playa to cars and make it a pedestrian only area. I loved this! The goal for them was to increase tourism in the area in an attempt to save the small businesses that were hit due to COVID.

Brick & Bell Cafe: Great if you are looking for a pick me up afterwards and need a cup of Joe.

The Cheese shop: We chose to eat here as we did not have much time, but it was delicious! I recommend getting the “what they’re famous for” sandwich which is Turkey, Jack and Avocado. Also, this place has every candy you can think of from every era.

Piatti: Have more time to sit down for your meal? Al recommends this Italian restaurant for delicious food.

Barbarella Bar: Al told us this bar gets DECKED OUT for Halloween! So, I will have to come back here to celebrate.

Scoops: Why not treat yourself with a delicious ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

Items to Bring Along Your Kayak Adventure

Sunglasses: Can’t forget the sunnies! The ocean water can be blinding, especially for those like me with sensitive blue eyes.

Hat: Gotta protect the face! I personally got a hat from the Everyday California shop that is super cute! Make sure to bring one that could fit under the helmet.

Waterproof phone case holder: This is a great option as it has a strap to place around your neck to hold your phone and easily take pictures.

GoPro: GoPro’s are perfect if you don’t want to bring your phone out on the water. They offer high-quality photos and video footage.

GoPro Dome: This is the first time I used this contraption and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It allowed you to get those underwater over water pics like the one below.

Swimsuit: Ok, I just recently found a swimsuit from the RipCurl outlet in San Diego that I love. I will link it here.

Final Thoughts From Your Outdoor Loving Girl

La Jolla is probably one of my favorite places in all of San Diego. The scenery is just stunning. If you ever have the chance to visit I highly recommend it. You can read all about some of the best places to stay in La Jolla to help you plan your stay.

Want to enjoy some more sea caves? Check out how to get to the Sunset Cliffs Sea Cave.

Like this post? Save it for later! Don’t forget the discount code!

Kayaking La Jolla Caves with Everyday California (discount code included) - Chelsey Explores-Outdoor Adventure Travel Blog (9)

Explore our Ecological Reserve and Seven Sea Caves on a La Jolla kayak tour with Everyday California. Here's what it's like.

On the day of my visit, the shop heaved with people gearing up for La Jolla kayaking tours.. If conditions permit, Everyday California guides will help guests paddle inside Clam’s Cave, the only sea cave visible from land.. Everyday California provides life jackets and helmets.. Plus, you’ll be wearing a life jacket.. Have you taken a La Jolla kayak tour?

Planning a trip to San Diego, but don't know when to visit? Check out this post for the best time to visit San Diego to help plan your vacation!

San Diego, and Southern California in general, is a year-round destination type of place, but let’s dive a little deeper into the seasons so that you can determine when the best time to visit San Diego is for YOU!. Temperatures can range anywhere from the mid-50s to mid-70s on a winter day.. This is another great time to visit San Diego!. The San Diego Festival of arts occurs in June along with many other festivals.. Some may argue that if you are looking for hot sun and warm weather then the Fall may be the best time to visit San Diego.. Even though the weather may be a bit toasty in the Fall, Southern California does not disappoint when it comes to decorating and celebrating.. Best time to visit the San Diego Zoo?. If you are visiting San Diego then you will definitely want to go here.

La Jolla Bay has a thriving ecosystem with a high concentration of sea life, has a natural boat launch and is famous for its Sea Caves

Sale ends in:1 day 01:51:38. After Your Purchase After purchasing this deal, you'll need to visit the merchant's website to complete redemption.. All rentals include life jackets and a safety tutorial Age requirements: second passenger on a double kayak must be 6 or older. Review requests are sent by email to customers who purchased the deal.Filter Aspect ListRating of 5 out of 5 stars2 days ago. They made the kayak tour even more fun than it already was!. debrahelpful reviewer Rating of 5 out of 5 stars3 days ago. Matthew was a great guide ensuring everyone was having fun and staying safe.. Spent a few minutes in the caves which was really nice.

This is the perfect 2-day itinerary that gives you all the stops to make on your drive from San Diego to Phoenix from hikes to space age.

I have taken a lot of road trips from San Diego, but this was the first time I have ever done the San Diego to Phoenix drive.. It is actually quite a cheap flight from San Diego to Phoenix, but my husband, Dan, and I decided it would be a fun way to explore places close to our home.. You will want to take this into consideration as you plan your route.. Some of the hikes I list below should not be done in the summer heat for safety purposes.. If you choose to make this drive in the summer months then I recommend you make sure your car is in pristine condition and your AC is working well.. Regardless of which month you choose to take your road trip your car should be in good shape as you will be going through a pass on your way back from Phoenix to San Diego.. If you have a child who does road trips well then this is the perfect road trip for them.. On your way out to Phoenix I highly recommend you make a stop on Sunrise Highway.. There are two routes to this hike.. I love that you can find sand dunes like these so close to San Diego.. These dunes are the largest in the state.. I know when I was planning my drive from San Diego to Phoenix I found it difficult to find things to do.

Explore La Jolla Ecological Reserve's sea caves during a 90-minute kayaking tour. Follow your experienced guide through several diverse ecological habitats, home to one of the highest concentrations of sea life in California. Paddle toward the Seven Sea Caves, where you can get stunning views from inside Emerald Cave, the only north-facing cave in the state (conditions permitting). Explore a giant kelp forest inhabited by wildlife like otters, harbor seals and sea lions. Use of all kayaking equipment is included; no kayaking experience is necessary.

Jesse was an amazing guide and the owner of Everyday California went above and beyond to make sure our family had a great experience kayaking.. If it wasn’t for Phil M. , we would only gave it a three star because the previous guide was late and we had to wait around 30 minutes , but Phil M saved the time problem with his awesome energy and experience and our group was super cool!. Great experience with very kind kayak guides.. First there were way too many kayaks out in the cave area (so many tour companies in the area and they all have about 15 kayaks out there at once).. Our kayak tour was amazing even though we tipped over lol the water was fresh and fun to enjoy definitely recommend it to anybody trying new adventures

La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks offers kayak tours to the Seven La Jolla Sea Caves and kayak rentals for ocean kayaking or kayak fishing. Paddle with the Leopard sharks in the La Jolla Shores.

Covid updates: We are OPEN for kayak tours and rentals.. One Person from $65-$120 /person 1.5 hours 250 lb or 375 lb weight limits Single Person Kayak Seat with Backrest Paddle PFD (life vest) Helmet Guide. Two People from $35-$60 /person 1.5 hours 450 lb weight limit Tandem (two person) Kayak Seats with Backrests Paddles PFDs (life vests) Helmets Guide. Three People from $45-$75 /person 1.5 hours 450 lb weight limit at least one small child Triple (three person) Kayak Seats with Backrests Paddles PFDs (life vests) Helmets Guide. Save 20% off weekday tours by entering promo code "weekday" in the booking form.. Choose the 4:20pm tour on Wednesdays and pay only $27/person when sharing a kayak!. Be at least 6 years old (Minors must be accompanied by an adult) Not exceed the weight limit of the kayak (450lbs solo, and combined tandem weight) Breathe independently (i.e., not require medical devices to sustain breathing) Independently maintain sealed airway passages while under water Independently hold torso, neck and head upright with no more than 14” of lower back support Manage personal care independently, or with assistance of a companion Manage personal mobility independently, or with a reasonable amount of assistance Follow written or spoken instructions and effectively communicate in writing or orally either independently or with assistance of a companion Independently turn from face-­down to face-­up in deep water, and remain floating face-­up without panic while wearing a properly fitted PFD Get in/out of a kayak independently or with a reasonable amount of assistance Independently get out and from under a capsized kayak Re-­enter the kayak following deep-water capsize with a reasonable amount of assistance Maintain a safe body position while attempting skills, activities, and rescues, as well as have the ability to recognize and identify to others when such efforts would be unsafe given the participant’s personal situation. If you paddle a two person kayak, you will share some of the effort.. We will meet at our La Jolla Shores shop where you will check in, sign waivers (no one will be permitted on the tour without signing our liability waiver), and change clothes if needed.. We provide complimentary lockers to leave your personal belongings in our shop during your tour.. Call and book any 5 kayaks and your group will have a personal guide all to yourselves.. Book 10 kayaks for a private tour for up to 20 people.. Private Tour Packages can only be booked by calling (858) 454-0111.

Looking for an outdoor adventure in sunny San Diego? You cannot go wrong with a La Jolla Cove Kayaking Tour into the stunning sea caves.

Share 44 Pin 280. Then again, that statement mostly applies to going IN the water instead of ON the water.. And this is exactly what our family experienced when we hit the waves with Everyday California in La Jolla one fine fall afternoon to explore the La Jolla Sea Caves.. Let me tell you a bit about our little adventure.. As you are checking in, they will need to know two things: (1) whether you want to rent a locker for your valuables, and (2) whether you want to rent a full wet suit, a wet suit top, or nothing.. After you get all suited up and ready to go, you will walk with the group down to the launch point at the coast.. This is several blocks of walking and takes 5-8 minutes or so.. It didn’t occur to us until just before leaving for the tour that we wouldn’t be able to take our phones out on the water with us to document the experience.. So yes, if you have a waterproof (and floating) device that you can capture the memories with, you are free to bring it with youand share you adventure with the world.. Planning a La Jolla sea cave kayak tour in the summer?. (They do offer tours specifically for whale watching , so consider that option as well.). La Jolla Cove kayaking tours do take place year-round, so no matter when you visit it will be an experience you will never forget.. Whether you choose Everyday California or another kayaking tour option in the La Jolla Cove area, it’s time to get something booked and go get a little wet and wild in sunny San Diego!

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