Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Snowboard Roof Mount Car Cross J-Bar Rack 2Pcs (2022)

OMAC USA is pleased to present you with the High-Quality Kayak Carrier

As always in OMAC USA, we make it our №1 priority to provide you with the best European Made Accessories and Devices for you these Kayak Carrier.

This is a functional, lightweight kayak carrier made with steel. Extremely easy to handle and foldable, it reclines up to 100° approximately. Equipped with two gear wheels and user-friendly adjustment knobs, it can be fixed at the right angle in a matter of seconds. It can be installed on roof bars by means of standard 20mm/0.8” T-Bolts inside the bars upper slot or by mean of the external adapter (both included)

Maximum payload: 50 Kg / 110.2 Lb.

Opening angle: ≅ 100°

(Video) How to tie down kayaks

Double anchoring: “T” bolt system / External adapter

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Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Surf Snowboard Roof Mount Car Cross J-Bar Rack 2Pcs (1)

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(Video) How to Install J Racks for Kayaks - By Weekend Warrior Outdoors

If you are having difficulties installing our products or if the product does not seem to fit your vehicle,please contact us in advance. We would happily help you find a solution. office@omacshop.com

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Carriers for canoes, kayaks and sit on tops to make transporting you boats on a car roofrack much easier and more secure.. Upright bars with pads.. Allows you to transport your Kayaks & Sit On Tops on their side while using a car roofrack.. Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps.. A pair of padded foldable vertical kayak stacker supports that are designed to fit into roofbar T-track slots.. Padded Foldable vertical bars Fit into T-Track slots Double loops on the tops for easy securing of straps Great for kayaks and sit on tops. Sturdy design with a pair of straps to keep one kayak firmly secured.. Easy to fit to a roofrack.. Comes with a pair of Thule straps.. Foldable J-Style car roofrack kayak carrier.. Thule's top of the range loading system for easy car topping of kayaks.. Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track.. Easy to mount on Thule Bars with T-Track Compatible with Thule Square bars (using 8897 Adapter).. Set of 4 padded feet for your car roofrack.

Car roof racks for kayaks are available in various options, ranging from inflatable or foam pads to elaborate saddle and roller systems that carry your kayak safely and securely and assist in safe loading.. The rack installs onto your vehicle easily with no tools needed, however, a minimum of 24 inches should be between your crossbars.. For larger boats, such as sea or touring kayaks, this TMS rack is perfect.. The HandiRack by Malone Auto Racks is a straightforward, quick, and easy roof rack system that will fit just about any vehicle by just strapping it onto the car’s roof and that’s it.. Takes some time to figure out an efficient loading process Two stackers are needed to carry four boats Secure straps and tie-downs are only provided for two boats, instead of four. Inflatable kayaks are absolutely for recreational purposes and are great for those with little to no storage space.. If you’re a frequent kayaker it makes send to invest in a rack that makes loading and unloading easy and efficient.. J-cradle kayak racks also provide easy side-loading options, especially if you will be loading your kayak without an additional person’s help.

Although J racks are one of the simplest methods for kayak transportation, they still require proper installation of the rack, as well as your kayak itself.. In the interest of providing some other options, however, we’re going to briefly touch on a few other types of kayak racks for vehicles , including hitch-mounted racks, pads, V-shaped racks, and others.. Now that we have a better understanding of what a J rack is and how it differs from other kayak racks, let’s quickly cover some tips for properly installing a J rack on your vehicle.. The proper loading process for kayaks will differ depending on the vehicle and rack type, but we’ll provide some useful recommendations for loading kayaks on a J rack.. If you’re only carrying one kayak on top of your vehicle, two straps will do the trick, but more will be necessary if you install a second set of J racks so you can carry two kayaks at a time.

Sometimes, a horizontal carrier is nothing more than a few pads that sit above the roof rack to cushion the kayak.. More than that, however, the cradle design offers more support and padding for the kayak for better security and protection.. Roof Rails : Unless you are using the bare top of your car, any kayak carrier you consider needs to be compatible with the roof racks and crossbars on top of your vehicle.. Beyond that, these kayak cradles are similar to most other carrier options available, featuring a J-hook style design with included straps and mounting hardware.. The installation is also a bit more complicated since you have to actually inflate the bars before you can load them on and use them.. This J-style kayak carrier comes with two supports, two tie-down straps, and all of the required support hardware.. They also have extra padding to protect your kayak during transport.. The downside of this carrier system is that without roof rails, the blocks can slide around and move while you’re trying to load your kayak onto them.. Offering a full set of paired cradles and a good value price, our top budget pick is the TMS J-Bar Rack .


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