iRocker SUP is rated "Excellent" with 4.3 / 5 on Trustpilot (2022)

iRocker SUP is rated "Excellent" with 4.3 / 5 on Trustpilot (1)iRocker SUP is rated "Excellent" with 4.3 / 5 on Trustpilot (2)

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iRocker SUP is rated "Excellent" with 4.3 / 5 on Trustpilot (3)



Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service! Multiple phone calls made until that option no longer was available. Online inquiries submitted. Far too much follow up required.

Bad Experience

Ordered two NEW Blackfin XL boards and Blackfin specific accessories such as the fishing racks, etc. I was sent two defective Blackfin XL boards, both blowing up within 15 minutes of the first inflation (Inflated to 15 psi, per manual). Both boards also had surface mold, which makes me think they were used? Tried to call customer service, but phones have been shut off. Emailed them and after a few days, I received an email stating to dispose of the defective boards and that I would be receiving “upgraded” models. Considering I ordered the Blackfin XL specifically because of its specs, I was concerned, so I emailed back asking for more information about the "upgraded" model. Apparently, they were going to send an Ultra CX which is a “downgrade” from the Blackfin XL, at least for my purposes, and leaves me with accessories I can't use like the fishing racks. I was then given the option of waiting six months for new Blackfin XLs to be manufactured or I could receive a refund. I requested that she refund the order and now it’s been two weeks with no response. I have roughly $2,500.00 tied up in this mistake and all I can do is hope it gets resolved.

iRocker is hands down my go to board…

iRocker is hands down my go to board and all things water related as they have such amazing products and great customer service! Keep up the great work and new products!

iRocker Customer service team are AMAZING!

My iRocker model X had a glue issue that caused a deflate of my SUP.
I reached out to iRocker and explain my issue, alongside me living outside of the US and need their help and guidence with my situation.

(Video) iRocker All Around 10' vs 11' Review | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Reviews (2021)

I was shocked how well the Customer service help me and took care of everything! They were annswering so fast, gave me the options to chose my new SUP, advise on how to flight with my SUP by countries and doing it all very nicely.

I can't belive how good they treated the situation and it is very much appticiated for me as an iRocker client.

Great product!

The IRocker cooler backpack is great!

Purchased an IRocker cooler backpack and I just absolutely love it! It is comfortable to carry and has lots of room for all your food, drinks and articles you want to keep dry. Plus, the current sale makes it a purchasing must!

Love my irocker board

Love my irocker board. Fast response from customer service. Quality boards built to last.

nice product

nice product. Works as described . Arrived very quickly. We have only used it once so far however it does perform very well.

Love my IRocker Cruiser SUP!!

Ordered my SUP on Sunday and it arrived on Wednesday. Used it the following Sunday and loved it. Felt solid almost comparable to a hard board. Loved the accessories I purchased and using the battery pump was so easy and quick. Took some time to fit the board into backpack, but I’m sure I’ll get better with time. So nice to have everything in one pack! Love my IRocker Cruiser!!

No customer support or response

We placed an order a month ago for some accessories and a paddle board and our cc was charged. They shipped the accessories but still no paddle board. Our order confirmation specifically said it would ship within 3-5 days. They don't take calls, their website chat bot is disabled and the only way to contact them is through an online form. We have submitted inquires twice only to receive an auto response saying this is their busy season and it can take 5-7 days for someone to get back to us. Over 15 days still no response or paddle board but I'm still getting marketing emails directing me to their website and their "biggest sale of the year" is still ongoing. Save yourself the headache and buy from a company that cares about their customers.

(Video) iROCKER Paddle Board Unboxing & Set Up | See What Is Inside

Paddle boards don't last and customer service is the WORST

I purchased two paddle boards from this company. The first one was 2 years ago. Everything was great until the seams started to leak air. Unfortunately, that happened after I purchased a second one for my kid. I was happy until the seams started to leak. I contacted customer service 2 weeks ago - no response. I just contacted them again. This time I received an automatic reply saying that it will take 5-7 days for someone to get back to me. It's been TWO weeks since my first attempt. I still haven't heard back from this company. Never again will I purchase anything from them.

Bad after sell support

I bought iROCKER 10' all around paddle board in iROCKER website (Canada) in July 24, 2022 and received it in July 26,2022. The order number is CA57071. The serier number is IR132500.
During the inspection, I found the larger middle fin can't be installed in the correct position. The level can't be locked down to secure the FIN position. The two smaller side fins can be locked into the position perfect. We changed the clip with one of the spare clip. The level still can't be locked down to secure the FIN position. We thick there is something wrong with the large middle FIN. Image and video are sent to the customer service, no response so far. IROCKER SUP product is not cheap. When you received a new purchase, you can't use it right away. I am not recommend this product.

Buyer beware - I’ve been scammed

Placed SUP order on 7/8/22 and still haven’t received. Sent inquiry to customer service on 7/25 and still haven’t received a response (today is 8/2). How can you not offer a customer service line in the first place. Terrible experience and will not be doing business with this company - I’ve been scammed. Will be sure to tell friends to stay away from this company.

Order never received and there is no…

Order never received and there is no way to contact with any of your representatives.

Love it!

Love the iRocker board, and love how fast it arrived at my house! And the dual chamber pump that came with it is WAY better than a standard single pump.

Don't buy used equiptment from here they don't check before shipping out

I ordered a used board. It didn't show up with all the fins, with the hose, or the paddle. It took multiple weeks to get those things. Then I finally was able to take the board out and there is one clip that won't shut all the way and it appears to be an issue with the actual space for the clip. I've reached out in regards to a refund and return and its been 10 days still no response. I understand getting a used board it might have some dirt and a couple knicks but this is beyond that and not being able to use the board is frustrating when you spend over $500

(Video) Nautical, iRocker and Blackfin / inflatable paddleboard range overview

Great company

I am 6’1 and around 210 pounds. I purchased the all around 11’ irocker paddle board. I have been using it for river sports, and it has been great so far. Not sure how it will take rapids, but it’s been great for flat and mild water. I am very happy with my purchase.

Irocker needs to work on customer support.

I like my new irocker Sport. However, the company has done nothing to correct two issues with my order. To be fair to the company, I gave them weeks to respond to my questions before writing this review. I received my sup on July 8, 2022, and sent my concerns to the company the following day. I received a faulty pump (the gauge does not work) and a backpack with a broken zipper. As of August 1, 2022, I have not heard back from irocker.

I did inflate, use, and enjoy the sup despite the faulty pump. However, I am not pleased that I can easily damage the sup if not careful.

After reading recent reviews, it appears that the company's non-responsiveness is an issue. I think they need to fix this problem immediately if they want to improve sales and attract repeat buyers.

Thus, I currently can't recommend irocker.

Excellent board

Excellent board. Great deal and arrived sooner than I had expected.

Great company!

Fantastic boards! Even better customer service.


Where is iRocker manufactured? ›

iROCKER SUPs are made at one of the finest inflatable SUP factories in China.

How fast does iRocker ship? ›

We ship from various locations across the globe and shipping is free with a 60 day return. For 2020 products our shipping is fast, we reach 95% of the US/UK/EU addresses in 1-3 business days. Canada and Australia can expect 1-8 business days depending on location.

How is iRocker? ›

If you are looking for a solid all around sup, then stepping up in quality to the iRocker All Around is a great option. It's a great board for anyone who: Wants a well-built, solid inflatable SUP that's great for beginners and intermediate paddlers alike in a variety of water conditions.

How do you clean an iRocker sup? ›

Wash your inflated board with a mild soap and then rinse and dry your board completely. This is not time consuming so you won't have to chuck a sickie or anything. It's kind of like washing your dog without barking and shaking water all over the place. Drying your board really well is key.

Is iRocker worth? ›

They are known for top quality boards at mid-level prices. They have a very broad range of products to meet varied needs. Top quality at a reasonable price and a 2 year warranty mean you can't go wrong buying an iRocker paddleboard. iRocker is a well-known brand of inflatable paddleboards.

Who is iRocker? ›

iROCKER is the premiere outdoor sports and lifestyle brand specializing in inflatable paddle boards. Launched in 2013, iROCKER's co-founder and CEO Steve Elder created the company as a passion project with the vision to shake up the paddle board industry and offer customers a strong community experience.


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