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On this one-day combination tour, you’ll kayak on the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and hike on one of Iceland’s majestic glaciers!


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  • Glacier Lagoon Kayaking
  • Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
  • Guided Glacier Hike
  • Falljokull Glacier
  • Vatnajokull Glacier

This wonderful day tour combines two of our most popular attractions into one incredible package. Kayak amongst the icebergs in the world-famous Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and join a glacier hike on Vatnajokull, Europe's largest Glacier. If you want to have fun, see some natural wonders, and make the absolute most of your time in Iceland, this tour is for you!

Availability May - Sept

Duration 6 hours

Departs From Skaftafell / Jokulsarlon

Level Easy Suitable for most people in fair condition.

Minimum age 14 years

Meet on Location Yes

Pick Up No

Customer reviews on Google

July 11, 2021

Isaac Secor

We did kayaking and ice climbing and could not recommend it more! Absolutely loved our guides Pawel and Bilbo :)

Reviewed by Isaac Secor

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(Video) WOW! Iceland GLACIER LAGOON Kayak Around the Icebergs of Jokulsarlon & Heinabergslon

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What's included


  • Kayak & Paddles
  • Licensed Kayak Guide
  • Kayak Equipment (Drysuit, Safety Vest, Shoes & Gloves)
  • Certified Glacier Guide
  • Glacier Equipment

What to bring

  • Warm layers (not cotton)
  • Headwear
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Hiking boots

Not Included

  • Lunch
Glacier Hike & Jokulsarlon Kayaking (23)


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Kayaking on Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Hike & Jokulsarlon Kayaking (24)

You'll meet us on location in the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon parking lot, so we can go over the order of the day and answer any questions you may have. Then, it's straight to Jokulsarlon, where a qualified kayaking guide will give a quick paddling demonstration and ensure the less experienced group members are entirely comfortable.

We'll launch the kayaks and begin our 1-hour paddling session. Jokulsarlon is unquestionably the most beautiful body of water in Iceland. It sits in the shadow of the retreating Breidamerkurjokull Glacier and is dotted with majestic icebergs that have broken away from the main glacier. Many of these floating wonders glide out into the open ocean, glimmering like exquisite sapphires on the crystal-clear lagoon. Kayaks allow us to get close to the icebergs and see the dazzling hues of blue and white in all their glory.

Jokulsarlon is also home to a wide selection of wildlife, and we often see seals basking on the icebergs and seabirds soaring overhead. While the glacial peaks of Vatnajokull, the largest glacier in Europe, and Breidamerkurjokull punctuate the horizon. Make sure that you bring a camera because we promise you will want to remember Jokulsarlon forever!

The entire kayaking tour will be in the company of professional guides who will keep you safe and tell you more about the fabulous things you're seeing. So, whether you're new to kayaking or a seasoned pro – don't miss the chance to explore the most beautiful glacier lagoon you will ever see!

Glacier Hike on Falljokull Glacier We’ll all meet at the Arctic Adventures Base Camp, located at the Skaftafell Parking Lot, to get kitted out and discuss our upcoming adventure. Then, we’ll make the short drive to where our glacier hike begins.We’ll be walking on Falljokull – also k...)
Glacier Hike & Jokulsarlon Kayaking (25)

We’ll all meet at the Arctic Adventures Base Camp, located at the Skaftafell Parking Lot, to get kitted out and discuss our upcoming adventure. Then, we’ll make the short drive to where our glacier hike begins.

We’ll be walking on Falljokull – also known as the falling glacier. It lies to the south of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier. We will be rewarded with breathtaking views of Vatnajokull and Iceland’s highest peak Hvannadalshnukur.

You’ll also get a profound insight into the remarkable glacial landscape. You’ll see rugged crevasses alongside deep moulins, which bore deep into the icy unknown, and ice falls that create exquisite patterns and excellent photo opportunities.

(Video) Vatnajökull Ice Cave & Glacier Hike. 4K

The professional guide will take you to some magical places that offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding glaciers, like Virkisjokull, which unfurls like an icy tongue down to the sea. They’ll also tell you more about glaciers and explain how these natural phenomena are formed. A glacier hike is an absolute must if you want fun, education, and natural beauty!

Please note Depending on which route will fit your schedule, you can start the tour at either Jokulsarlon or Skaftafell. You can choose between the two variations in the booking widget. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation voucher that includes essentia...)

Depending on which route will fit your schedule, you can start the tour at either Jokulsarlon or Skaftafell. You can choose between the two variations in the booking widget. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation voucher that includes essential information such as your meeting points and meeting times. Driving between the two meeting points will take about 40 minutes. Transportation between the two locations is not included.


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What should I wear on our glacier trip in Iceland?

Iceland is known for colourful weather. It can sometimes show you all 4 seasons in one day.

Dressing for this sort of weather can be a challenge so we always recommend dressing in layers. 3 or 4 upper layers are highlyrecommended such as a light t-shirt (preferably wool) next to the skin, then a fleece or heavy wool garment, topped off with a waterproof windbreaker.

Jeans are not recommended for our trips as they become very heavy, cold and uncomfortable to wear when they get wet.

Lightweight hiking pants, track pants or long cotton pants are best and then wind/waterproof pants over. We also recommend using sunglasses and sunscreen even if it is cloudy due to the high UV and sunlight reflecting off of the glacier.

You will need sturdy hiking boots that fit crampons for the glacier hiking tours. If you do not own a pair then we rent out good hiking boots as well as a waterproof raincoat and trousers.

Do I need to bring a backpack on a glacier trip in Iceland?

We recommend bringing your own backpack on our full day or 1/2 day tours. It’s great to carry a small lunch and some extra clothing.

Can I bring my camera along on a glacier tour?

You can bring your camera along, and you should definitely bring one since the setting on the tour is full of amazing, scenic views.

I am pregnant, can I still join a glacier hike?

This is, of course, a personal choice, we have often had pregnant women on our trips. We recommend you take a close look at our trip description and difficulty rating, they will hopefully give you a better idea. It is also good to contact your physician, pregnant women’s health can be quite different. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

Do I need to bring a lunch with me on the glacier tours?

We do not provide lunch on any of our trips, so we recommend you bring your own lunch (for the longer trips), snacks and a bottle of water (you can refill it on the trip).

What are crampons?

Crampons are metal spikes that we attach to the soles of your hiking shoes, these enable you to walk on the glacier ice without slipping.

Is there a guide on each Arctic Adventures glacier tour?

Yes, there is a specially trained and certified glacier guide on every glacier tour that we offer.

What equipment is provided when taking part on a Glacier Hike?

When glacier hiking you will be provided with an ice axe, crampons, harness and helmet. This will help you to complete the tour safely. The minimum shoe size to attach crampons is EU 35.

Why are there glaciers in Iceland?

When snow stays long enough in one place it turns to ice. Over long periods of time, the ice layers up becoming huge blocks called glaciers. As there is a lot of snow in Iceland, it forms to create ginormous glaciers that sweep across huge masses of land. Iceland is home to Europe’s largest glacier named Vatnajökull. This Glacier Guide will also tell you everything you may want to know about Glaciers.

What if it is raining?

Rain is not uncommon in Iceland. However, we do not let the rain stop our tours. This is why having appropriate clothing is very important to keep you warm and dry. Nature is not something that we can control and therefore we need to adapt to the weather. If your safety is compromised by going on the tour, we will cancel and you will be fully refunded.

Where can I find more information to prepare me for my Glacier Hiking tour?

This guide to Glacier Hiking includes all the information you might need when preparing for a glacier hike.

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