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***BIOLUMINESCENT KAYAK TOURS IN FLORIDA: See the bioluminescent lagoon waters of Florida in our kayaking tours feature. Bioluminescence Florida.


If you’re thinking of trying bioluminescent kayaking Florida is a good place to get started. There are two types of bioluminescence present on the Space Coast of Florida, which is located on the eastern Atlantic coast of the state.

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One of these types is caused by dinoflagellates, which are glowing plankton. The other is caused by comb jellies, which are jelly-like (but are not jellyfish) and also glow. These two different types of glows happen at different types of the year, and you may see one or the other—or both—depending on when you plan your visit.

***CENTRAL COAST MORRO BAY KAYAK TOUR: See kayaks on the Morro Bay with our Central Coast kayaking feature. Morro Bay Kayaking.

Florida bioluminescence tour (1)

In this article, we’ll give you all the basic information you need to know in order to plan a bioluminescent kayaking trip in Florida. If you’ve never done this activity before, you’ll need to ensure you’re well educated and informed about the experience before you plan your trip.

And even if you are an experienced kayaker, understand that this is a touring type of experience and not one that’s intended for thrills. If you’re looking for rapids, you may need to look elsewhere. However, if you’re in search of an experience you and your friends or family won’t soon forget, bioluminescent kayaking may be the way to go.

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Check out the information below to learn moreabout this opportunity!

***KAYAK ON THE HURON RIVER GALLUP PARK: Enjoy kayaking on the Huron River and Gallup Park in our Ann Arbor canoe and kayak feature. Ann Arbor Kayaking.

All About Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking

Check out this section to learn some of the basics and help you better understand how to book your bioluminescent kayaking tour the next time you visit the coast of Florida.

WHERE can you experience the glowing waters in Florida?

  • Bioluminescent tours take place on Florida’s Space Coast. This is only about an hour drive from Orlando, so it’s not too difficult to reach if you’re visiting Florida for vacation.
  • Titusville is one of the prime locations for this type of tour, and Cocoa Beach is another prominent option. Both of these areas tend to focus on the Indian River Lagoon, which is an excellent viewing location for comb jellies and for dinoflagellate plankton.
  • Some kayaking companies offer glow-in-the-dark kayaks for guests to enjoy at times of the year or in locations where natural bioluminescence may not be present.

WHEN is the best time of year to plan your bioluminescent kayaking trip?

  • If you want to see the dinoflagellate plankton, you should plan your trip during late summer or very early autumn. June through October is the best time of year for this trip.
  • On the other hand, if you want to see the glowing comb jellies, you should plan your trip from November through May. The cooler waters during this time of the year invite comb jellies closer to the surface and make it easier for guests to see them.
  • The light of a full moon makes it harder to see the glow, so a darker night is ideal.

What are some of the companies that provide Florida bioluminescence kayak tours?

Florida bioluminescence tour (2)
(Video) We Went Bioluminescent Kayaking! It Was Like Real Life Pandora!! | Wild Florida Adventures
  • BK Adventure: This is the most well-known bioluminescence touring companies in Florida. This company provides tours on the Space Coast year-round.
  • Get Up and Go Kayaking: Located in Titusville and in Fort Pierce, this company only offers official bioluminescent tours during the summer. However, you can rent a clear glow-in-the-dark kayak fitted with LED lights for a nighttime tour in Fort Pierce. Sometimes, comb jellies are visible here.
  • A Day Away Kayak Tours: This company provides 90-minute tours in Titusville and Merritt Island. Comb jelly tours are available in the winter months and dinoflagellate tours are available in the summer months.

Is it possible to take the bioluminescence kayaking tour without a guide?

  • It is possible to rent a kayak from some of the companies listed above and take it out on your own for an unguided trip. However, paddlers must be experienced before doing this, and most companies require a group of at least four before taking a self-guided tour.
  • Some companies will not allow this type of tour experience at all, as it can be dangerous for the paddler as well as for the environment. If you’re new to kayaking or new to bioluminescent kayaking, you are better off working with a guide who can help you find the best viewing locations.

Why do people enjoy the glowing bioluminescent water kayaking experience in Florida?

  • There are many reasons to try kayaking in bioluminescent areas. One of the most popular reasons is simply to see a sight that you may not get to see anywhere else. Florida is one of the only locations in the United States where this type of kayaking experience is possible, and there aren’t even that many in the world.
  • This can also be an educational experience for parents who bring children along for the trip.
  • Finally, since tours are usually guided, you’re likely to see at least a little bit of glowing on most trips.


  • Florida is a great place to visit for vacation at any time of the year, and since at least one type of glowing tour is usually available year-round, you can’t go wrong with booking a trip like this.
  • These trips are family-friendly and encourage beginners to join them while learning a little bit about the process of kayaking at the same time.
  • These are safe, guided trips that are easy for everyone to sit back and enjoy.
  • These tours are usually affordable and located in tourist-friendly locations where you can often find deals on lodging, food, and more.


  • It’s not always a certainty that you’ll see any glow on a given night, and it’s entirely up to the weather conditions, temperature, and water conditions too.
  • Florida is prone to lots of lightning, which can be very severe. If there’s a lot of lightning in the area, tours will be postponed or canceled altogether for safety purposes.
  • If you plan to go for dinoflagellate plankton tours from June through October, bear in mind that this is also hurricane season, and there may be extreme weather conditions during your trip.

Experience Bioluminescent Kayaking in Florida Today

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you maywant to know a little bit more about what to expect. Here are a few tips tokeep in mind when planning your Florida kayaking excursion:

Florida bioluminescence tour (3)
  • Visit during peak season if you can. At least one type of bioluminescence should be visible year-round, but it may not be nearly as impressive at certain times of the year as others.
  • Book a clear or see-through kayak. Going on one of these tours without a clear kayak won’t give you the same stunning visuals you’re looking for.
  • Bring extra clothes and bug spray. You may get wet and need to change after your tour, and you will definitely encounter bugs—even during winter.
  • Always practice proper gator safety. Do not purposefully get close to alligators, and don’t trap or corner them. Never feed alligators.

Keep these tips in mind to make your trip even more memorable, safe, and fun!

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What do you wear to bioluminescence? ›

What to wear
  • river sandals or water shoes.
  • quick dry clothing (you might get a bit wet)
  • light long pants, sleeves (mosquito protection)
  • insect repellant.
  • bikini bathing suits are not recommended.

What time is best for bioluminescence? ›

While we typically see the bioluminescence nightly throughout the year, the optimal time for viewing is around new moons when there will be no moonlight reflecting on the water. In the summer months, during these darkened nights, the bioluminescent plankton give off a neon blue glow!

Is the bioluminescence still happening 2021 Florida? ›

That's right. The bioluminescence Florida calendar 2021 season is finally here. During the warm Florida summer, bioluminescent kayaking tours bring you right to the doorstep of a magical underwater world.

Nightly bioluminescent kayaking tours! Best Florida luminescence tour. Just 1 hour from Orlando. 10 mins from Cocoa Bch. Easy online booking. 407-519-8711

This is the ONLY Clear Kayaks Bioluminescence Tour near Cocoa Beach.. Join our Bioluminescent Kayaking Tours just 1 hour from Orlando.. See the amazing glowing waters of Florida's own "Bioluminescent Bay" on the Indian River Lagoon.. New Moon Tours Sell Out, So Book Early - This is the #1 Bioluminescence Tour in Florida!. Clear Kayaking (see-through kayaks) is a spectacular way to experience Florida's bioluminescent waters.. The only bioluminescent tour in Florida that is NOT in a kayak.. Our bioluminescence tours are the closest tours to Orlando (just 42 miles) and launch conveniently from Parrish Park in Titusville.. This weekend tour is considered our "Bio Fun Tour" with a chance for paddlers to get out and swim in the bioluminescence as we paddle to the shallows of the river islands.

In this guide, we will discuss where to find Bioluminescence Florida, what causes it, and some of the best ways to enjoy it. If you're looking for a unique

When can you see it in Florida?. Consequently, you want to do bioluminescent kayaking in Florida during the warmer summer month after the sun’s setting.. Brevard County, Florida, is one of the best places to find the plankton and their magical lights near Orlando.. Remarkable, these three water bodies are full of glowing algae because of their high salt content.. These three water bodies come alive after sunset during the summer, thanks to the dinoflagellates in the water.. You do not want to be driving home in wet clothes at night, do you?. If you are planning to do kayaking alone, you definitely want to bring along your glow sticks.

Bioluminescence Kayaking in Florida including Indian River Lagoon, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Titusville 

Try Bioluminescence Kayaking in Florida .. If you’re looking for a Florida experience that is both enchanting, exciting, and something that relatively few people ever actually do, you should consider bioluminescent kayaking.. At long last, what you’ve been waiting for, the list of the best places in Florida to go bioluminescent kayaking!. For that reason, if you are planning to use Cape Canaveral as your bioluminescent kayaking starting point, we recommend going the guided tour route.. One of the best places to go Bioluminescence Kayaking in Florida.. Even though the fictional world of Pandora is a completely man-made experience, both you and your children will be awestruck as you experience kayaking on a moveable mass and encounter scores of fish that illuminate whenever they are disturbed—just like real world bioluminescent kayaking.. Located right in Central Florida, very close to Orlando , Disney World, and all of the hotels and other attractions that are legendary for the area, is a stunning 8-mile stretch of the Econlockhatchee River which passes right through the Little Big Econ State Forest, and makes for an incredible kayaking, paddling, and swimming experience.. In Florida, the species that live and that we encounter when we go bioluminescent kayaking are: dinoflagellates (plankton), snapping shrimp, red squid, fireflies, and comb jellies.. That’s because each species of bioluminescent life has their own seasonal cycle for when they are most active, and each geographic area of Florida has its own indigenous species that call it home.. For the purposes of this article, we will only focus on the species that we can expect to encounter while bioluminescent kayaking in Florida.. There are many ways to experience the bioluminescence in Florida, however, there really is no better way than from inside a kayak, on a moonless or overcast night, paddling right out amongst this breathtaking aquatic life for an unparalleled, up-close and personal experience.. More than anything, and especially if you aren’t an experienced night swimmer or kayaker, it’s recommended that you seek out a good, reputable company and book a guided kayak tour to guide you to and through your best bioluminescence kayaking adventure.

 Where to See Bioluminescence in Florida   Bioluminescence tours are one of the things you need to do when visiting Florida. The tours are usually

Bioluminescence is also commonly known as “living light.” From what I found, the chemical reaction that results in bioluminescence involves four unique chemicals or parts of a living organism: luciferin and luciferase enzyme, oxygen, and Adenosine triphosphate or ATP.. Booking a bioluminescent kayaking trip in Florida is one of the best ways to see bioluminescence up and personal.. That’s why summer is the best time to enjoy bioluminescent kayaking tours or trips.. In viewing or experiencing bioluminescent lights, the most ideal time for well-experienced tours and locals would be during the darkest hours of the night.. In looking up where to see bioluminescence in Florida, your first thought might have been whether you should book a tour or organize one yourself for you and your family.. As I mentioned earlier, the best time to experience the bioluminescent lights is during or around the time when new moons are up.

If you haven't gone bioluminescent kayaking in Florida, you're missing out! Experience the magic as the dark water lights up around you!

Well have no fear, we’re here to explain and guide you to where you can go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida!. That being said, here are the best places to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida.. If you wanted, you could spend the day seeing the animals and then come back at night to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida.. There are a lot of incredible tours that will guide you through bioluminescent kayaking in Florida.. Here are our favorite tours to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida.. BK Adventures launches out of the Indian River Lagoon and offers five different varieties of tours to go bioluminescent kayaking in Florida!. A Day Away Kayak Tours features all sorts of different tours to explore kayaking in Florida , but among their most popular are their bioluminescence tours.. A lot of companies offer night tours, but what about bioluminescence tours lit by moonlight?. On the Moonlit Bioluminescence tour, you’ll experience the lights of the plankton at your fingers and paddles while underneath the full glow of the moon and the stars!

Missed out on the buzz about bioluminescence last year? Wildlife Watersports's guide to bioluminescence in Florida will teach you what it is, when to see it - and why it is a must-do for everyone in Florida in 2021!

The best time to take a bioluminescent night kayak or boat tour with Wildlife Watersports is from June to November .. If you’re interested in experiencing the magic of the comb jellies , you can see these animals in the cooler months from November through March.. If you miss them on your bioluminescent tour, you can always come back and search the seas with one of our nighttime lighted kayaking tours .. June 10 , 2021 ( Best Tours?. In fact, the Space Coast is one of the only places in the world that you can see bioluminescence in the water.

Here’s everything you need to know about going bioluminescence kayaking in Florida.

The guide below provides all the information you need to know about bioluminescence kayaking, including the best time to go, the most popular spots for kayaking tours in Florida, and what to pack for your kayaking trip.. Get a tour guide to take you on a night of kayaking through bioluminescent plankton.. However, if you want to see comb jellies and kayak when these organisms light up the waters, the colder months are best for your trip.. With more plankton lighting up the waters, the kayaking tours look amazing.. Below, we discuss some more popular kayaking tours at Merritt Island, the Indian River Lagoon, and Cocoa Beach.. You should also use a kayak tour guide because of their knowledge about the best conditions for kayaking and the best times you should go on a night tour.. Now, you should know when and where to go kayaking on a nighttime bioluminescence tour.

Bioluminescent kayaking in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in the Sunshine State!

From the end of May until the beginning of October, the team at Get Up And Go Kayaking offer bioluminescent kayaking tours at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.. Fish, manatees and even dolphins can be seen!. If you are close enough, you are able to see them glowing under the water as they swim through the bioluminescent plankton igniting them with their movement.. The unique thing about where we paddle in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is that it’s in the middle of a 140,000 acre refuge with no light pollution to impede on the bioluminescent viewing – it gets very dark here!. It’s so dark that you can even see the Milky Way on clear nights!. Stephanie took a bioluminescent kayaking tour with her mother one time and they paddled around together in a two-person kayak.. But the most memorable experience from all my tours was seeing dolphins.

Bioluminescence kayak tour is the best way to experience one of the most awesome things about Florida, glowing water. And it is only 1 hour from Orlando.

As 1 out of the only 5 bioluminescent bays in the world, Mosquito Lagoon in Florida is home to the Cone Jellyfish (jelly-like sea creatures that glow in the water) and Dinoflagellates (bioluminescent plankton).. So obviously, the bioluminescence kayak tour was one of the first things to go on our itinerary as we planned our Florida adventures.. STATS: Launch Sites: Haulover Canal (Titusville) : 28°43’51.1″N 80°45’39.8″W (this launch site is a lot darker than the one at Kiwanis Island Park, so it might give you a better view of the bioluminescence.. Kiwanis Island Park : 951 Kiwanis Island Park Rd, Merritt Island(this launch site is closer to civilization so it’s not as dark as the Haulover Canal.. You’ll also want to plan your bioluminescence kayak tour around a new moon since moonlight will drown out the light from the water making it more difficult to see.. THE ADVENTURE: When we booked our bioluminescence kayak tour, we picked the Haulover Canal as our launch point.. The best part about this launch point, obviously besides the bioluminescence, is the Manatee Observation Deck, right before you turn left to the launch site.. Since we were paddling at night, all the kayaks on the bioluminescence kayak tour were tandem, for safety reasons.. Once everyone launched, we all started to follow Jayden’s green glowstick as it headed to the left of the launch point.. After this, Jayden guided our bioluminescence kayak tour to a dark cove and let us play with the glowing water.. The best time to do a bioluminescence kayak tour is during July or August.. From here, Jayden let us take our time to enjoy the gorgeous glowing water and the magnificent Milky Way.. We definitely want to come back for the bioluminescence kayak tour during the peak season.

What are the best bioluminescent beaches in Florida. There are several to include in your next trip. Start on Florida's Space Coast.

Bioluminescent occurs in Florida due to a chemical reaction that causes Cone Jellyfish, that glow in the dark, and Dinoflagellates (bioluminescent plankton) to illuminate any time the water is disturbed.. The beaches and the waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River, and Indian River literally glow as the world slows down for the night.. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is not only a wonderful place to enjoy the bioluminescent experience at night, it is a great place to explore during the day.. Enjoy the sun during the day, then return in the evening for one of the best bioluminescent beaches in Florida.. After dark, launch from one of the many popular boat launches or book a bioluminescent tour and enjoy the luminescence with a tour guide via kayak.. The beaches and the waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River, and Indian River literally glow as the world slows down for the night.. Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is not only a wonderful place to enjoy the bioluminescent experience at night, it is a great place to explore during the day.. After dark, launch from one of the many popular boat launches or book bioluminescent kayaking tours and enjoy the luminescence with a tour guide via kayak.

See 20 reviews and photos of the Florida Bioluminescence Kayaking Tour | Haulover canal (Titusville). 2022Outdoor Activities in Cocoa Beach.

We will be paddling in 1 of only 5 bioluminescent bays in the world.. We'll also let the guides do what they do best, show you a great time on the water!. Our bioluminescent kayak tours last for approximately 90 mins.. Confirmation will be received at time of booking Wheelchair accessible Our bioluminescent kayak tours last for approximately 90 mins.. Peak season is July – October with sightings as late as January LAUNCH SITE: Haulover Canal, Titusville; and Kiwanis Island Park, Merritt Island TRIP LENGTH: 90 MINS COST PER PERSON: $65 INCLUDED: KAYAK, PFD, PADDLES AND HAPPY GUIDES MAX WEIGHT: 300LBS FOR A SINGLE, AND 600LBS FOR A TANDEM AGE RANGE: 5+ SUGGESTIONS TO BRING: AQUATIC FOOTWEAR, BUG SPRAY, TOWEL, SUNSCREEN, CASH FOR TIPS (optional), AND A WATER BOTTLE Surfaces are wheelchair accessible Not recommended for travelers with back problems Not recommended for pregnant travelers No heart problems or other serious medical conditions Most travelers can participate This experience requires good weather.. Great experience with a very knowledgeable guide.. This was a night to remember but we will return in the summer next time.. Thanks Guy for a night to remember!. We will have to return in the SummerTip for someone new...make sure you arrive 30 minutes early.. I have never been on a better guided tour.

Find out everything you need to know before you take a Florida Bioluminescence kayaking tour! It's an amazing way to experience nature on the Space Coast.

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to take a sunset and bioluminescence kayak tour with BK Adventure .. I have been kayaking and paddleboarding a number of times, and have even done a couple of Florida bioluminescence kayaking tours.. However, this tour was unlike any other thanks to the location and the tour guides.. The first half of the tour treated us to dolphin, manatee and bird sightings, whereas the second was full of vibrant bioluminescent views.. The BK Adventure sunset and bioluminescence tour is a three hour experience at Canaveral National Seashore.. However, since we had never been up this way, we were excited to see some new things on this Florida bioluminescence kayaking tour!. The best part of this tour was the bioluminescence.. I saw way more here than the other two Florida bioluminescence kayaking tours I have done before!. If seeing bioluminescence is your goal, the best time of year to take this tour is in the summer during a new moon.. The good thing about this tour is that even if you don’t see much bioluminescence, the sunset portion is still an awesome experience all times of year.. I think the Sunset and Bioluminescence Tour is the best option BK Adventure has.. You can take an hour and a half long bioluminescence only tour most nights for $55.. During the day time, there is a river kayaking tour option in Geneva, Florida which is closer to Orlando.. We had an amazing time our sunset and bioluminescence kayaking tour!

Bioluminescence kayaking in Florida is a thrilling underwater light show on dark summer nights in the Mosquito Lagoon. Here's what a tour is like.

Just when I had decided that Florida summers were pure hell, I had one of those memorable experiences that makes the heat and humidity almost worth it: Kayaking at night on the Mosquito Lagoon experiencing the spectacular eerie glow of bioluminescence, Florida’s underwater light show.. That means that every paddle of a kayak creates a wave of glowing light, every wake left by a neighboring boat has a glowing trail and, most excitingly, every splash of a mullet sets off a small light show.. As the sun sets over Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, kayaks are lined up ready to launch for a bioluminescence kayaking trip.. I had written about the bioluminescence kayaking trips run by A Day Away Kayak Tours years earlier and I finally got to go on one.. These bioluminescence kayaking trips cost $55 for adults or $75 for a clear kayak (per person.). Kayakers meet at a sandy boat landing off the Haulover Canal in the middle of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near Titusville, Florida.. Vultures in a tree as Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Titusville, Florida, while waiting to go on a bioluminescence kayaking trip.. The bioluminescence kayaking tour started at dusk and as it darkened and we paddled out of the Haulover Canal into a shallow lagoon, we began to see the bioluminescence glow of water with each of our strokes.. The tour travels no great distance and once the group gets to the lagoon, each kayak is free to paddle off a bit and basically play with the water.. Meanwhile, it felt like it was raining mullets and the sound effects included fish thumping against boats and squeals from kayakers now sharing boats with trapped mullets flipping away.. Bioluminescence kayaking on Mosquito Lagoon in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Florida as the sun sets.. Because bioluminescence kayaking requires dark and photography requires light, the phenomenon is virtually unphotographable.. The author, Bonnie Gross, travels with her husband David Blasco, discovering off-the-beaten path places to hike, kayak, bike, swim and explore.


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