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AG Real Estate is the real estate subsidiary of AG Insurance and the real estate consultant of Ageas. We aspire to manage a portfolio of diversified assets as an integrated operator in an optimal and sustainable manner. Concurrently investor and developer, we operate in Belgium, France and Luxembourg and on certain select European markets, in the best interest of our clients and partners.



Development We draw on our long experience in property development to offer our clients and partners advice and guidance that meet their expectations as closely as possible. Learn more
Investment With a range of stable and diversified assets, AG Real Estate manages a portfolio that is being constantly optimized and has astute knowledge of the Belgian, French and Luxembourgish markets. Learn more
Financing Our expertise affords us the opportunity to offer, thanks to the financing capacity of AG Insurance, financing solutions for commercial real estate and for public buildings or infrastructure as well as public-private partnerships (PPP). Learn more
PPP AG Real Estate defends a constructive approach to public-private partnerships (PPP) in which we assume different roles: investor, long-term financier and project owner. Learn more
Parking management Interparking is a 51% subsidiary of AG Real Estate geared to the management of public parking facilities. The Interparking group has been designing, developing, holding and operating more than 900 public on- and off-street parking facilities for more than 50 years. Learn more
Careers Work with us As the leader on the Belgian real estate market, we are involved in a societal project geared to a responsible approach. Welcome to our world



AG Real Estate is concurrently an investor, developer and real estate manager. We work in close cooperation with our partners and have the interest of our clients at heart.

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Residential Sustainable and well-situated urban complexes. Discover

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Healthcare Well-designed homes for superior quality of life. Discover

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Parking Parking facilities in the service of the city and its users by our parking subsidiary Interparking. Discover

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Office A diversified and optimized office portfolio. Discover

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Retail From design to operation of retail sites. Discover

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Warehouse Expertise in the rental of logistics platforms. Discover



Executive Committee

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Video: Realty Belgium 2019 - Interview de Serge Fautré - CEO AG Real Estate

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Chief Investment Officer

Amaury de Crombrugghe

Amaury de Crombrugghe is the Chief Investment Officer Retail, Office & Warehouse of AG Real Estate. Amaury earned a degree from the European University of Antwerp and Barcelona with a thesis on Risk Management. In parallel to a passion for real estate which he developed from a very early age, he embarked on his career at Grey Advertising where he was account manager for three products belonging to Procter&Gamble. Real estate companies such as Jones Lang Lasalle, Cofinimmo, CB Richard Ellis and Banimmo have also put their trust in him for his innate sense of business relationship, his vision of asset management and his administrative acumen.

Chief Development Officer

Xavier Denis

Xavier joined AG Real Estate in 2018 as Chief Development Officer. He has over 20 years of multidisciplinary and international experience in real estate in both the listed and non-listed sectors. He is a member of RICS and IPI-BIV, past Chair of ULI Belgium and past Chair of the Investors’ Commission at UPSI-BVS. Xavier graduated from UCL as a Civil Engineer Architect and received an MBA from INSEAD.

Chief Executive Officer

Serge Fautré

Serge Fautré is the Chief Executive Officer of AG Real Estate. He joined AG Real Estate in 2012, after ten years as CEO and Managing Director of Cofinimmo. Serge currently serves as Chairman of Interparking, Vice-Chairman of Ascencio, President of the Executive Master in Real Estate and Honorary Chairman of UPSI (Union Professionnelle du Secteur Immobilier). From 2005 to 2009, he also served as Chairman of EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association). He holds a Master in Economics from the Université Catholique de Louvain and a Master in Business Administration from Chicago Booth.

Chief Design & Build Officer

Philippe Monserez

Philippe Monserez has been the Chief Design&Build Officer at AG Real Estate since the end of 2016. After having graduated as Master in Engineering & Construction, he started his professional career as Structural Engineer and Project Manager at Agrotechnic. Later, he also obtained a Master in Business Engineering (EHSAL, Brussels, 1989) and continued his professional career at ASLK Bank & Insurances, Fortis Bank and BNP Paribas Fortis. In 2012 he joined AG Real Estate as Programme Director for the PPP “Scholen van Morgen”. Finally, he is involved in PropTech Lab Belgium as member of the Advisory Board.

General Counsel

Laurent Stalens

Laurent Stalens has been the General Counsel of AG Real Estate since 2009. Having earned a Law degree from the Catholic University of Louvain and then a Master’s Degree from the Solvay Business School, Laurent worked first as a tax advisor consultant and then joined Bernheim Comofi in 1995 as Tax Manager. In 2002, he became Head of Tax at AG Real Estate. He has acquired experience in various segments of real estate through the years as regards the management, acquisition, and structuring of real estate transactions. Laurent is also active in the UPSI (the professional organization of the real estate sector) where he was Chairman of the tax committee and, since 2018, Vice-chairman of the FIIS committee.

Video: Realty Belgium 2019 - Interview de Amaury de Crombrugghe CIO AG Real Estate

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Van Begin

Marc Van Begin is the Chief Financial Officer of AG Real Estate, where he has worked since 2002. He plays an active role in Interparking (Car Parks), DTH Partners LLC (NYC multifamily RE), Scholen van Morgen (School infrastructure). Marc is also in charge of the RE Financing and Infrastructure equity activity of AG Real Estate. Having graduated from Solvay Business School in 1988 with a Master in Business Administration, Marc has subsequently worked with Arthur Andersen (1988-1993) as Auditor and Consultant, with the investment bank Lessius Management (1993-1997) as Investment Manager, and with the chemical group EVC International (1997-2001) as Corporate Finance Manager and Business Controller.



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A decisive action in the service of deep convictions: AG Real Estate has adopted a code of business conduct and has embarked on implementing a sustainable development policy – a real backbone to drive the group’s commitments.

Taking action to support the development of the city

Our sustainable development policy addresses the need to draw up a declaration of commitments and actions to redefine the city of tomorrow. These (tangible and measurable) actions are to be assessed on an annual basis and to be implemented by means of operational procedures.

AG Real Estate has taken the initiative to subscribe to the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a framework that provides stringent guidelines accompanied by ambitious measures. We decided to select 11 of the 17 goals set in this Agenda 2030 to respond more effectively to the challenges we face.

Video: Sustainability @AG Real Estate

We are deploying this programme in a horizontal and transparent manner on the scale of our different lines of business and in accordance with concrete issues so as to give greater meaning to our projects. Our commitment is thus taking roots in the group to grow and extend to society as a whole.

Our lines of action Our sustainability policy Our sponsoring policy

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10/03/2022 BESIX RED and AG Real Estate complete the sale of ICÔNE BESIX RED Luxembourg and AG Real Estate, on behalf of its parent company AG Insurance, announce that they have finalized the signature of the contract for the acquisition by AG Insurance of 100% of the shares of the company B-9 S.A., owner of the office building ICÔNE in Belval, Luxembourg. The parties thus formalize their agreements reached at the end of 2021. Learn more

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Press Contact

Aurore Moens

Communication & PR Manager


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Press Contact

Roxane Decraemer

Strategic Marketing, External Communication & PR Manager


Discover the AG Real Estate pressroom


Video: Realty Belgium 2019 - Interview met Amaury de Crombrugghe - CIO AG Real Estate


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