Best Beach Cart (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022 (2022)

Benefits of a Beach Cart

  • Carry more. Whether your carrying pets, children, or gear, they all start out feeling manageable and get progressively heavier as time goes on. Load your gear into a cart and have more space to carry more beach supplies. Wagons have the added benefit of carrying small children or pets.
  • Less body stress. Carrying all of that gear can be heavy, stressing your muscles and putting additional pressure on your body. Putting everything into a cart means there’s less weight on you. Now you can get to your beach spot and not feel worn out.
  • Go further. Since a cart makes it easier to carry more, you can walk further with fewer issues. No more fears of making multiple mile-long trips to the car. Walk further and get closer to the water or find a more secluded spot on the sand.

Types of Beach Carts

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These carts look like a wagon with a long and low storage area. There are four wheels and a handle for pulling. These are perfect for carrying pets, children, coolers, or anything else that needs horizontal space. Some also come with a canopy cover to provide the interior storage with shade. For the best quality wagon, look for one with a lightweight yet durable frame, large wheels, and an adjustable handle.


These carts are vertical in shape and have two wheels on one side of the base. To use them, you’ll tilt them onto the wheels and then pull or push them where you want to go. This style is ideal for carrying skinny and tall items. You could put rolled-up towels, a surfboard, and an umbrella in them. Some are open style, so instead of having a cargo compartment, you strap your items to it. This makes them more versatile as you can use them to carry larger items like your beach chairs or cooler.


This type of cart is a crossover of the other two types. It has a vertical design for the body, making it similar to the dolly style. However, it also has four wheels, making it similar to the wagon. These carts are nice because you can easily push or pull them in any direction. However, you’ll need to be careful because they can easily tip over if they are too tall.

Top Brands

Beau Jardin

Beau Jardin is a go-to company for home products with a dedication to producing rich, colorful, and convenient home products. Its product line features solar lights, folding wagons, barbecues, cat trees, and doormats. Customers can trust their products to be durable and dependable. The Beau Jardin Heavy Duty Wagon is sure to impress with its 300-pound maximum weight capacity.


Life is meant for living, and that’s the philosophy that the team at MacSports follows. The company’s collection of products include everything you need to make your outdoor time more enjoyable and comfortable. This includes chairs, hammocks, wagons, and loungers. The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Cart is a strong cart that will carry everything you want to bring with you.

Rio Brands

Founded in 1947, families have trusted Rio Brands for generations for its premium outdoor furniture. The company stands out for being a family run business that produces premium quality beach chairs and carts. The Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler is a stroller style cart that will give you plenty of cargo capacity.

Beach Cart Pricing

  • Under $100: You can buy a simple and lightweight beach cart in this price range. It may not use the highest quality materials or be the most durable, but it’ll work great for the occasional beachgoer.
  • $100 to $125: The majority of beach carts are in this price range. They vary in style, quality, and features. They will serve the regular beachgoer with the average amount of gear perfectly.
  • $125 and up: The carts in this price range have the most features, durability, and strength. They’re perfect for someone who is at the beach almost daily or has an entire family’s worth of gear to bring with them.

Key Features


The wheels of your cart need to be large, both in diameter and width. This gives them more surface area and prevents them from sinking into the sand. The wheels should also have a tread on them to give the wheels’ traction and allow them to dig in and roll. Some beach carts have inflatable wheels. These tend to be the largest style of wheels on beach carts.

Storage Capacity

Look at the amount of space that’s in the storage compartment. This will tell you what you can fit into the beach cart. Look for one that’s large enough to carry everything you want in it. Look for a weight capacity, as this can affect how the cart rolls and steers. On average, beach carts can carry 15 to 25 pounds.


The cart’s material will directly affect its durability and weight. A steel frame will be strong and durable. However, it can be susceptible to corrosion and is heavy. Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. However, it isn’t the most durable. Plastic can be suitable for light-duty applications and is corrosion resistant. However, plastic can degrade from UV rays.

Other Considerations

  • Portability. Some beach carts fold down to make it easier to transport them. Four-wheeled wagons tend to fold in the center to become flat. A dolly style tends to fold in half to reduce its length. If you have a smaller vehicle, look for a cart that will fit in your trunk or backseat.
  • Style. There are three main types of beach carts to choose from. The style that you pick will depend on what you need to carry and the type of sand you’ll want to roll it on. Some carts will do better on hard-packed sand, while others are meant for soft sugar sand.
  • Handles. The handle shape, size, and placement are crucial. A wider handle on a wagon-style will give you more maneuverability. If the length is adjustable, it will be more comfortable for users of different heights. An ergonomic or padded handle will be less stressful on your hand when pulling a heavier load.

Best Beach Carts Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Best Overall

TMZ All Terrain Wide Wheel Folding Wagon

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Push or pull this cart with one of the two handles that are on either end of the wagon. One is a smaller pull handle that extends 43.7 inches. The other is a larger and wide handle that’s perfect for pushing. This wagon can carry up to 265 pounds, thanks to the heavy-duty iron frame and 600D Oxford fabric. What makes this cart nice is that it folds down almost flat and stays standing while folded. Use the included locking function to keep it folded down.

One issue with this cart is that the wheels tend to lack traction. While they are large enough, they lack the aggressive tread that some other carts have. There are also no instructions, which can leave you to figure it out on your own.

Best Value

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide

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This cart looks like it’s ready for the beach with its lighter frame and brightly patterned fabric. When open, the cart measures 17.5 x 17.11 x 29.51 inches. It’s easy to steer this cart because it only weighs 18 pounds and has extra-wide 10-inch wheels with tread. The frame is made of steel to give it strength and durability. Included with the cart is a removable tote with a shoulder strap, umbrella holder, and heavy-duty mesh cargo compartments. What makes this cart stand out is how fast it dries, making it convenient when going home from a day at the beach.

The downside of this cart is that the wheels are made of hard plastic. This makes them loud when rolling on hard surfaces, and they tend to sink in deep soft sand.

This heavy-duty wagon has a lightweight aluminum frame and 600D polyester body. It comes in four color options, grey, blue, red, and black. When open, the wagon measures 42.5 x 21 x 40 inches. The handle telescopes for easier pulling ability. The wheels have a diameter of 7 inches and are 3.7 inches wide. You can load up to 150 pounds in this wagon. Steering this wagon is easy thanks to the wheels swiveling 360 degrees. What’s nice about this wagon is that the frame is powder-coated black for improved looks and durability.

Unfortunately, the handle on this wagon doesn’t extend enough, so it feels a bit short for taller people. Several plastic components can reduce the durability of the wagon.

Best Looking

Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart

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Stand out at the beach with this bright blue beach cart. It’s constructed of a powder-coated steel frame with a cushioned handle and a removable 15 cubic foot cargo bag. When folded flat, it measures 27 x 32 x 10 inches, and open, it measures 27 x 40 x 31 inches. It also comes with a full-size 48-quart cooler with zippered side pouches. It attaches to the handle for easy carrying. There’s also an umbrella holder, cushioned handle, and a rack for four beach chairs. The wheels are extra wide and measure ten inches in diameter. You can load up to 100 pounds on this cart.

Unfortunately, the wheels aren’t solid. This lets the sand cave in around them, and the wheels sink on softer terrain. The cargo bag material isn’t the most durable either.

Most Portable

Folding Beach Trolley

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This beach cart stands out for its balloon style wheels. You’ll inflate them with the included air pump. The cart folds down for easy transport. When open, it has a 14 x 14.5-inch platform. The handle is adjustable from 29 inches to 49 inches. You can carry up to 165 pounds on this cart. The frame of this cart is made from weather-resistant heavy-duty tubular steel. It has an epoxy coating to give it extra durability in extreme weather conditions. The cart weighs 18 pounds and can easily fit into even the smallest of car trunks.

The downside of this cart is that it lacks many features that are on other carts. There are also no instructions included, which can make it challenging to assemble the cart upon delivery.

Honorable Mention

Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart

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Carry up to 100 pounds of gear on this beach cart. It may only weigh 17 pounds, but it can carry up to six beach chairs, has a 48-quart detachable insulated cooler, cup holders, accessories tray, umbrella holder, and a large 15 cubic-foot mesh bag. The front wheels are small and freely swivel for easy steering. The back wheels are oversized at ten inches in diameter for plenty of rolling ability. You can use this cart on wet, dry, deep, or shallow sand. The cooler is large enough to hold enough refreshments and snacks for a family of four.

Unfortunately, the wheels aren’t very durable or sturdy and can wear out quickly on rougher terrain. This shouldn’t be an issue on pavement or sand.

Choose from black, black and blue, or teal for the color of your beach cart. With handles on each end, you can push or pull it. One is a small handle that extends 43.7 inches, and the other is extra wide. They telescope in length to make it perfect for users of various heights. You can load your cart with up to 265 pounds thanks to the heavy-duty iron frame and 600D oxford fabric. The fabric secure to the frame with Velcro and snaps. The rear wheels have brakes to make using and folding this wagon easier. It measures 30 x 17.7 x 10.2 inches, weighs 29.8 pounds, and comes fully assembled.

One potential drawback of this cart is that it isn’t meant to transport children or pets. This can limit its versatility and use.

Honorable Mention

Ultra Wide Wheel Beach Cart

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This steel tube framed beach cart can carry up to 77 pounds. The cart itself weighs 13.5 pounds. The frame comes fully assembled. You only need to snap on the wheels; no hardware is required. The front wheels measure four inches in diameter, and the rear wheels are ten inches in diameter and four inches wide. It can hold up to four chairs, has an umbrella holder, and a deluxe removable tote bag. There’s also an optional bodyboard pouch. The handle has a neoprene grip to make it comfortable to hold. This cart measures 37 x 16 x 8 inches when folded, and when open, measures 39.5 x 16 x 28.8 inches.

Unfortunately, the wheels are made of plastic, which can make them less durable. The chair holder isn’t very sturdy, so you’ll want to be careful when loading or unloading your chairs.

Honorable Mention

Portal Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

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If you have a lot to carry, then you need this large beach wagon measuring 35.4 x 19 x 22.4 inches. Quickly unfold it for setup with an extendable handle that adjusts up to 90 degrees. Load your cart with up to 225 pounds. It’s constructed of durable high-density polyester fabric. It rolls on eight-inch diameter wheels that have a traction band down the middle. Steering is easy thanks to their 360-degree spinning ability. There are also two cup holders on the front to make carrying drinks easy. Choose from either black or blue for the color of the fabric.

Unfortunately, the inner liner is a removable cushion. It can move around during use, making the wagon harder to use. The handle isn’t directly connected to the wheels, allowing them to turn on their own making it challenging to steer.

Honorable Mention

Beau Jardin Folding Wagon

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Bring this stable cart with you to the beach and experience how easy the large wheels roll on the sand. There are two handles to push or pull your cart. It measures 49.2 x 19.7 x 31.5 inches, so there’s plenty of room. The frame is alloy steel with a body made from tough 600D polyester canvas. The adjustable handle measures 31.5 inches and rotates 360 degrees. The wheels measure 7.9 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches wide. What makes this cart stand out is the adjustable wheel spacing, making it more versatile on different terrain. Engage the lock, and never worry about your wagon rolling away without you. It folds flat to fit it in your trunk during transport.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to steer this wagon. It also uses Velcro to secure the liner, which reduces its maximum weight capacity.


  • Gather everything you want to carry in your wagon and measure it. That way, you can buy a wagon that’s big enough for everything.
  • Open and clean your wagon after each use. This prevents corrosion and abrasion of the components. Your wagon will last longer.
  • An adjustable wagon or one with removable accessories will be the most versatile and functional. You can then use it for more than just going to the beach.


Q: What are the best beach wagons?

The best beach wagons are large enough to carry all of your supplies and gear. They are also durable and resistant to corrosion. This makes them functional for long term use. What makes the best wagons stand out is that they are easy to use. They should have a simple folding and unfolding process with an extendable handle.

Q: What are the best beach wagons for soft sand?

The best beach wagons for soft sand are ones with wide tires. Bigger tires have more surface area and are less likely to sink. They should also have an aggressive tread design. This enables them to gain traction and effectively roll. Finally, they are easy to clean.

Q: Can You pull a wagon on the beach?

It depends; some wagons are easy to pull on the beach because they have large, wide tires with a tread that allows them to gain traction in soft sand. Other wagons are not easily pulled because they have narrow, smooth tires that do not get any traction.

Q: What is a beach cart?

A beach cart is a wagon or cart with a large storage compartment, wheels, and a handle. This lets you carry a large number of items with you easily at one time. The cart will take the stress off of your back and body by rolling smoothly over the unstable terrain.

Final Thoughts

The TMZ All Terrain Wide Wheel Utility Folding Wagon is a top choice with its high weight capacity, foot brake, and full swivel wheels. An affordable yet great alternative is the Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide with its sturdy steel frame and quick-drying ability.

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