Best 5 Inflatable Ocean & Sea Kayaks To Pick In 2022 Reviews (2022)

Adventure sports or extreme sports have become widespread lately. One of those is kayaking, and more and more people are taking it up, especially ocean kayaking. If you’re on of those people, inflatable ocean kayaks are just what you need.

This article will show you what best inflatable kayaks for ocean do, what they’re made of, and where to get them. You’ll also find out their specifications, and which inflatable sea kayaks are best, with examples included, based on their specifications and user reviews.

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Most Important Things To Know Kayaks For Ocean

Are Inflatable Ocean Kayaks Safe?

That is probably the first thing that comes to mind when considering inflatable sea kayaks. But fret not, as technology has evolved and developed, inflatable ocean kayaks now provide the same safety level as traditional kayaks do.

Why Should I Get A Blow-Up Sea Kayak?

For starters, if you’re an adventurous person and you go kayaking often, there is your reason number one. Why rent all the time when you can invest once a be set for a long time. The second reason is that you will not have to spend as much money as you would have to if you were to buy a traditional kayak.

Things To Consider

Aside from the obvious first thing to consider, the price, there are other things too. You should consider their stability, weight capacity, ease of inflation/deflation, weight, size, portability and how easy they are to paddle. This may seem complicated, but this article will highlight all of these features for each product reviewed.

Take More People With You

You do not have to worry if you have a friend or a significant other that is also into sea/ocean kayaking. There is a wide range of options today, from kayaks for solo use, to those for up to 4 people and maybe even more. Some have removable seats so you can add or remove them according to the number of people with you.

You Can Also Go Fishing

You do not necessarily have to use the inflatable kayak in ocean for paddling only. You can also take it out if you like to fish, or maybe to a lake if that’s the body of water closest to you. Most come with carrying bags, so they are easily transportable.

5 Best Inflatable Kayaks For Sea Use Reviews

Best 1-Person Inflatable Ocean Kayak

Rave Sports Rave Sea Rebel

Perfect For Solo Kayaking

Weighing only 22 pounds, this inflatable sea kayak is perfect for solo use. It is also easily transportable because when deflated, it rolls into a compact size that fits into the smallest of car trunks. It measures 8’6” x 35” and it is recommended for people up to 200 pounds.

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Inflation And Durability

It only takes a few minutes to fully inflate the Rave Sea Rebel inflatable kayak, and that is provided by a high-quality one-way air valve. The hand pump is included in the package, so you do not have to worry about that or spend any extra money on the hand pump.

For Extra Comfort

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To provide the paddler with maximum comfort, this inflatable sea kayak features an adjustable seat back which even includes a waterproof zip bag for valuables such as wallet, phone, etc. You can even have your water bottle at hand because there is a beverage holder on the Rave Sports Sea Rebel kayak.

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Other Included Features

Besides the high-pressure hand pump, there is also a kayak paddle and a carry bag with handles. When you consider that it is made for solo use, all of these features come in handy for easy transportation when inflated and deflated.


  • 22 pounds
  • Included hand pump and carry bag
  • Adjustable seatback
  • Beverage holder

Best 2-Person Inflatable Sea Kayak

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Weight And Size

When inflated, this inflatable ocean kayak measures 12’6” x 39”, and deflated measures 31” x 20” x 9” which makes it easily transportable in its carry bag. It weighs 40 pounds, and for durability, it is made of 1000 Denier reinforced PVC with quadruple overlapped seams.

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Weight And People Capacity

The 380x Explorer can hold 2 or 3 people and has a 750-pound weight capacity. It has a Class IV whitewater rafting rating, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged if you take on serious waves. Also, it takes 8 minutes for the Explorer to fully inflate.

Other Included Features

The Sea Eagle 380x Kayak has 16 open/close drain valves, 24 D-Rings, a drop-stitch floor, and front and back carry handles for easy transport while inflated. The 16 rapid drain valves make sure you drain water as quickly as possible.

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That’s Not All

Aside from the previously mentioned specifications, there is also a separate drop stitch floor that sits on top of the outside floor. It is rigid and high pressure which provides super responsive paddling performance. The outside fabric provides protection for bouncing off rocks and other objects. There is also a large removable fin, which you may or may not need depending on the activity.


  • 2-3-person capacity
  • 750-pound weight capacity
  • Removable fin
  • Drop stitch floor

Best 3-Person Inflatable Ocean Kayak

Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe

Three’s A Party

This inflatable sea kayak can hold from 1 to 3 people. It has a 650-pound weight capacity, and the inflatable kayak itself weighs 26 pounds. When inflated, the size is 12’6” x 3”. It comes with a carry bag so when deflated, it is easily transportable.

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Dogs Welcome Too

The PolyKrylar hull is durable and rugged, and the 38-mil hull can endure dog paws and claws without fear of getting punctured. You can take the kayak to go down Class 3 rapids or a relaxed day paddling at the lake.

More Design Features

For rigidity, the Sea Eagle kayak 370 has the I-Beam floor construction. For tracking with maximum speed and efficiency, there are 2 skegs included. Depending on the number of people included, there are 2 inflatable and removable seats. Moreover, there are covered front and rear storage spaces.

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Safety Features And More

For easy portability when the Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak is inflated, there are front and rear rope handles. Included are also front and rear self-bailing drain valves, and with 100 pumps from your foot pump, the kayak is inflated. There are also two 84-inch aluminum paddles included.

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  • 650-pound weight capacity
  • Up to 3 people
  • Removable seats
  • Paddles included
  • Carry bag included

Best Inflatable Sea Kayak For Fishing

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

What’s It Made Of?

This fishing inflatable ocean kayak is made of 18-gauge PVC, with a thick tarpaulin bottom and a tough nylon cover. All of these features ensure the durability of the inflatable sea kayak. There are multiple air chambers that stay inflated in case one rupture.

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Use It For Fishing

For hands-free fishing, there are Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders. Included D-Rings allow you to attach other additional equipment. Adjustable seats provide more comfort when fishing all day, as well as back support. Consider these things especially if you plan on spending the whole day out fishing.

Attach A Motor

In case the whole day of fishing drains you, you can attach a Sevylor trolling motor. That can come in handy if you want to get to shore more quickly or if you are too tired to paddle. To make sure paddles do not get in the way, there are paddle holders included.

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Other Additional Features

In case of a rupture or puncture, there is the Airtight System which is guaranteed not to leak. The Boston valve is double-threaded for easy inflation and deflation. Again, for a whole day of fishing, you can keep your snacks nearby in mesh storage pockets.


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  • Multiple air chambers
  • Rod holders
  • D-Rings
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Attach a motor

Best Hard-Shell Inflatable Sea Kayak

Driftsun Teton 120 Hard Shell Recreational Tandem Kayak

Important Design Features

Hard-shell kayaks, or traditional kayaks, are what most people think is the safest option when out on the water. Inflatable ocean kayaks are nowadays as safe as traditional ones, but read this section to get a better feel of what hard-shell kayaks are. For strength and durability, this one is made of Single Piece Rotomolded UV Resistant High-Density Polyethylene.

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Holds Up To 3 People

You can take this kayak out for fishing, paddling, or other water recreational activities. With a 500-pound weight capacity, the inflatable sea kayak can hold up to 3 people. There is an additional seat to fit the 3 people if there are that many.

Take Anything With You

The inflatable sea kayak includes 4 flush mount capped rod holders for fishing, 2 mounting points for accessories, rear tank well storage, dual watertight storage hatches and cup holders. You do not have to bring 3 backpacks that take up too much space, you can store everything in your vessel.

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What Else Is Included

There are 2 adjustable EVA padded seats with back support, which is great if you like day-long fishing. For paddling, there are 2 anodized aluminum performance kayak paddles with ergonomic grips, and 8 scupper plugs for self-bailing ports.


  • 500-pound weight capacity
  • Fits up to 3 people
  • Rod holders
  • Mounting points
  • Adjustable seats

Conclusion: Which Inflatable Ocean Kayak Is The Best?

Inflatable ocean kayak or inflatable sea kayak, the name does not matter. Whichever name you like the best for this type of product, with these many options available, the choice is certainly not easy to make. In the hope that this article helped you, I will recommend 2 products I find best. The first one I like is the Sea Eagle 370 Deluxe because you can bring your dog on board too, and it comes with included paddles. The other one I would recommend is the Sevylor Coleman Colorado, because it has a lot of space for the stuff you need to bring with you and you can attach a motor to it.

If you like boats better than kayaks, you should read this article about the best inflatable boats. For their subgroup, there is an article about the best inflatable boats with motor. If you like to fish, read more and find more products in this article about inflatable fishing boats.

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Best 5 Inflatable Ocean & Sea Kayaks To Pick In 2022 Reviews? ›

  • Best Overall: Kokopelli Moki I Inflatable Kayak. ...
  • Best Overall, Runner-up: Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Sport. ...
  • Best Budget: Intex Challenger Kayak Inflatable Set. ...
  • Best for Camping: Sea Eagle 3-Person Inflatable Kayak. ...
  • Best for Fishing: Intex Excursion Pro Kayak. ...
  • Most Lightweight: Advanced Elements PackLite Kayak.
Jul 19, 2022

What is the most durable material for inflatable kayak? ›

The two most well known inflatable kayak materials are PVC and Hypalon. There is also a newer material being used now called Nitrylon.

What is the best sea kayak for beginners? ›

Best Kayaks for Beginners: 10 Easy To Paddle Options
ProductType of kayakSeats
Ocean Duo Rigid Canoe Kayak RotomodSit-on-top2 + 1
Lifetime Beacon Tandem Kayak 12'Sit-on-top2
Driftsun Teton 120 Hard Shell Recreational Tandem KayakSit-on-top2 + 1
Ocean Kayak Malibu TandemSit-on-top 2 person2
10 more rows

What is the easiest kayak to get in and out of? ›

How to Get Into and Out Of a Kayak Smoothly - YouTube

Which is better a sit in or sit on kayak? ›

A sit-in kayak is better for cold or rough water and when you don't want to get wet. A sit-on-top kayak is better for beginners, summer and having fun. A sit-in kayak is optimal for touring, surf, and paddling long distance. While a sit-on kayak is better for learning, cooling off and getting in and out of your kayak.

Are inflatable kayaks good for the ocean? ›

Inflatable kayaks, despite what a lot of people think, are actually incredibly durable. These days they're built to withstand tough conditions. You can take them on flat water, rivers, or even out on the ocean without fear of them popping and sinking.

Are inflatable kayaks worth buying? ›

They're generally very stable compared to hardshell kayaks. Some of them would be hard to capsize on calm water even intentionally. Stability in kayaks correlates with width and inflatable kayaks are usually quite wide. There are disadvantages as well, most importantly, they are slower than hardshell kayaks.

Which is better PVC or Hypalon? ›

Generally, PVC fabric won't last as long as Hypalon fabric, especially when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no protective measures are taken (such as this UV protectant). Hypalon is highly preferable in hot climate areas.

Do sea kayaks tip over easily? ›

Generally, kayaks are safe and don't just tip over for no reason. Most of the time when someone experiences this, it's due to a lack of balance or conditions on the water outside of their control. For example, it's rather difficult, even for a beginner, to tip over in a recreation kayak on a calm river.

Are ocean kayaks any good? ›

Ridiculously stable and maneuverable, it tracks and glides superbly and is comfortable and easy to paddle. Its stability makes it extremely easy to get in and out on the shore or the water.

What size kayak do I need for my height and weight? ›

Kayak Length for Height Chart
Low Volume Kayak< 5 ft. 6 in.< 140 lbs.
Medium Volume Kayak5 ft. 7 in. – 5 ft. 10 in.150 lbs. – 180 lbs.
High Volume Kayak> 5 ft. 10 in.> 180 lbs.
May 17, 2021

How long should a sea kayak be? ›

Sea kayaks—Sea kayaks (or touring kayaks) tend to be the longest of all, around 12-17 feet. (Though it is possible to engineer a compact sea kayak.) Performance kayaks—Performance kayaks are built for speed, and can run from 15-18 feet.

How does a fat person get out of a kayak? ›

How I Kayak! - YouTube

Can you use a regular kayak in the ocean? ›

Rec Kayaking on the Ocean - YouTube

What makes a kayak an ocean kayak? ›

Recreational kayaks and white water boats may not have any bulkheads or may have a single dry compartment in the rear. Sea kayaks, by contrast, have at least 2 sealed compartments – one in the front and one in the rear of the boat.

What is the difference between a river kayak and an ocean kayak? ›

A river kayak has a flatter and shorter hull than a sea kayak. This means that they are better able to move in a responsive and efficient way. When turning a river kayak, the weight distribution in the craft is very significant. The maneuver of “edging” is less challenging in a river kayak than it is in a sea kayak.

How do I choose a sea kayak? ›

Buying your first sea kayak – things to consider - YouTube


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