Back Sleeper? These Are the Best Pillows for You (2022)

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  • Best rated pillow for back sleepers: Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow
  • Best pillow for back and stomach sleepers: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow
  • Best down pillow for back sleepers: Riley Home White Down Pillow
  • Best firm pillow with neck support for back sleepers: Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow
  • Best wedge pillow for back sleepers: Helix Wedge Pillow
  • Best memory foam pillow for back sleepers: WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillows
  • Best medium-firm pillow for back sleepers: Parachute Down Pillow

Remember when you were a kid, and any old pillow would do? Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies become a bit pickier about the type of pillow we need for a good night’s rest.

In many cases, as you age, your sleep position determines the type of pillow that’s most comfortable and supportive. And if you’re a back sleeper, you need a pillow that allows for proper spine alignment, comfort, and adequate support for your head and neck.

If you’re not sure what type of pillow works best for you, we’ve rounded up seven of the best pillows for back sleepers to help you in your quest to find the right one.

To find the best pillows for back sleepers, we took into account:

  • specific features such as firmness, loft, adjustability, and quality of materials
  • recommendations from an expert who treats people with neck and back pain and who often recommends pillows for their patients based on sleep position
  • user reviews and customer feedback
  • how easy each pillow is to clean (both the cover and the pillow itself)

Pricing guide

Pillow prices vary by fill and brand. Most pillows come in standard, queen, and king sizes. We based our pricing guide on a standard pillow size.

  • $ = under $60
  • $$ = $60–$80
  • $$$ = over $80

Best rated pillow for back sleepers

Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow

  • Price point: $$
  • Fill: memory foam

Key features: It’s affordable, adjustable, and has an abundance of positive reviews from customers — just a few reasons why we consider Coop Home Goods to be the best-rated pillow for back sleepers.

This pillow seems to work well for anyone who’s looking for a balance of soft and firm, with enough support to encourage proper posture. Plus, since it’s fully adjustable, you’re in control of the loft and height. Simply add or remove the foam to determine what works best for you.

This top pick is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. And it comes with a 100-night guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, contact customer service for a full refund, no questions asked.

Considerations: Some customers report that the pillow sleeps hot. Also, you may want to let it sit out for a while before tossing it on your bed. This pillow can have an odor when it first comes out of the package. Plus, it’s only available in queen and king sizes, so you may need to keep looking if you want a standard size.


  • comes with extra foam for adjusting the loft and height
  • vegan and cruelty-free
  • pillow is washable


  • may be too warm for cool sleepers
  • some say it has an odor when first out of the packaging
  • firm feel may not be ideal for stomach sleepers

Buy the Coop Home Goods Original Loft Pillow online.

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Best pillow for back and stomach sleepers

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow

  • Price point: $$$
  • Fill: memory foam

Key features: If you tend to sleep on both your back and stomach, the TEMPUR-Symphony pillow with its dual-sided design is a worthy contender. For back sleepers, the pillow can provide additional support for your head, neck, and shoulders with a gentle arch on the back-sleeper side. Flip it over, and stomach sleepers can appreciate the flatter, more traditional side of the pillow.

According to customers, it has a medium-firm feel, and it also tends to be cooler than other memory foam pillows.

Considerations: This pillow is on the higher end of the price spectrum. Also, it only comes in a standard size: 24 by 17 inches and 5 inches thick. Plus, you can only wash the cover, not the pillow. Tempur-Pedic doesn’t accept returns on pillows, either, so keep that in mind before purchasing.


  • generous warranty
  • comes with a removable cover for easy washing
  • sides have different shapes to accommodate different sleeping styles


  • pricier than other top picks
  • profile is likely too high for stomach sleepers
  • cover is washable, but not the pillow

Buy the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow online.

Best down pillow for back sleepers

Riley Home White Down Pillow

  • Price point: $$$
  • Fill: 750 fill power white down

Key features: If you’re looking for a comfortable 100 percent down fill pillow that also offers good neck support, the Riley Home White Down Pillow may just fit the bill.

Available in both plush and firm density, this machine-washable fluffy pillow is filled with down that carries the Responsible Down Standard certification. This means it follows strict standards to ensure humane animal treatment and the highest quality down.

If you’re a back sleeper, it’s recommended that you opt for the plush density. This will allow you to sink into the pillow but still feel support in your neck.

Considerations: This pillow is more expensive than many other back-sleeper pillows, but it does come with a 5-year warranty.

Buy the Riley Home White Down Pillow online.

Best firm pillow with neck support for back sleepers

Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow

  • Price point: $
  • Fill: polyester fiber fill

Key features: If you’re a back sleeper who’s looking for a firm pillow to support your neck’s cervical curvature, the D-Core Cervical Support Pillow is one to consider.

“Back sleepers need a pillow that presses firmly into the cervical curve without pushing the neck into a tilted-forward position,” says Dr. Gil Kentof, founder of the Dr. Gil Center for Back, Neck, and Chronic Pain Relief. This pillow’s cervical roll has the ability to comfortably cradle your head and restore proper curvature of your spine.

Considerations: Your body may need time to adjust to this pillow, so it’s best to ease slowly into using it. The good news is you can choose between the pillow’s two cervical roll options. One side has a smaller roll, which is ideal if you’re just beginning to use the pillow or need less support. On the other side is a larger roll for maximum support.


  • budget-friendly
  • designed to support neck and cradle head
  • very firm support
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  • may take time for your body to adjust to the feel
  • could experience initial neck pain during the adjustment period
  • not ideal for people who want a softer pillow

Buy the Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow online.

Best wedge pillow for back sleepers

Helix Wedge Pillow

  • Price point: $$$
  • Fill: gel memory foam layer and polyurethane foam

Key features: Sleeping on a wedge pillow may take some getting used to, but back sleepers who’ve made the switch rave about the benefits. Some advantages, according to customers, include less neck and back pain, less snoring, and fewer bouts of acid reflux at night.

The Helix Wedge Pillow is a medium-firm wedge offering 10 inches of support and a layer of cooling gel memory foam. Plus, it comes with a 100-night sleep trial.

Considerations: A wedge pillow isn’t for everyone. Many people only use them for reading or watching television, but if you experience snoring, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or neck pain, you may want to consider trying one. Be sure, also, to talk with your doctor about any additional treatment.


  • includes top layer of cooling gel memory foam
  • can use for your neck or behind your knees
  • helps elevate your head while you sleep


  • not designed for side or stomach sleepers
  • taller than other wedge pillows
  • takes time for your body to adjust

Buy the Helix Wedge Pillow online.

Best memory foam pillow for back sleepers

WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillows

  • Price point: $
  • Fill: memory foam

Key features: The WonderSleep Premium pillow is fully adjustable and designed to improve your sleeping posture. Filled with 100 percent shredded memory foam and wrapped in a breathable cover, the WonderSleep puts you in control of the firmness. For a firmer pillow, simply add foam. To decrease the firmness, remove the foam filling until you find the right support for your back and neck.

It also comes with stay-cool material and a breathable cover that helps keep you cool. Plus, you get two pillows, which makes the WonderSleep an affordable option for couples.

Considerations: The pillows tend to have an odor, so be prepared to let them breathe before using.


  • adjustable for different loft preferences
  • comes with two pillows
  • machine-washable cover


  • users say it has an odor when first out of the packaging
  • back sleepers will likely need to adjust the material

Buy the WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillows online.

Best medium-firm pillow for back sleepers

Parachute Down Pillow

  • Price point: $$$
  • Fill: 750 fill power European white down

Key features: The Parachute Down Pillow may work well for back sleepers who like a medium-firm pillow that offers neck support but still has an airy, quality feel.

The pillow comes in three densities — soft, medium, and firm — so you can accommodate your sleep style. It’s recommended that back sleepers opt for the medium density. Customers praise the pillow for its ability to maintain its shape after use as well as how cool the pillow sleeps. Parachute’s pillow carries the Responsible Down Standard certification.

Considerations: Down isn’t for everybody since it’s often more expensive and doesn’t retain its shape as well as memory foam. If you choose the standard size, don’t be surprised if it feels slightly smaller than the typical standard-size pillow.

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  • available in two sizes and soft, medium, or firm density
  • generous warranty
  • soft sateen cotton cover


  • pricier than other brands
  • won’t be a good fit if you sleep hot
  • may have a mild initial odor

Buy the Parachute Down Pillow online.

Still searching for the right sleep products?

Let us help. Shop our top picks for pillows by condition or sleep position to get the sound sleep you deserve.

PriceFillSingle/ pair
Coop Home Goods Loft Pillow$$memory foam single
TEMPUR-Symphony Pillow$$$memory foam single
Riley Home Down Pillow$$$ white down single
Core Products D-Core Cervical Support Pillow$polyester fibersingle
Helix Wedge Pillow$$$gel memory foam layer and polyurethane foamsingle
WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Pillow $shredded memory foam pair
Parachute Down Pillow $$$white down single

If you’re looking for a pillow but don’t know where to start, here are some things to consider:

  • Choose a supportive and comfortable pillow. When choosing a comfortable yet supportive pillow for sleeping on your back, Kentof says the key is to find a pillow that provides firm support for the cervical curve of your neck. “The pillow should press into your cervical curve but not cause your neck to jut forward,” he says.
  • Make sure it’s the right thickness. If the pillow is too thick, your head will be forced upward in an unnatural way. And if the pillow is too thin, your head may drop below your shoulders, which can lead to neck or back pain. Try to choose a pillow that keeps your spine in a neutral position and prevents you from tilting in any direction.
  • Consider a pillow for back and side sleepers. Pillows for back sleepers may also be appropriate for side sleepers, so if you tend to switch between the two positions, make sure to look for a design that supports movement from back to side.
  • Check out the fill. You’ll also want to consider the fill. Each type of fill has a different feel and consistency. Knowing what type of fill is most comfortable for you will help you make the right decision.
  • Read the fine print on the warranty. Some pillows come with a limited warranty, with 1 year being the most common. If you’re spending a lot of money on a pillow, a warranty might be an important factor to keep in mind.
  • Choose a pillow with a return policy. If you’re unsure about the type of pillow that will work for you, opt for brands that offer a return policy. Many come with a 30- to 100-day trial.

Sleeping on your back has its merits, including:

  • may promote proper spinal alignment
  • may reduce tension headaches
  • may reduce sinus congestion
  • helps avoid wrinkles, creases, and irritations to the facial skin

But for all its benefits, back sleeping still isn’t for everyone. People who are pregnant may find this sleep position puts too much pressure on their bellies. Those with back pain or sleep apnea may also need to avoid sleeping on their backs.

Tips for back sleepers

(Video) Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

How you sleep is a matter of preference, but there are some ways to help improve your sleep quality if you’re a back sleeper.

Use a pillow beneath your knees

If you spend most of the night sleeping on your back, you may find it more comfortable to sleep with a pillow beneath your knees. This can help reduce pressure on your lower back and behind your knees.

The pillow does not have to be large, just big enough to provide support.

Find the right mattress

Back sleepers don’t just need the right pillow; they also need a mattress that supports their sleeping position.

In general, avoid a mattress that is too soft or firm, especially if you are prone to low back pain. The ideal mattress will provide a medium level of firmness to keep your body in a supported position.

If possible, seek recommendations from a sleep or mattress expert who can help you choose a mattress with the right firmness and pressure points.

Keep your head and neck in the right position

Sleeping on your back can place a lot of pressure on your neck, spine, and lower back. Therefore, the right pillow can help keep your head and neck in proper alignment.

Aim to keep your neck in a neutral position, which should keep your neck from being over-elevated or too flat when your head is on the pillow.

Do back sleepers need a pillow?

Yes. Back sleepers need a pillow that’s firm enough to properly support the natural curvature of the neck. It also needs to be the right thickness to ensure proper alignment. A pillow that’s too thick or too thin will cause back or neck pain.

Which pillow firmness is best for back sleepers?

Medium firm tends to be the best option for back sleepers. Firmness describes its feel and how much it flattens when you lie down on it. The pillow’s materials will play a big role.

Remember that the best pillow for back sleeping is one that keeps your neck in a neutral position, so make sure the pillow you choose is firm enough for that kind of support.

How can I train myself to sleep on my back?

Here are a few tips if you want to train yourself for back sleeping:

  • First, you’ll need a supportive mattress to ensure your body can properly relax without sacrificing spinal alignment.
  • Your choice of pillow, as we’ve covered, is key because it needs to maintain a neutral position for your neck.
  • A pillow tucked beneath your knees or lower back can also help relieve pressure in your spine if you’re stuck with a soft mattress.
  • Spread out your arms and legs to better distribute your weight and avoid pressure on your joints.
  • Tuck a pillow on either side of your body as a gentle reminder not to roll over.

If you’re new to back sleeping, expect it will take some time to build up to a full night in this position.

How many pillows should back sleepers use?

The number of pillows you should have in your bed each night depends on your sleeping position and comfort level. In general, back sleepers should use one supportive pillow under their neck.

If low back pain is an issue, you can also place a pillow beneath your knees. This can help relieve pressure in your lower back.

Are memory foam pillows good for back sleepers?

Memory foam pillows are suitable for a variety of sleeping positions, including back sleepers.

Why can’t I get comfortable with sleeping on my back?

For some people, sleeping on their back provides instant comfort. But for others, it takes time to adjust to this sleeping position.

If you want to sleep on your back but find it difficult to get comfortable, your pillow is the first thing to consider. If it is not designed to support a back sleeper, you may want to invest in a new one.

Your mattress may also be contributing to the discomfort, but this is a more costly replacement, so it’s a good idea to start with the pillow.

Is it bad to sleep on your back?

How you sleep depends on your body type, health, and comfort level. Talk with a doctor or other healthcare professional about any concerns you have about how your sleeping position is affecting your health.

If you’re a back sleeper, the design of your pillow can have a big impact on your sleep quality. It can also affect how your neck, shoulders, and back feel in the morning.

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Plus, a pillow with the right amount of neck and head support may help reduce snoring and acid reflux.

Back sleepers need a pillow that allows for proper spine alignment by keeping their head and neck in a neutral position.

Pay attention to different types of fill to determine which one works best for you. Also, take careful note of return policies to make sure you can return a pillow if it’s not the right fit for you.


What is the best type of pillow for back and side sleepers? ›

The Original Casper Pillow is a tried and true all-position pillow, so check it out after reading my Casper Foam Pillow review! Price: $89–$119, with a one-year warranty and a 30-night trial period. The Casper Foam Pillow sleeps cool and has the balanced support that's great for back and side sleepers!

Which my pillow is best for back sleepers? ›

MyPillow uses a color-code system to help you choose the firmness of the pillow. Yellow means the pillow is soft, which is best for stomach sleepers. For back and side sleepers, consider white (medium-firm), green (firm), and blue (extra-firm).

What type of pillow is best? ›

  • Best Pillow Overall: Coop Eden Adjustable Pillow.
  • Best Pillow For Neck Pain: Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Neck Pillow.
  • Best Pillow For Side Sleepers: Layla Kapok Pillow.
  • Best Pillow For Side Sleepers With Neck Pain: Parachute Down Side Sleeper Pillow.
  • Best Down Pillow: Boll & Branch Down Pillow.
Jul 14, 2022

Is firm or soft pillow better for back sleepers? ›

Back sleepers should use a very firm pillow or wedge to elevate the top half of the body. Stomach Sleepers. If your preference is to sleep on your tummy, you will want to seek out a soft pillow. By using a softer pillow, your head will be closer to the mattress, keeping the integrity of your neck's natural alignment.

Should back sleepers use a pillow? ›

Side and back sleepers usually require a pillow to maintain proper spinal alignment. Side sleeping leaves the largest gap between the head and the pillow. Accordingly, this position tends to require a higher loft pillow to help keep the head, neck, and spine aligned and prevent tension in the shoulders.

What pillow is best for upper back pain? ›

To reduce back and neck pain, a wedge pillow under your head, under your knees as an elevation pillow, or between your legs while you sleep can provide the comfortable support you've been looking for. Made from gel memory foam, it's an extra cooling pillow and is comfortable while contouring to your unique curves.

How high should a pillow be for back sleepers? ›

Back Sleepers – If you get your shuteye on your back, consider a pillow between four and five inches in height. These mid-loft pillows can help you keep your head in the clouds and in line with your spine all night long.

Which MyPillow is best for neck pain? ›

The Best Pillows for Neck Pain
  • Best Overall - Saatva Latex Pillow.
  • Best Value - GhostBed GhostPillow - Shredded.
  • Best for Side Sleepers - Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow.
  • Best for Spinal Alignment - Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow.
  • Best Adjustable - Luxome LAYR Customizable Pillow.
Jul 13, 2022

Why does MyPillow turn yellow? ›

And should you be concerned? Pillows turn yellow because of sweat. There are other reasons why a pillow may start to turn yellow including falling asleep with wet hair, lotions and oils on the skin, and moisture. When moisture or sweat remains on the pillow for long periods of time, the pillow will turn yellow.

What kind of pillows do they use in 5 star hotels? ›

The Best Hotel Pillows
  • Best Overall - Saatva Down Alternative Pillow.
  • Best Value - Brooklinen Down Pillow.
  • Most Comfortable - Boll & Branch Down Alternative Pillow.
  • Best Luxury - Cozy Earth Silk Pillow.
  • Softest - Pacific Coast Luxury Goose Down Pillow.
  • Best Cooling - Standard Textile Chamber Down Pillow.
Jul 13, 2022

How often should you change your pillows? ›

Most experts recommend replacing pillows every 1 to 2 years. Doing so helps to ensure that you're using pillows that are supportive, clean, and free of allergens. It is also important to care for the pillows you use to ensure their longevity. Generally, you'll be able to tell when it's time to replace your pillows.

What pillows do most hotels use? ›

Down. Down is generally seen as the luxurious filling choice for pillows, which is why luxury hotels will tend to supply down hotel pillows. The most common type is goose down pillows, although duck down pillows are also a potentially cheaper alternative.

Do soft pillows cause neck pain? ›

"If your neck is bent in any way for an extended period of time, you'll get uncomfortable," explains Matthew O'Rourke, a physical therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. He says a pillow that's too soft or too firm often leads to neck pain.

What is the best position for sleeping? ›

Sleeping on your side offers several benefits. It promotes healthy spinal alignment and is the sleep position least likely to result in back pain, especially when supported with pillows.

What kind of mattress is best for back pain? ›

Memory foam and latex mattresses are often considered the best options for back pain, as they conform to your body, cradling pressure points while supporting your spine and keeping it aligned.

Do hotels wash their pillows? ›

Typical Laundering Cycles for Hotel Bedding

Common industry practice states that sheets, pillowcases, and towels are processed and laundered between each guest stay.

Can you wash pillows in the washing machine? ›

Down or feather: Most down pillows can be put in the washing machine. But use cool water and a mild detergent, then dry on low heat. (High temperatures can damage the down.) Memory foam or latex: Washer agitation can break up foam, so these pillows will probably need to be hand-washed.

How much of your pillow is dust mites? ›

The research stated that after two years, approximately 1/3 of a pillow's weight contains dead skin, dust mites (which eat the dead skin), and droppings (poop from all those mites)! Additionally, 10% of people and 80% of allergy sufferers are allergic to proteins found in waste and decomposed dust mites!

What pillows do the Kardashians use? ›

She tweeted: “Kim Kardashian LOVES Talalay Latex! Talalay Global is Finest made Talalay, see how made at” Gerry Borreggine, CEO of Therapedic, was pleased to learn that Therapedic had a strong selection of pillows in the group pictured by Kardashian.

How do I make my hotel pillows more comfortable? ›

Hotels Wash Their Pillows

Or the stuffing may start to become firm and less comfortable to use. It's essential you wash your pillows correctly, on a gentle wash cycle, and in warm water. However, if you aren't careful, it can become unusable. Hotels should wash their pillows after each visitor, if not every day.

How do you pick the right pillow? ›

These factors include: Your sleeping position – How you sleep can affect which pillow size is best for you. Side sleepers may prefer a thicker soft pillow, while back and stomach sleepers might be more comfortable with thinner pillows that reduce neck strain.

Should you wash your pillows? ›

At the very least, pillows should undergo a good wash every six months. To ensure that your pillows are consistently in their best, consider washing them "at least every three months—or four times a year," says Sansoni. As for pillowcases, wash them with your bedding, which should be a weekly cleaning routine.

When should you throw away pillows? ›

When Is It Time to Get Rid of Old Pillows?
  • You've had the pillow for over two years.
  • The pillow looks shapeless or feels lumpy, due to the lack of pillow stuffing.
  • You experience head or neck pain that is most prominent right when you wake up.
  • The pillow is excessively stained.
  • The pillow is torn or stuffing is coming out.
Aug 27, 2021

What size pillow is best to sleep on? ›

The standard pillow size measuring 20 inches by 26 inches is the most popular. Its compactness makes it easy to fit across any bed size. You can accommodate more sleepers on a bed if you have smaller-sized pillows for each of them.

Why do hotel beds feel so good? ›

The bedsheets used on hotel beds accentuate the feelings of comfort and relaxation, so you feel completely at ease. They are not only soft, but also smell fantastic, thanks to special detergents, fabric softeners, cleaners, and other deodorizing agents that enhance the overall relaxation experience.

What is a hotel style pillow? ›

Down – They have two varieties that are commonly found in hotels; a 600 FP white goose down pillow, that is of medium density, and a 550 FP version that is available in soft, medium, and firm. Chamber – This is a duck down and feather version, although they do make a goose down/feather version for retail sale as well.

Should shoulders be on pillow when sleeping? ›

It should only be thick enough to create a straight line from your head and neck down through your spine. Your shoulders should not be on the pillow.

What happens if your pillow is too high? ›

If the pillow is too high when sleeping sideways or on the back, the neck is bent abnormally forward or to the side, causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders.

How do you get rid of a stiff neck in 10 seconds? ›

Stretches to help a stiff neck
  1. Roll your shoulders backwards and down 10 times.
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together 10 times.
  3. Push your head backwards into your car head rest or hands and hold for 30 seconds.
  4. Bring your ear to your shoulder 10 times on each side.
Nov 30, 2021

What side of the bed does the woman sleep on? ›

Research reveals more women prefer to sleep on the left side of the bed than the right - and the reason why is super cute.

Which side is best to sleep on left or right? ›

Sleeping on your left side is thought to have the most benefits to your overall health. Still, either side can offer benefits in terms of sleep apnea and chronic lower back pain relief. You don't have to stick with one side the entire night. Feel free to start on your left side and see how your body feels.

Which sleeping position is best for blood circulation? ›

Similarly, sleeping on your left side, specifically, could help the flow of blood to your heart. When your heart pumps blood out to your body, it gets circulated and then flows back to your heart on the right side, Winter explains.

Do you need a softer mattress as you get older? ›

Aging joints and bodies require quality comfort layers. Memory foam mattresses can provide a comfortable sleep experience, but low-density foams in support layers can wreak havoc on your back by messing with your alignment,” Lindeke explains.

What is the #1 rated mattress? ›

Saatva earns our top spot because it uses high-quality materials that receive excellent ratings from our consumer panel, especially from those that have owned the bed for more than five years.

What firmness is best for back pain? ›

When in Doubt, Go 'Medium-Firm' Research is limited, but in one study, researchers assigned new mattresses to more than 300 people with low back pain. They used either "medium-firm" or "firm" mattresses for 90 days. Those in the medium group reported the least amount of discomfort.

How do you pick a pillow for a side and back sleeper? ›

If you're a side sleeper, you may need a thicker, firmer pillow to ensure proper alignment while you sleep. But if you're a back sleeper, you'll likely do well with a medium-loft pillow to keep your neck and shoulders from tilting up or down.

What pillow do chiropractors recommend for side sleepers? ›

Hardick says that down-filled and feather pillows tend to be best for side sleepers, as they can more easily fit the shape of the neck's crevice. "Something too thin will cause the neck to flop toward the bed, and something too thick will cause it to kink the other way," he explains.

What kind of pillow should Side sleepers use? ›

Most side sleepers feel comfortable using high-loft pillows because added thickness ensures adequate head and neck support. However, some who favor this position prefer low- to medium-loft instead.

Should side sleepers use two pillows? ›

The ideal pillow should be adjustable so that you can sleep in different positions comfortably. For the maximum comfort and alignment, side sleepers should use two pillows – one for the head and the other for the knees. But simultaneously, you need to be aware of the fetal position which can over-round your lower back.

Where do I put my pillows when I sleep on my back? ›

When lying on the back, a pillow should support the natural curvature, or lordosis, of the cervical spine, with adequate support under the head, neck, and shoulders. Pillow height should be lower than for side sleepers. Placing another pillow or two beneath the knees further alleviates any back strain.

Should I sleep with a pillow under my knees? ›

Putting a pillow between your knees helps keep your pelvis and spine neutral while you sleep. You may find that it helps reduce your back or hip pain. If you're dealing with back pain on both sides, or if you prefer to sleep on your back, you can try sleeping on your back with a pillow beneath your knees.

What pillow do chiropractors recommend? ›

Dr. Hascalovici typically recommends two types of pillow materials: memory foam and down pillows. For starters, memory foam pillows—typically used for both sitting and sleeping—are soft and provide support by filling the gaps created by your body to align the spine, Dr. Hascalovici explains.

What helps neck pain after sleeping? ›

Ice or heat therapy.

Applying ice shortly after a neck strain may help limit the swelling. Ice applications tend to be best for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Heat therapy, such as taking a warm shower or using a heating pad, helps loosen and relax the muscles, which may also reduce pain and improve range of motion.

What pillows do most hotels use? ›

Cover Material: Most hotel pillows use cotton covers in either a percale or a sateen weave. Cotton is popular for its smooth feel and breathability. Some hotel pillows may use lyocell, polyester, rayon, and/or other materials in their covers, all of which can be comfortable depending on their quality and composition.

How often should you change your pillows? ›

Most experts recommend replacing pillows every 1 to 2 years. Doing so helps to ensure that you're using pillows that are supportive, clean, and free of allergens. It is also important to care for the pillows you use to ensure their longevity. Generally, you'll be able to tell when it's time to replace your pillows.

What is the best sleeping position? ›

Sleeping on your side offers several benefits. It promotes healthy spinal alignment and is the sleep position least likely to result in back pain, especially when supported with pillows.

What does hugging a pillow while sleeping mean? ›

The pillow hugger sleeping position actually has many benefits, most of which are psychological. Pillow hugging has a similar effect on the body as hugging a significant other. It triggers the release of oxytocin in the brain, which in turn can relieve pain, boost your immune system and alleviate stress.

Where do I put my arms when sleeping on my side? ›

Try to keep the arm lower than at a right angle to your body (the lower the better normally but don't put your arm flat under your body as you will squash the shoulder). With the bad arm uppermost, use a pillow to rest the arm on. Don't just let it hang onto the bed as that can cause pain.

Is it better to sleep with or without a bra? ›

But contrary to popular belief, there's no medical evidence that says it's bad to sleep with a bra on. Depending on your breast size, sleeping in a bra can limit breast movement, which can help alleviate breast pain and lead to more comfortable sleep. Chest size aside, it really comes down to preference.

Sleep on your back and looking for the right head and neck support? Our guide to the best pillow for back sleepers will share our picks and shopping advice.

Generally, back sleepers require a pillow with a higher loft than pillows for stomach sleepers and a lower loft than pillows for side sleepers.. Down is the fill of choice for many sleepers who enjoy soft pillows, but the Sweet Zzz Plant-Based Pillow caters to those who enjoy the feel of down but cannot sleep on it due to allergies.. The pillow comes with a 50-night sleep trial, during which customers may return the pillow for a full refund as long as the pillow is clean and free of damage.. Who it's best for: Sleepers who prefer very soft pillows Those with aches and pains around the neck and shoulders Shoppers who want to invest in a durable memory foam pillow. Who it's best for: Back and combination sleepers People who prefer the ultra-soft feel of down pillows Shoppers looking for a pillow with loft options. In the questionnaire, Pluto asks your age, height, weight, current pillow style, firmness, and loft, satisfaction level with your current pillow, heat sensitivity, pillow surface preference, sleep position habits, and more.. Pluto Pillows are built with a “pillow within a pillow” hybrid design.. Down and latex pillows tend to cost more than down alternative and memory foam pillows.. Side sleepers and pregnant women often use body pillows so they can “hug” the pillow or put it between their knees as they sleep for increased comfort.. Use a Pillow Beneath the Knees: Some back sleepers, especially those who suffer from lower back pain, might benefit from sliding a small pillow under their knees while lying down.. Pregnant women who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs can use a body pillow or pregnancy pillow to help “train” themselves to sleep on their sides during pregnancy and reduce strain on the hips and lower back.

If you sleep on your back, you need a firm pillow that supports your head and neck alignment. We reviewed the best pillows for back sleepers.

Pros Also good for side sleepers. Pros Also good for side sleepers. It is designed with neck and cervical support in mind and keeps the head, neck, and spine aligned throughout the night.. “Memory foam or natural latex are good options that usually hold up for a long time,” says Dr. Lees.. A mid-height pillow is best for back sleepers to keep the spine in alignment.

These 7 bed-tested pillows will help you get your best night's sleep—every night.

If you’re a back sleeper, then you might have some type of neck pain that prevents you from getting your best night's sleep.. Lucky for you, the perfect pillow for back sleepers isn't too hard to find.. For starters, it should promote "spinal alignment, rather than arching the neck too far upward or allowing the head to sink too deeply," according to the When choosing the best pillow for sleeping on your back, it’s also important to consider the firmness, neck support level, spinal alignment, shape, and temperature.. A pillow that supports your neck is a must-have for back sleepers.. I got this pillow and I sleep so much better.". Right in between soft and firm, this pillow has the perfect amount of support and comfort for back sleepers who need just a li'l extra love on the neck and shoulders.. Reviewers are raving about how comfortable this TEMPUR- Neck pillow is.. Rave Review: "I have a chronic neck and shoulder problem due to years of overuse... in athletics & coaching.. Rave Review: "I have neck issues and have tried so many pillows over the years, I can't even count.. According to the retailer, the wedge shape of this pillow actually helps those who snore while sleeping on their back, ensuring a quieter sleep for all.. Rave Review: "Bought the 7" wedge as a test run to before committing to an adjustable bed base.. It is the only pillow that I've had that allows me a good night’s sleep without waking up in the morning with neck or shoulder pain.". Made from medium-firm memory foam and microfiber, the stretchy, lightweight fill also allows you to shape the pillow for any sleep position.. Consider this the perfect solution for back sleepers who want fully-customizable back support and comfort.. So when I said that I was going to order the Shredded Memory Foam by Coop Home Goods my wife said, 'Here we go again!

Back sleeping is the healthiest position, so it is crucial to have the proper pillow. We’ve found some of the best pillows for back sleepers for your alignment.

But, if you are a back sleeper waking up with aches and pains in your neck or back, your pillow might be the problem.. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite back sleeping pillows to help you get the most out of this healthy sleep position.. The loft of your pillow is crucial when you sleep on your back.. If you are a back sleeper and find you want to take one of these pillows home, look no further than the Sahara Nights Pillow.. Although only roughly 13% of people sleep on their backs, back sleeping is considered the healthiest way to sleep.. Fewer Wrinkles: Unlike side sleepers and stomach sleepers, your head isn’t smushed into the pillow when you sleep on your back.. When choosing a pillow, back sleepers need something that will keep their neck aligned with their spine to avoid waking up with neck pain.. While you’re on the lookout for a new back sleep pillow, here are some pillow features to look out for.. Low loft pillows are great for stomach sleepers because it reduces neck strain, but they increase neck strain for back sleepers due to hyperextension.. This is the ideal loft for both side sleeping and back sleeping because it keeps the neck in a neutral position and works well for those with average shoulders.. The firmness of a pillow refers to the support it offers and the malleability of the pillow.. Firm pillows work well for back sleepers too as long as the loft isn’t too high—firm pillows offer little to no sink.. A contour pillow is a pillow designed to conform to your head, neck, and shoulders.. Back sleepers need to look for a pillow that keeps their neck in a neutral position to make this the best sleeping position for your alignment.

If you sleep on your back, you know how important it is to have a great pillow supporting your head and neck. If you're in the market for the best pillows for back sleepers, check out this in-depth buyer's guide to see which pillows are best for back sleepers!

If you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper, the key to getting a comfortable night’s sleep is having a high quality, supportive pillow for back sleepers that will keep you aligned.. It's made of an aerated cooling gel memory foam that's designed to help support your head and neck when you sleep on your back.. Need Help Sleeping Better?. 4 layers of phase changing cooling to regulate your body temperature Molds to the shape of your head and neck for excellent support while sleeping on your back Washable cover and CertiPur-US® approved material Also great for side sleepers as well 101 night sleep trial – 5 year warranty. This unique memory foam hybrid pillow is designed for all sleep styles, but is especially great when it comes to pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers since its firm, yet fluffy and supportive.

The Best Pillows For Sleeping On Your Back In 2022, The Only One You Need To Know. We Review And Compare All Of The Top-Rated Products For Your Home....

You can't rush into anything without comparing prices, reading reviews, researching brands, and more.. Don't buy anything until after doing all of that because then you'll know the price.. We will help you learn about some of the things to consider when purchasing a product to make an informed decision.. How to find a reputable seller when buying the best pillows for sleeping on your back When looking for the best products, it can be hard to find a reputable seller.. When to buy - now or later on sale The question of when to buy the products is an important one.. The answer to that question depends on how much money you have, your needs, and when the item will be available again for sale.. Where to buy from - online or in-store It can be hard to decide between buying in-store or online, but both have pros and cons.. On the other hand, when buying in-store, this is an excellent way to see the product before purchasing it and get an idea if it fits what you're looking for.. Tips on how to make your purchase Buying the best pillows for sleeping on your back is not always easy and may take time to find.

From affordable back sleeper pillows to inexpensive brands, we round up the top five best pillow for back sleepers. Our favorite pillow brand is #5.

Find a comfy back pillow to help you get a great night’s sleep, with the help of our results on the best pillow brands.. With its ability to mold to the shoulders, neck and head – this is the best back sleeper pillow for neck pain issues – giving you that natural support and comfort needed for a good night’s sleep.. Pros : you get a high-quality pillow (pack of 2) for a good price, the pillow cover is also of high quality and very breathable, feathers stay in the pillow where they belong, with no poking through, and the pillow is very soft while still being supportive.. Why You’ll Like It : If you love feather pillows but have allergies, or want a supportive pillow that is soft yet still feels like you sleep on a cloud, Pacific Coast’s 2-pack double down pillows is perfect for you.. The pillows have a great loft and is medium firm and is our top pick for the best bed pillow for a snoring back sleeper.. A pillow that is medium to firm tends to give the best level of support to the neck, head, and shoulders of those who sleep on their backs.. Some feather pillows will use a bit of down for added softness, but feather pillows are a cheaper option than full down pillows.. A back sleeper needs a pillow that slightly elevates the head, so a medium to firm pillow is necessary.. While back sleeping does help reduce pain and aching when using the right pillow, some back sleepers tend to bend their neck to the side, which knocks the spine out of alignment.

If you’re not sure what type of pillow works best for you, we’ve rounded up eight of the best pillows for back sleepers to help you in your quest to find the right one.

specific features such as firmness, loft, adjustability, and quality of materials recommendations from an expert who treats people with neck and back pain and who often recommends pillows for their patients based on sleep position user reviews and customer feedback how easy each pillow is to clean (both the cover and the pillow itself). Key features: If you’re looking for a comfortable 100 percent down fill pillow that also offers good neck support, the Riley Home White Down Pillow may just fit the bill.. Key features: If you’re a back sleeper who’s looking for a firm pillow to support your neck’s cervical curvature, the D-Core Cervical Support Pillow is one to consider.. Key features: The Parachute Down Pillow may work well for back sleepers who like a medium-firm pillow that offers neck support but still has an airy, quality feel.. When choosing a comfortable yet supportive pillow for sleeping on your back, Kentof says the key is to find a pillow that provides firm support for the cervical curve of your neck.. Remember that the best pillow for back sleeping is one that keeps your neck in a neutral position, so make sure the pillow you choose is firm enough for that kind of support.

Our in-depth guide to the best pillow for side sleepers will tell you what you need to know to find a supportive option that cradles your head and neck.

The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow is an excellent choice for side sleepers who want to splurge a little on their pillow purchase.. While loft can be a matter of personal preference, side sleepers on our team tended to prefer the higher loft pillow to ensure adequate support and cushioning for the head and neck.. Who it's best for: Sleepers looking for pillow with an adjustable loft and firmness Hot sleepers Side sleepers who want support for the head and neck. Who it's best for: Sleepers looking for a high loft pillow People who prefer the plush, airy feel of a down/feather pillow Hot sleepers. Many of the down pillows we’ve tested sink deeply and do not offer enough support for side sleepers, but the Brooklinen Down Pillow is a notable exception.. Who it's best for: Sleepers looking for a medium loft pillow People who prefer a soft and conforming pillow feel Hot sleepers. The Layla Kapok Pillow has a mid-range price-point compared to other shredded memory foam pillows we’ve tested.. The cooling fabric and phase change material make this pillow cooler than many of the other foam pillows we’ve tested.. Keep reading to learn about special pillow considerations for side sleepers, and how to choose a pillow model based on your body type and personal preferences.. In your research for a pillow that is compatible with side sleeping, you’ll no doubt come across pillow manufacturers who claim their products are suitable for all sleep positions, or that their pillows’ construction and materials offer universal comfort for all sleepers regardless of body type or personal preference.. Based on our hands-on tests, we’ve noticed that the best pillow fill materials for side sleepers include memory foam, latex, buckwheat hulls, and other components that offer sufficient support without feeling too firm.. However, you may have to do some digging – most major pillow manufacturers don’t offer this size.Queen20W” x 30L”CommonA queen size pillow is 4 inches longer than the standard, providing more room for people who toss and turn or use the entire surface of their pillow.King20W” x 36L”Very commonKing size pillows offer the most length among common pillow sizes.. However, king size pillows tend to be the most expensive models.Body48W” x 20L” (or wider)RareA body pillow is at least 4 feet wide, and should be ideal for anyone who enjoys snuggling with a pillow.

This is our guide to the best pillows for back sleepers. We discuss our top picks and why we think back sleepers will like them so much.

The Tuft & Needle Pillow is a comfortable foam pillow that we consider a “safe” pick for a lot of sleepers.. It’s not often that you see a pillow completely made out of polyurethane foam (neutral-foam) , so we were excited to receive the Tuft & Needle Pillow.. Overall, we think most back sleepers will find it accommodating, and this might be our pick for best pillow for back sleepers with back pain .. The Kapok Pillow from Layla Sleep is one of our favorite shredded foam pillows.. Why we picked this pillow — We like that this pillow has an adjustable filling, making it fully customizable.. The Purple Harmony Pillow is one of the most unique, most innovative pillows, featuring Hyper-Elastic Polymer and latex foam.. The Helix Pillow is an adjustable down-alternative pillow with a fluffy, traditional feel.. This pillow is similar to the Layla pillow in that it has an adjustable loft feature .. The filling inside a Helix pillow feels like an alternative to downRegardless, we think it’s comfortable and a good option for back sleepers looking for a down-alternative pillow .. If you want a memory foam pillow for back sleepers, in particular, but can’t find quite the right pillow, you can try for an adjustable pillow so you can take out some of the filling to suit you better.. PillowStandardKing Tuft & Needle$75$100Layla Kapok $99$119Purple Harmony$159—Helix Adjustable$85$99GhostPillow$85— PillowBest Of TitleMaterial Tuft & Needle PillowEditor’s ChoicePolyfoamLayla KapokBest Shredded Foam PillowKapok fiber and memory foamPurple HarmonyBest Cooling PillowLatex and proprietary foamsHelix Adjustable PillowBest Down AlternativeCotton and gel microfiberGhostPillowBest ValueGel memory foam What is the best pillow for back sleepers with back pain?

If you move around at night (most of us do), you'll want to check out these best pillows for combination sleepers.

Cushner said the down pillows are well made and well priced, and recommended the fluffy, warm pillow for combination sleepers who prefer sleeping on softer material.. Another pillow that contains down alternative, the PlushComfort Pillow comes in different shapes and sizes: Classic (great for head and neck support and those who sleep on their stomachs and backs), Curved (this one contours to your body and gives the most full-body support—it’s best of side or back sleepers), and Ultimate (ideal for all sleeping positions—we’d recommend this option for combo sleepers).. The Ultimate pillow allows you to remove and add one to three inserts, depending on your preference for pillow height and firmness.. Mixed with latex, rubber foam ribbons, and kapok tree fiber, this handmade, vegan pillow has adjustable features (adjustable fill, to be precise), ideal for a combination sleeper who is particular about having a precise amount filling in their pillow.. Pluto Pillow creates customized pillows based on your height, weight, and sleep position.. The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Loft Pillow is filled with memory foam with the option to adjust the filling—it’s considered one of the best adjustable pillows on the market.. “You can make a lower launch pillow or a higher launch pillow depending on what you like,” Cushner says.. Filled with shredded memory foam, the Snuggle-Pedic Delux Adjustable Pillow can be adjusted by adding or removing foam from the pillow.. The L LOVSOUL Goose Feather Bed Pillow is a Down pillow, making it extremely soft when you lay your head down to rest.

The perfect pillow for back sleeping is all about pillow thickness and neck support. A pillow that matches your body well will give you a good night's rest.

The elastic polymer material developed by Purple for mattresses makes it way into pillows and performs really well as a cooling pillow The entire pillow is made from their proprietary grid and is the best cooling pillow in the business, as there is nothing that traps heat and there is more open air within the pillow than anything else The only drawback is the lack of height adjustment, but Purple now sells soft panels you can add to your pillow to increase the height.. Innovative pillow in a pillow design provides support while replicating the plushness of a down pillow Ideal level of firmness and support for back sleeping for most people Regularly discounted on Amazon and Breathable 100% cotton outer cover. We’re big fans of cervical pillows for back sleepers and the Epabo is among the best and one of the few adjustable cervical pillows Designed exclusively to support your neck and head throughout its entire length Can be adjusted by removing a panel of memory foam lowering the pillow by about 1 inch Breathable bamboo-derived cover. If you’re looking to transition to back sleeping getting an orthopedic pillow like the Therapeutica is a good option, since it’s only comfortable for sleeping on your back or side - one of the best strategies to start back sleeping This is a firm foam pillow designed by a chiropractor and an ergonomic expert to obtain neutral spine alignment Since this is a firm pillow, it’s key to select the proper size using the instructions on the Amazon page.. Other sleep positions can achieve this, but it’s much harder and more dependent on your mattress and pillow Doesn’t restrict breathing - Restricted breathing is especially common when sleeping on your stomach, whereas back sleeping leaves your face open and has minimal pressure on your chest and lungs Facial skin benefits - Side sleeping and stomach sleeping usually involve your face making contact with your pillow.

After doing more than 16 hours of both primary and secondary research, we have come to the conclusion that the Sahara Nights Pillow can be considered the best pillow for back sleepers which most people will be happy with. We have arrived at this conclusion based on various factors such as loft, material, firmness, shape, […]

Highly adjustable loft – this pillow is designed for back sleepers who like to customize their pillow in order to achieve the right loft and firmness.. Ideal for sleepers of all styles and sizes Highly adjustable loft Hypoallergenic and washable cover Available in three sizes Highly conforming to different shapes Affordable Shredded construction promotes breathability. Besides comfort, it also offers adequate firmness which makes it a great option for back sleepers.. Exceptional quality Luxurious feel Offers a soft but firm feel Provides great support Approved for use by top hotels around the world Conforms well to your neck and shoulders Reduces neck pain. The Linenspa gel memory foam pillow is our best overall pillow for back sleepers.. Ideal for all sleep positions Nice and comfortable Reduces neck pain Soft and breathable cover Cooling effect Conforms to the natural curves of neck, head, and shoulders. The Sleep Innovations pillow is made from cooling memory foam that is designed to conform to the natural curves of your head, neck, and shoulders.. Cooling memory foam – experience a comfortable night’s sleep with this cooling memory foam pillow.. Offers great underlying support Provides excellent head and neck support Sleeps cool Washable cover Relieves pressure from neck and shoulders Offers the right balance of softness and firmness. Most back sleepers prefer medium loft pillows as they help elevate the neck and head and help with their spinal alignment.. In order to keep their head supported, back sleepers need a pillow that has medium firmness.

Detailed Pillows for Back Sleepers reviews, along with specs, comparisons and guides to help you make the right choice.

A pillow for back sleepers is any pillow that allows people who prefer sleeping on their back to sleep with as much comfort as they can.. Coisum Cervical. Pillow Contour Pillow for Back Sleepers. Cradle Me Contour Memory Foam Pillow, with its contoured, ergonomic design, will be supporting and aligning the back, neck, shoulders, and, naturally, the head.. The pillow cradles the head, contours the cervix, and provides considerable back support with its non-allergenic molded foam made from non-toxic materials, so even people with severe allergy cases can sleep without experiencing any discomfort.. Therapeutica Firm Orthopedic Support Pillow is a unique pillow that restores the neck's natural curves, alleviates pressure, and minimizes stiffness.. To add more, thanks to the high-quality memory foam that this pillow is using, you're offered medium-firm support that cradles the head, making sure that the same head is not sinking into the pillow.. An Ergonomic Sleeping Pillow Cradle Me Contour Memory Foam Pillow is an ergonomic sleeping pillow first and everything else second.. Back Sleepers, Rejoice The people behind Mkicesky Memory Foam Neck Pillow claim that this pillow will fit back, side, and stomach sleepers but, speaking from experience, most customers say that sleeping on a side or stomach with this pillow is not as comfortable as sleeping on a back, so we will not guarantee anything here.. On the filling front, the medium-firm foam, boasting memory properties, strikes the perfect balance between comfort and support, so you're not sinking into the pillow but you're also not feeling like the pillow is a little hard.. The issue here is that regular pillows do not facilitate back sleeping, hence these pillows for back sleepers.. Though dubbed pillows for back sleepers, more often than not, these pillows fit side sleepers and, sometimes, even stomach sleepers, not unlike standard pillows.

Foam or down? Thick or thin? Your questions about pillows answered.

Back sleepers are power players in the sleep world, as this is often considered the best sleep position for back and neck health, somewhat preferable to side sleeping and much preferable to stomach sleeping .. Back sleepers who are on the market for a new pillow should look for a somewhat thin pillow , which can limit stress placed on your neck and keep the head from jutting forward all night.. Pillows that provide sufficient support for back sleepers may be labeled as “ medium density ,” or “ medium-firm .”. Contoured pillows can be a good choice for back sleepers, because they cradle your head and support your neck.. Back sleepers who sleep hot, but prefer the support of foam, may like a bamboo-encased pillow, like the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow , which is also our favorite overall bed pillow from our testing.. Foam pillows designed for back sleepers are often a good choice, because they cradle the head and support the neck, though some back sleepers may find happiness in medium-firm down or down-alternative options.

In This ArticleWhy Should I Care?So Many Choices – How Do I Choose?Important ConsiderationsProduct ReviewsBest Overall – Coop Home Goods Memory Foam PillowRunner-Up – Beckham Hotel Collection PillowHonorable Mention – Snuggle-pedic Bamboo PillowHonorable Mention – Sleep Restoration Gel PillowHonorable Mention – Cushyform Half Moon PillowGetting the Best Night’s Sleep When you spend one-third of your...

Your pillow.. How many pillows do you need?. They obviously do not need pillows.. Okay, maybe that’s going too far, but sleep experts warn against sleeping on your stomach for the same reason they recommend sleeping on your back: the position your spine ends up in for hours at a time has a definite effect on your overall health.. When sleep experts say you need support, and not just support but adjustable support, Coop Home Goods has designed the pillow to fit those specifics.. Reviewers loved how they could adjust the firmness of the pillow with the extra bag of memory foam, and many noted that the breathable cover made it stay cool all night.

Our Experts Have Selected The Best Pillows For Back Sleepers And Side Sleepers Out Of Hundreds Of Categories Other In 2022. Don'T Buy Before Reading These Revie...

When buying products under $500, $200, $100... you want the best quality and the most value for your money.. When you are in the store, look at the product's label and make sure it is a reputable brand First, it is essential to check the brand of the product you are buying in-store.. Read reviews before buying the best pillows for back sleepers and side sleepers Reviews are a great way to find out if other people have had good experiences with the product you're thinking of buying.. buy now. You can check with customer service on the company's website.. Product warranties are important because sometimes people don't think about them until something goes wrong with their purchase.. buy now. There are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase decision.

On the hunt for the best pillow? There's no such thing as a good night's sleep without one—so we've rounded up our pick of the comfiest and most supportive

Our side sleeper found the three layers super supportive but the restless, position-changing sleeper preferred two layers—the comfort and the memory foam combined.. Best pillow for back sleepers. +Stays supportive throughout the night. Reasons to buy +Ideal for side and back sleepers. The combination of down and feathers means that not only will this pillow retain its structure and shape over time, but it is also soft and cushioning to sleep on, as well as supportive if you need more support for your neck or spine while sleeping.. Reasons to buy +Great support for head and neck. Tempur Comfort Pillow Original is a pillow that offers great support for all sleepers, whether you lie on your side, front or back.

Find out which pillows are the best for a back sleeper especially if you can't sleep well during the night. Our reviews go over everything that you need to know to get quality rest.

Cotton is a natural material that makes a breathable, soft and supportive pillow .. You’ll get a good support (cotton is a great filling for standard pillows) and proper lift, but you should expect that this material will flatten down after a year or two.. Multi-material is a filling mixed of two or more materials such as cotton blends (cotton, viscose, polyester, and bamboo), foam and natural fibers, latex, foam and bamboo and so on.. If you pick a combination of memory foam and natural fibers make sure that the foam ratio is bigger because this way you’re getting a responsive pillow with materials that add breathability and make the pillow more lightweight.. This position has the entire back supported by the bed; the spine remains in natural position, and all you need is a good pillow that will elevate your head enough so you can breathe normally (without snoring), and support your neck so your muscles and nerves won’t get sore after a while.. Without suitable pillow (firmer, thick and responsive), your back remains in natural position, but the lack of support under your neck can cause pressure and pain down the spine (especially to the lower back).. Your neck is at risk as well, which is why you need to fill this empty part with a good pillow (contouring models are a great option; standard shredded filling is an excellent option as well, because you can adjust it by your needs).. Every stomach sleeper should avoid thick pillows because they elevate the head in unnatural way; this position requires a flat pillow that won’t lift the head too much .

Find the 5 best pillows for back sleepers in 2017, we've reviewed more than 30 different pillow brands to bring you the best pillow recommendations.

In it, you will find out everything you need to know to find the best pillow to use while sleeping on your back, including the top pillows that we recommend for this sleep position.. The cool gel memory foam actually disperses body heat throughout the pillow, so you don’t have to worry about constantly flipping your pillow over in search of a cool spot.. Thanks to the gel fiber fill, this pillow easily adjusts to the contours of your head and neck.. In doing so, you can shape the pillow to your unique head and neck, allowing you to receive customized support for the curvature of your neck and spine.. The foam contours to the shape of your head and neck, which results in less strain being placed on the neck so you will have a more restful night of sleep and wake up with less aches and pains.. It also easily adjusts to your body and your head, so if you shift positions throughout the night to your side or your stomach, you will still have the proper support that is needed to enjoy a restful and comfortable night of sleep.. To add to all of these features, the foam used in the filling of this Xtreme Homes pillow is CertiPUR US Certified, so it is free of harmful materials that could be potentially hazardous to your health.. Some of the key factors include the thickness and the firmness of the pillow, as well as the malleability of the pillow.. The thickness of the pillow will determine how far above the surface of the mattress your head will be positioned, and this will have a huge impact on your overall comfort.. A pillow that is medium in firmness is ideal for back sleepers.. The back is the ideal sleeping position, as it ensures that your body weight is evenly distributed and leads to less pressure buildup, pain, and strain; however, even if you do sleep on your back, you still need a pillow that will properly support you, otherwise you could place unnecessary strain on your neck, back, and shoulders.. We tested each one and were thoroughly pleased by the results.. However, if you are going to shop for another option, make sure that you consider the key factors that we mentioned so that you can find the best pillow to meet your specific needs and provide you with the comfort and support you need for a restful and rejuvenating night of sleep.

This year’s best pillows, with top picks from Casper, Coop Home Goods and Purple

Ranging from pillows for side sleepers, stomach and back sleepers, as well as for those who roll between positions (combination sleepers), there is a pillow to suit every sleeper.. There are some great cooling pillows for hot sleepers too, plus memory foam pillows for neck pain relief.. The foam ensures that the pillow both supports your head and neck in any sleep position and that the pillow maintains its shape, all with no fluffing required.. If you can overlook the steep $139 price tag, the Casper Foam Pillow offers a generally better cooling than the equivalently priced Purple Harmony Pillow and a firmer, and a more consistent experience than the far less expensive Coop Home Goods Original Pillow.. A minor caveat is that you can only buy this pillow in pairs, but you can always reserve the second pillow for a guest room or a replacement down the line if you only sleep on one and it isn't the right pillow for your partner.. If you're keen to try a copper-infused pillow to help keep you comfortable and fresh, then the best pillow for you is the very popular Layla Kapok Pillow.. Reasons to avoid Billed by Boll & Branch as “the internet’s best down pillow”, the firm version is strictly for those of you who can only sleep comfortably on a very plump and firm bed pillow.. Side sleeper pillows have a medium to high loft than back and stomach sleeper pillows.. Memory foam pillows This is probably the most popular type of pillow as, just like the best memory foam mattresses (opens in new tab), these are designed to cradle your head.

Our guide to the best pillows for sleeping, including memory foam, latex and down alternative

We found that it stayed cool to the touch too, so if sleeping hot (or drooling) leaves you feeling worried about odors on your pillow, then the Layla Kapok Pillow's microbial copper-infused cover has this taken care of and can help keep smells to a minimum.. Coop recommends this pillow for side sleepers, but we think the adjustable nature makes it the best pillow for most people.. Reasons to avoid The Casper Original Pillow feels as plush as a down pillow thanks to the millions of hypoallergenic microfibers that are used to fill it.. The big selling point of the Casper Original Pillow is how quickly it adapts to different sleeping positions, making it an ideal choice for combination sleepers who move from side to stomach to back sleeping during the night.. Pillow loft is important for every position you sleep in, and if you’re a stomach or back sleeper, you’ll need a shallower pillow than side sleepers otherwise your neck will be bent forward and out of alignment, causing neck pain.. However if you’re a hot sleeper or prone to night sweats, we’d recommend the Layla Kapok Pillow or Eight Sleep Carbon Air Pillow further down this guide instead.. The Zoey Side Sleeper Pillow is designed to be particularly suitable for side sleepers, with the pillow’s butterfly shape delivering just the right amount of firmness to support the space between your head and neck.. The Zoey Side Sleeper Pillow is certified toxin-free and comes with a five-year warranty, which is better than most other warranties on pillows in this guide.. The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow comes in both low and high loft options, with the low loft being more suited to stomach sleepers and the high to back sleepers.. Deep memory foam pillows are a great choice for side sleepers, while firmer and shallower foam pillows will better support stomach and back sleepers.. Memory foam pillows relieve pressure points by distributing the weight of your head and neck across the entire pillow, so you should feel much more comfortable when sleeping.. Our top-rated memory foam pillow for hot sleepers is the Layla Kapok Pillow, priced from $109 at Layla Sleep (opens in new tab).


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6. Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers 2020 - My Top 7 Picks!

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