5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (2022)

Being on water is a thrilling experience, especially when you cruise around with the right boat. However, a dead trolling motor battery can quickly spoil all the fun and adventure.

Unfortunately, most anglers are not wise enough to change their boat batteries until it’s completely dead. While a battery might not cost you much money, it’s definitely not something you want to scrimp.

In fact, it is undeniably the most important component of a trolling motor.

With low quality trolling motor batteries, you might end up fishing from a dock or get stranded in the middle of nowhere when you run out of power.

Unfortunately, finding thebest trolling motor batteryfor your boat can be a daunting task given the huge number of cheap knock-offs in the market. This is why you mustn’t have price as your first priority but focus more on quality.

The purpose of this wordy piece is to help you pick from a lot of thebest trolling motor batteriescurrently available in the market.
Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Comparison

Below are some of the best to rated trolling motor batteries out there.

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (1)Mighty Max 12v 55Ah12 Volt55AhCheck Price
5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (2)Mighty Max 35Ah12 Volt35AhCheck Price
5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (3)Optima D34M12 Volt55AhCheck Price
5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (4)Vmax MR12712 Volt100AhCheck Price
5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (5)UPG 8598012 Volt35AhCheck Price

Top 5 Trolling Motor Batteries Review

Jump to ContentsBest Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – ComparisonTop 5 Trolling Motor Batteries Review1. Mighty Max 12v 55Ah2. Mighty Max 12v 35Ah3. Optima Blue Top D34M4. Vmax MR1275. UPG 85980/D5722Things To Consider While Buying a Good Trolling Motor BatteryType of BatteryWarrantyCharger CompatibilityWeight of the BatteryConclusion


1. Mighty Max 12v 55Ah

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (6)

Check Price

If you are overwhelmed with performance and desire a battery that will keep you busy on the water for a considerable amount of time, then you might want to consider theMighty Max ML55.

This battery may be considered to be similar to the ML35, except for the fact that it delivers more power, which is not surprising considering its specifications.

Like most batteries from Mighty Max, this model is highly durable and works well for all temperature conditions. It weighs around 39 pounds, which is a little high for smaller boats.

However, as long as the battery is not above the weight limit of your kayak or boat, you will find it extremely valuable. Like most AGM cells, this unit requires little-to-no maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

More so, it features a calcium-alloy grid which tends to extend its lifespan. When used for trolling motors that weigh 30 pounds and at moderate speeds, you can expect to get up to 6 hours of run time, which is a lot compared to what you get with similar batteries in the same category.

As expected, the device is rechargeable and doesn’t react to shock or vibration. In order words, you can move out under any climate, cruise, however, you want, without worrying about possible damage to your battery.

As earlier indicated, the major limitation with this battery is its weight, which makes it a drawback for smaller boats. Besides this, the ML55 is one of themost powerful trolling motor batteriesout there. And probably the model you can find at its price.


  • Highly durable
  • Superior performance
  • Long run time
  • Rechargeable battery


  • A bit heavy


2. Mighty Max 12v 35Ah

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (7)

Check Price

If you desire a trolling motor battery that is inexpensive yet powerful enough to deliver a reasonable run time, then theMighty Max ML35-12is your brand.

The device is great for small applications such as a small boat or kayak. When used in such situations, it is usually very efficient and keeps you on the water for a while. Its material construction makes it highly durable, so you can be rest assured it will last you a while.

Interestingly, the ML35 is spill-proof and requires little-to-no maintenance. It can run for as much as 3 hours when used for a 30 pounds trolling motor and doesn’t take long to recharge.

Overall, this battery will make a perfect fit for your boat if you don’t plan to spend too much time out. For its price, you won’t find a better alternative.


  • Affordable
  • Long run time
  • Fast charging rate
  • Spill-proof


  • Not suitable for larger boats


3. Optima Blue Top D34M

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (8)

Check Price

When choosing a trolling motor battery, apart from going for a model that matches your boat size, you also need to pay attention to performance and efficiency. In this area, there are very few products that rival the Optima Deep Cycle Battery.

Highly efficiently and weight around 45 pounds, this device is equipped with an 870A marine cranking amp which can be used for starting different marine and high efficiency demanding vehicle engines like boats, RVs and many others. So you can rely on the power it delivers.

It is also equipped with a 750A cold cranking amp to make it extremely perfect for multiple accessory loads like trolling motors, fish finder, pumps and other accessories used for marine purposes.

One of the best merits of the Optima battery is that it is 15 times more resistant and lightweight than some of its counterparts. It has three times more recycling ability than any other known battery of the same size.

The AGM design of this battery provides spill proof feature and great mounting malleability, which means it can be mounted at any position due to its perfectly sealed construction. This helps to prevent leakage of harmful or flammable gases. This design also gives room for maintenance-free options.

The “big one” is its unique Spiracell technology which helps to ensure ultrahigh cranking efficiency and optimal deep cycle capability. With this technology, the plates are packed in a way that ensures protection from heavy vibrations, thereby improving the battery life during extreme operations.

Its polypropylene case of the battery – which complements its lightweight – also helps to protect the battery from harsh temperature conditions. With theOptima D34M, you can rest assured you won’t be replacing your battery too soon.

We strongly advise that this battery for cranking engines that requires lesser power than its actual capacity because of its 2-in-1 feature. AGM batteries can be faced with risks of overcharging, so proper caution should be observed while charging this battery.


  • High recycling capacity
  • Solid body construction
  • Long lasting
  • Spill-proof


  • A bit heavy


4. Vmax MR127

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (9)

Check Price

If you are particularly overwhelmed by longevity and desire a battery that will make the perfect fit for your trolling motor, then you might want to consider theVMAX MR127. This product is well known for its great performance and reliable deep cycle which confers upon it a quality that is unrivaled.

With this battery powering your boat, you can plan to be on water for as long as you want without worrying about getting stranded. More importantly, it is suitable for any size of electric trolling motor which saves you the stress of finding a “perfect” match.

Apart from supplying your trolling motor with consistent power, this device comes with a solid body construction which consists of a plastic enclosure that ensures adequate protection from vibration and shocks.

And since this is an AGM battery, it practically doesn’t need any maintenance, and the possibility of spillage should be less of your worries as this rarely occurs. No need to fill with water like some of its counterparts.

The VMAX also boasts of a long run time. At a lower motor speed, the battery can last you up to 12 hours, which is a long time on water. Also, at medium speed, you can expect to get up to 7 hours run time while a full speed setting on the trolling motor will give you 2.5 hours, which isn’t bad at all.


  • Long lasting
  • Solid body construction
  • Great quality
  • No maintenance


  • Run time decreases with increasing speed


5. UPG 85980/D5722

5 Best Trolling Motor Battery 2020 – Reviews & Comparison (10)

Check Price

When it comes to choosing a reliable AGM battery for your kayak, there aren’t many options out there. If you are looking for a battery that will not disappoint especially when you need it the most, then the Wilderness Tarpon D5722 by UPG is your brand.

The Universal Power Group has always been known for their reputation in delivering high-quality marine batteries that stand the test of time.The Wilderness Tarponis no different.

With this battery, you can now plan for a good time with your boat. No more untimely disappointment in the middle of nowhere.

One of the first things you will quickly notice about this product is that it is extremely easy to install and you can mount it almost at any position. More importantly, its spill-proof feature means it requires very little or no maintenance and won’t react to vibration and shocks.

This is a great take considering what is obtainable with many batteries in its category. Interestingly, the battery features a unique technology, known as Absorbed Glass Mat Technology, which is responsible for its remarkable performance.

To be more exact, it delivers 35AH performance and can run for a considerable number of hours due to its deep cycle ability. With a small compact size and weight of only 22.50 pounds, you will agree that the UPG D5722 is lightweight for a marine battery.

This makes it below the weight limit of most kayaks and small boats, and as such a worthy investment. The only downside with this unit is that it might not be adequate for bigger boats, such as those larger than kayaks.

For these, you might want to go for something more powerful. Overall, this device can be the perfect powerhouse for kayaks. It is safe, affordable and has a swift start.


  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Spill-proof
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for larger kayaks

Things To Consider While Buying a Good Trolling Motor Battery

There are several brands of trolling motor batteries out there with varying quality and dependability. To pick the best product for your boat, there are certain factors you should pay attention to.

Type of Battery

This is probably the most important consideration you need to make when choosing a battery for your trolling motor.

There are three main types of batteries for trolling motors – wet-cell, lithium-ion, and AGM batteries. Each of this type of battery has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The wet-cell batteries are usually the cheapest options, but they require a lot of maintenance and last for only one or two years.


When purchasing any product, it’s always advisable to go for a brand that has a warranty. This gives you the chance to get back your money or at least a replacement in the event the product doesn’t arrive whole or gets damaged after a few weeks of use.

Luckily, all the items on the list come with a decent warranty which guarantees their quality. But of course, you may still want to skim over reviews left by other people who have used the product.

Charger Compatibility

Whatever you do, you must always remember that your batteries are only as good as the charger you use for charging them. A bad charger or one that is not compatible with your batteries will only make the battery look as bad. And you may have to replace the battery too soon due to frequent charging.

So while selecting a battery, also pay attention to the charger you are going to use for it. If you already have charger onboard, then you might want to select a battery that is compatible with it.

If not, then you should also consider investing in an excellent charger that will work well with your device.

Weight of the Battery

Another important consideration to make when choosing a trolling motor battery is weight.

Except you are approaching your boat’s weight limit, it is generally recommended to go larger battery; usually, the bigger, the better. And the reason for this is quite simple – more weight directly translates to more lead in the battery core which means thebattery is going to run for a longer time without charging.

While this sounds cool, it might not always be convenient to carry a big battery around. Most of the batteries in the market weigh between 20-50 pounds.

For many anglers and kayakers, anything below 30 pounds is the deal. But again it all depends on your purpose and weight capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lets quickly look at some of the questions customers usually ask when purchasing a trolling motor battery.

What kind of maintenance does my trolling battery needs?

To ensure a long lifespan and proper functioning, adequate maintenance of your battery is important. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should clean the device all the time.

Although most AGM batteries don’t need any kind of maintenance, you should also be mindful how you use them. Don’t overcharge the battery and try to keep dirt away from it.

It is also a good idea not to always use up your battery before charging. Using only 75-80% will help to extend the battery life.

Where is the best place to store my trolling batteries?

It’s best to store your battery in a cool location below normal room temperature. But make sure you don’t expose it to too much cold and avoid keeping old batteries together with new. Also, make sure you separate batteries of a different type.

How do I know when I have a bad battery?

To check for the state of your battery, you can use a multimeter. Make sure you change the battery once you notice any damage or else it can affect the trolling motor.

How do I know when my trolling motor battery is due for replacement?

This depends on the kind of battery cell you are using. But generally, when you notice that your trolling motor takes longer to start or if you have to charge the battery more often than normal, then it’s likely the cell is approaching its end. You may need to get a replacement at this point.

What kind of batteries is best for my trolling motor?

It is advisable to go for a deep cycle or marine battery with a rating of 12 volts and 50 Amp Hour.


Getting thebest trolling motor batteriesfor your boat is extremely important for a reliable trip on water. So don’t always be in a hurry to purchase a product just because it’s very cheap.

The truth is that your trolling motor is only as good as the battery you use for it. So to ensure you make a worthy investment, try and spend a little time in finding the perfect fit. Hopefully, our reviews are all you need to make that decision.

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