5 Best Beach Carts Reviews of 2021 (2022)

Tommy Bahama 735645 Check price

Tommy Bahama 735645

Keeps It Cool

Lying on a sandy beach with your kids swimming using their floats and a cold bottle of soda or beer in your hand, what could be better? Well, how about not having to lug all those things to the beach itself and also having a place to keep your drinks cool. If that sounds like something you might enjoy, get the Tommy Bahama 735645.

This wide tire buggy comes with a special cooling bag that will keep your drinks chilled for up to 12 hours. And that’s not all as it has a bar to hang folding chairs on (an essential for oceanside relaxation) and an umbrella holder so the sun rays won’t leave you too crispy. All of that and more is made possible thanks to the sturdy steel construction and a 100 lbs load capacity.

Even though this wheelbarrow has a steel frame, it’s one of the more lightweight ones at just 13 lbs, likely due to how small it is. This means you might have trouble fitting in some of the larger items but, if arranged carefully, you could even stuff a surfboard in there. Our only real complaint would be about the PVC wheels on this cart that tend to rattle rather loudly when driven on asphalt. This means you’d better wait for sand before deploying this buggy or bear the annoying sound, not a big utility issue but still a minus.

That said, we can’t possibly call a small gripe a deal breaker when it comes to the high-quality Tommy Bahama 735645. This model is offering convenience, good load capacity, and a reliable way to transport your belongings while on the beach. It’s all we could ask for in a multi-use beach accessory and one of the best beach cart models out there.

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5 Best Beach Carts Reviews of 2021 (3)

Tommy Bahama 735645

Mac Sports WTCB-103 Check price

Mac Sports WTCB-103

For Everybody, Short and Tall

A beach cart is supposed to offer convenience as you can pull all of your belongings in it without applying that much force. But how practical will it really be if you have to bend down to grab onto the handle? Instead of straining your back just to keep the pneumatic tires rolling, get the Mac Sports WTCB-103.

This model is set apart from the others by the padded straight handle that you can adjust to get an optimal height for you. That way you won’t have to bend down just to roll the cart behind you and though it is, admittedly, a bit on the heavier side at 23.1 lbs, it’s a justified choice. While steel is heavier than aluminum, another standard choice of material, it’s also much sturdier, offering a whopping 150 lbs of max load.

Don’t worry about putting fragile objects in the basket either as this model has 2 external mesh pockets. You can use them to store bottles, glasses, and other things that you don’t want to risk damaging.

Our only warning about the Mac Sports WTCB-103 is that you should periodically tighten the bolts holding the wheels to the frame unless you want a large wheel to pop off and roll away into the sunset. You’d still have 3 PVC ones left but it’s certainly not a good idea.

What is a good idea, though, is buying the spacious and sturdy Mac Sports WTCB-103 and making trips to the beach easier. You can fit plenty of luggage in it and not feel encumbered at all, especially thanks to the adjustable handle. It’s a great option, especially for tall people.

Rio Beach WWC6-WIDE Check price

Rio Beach WWC6-WIDE

A Budget-Friendly Alternative

We have to admit that although there are plenty of beach carts on the market, many of them seem to be a bit pricey for what they offer. If you’re not looking to spend too much, consider the Rio Beach WWC6-WIDE.

This affordable model is no worse than the high-end competitors. It has two wide wheel sets for maximum stability and a special rubber-like coating that keeps wear and tear at bay. Plus, they have a special mechanism to prevent the buggy from folding up by accident. This keeps your belongings safe, a big plus if you plan on putting something fragile into the basket.

You might be wondering why the price is that appealing if this model is equal to the more expensive ones. Well, it’s likely because the steel here isn’t stainless, which means you should take care to dry the cart after you’ve used it to prevent rust. Other than that, though, there’s little to complain about. The load capacity is a solid 100 lbs while the 14.5 lbs of weight make this model portable and convenient in storage.

Last but not least we want to remark on the fact that this buggy comes with a small cooler bag to keep your drinks cold for a few hours as well as an umbrella holder and a bar for folding chairs. Pretty much all that you’ll need to relax on the beach.

With all that in mind, you can clearly see why the Rio Beach WWC6-WIDE is a worthy choice beyond its lucrative price. So if you want a budget-friendly pick that’s still high-class, this is the one to go for.

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5 Best Beach Carts Reviews of 2021 (9)

Rio Beach WWC6-WIDE

BeachMall Beach Cart Check price

BeachMall Beach Cart

Settle Down for a Picnic

Sure, it’s nice to have a buggy to carry your belonging while you’re on the beach. But where will you put them once they’re out of the basket? Well, the BeachMall cart might help you with that!

This cart can be turned over and turned into a beach table that will easily hold a few plates and bottles for a picnic by the ocean. There are 4 cup holders as well so you can be sure your drinks won’t be spilled and a small tray to keep track of small objects such as keys and jewelry, which might be lost otherwise.

Admittedly, it’s not the perfect choice for those with a lot of belonging as the capacity here is just 75 lbs and the mesh fabric on the bed might be torn by objects with sharp corners. Still, if you use the buggy with care, you should be just fine. Especially considering that the wheels here are pretty wide and offer maneuverability on any terrain type.

Couple that with the steel frame and a bar for beach chairs and you get a pretty good mid-range beach cart. Sure, it doesn’t have the highest capacity or the most damage-resistant bed but the BeachMall trolley rides on any terrain and costs far less than its counterparts. It’s a worthy budget-friendly pick for those who love picnics and comfort on their outings.

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5 Best Beach Carts Reviews of 2021 (12)

BeachMall Beach Cart

Sekey Beach Wagon Check price

Sekey Beach Wagon

Load 'Em Up!

If you’ve ever had a whole-family trip to the beach where one or two people ended up with their hands filled with kids’ toys and blankets and the umbrellas, you know how much a good cart with high load is worth. And yet the Sekey Beach Wagon not only supports a substantial weight but costs relatively little.

This model can hold up to 265 lbs so you could practically stack your kids inside and make the trip a bit easier on yourself. Don’t worry about damaging the wagon with heavy luggage either as the bed is made of double-layered Oxford polyester. Plus, it has dual stitching so even if you drop something onto the bed, it won’t tear.

We do advise against overloading the cart as its wheels are pretty small and, if burdened by a heavy load, might get stuck in deep sand. Although the cart itself isn’t much heavier than some top of the line models, it still won’t be easy to push out of the ditch. Hopefully, the padded handle will make things a bit more simple for you.

So if it’s a heavy duty beach cart that you’re looking for, there’s no better option than the Sekey Beach Wagon. This bulky model supports more than twice the weight other models can hold and yet it’s not much heavier itself. Besides, it’s pretty affordable for a model of its caliber and extremely sturdy. A perfect choice for those who want to drive their kids around in a wagon or have plenty of luggage for their beach trips.

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