3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (2022)

Pike fishing is a lot of fun, and catching one of those huge predators is as thrilling as it can get. To land your trophy pike successfully, you will need both a robust and a big enough landing net.

But as there are so many different net types and sizes out there, it’s not always that easy to find one that’s the perfect fit for you and your fish.

That’s why I decided to write this helpful guide on the best nets for pike fishing. So you can be sure that you can net that giant northern, no matter how wild and angry it may be during the fight!

QUICK SUMMARY: In this article, I am reviewing three solid, large, and reliable pike fishing nets that you can find on Amazon for a very reasonable price. They include the StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net, the Fabrill Power Catch Teardrop Landing Net, and theBlisswill Large Fishing Net.

What Are the Best Fishing Nets for Pike?

Top Pick: StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net

3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (1)3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (2)

The StowMaster Tournament Series Net is, by far, the best landing net for pike fishing out there! It combines great design with practicality and plenty of room for any pike size!

What makes the StowMaster stick out among all fishing nets is that its hoop is foldable, which isn’t something you see very often when it comes to big predator fishing nets!

This makes it extremely convenient to transport and store in your home, car, and boat.

Additionally, it has a really round and broad hoop that will fit even the biggest of pike without a problem!

Hence, what you get is a very lightweight and compact big game landing net. The perfect combo for big pike!

Here are some more pros and features of the StowMaster Landing Net:

  • Hoop size: 36×38”
  • Overall length: 116”
  • Stowage size: 18×50” (when telescoped and folded)
  • Net depth: 48” (even 40+ inchers will have plenty of room in it)
  • StowMaster lifetime repair or replacement warranty
  • Hoop frames and net handle made from an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy (super light and extremely strong and durable)
  • 1 1/4” diameter extruded tube for phenomenal strength and slip-free handling (even when wet)
  • Heavy-duty nylon netting with a knotless, fish-friendly, and snag-free design (perfect for quick catch and release fishing)

Thanks to its smart and compact design, this net won’t be in your way during the fight and can be easily and swiftly unfolded in seconds.

(Video) 5 Lures Every Pike Angler NEEDS in Their Tackle Box | Top Lures for BIG Pike

I highly appreciate this feature, as I am fishing from a smaller boat and have limited space around me.

Bringing a big game landing net with me gives me so much more confidence, which I’ll need in case I hook one of those giants out there in the depths.


  • Really, this net’s only con is the fact that it is high-end gear that’ll cost a little extra. But as you’ll be buying a high-quality and extremely durable net, it’s a wise investment to make!


If you’re doing your pike fishing from a boat and target waters with massive fish in them, this is the net you’ll want and need!

Having the StowMaster onboard with you means that you’re well-prepared to net and land that trophy northern!

You can find out more about the incredible StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net on Amazon here

Runner-Up: Frabill Power Catch Teardrop Landing Net

3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (3)

If you’re looking for a great all round predator net that will handle most pike sizes, the Fabrill Power Catch Teardrop is the perfect pick for you!

It’s a superb predator net with plenty of awesome features that will serve you well on the water!

Its big, thick mesh prevents tangles and is easy on the fish, which are two very important aspects when it comes to unhooking and releasing bigger pike.

Here are all of the Power Catch’s pros and features:

  • Hoop size: 26×30”
  • Handle length: 72”
  • Net depth: 38”
  • Tangle-free, knotless netting (very fish-friendly and no more snags)
  • Ergonomic handle that eliminates torque and roll-over
  • Made of corrosion-proof stainless steel
  • Dual I-beam extrusion for ultimate strength
  • Ensures a secure and confident landing
  • Perfect for pike fishing from a boat

The net depth of the Power Catch makes both landing and handling fish an effortless and smooth task.

After all, they are known for being very powerful and aggressive fish, and they usually take full advantage of their powers right before the landing.

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Using the wrong net, or no net at all, in such a situation can make things a lot more complicated. And in the worst-case scenario, you’re going to lose that fish.

That outcome is practically impossible if you’re fishing with the Fabrill Power Catch!

PRO TIP: Try to keep your net and fish in the water while handling and unhooking your catch, it keeps the pike calm and saves you a lot of time.


  • Great all-round predator net that will handle most pike, but a little small for really huge trophy fish. They’ll fit, but the landing might not go as smoothly.


Without a doubt, one of the best pike net on the market! If you want to use quality gear and are serious about your pike fishing, then this net is a must-buy for you. Excellent material quality, highly durable, and easy to handle!The perfect all-rounder!

If you want to take a closer look at the Fabrill Power Catch Net, you can find it on Amazon here

Budget Pick: BLISSWILL Large Fishing Net

3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (4)

The Blisswill fishing net is an excellent pick for both beginners and mobile anglers fishing from the shore.

It’s a super compact and lightweight landing net that’s easy to transport and carry around and still offers plenty of room for bigger fish.

When I fish my local rivers, I always try to pack as light as possible, especially when spin fishing, as I usually cover a great distance.

And so, having a lightweight and easy-to-transport net with me is super important, as this is a piece of gear that can take a lot of room.

The Blisswill is such a net. You’ll barely notice it when carrying it, which is exactly what you’re looking for when fishing from the shore!

(Video) Free fishing video Best and Worst Muskie Nets review. Good information before you buy.

Also, I dearly remember my first years as a pike angler, when I would take the bike to get to my fishing spots. Thinking back, I wish I had a light and compact net like the Blisswill with me during those days!

Here are a few more pros and great features of the Blisswill Large Fishing Net:

  • Hoop size: 22×22” (can comfortably land fish up to around 30”)
  • Extended length: 116”
  • Collapsed length: 40”
  • Net depth: 22”
  • Coated, tangle-free nylon mesh
  • Reinforced retractable aluminum handle (very durable and corrosion-resistant)
  • Folds to minimal size (easy to carry and store)

For a lower-end net that is foldable, it’s got a surprising strength and durability, which makes it an even better investment if you’re a beginner or have a limited budget.

This net will last you for a long time!


  • It has a limited size that makes landing a really big pike difficult
  • The screws that hold the hoop bows can get rusty


The Blisswill is a solid pick for beginners and shore anglers who target somewhat smaller pike. The price is definitely hard to beat, and you’ll get a lot of net for your money!

You can find the Blisswill Large Fishing Net on Amazon here if you want to find out more

What Size Net Do You Need for Pike Fishing?

3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets) – Strike and Catch (5)

The ideal size for your pike fishing net depends on the size of the fish you’re targeting and whether you’re fishing from shore or boat.

If you are fishing for really big pike from a boat, you can and should use a larger and bulkier landing net of 30 to 40”.

On the other hand, if you are fishing from the shore and targeting smaller pike that tend to keep close to the banks and shallower water, a somewhat smaller fishing net of 20 to 25” will often suffice.

Besides the size of the actual fish, I think, ultimately, what it comes down to is mobility!

Bringing a large landing net with you on your boat isn’t a problem. But you don’t want to carry a colossal landing net with you if you’re on land and moving around a lot.

(Video) Top 5 Best Fishing Nets Review in 2022

All your gear, including your net, should be as compact and lightweight as possible then, right?

In my opinion, a smaller size net is also a much better fit for a beginner, as you don’t want to or can’t spend too much money on gear.

And for those smaller pike that you’re very likely to catch in the beginning, a smaller size net will most certainly be enough!

You can still upgrade your gear once your fish and level of experience have grown. That’s what I did, at least!

What Is the Best Material for Pike Fishing Nets?

The optimal material for pike fishing nets is rubber-coated nylon with a medium to large mesh.

Not only is this material extremely fish-friendly and won’t damage the fish’s protective slime layer, but it also prevents hook snags very effectively.

That second aspect is something I can relate to, having used small meshed nets during my first years as a predator angler.

After countless snagged hooks and holes in my landing net, I finally decided to go for a net with a bigger mesh.

Best decision I ever made! Those snags can drive you insane when you’re trying to unhook your catch!

Do You Really Need a Net for Pike Fishing?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is always the same; when fishing for toothy predators, always use a landing net!

You should definitely never lip a pike (or any other fish with sharp teeth)! And while you can chin grip your pike to lift it out of the water, it’s not something I recommend, especially if you’re a beginner.

(Video) Pike Fishing in the North! | Which lures and when?

One wrong move and you could be facing an ugly bloodbath as those teeth and gills will slice up anything that gets too close to them. And to top it all of, you’ll probably lose the fish as well!

So, I’d say it’s worth the investment, as you will be fishing much more effectively and safely.

PRO TIP: Regardless how safe you play it, accidents can always happen when fishing for pike. Make sure you have a first aid kit with you on the water at all times! It can make a lot of difference. You can find a great waterproof outdoor first aid kit on Amazon here.

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What are the three different types of nets for fishing? ›

TypeTarget fish
Cast netSchooling and other small fish
Coracle net fishing
Drift net
20 more rows

What size net do I need for pike fishing? ›

If you are fishing for really big pike from a boat, you can and should use a larger and bulkier landing net of 30 to 40”.

What are the best leaders for pike fishing? ›

For pike, a 60-80lb test fluorocarbon leader should be used.

What pound line should I use for pike? ›

You'll need a stiff rod, 14 to 17 pound test line, and 9 to 12 inch steel leaders. Every pike fisherman has caught his share of northern from 4 to 10 pounds. Most of these fish are caught in shallow water.

Which net is used for fish catching? ›

Seine nets (also known as ring, or round, nets) are used to catch sardines, herring, pilchards, salmon, and tuna. The other principal form of surrounding net is the trawl, a bag-shaped net that is dragged by a specialized vessel (trawler) along the bottom of the sea or in midwater.

How many types of nets are there? ›

Answer :- The four main types of fishing gear that use netting are gillnets and entanglement nets, surrounding net, seine nets, and trawls. The main components of nets are described below. ... The bottom edge of the net is usually attached by hanging twine to a rope called the footrope or leadline.

Do you need a steel leader for pike? ›

When is a pike or muskie leader not necessary? The quick answer is that a leader isn't necessary for most crankbait trolling situations. Usually, when trolling with crankbaits, pike and muskie are lip hooked.

Can pike cut braided line? ›

Braid is junk for pike teeth, the easiest of all line material to cut for a given break strength. There's a reason muskie fisherman use 80 lb braid mainline and an 80 lb fluorocarbon leader.

How do you net a pike? ›

How To Net A Fish - YouTube

Do wire leaders scare fish? ›

Do Wire Leaders Scare Fish? As many leaders are coated or come in dark, low visibility colors, they do not seem to scare the fish you target. I have run many experiments where I fished for predators with both thick fluorocarbon leaders and wire leaders, and the results were exactly the same on both materials.

Who is the pound leader for pike? ›

20 pound works just fine with lures and such if you keep an eye on it. If you are fishing with bait, don't go less than 40 pound. IMO, pike do not care about leaders all that much.

How long does it take to become a pike leader? ›

For lure fishing, your wire leader should have a length of 10” to 15”, for fishing with live or dead bait, the length should be between 15” and 20”.

Do pike like shallow or deep water? ›


During this time both small and large pike gather in shallow bays with water depths of 2-15 feet (figure 1) and is many times the best opportunity of the year to catch a trophy pike (>20 lb.)

What's the best bait for northern pike? ›

Soft rayed fish that have lots of natural oil in the skin and flesh make the best dead baits for pike fishing. These natural oils leech into the water and help to attract pike that may be cruising in the area. Some of the best dead baits are smelt, alewives, small whitefish, chubs, and the always popular sucker.

How do you target a large pike? ›

If you're fishing in shallow water (10 feet deep or less), you'll want to suspend it in the bottom half of the water column. If you're fishing in water deeper than 10 feet, place the bait about three feet off the bottom, always keeping in mind that prowling pike like to silhouette their prey against a light backdrop.

What is push net? ›

Definition of push net

: a small triangular fishing net with a rigid frame that is pushed along the bottom in shallow waters and is used in parts of the southwestern Pacific for taking shrimps and small bottom-dwelling fishes.

What is a dip net in fishing? ›

Definition of dip net

: a bag net with a handle that is used especially to scoop fish from the water.

How do drift nets work? ›

Drift netting is a fishing technique where nets, called drift nets, hang vertically in the water column without being anchored to the bottom. The nets are kept vertical in the water by floats attached to a rope along the top of the net and weights attached to another rope along the bottom of the net.

What is trap netting? ›

TRAP NETS. Trap nets are large underwater nets used by commercial fishers to catch whitefish and let sportfish go. They pose a potential hazard for anglers and other boaters. Downriggers, fishing lines, and propellors can get caught in the nets or anchor ropes.

What is a weighted fishing net called? ›

A casting net, also called a throw net, is a net used for fishing. It is a circular net with small weights distributed around its edge.

What is the name of fishing tool? ›

Almost any equipment or gear used in fishing can be called fishing tackle, examples being hooks, lines, baits/lures, rods, reels, floats, sinkers/feeders, nets, stringers/keepnets/livewells, spears, gaffs, traps, waders and tackle boxes, as well as any wire, snaps, beads, spoons, blades, spinners, clevises and tools ...

Can northern pike bite through fluorocarbon line? ›

Fluorocarbon is more abrasion resistant than monofilament and braids, so it has a better chance in contact with razor pike teeth. Most scientific sources also consider it much less visible to fish than monofilament and, especially, braid under water.

What size fly leader for pike? ›

To connect your wire leader to your pike fly setup, you first need to attach a fluorocarbon leader. We recommend a 20-30 lb fluorocarbon leader of about 5 – 6ft in length.

Do you need a wire trace when fly fishing for pike? ›

When fly fishing for pike the use of a wire trace is essential always. Pike boast very sharp teeth which will slice through other materials. A few have recommended the usage of hard nylon monofilament in a very heavy breaking strain, whilst conceding that occasional bite-offs were inevitable.

How do you set up pike lures? ›

How To Set Up a Lure For Pike Fishing - YouTube

How do you measure fishing line strength? ›

  1. Tie a hook onto a 6-foot length of the fishing line you wish to test.
  2. Hook the end of the line onto an object that weighs as much as the listed test strength of the line, then lift the object into the air using your fishing rod.

How do you change fishing line? ›

How to Replace Line on A Spinning Reel | Fishing Tips - YouTube

How do you land a pike without a net? ›

How to Safely Land and Release PIke - YouTube

How do you pick Pikes up by the gills? ›

How To Handle and Unhook Pike - YouTube

How do I stop deep hooking pike? ›

To summarise, the best way to avoid deep hooking pike is to use good bite detection, to pay attention to it and to strike as soon as you can. Placing the hooks towards the rear of the bait will further reduce the chances of a pike swallowing them.

Should you always use a leader when fishing? ›

A leader line for fly fishing is essential because the heavy colored fly line used to cast lightweight flies is too thick for tying on the small flies and is easily detectable by fish.

Should you use a leader with a lure? ›

If you're lure fishing in extremely clear water, using leader which is difficult to see underwater will only make your lure more appealing to a fish. As the leader doesn't absorb water or sunlight this also ensures the line has a longer shelf-life and it won't break down as quickly as monofilament line.

Can fish see leaders? ›

Fluorocarbon Leader Lines

It doesn't reflect the sunlight like monofilament so the fish are not able to see the line and makes your lure/bait look like its naturally floating or moving through the water.

Can I use fluorocarbon line as a leader for pike? ›

HOW-TO | Tying A Fluorocarbon Pike Leader With Mikko Seppänen | Sufix

How much do pike grow a year? ›

Compared to other fish species, the northern pike is a relatively fast-growing predator, as it can reach a body length of up to 20 inches after only two years of age.
How Fast Do Pike Grow?
Age in YearsLength in Inches
3 more rows
Jul 8, 2022

How long should my tip up leader be? ›

In most cases, around 75 yards of line on a tip up is plenty. The main exception to this is if you're targeting fish in deeper water (such as lake trout), in which case you'll want to spool 100 yards or more.

Is there a difference between fluorocarbon line and leader? ›

Line and Leader are different. Fluorocarbon leader is designed with abrasion resistant and normally to be rather "stiff". Line is meant to be casted/roll off a spool and is more supple.

What time of day are pike most active? ›

Pike in the morning are more active than usual. Early morning right before the sun rises is an excellent time to target hungry pike. You can either find them in open or shallow water hunting down their first meal of the day.

What time of year are pike most active? ›

The best time of year for pike is fall, as the water temperature is slowly dropping and the pike feed and hunt very actively and aggressively. More specifically, September and October are, by far, the best months to target pike.

Where do pike hide in lakes? ›

Structures can be anything from weed beds, underwater trees or boulders, even deep ridges or underwater edges that are close to shallow weeds. On big lakes formed on rivers, pike can also be found in areas where smaller streams flow into the lake or where currents form in these lakes.

What color lures do pike like? ›

The very best lures to use for pike in clear water are swimbaits, softbaits, and crankbaits with an authentic pattern and swimming action. Natural lure colors that resemble the pike's prey, such as white, silver, green, or black, have proven most effective.

What is the best time to fish for northern pike? ›

Regardless of where you fish, late May and early June is a prime time to target big pike. The majority of pike will spawn around the full moon cycle in April whether under ice or open water. By mid-May the spawn is over and the big fish look to regain all the weight they lost during the spawn process.

Where do big pike hang out? ›

The really large Northern Pike are more likely to hang around points leading into bays, narrows between islands or in river current especially later in the spring. They like to hang around areas where Walleyes and Bass are migrating through to ambush them.

What is the best line for pike fishing? ›

It is important to structure your line with the reel and rod set up you plan to use. For a reel that has at least a maximum of 15 pounds worth of drag, we like to use 15 to 20-pound braided line. While when using a reel with at least a maximum of 25-pound drag, we typically use a 30 to 40-pound braided line.

Where do pike like to hide? ›

In rivers, pikes usually stay out of the stream, hiding in water weeds and lily pads. A great place to start would be the turning points of a river or river mouths. When it's warm, pikes move to deeper waters.

What size lures for pike? ›

Go for lures in the 6-inch / 16cm range as these will be easy to cast and will catch pike of all sizes.

What are the different types of fishing? ›

The five basic methods of angling are bait fishing, fly-fishing, bait casting, spinning, and trolling. All are used in both freshwater and saltwater angling. Bait fishing, also called still fishing or bottom fishing, is certainly the oldest and most universally used method.

What is a weighted fishing net called? ›

A casting net, also called a throw net, is a net used for fishing. It is a circular net with small weights distributed around its edge.

What is a dip net in fishing? ›

Definition of dip net

: a bag net with a handle that is used especially to scoop fish from the water.

What is an otter trawl net? ›

An otter trawl consists of a large fish net that is dragged behind a research vessel along the sea bottom or the pelagic zone. The otter trawl is mainly used to catch roundfish living above the sea bottom such as whiting and cod.

How do you catch a fish quickly? ›

Five Tips to Catch More Fish
  1. Choose the best time of the day. Fish are more active in low-light conditions, when they feel less threatened by predators. ...
  2. Choose the best spot. ...
  3. Cast past. ...
  4. Wear polarized sunglasses. ...
  5. Steady Does It.
Jul 1, 2019

What is the strongest fish? ›

Josh Jorgensen, the presenter of YouTube's largest saltwater fishing show, hosted three absolutely massive men off the coast of Florida to catch the world's strongest fish, the Goliath Grouper. Goliath Grouper are the largest member of the bass family in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the best fishing technique? ›

10 Fishing Tips And Tricks
  1. Mark Up Your Soft Baits. With indelible markers, you can add a number of realistic baitfish patterns to your soft-plastic baits. ...
  2. Stow Snaps And Swivels. ...
  3. Clip Your Trebles. ...
  4. Cut Down on Tangles. ...
  5. Dress-Up your Jigs. ...
  6. Sock It to Short Biters. ...
  7. Get a Grip on Eels. ...
  8. Stop on Top.
Feb 11, 2016

How do you throw a cast net perfectly? ›

How To Throw A Cast Net The Easiest Way - YouTube

How big of a landing net do I need? ›

A Carp landing net should be between 42 inch and 50 inch with a spreader block; which gives the net a bow shape and has a draw cord to attach the two arms at the front. This makes the net fold down and roll up easily enough to fit in to your rod bag. The net should have a mesh size of no bigger than 15mm.

How do I choose a landing net? ›

Landing nets are very important in any angler's equipment. There are many varieties, each designed with a specific use. When choosing a landing net for the species you intend to catch, the two of the most important things to consider are the size of the net mesh and also the size of the actual net.

What is crab lift net? ›

Lift nets. 2. Bintur (Crab Lift net) This type of lift net is intended for catching crabs in shallow waters and is often baited to lure crabs (see Figure 12). The gear area dimension is about 457 mm x 457 mm in size, for catching river crabs.

What is push net? ›

Definition of push net

: a small triangular fishing net with a rigid frame that is pushed along the bottom in shallow waters and is used in parts of the southwestern Pacific for taking shrimps and small bottom-dwelling fishes.

What is a ring net? ›

A surround net fishing method used in small‑ or medium‑size vessels, which is believed to be the precursor of the purse seine. Similarly to purse seining operations, once the fish are encircled by the net, a pursing line that passes through the rings at the lower edge is used to close the bottom.

***Editor’s Note: Our List of the Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets has been updated for 2021!***Northern Pike Fishing requires some different fishing gear than your normal fishing adventures; you need wire leaders, strong fishing line, and most importantly the right fishing net that can actually hand...

Northern Pike Fishing requires some different fishing gear than your normal fishing adventures; you need wire leaders, strong fishing line, and most importantly the right fishing net that can actually handle a 20+ pound fish!. Quick Best Northern Pike Fishing Net Cheat Sheet: Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets Chart Best Overall Northern Pike Fishing Net: Frabill Power Catch Easiest Northern Pike Net to Stow: StowMaster Tournament Series TS94X Strongest Northern Pike Net: Drifter Marine Predator XL Frabill Power Stow Landing Net Most Affordable Northern Pike Fishing Net: Frabill Pro-Formance Final Notes and Other Links of Interest. RankPike Fishing Net NameHandle LengthHoop SizeNet DepthPicture#1 Frabill Power Catch 48" Sliding40" x 44"48"#2 StowMaster Tournament Series Pike Net 94" Telescopic30" x 32"42"#3 Drifter Marine Predator Series XL Fishing Net 48" Handle37" x 35"36"#4 Frabill Power Stow 48" - 66" Telescopic40" x 44"58"#5 Frabill Pro-Formance Net 48" Handle29" x 34"44"The Best Northern Pike Fishing Nets. You need a net that is big, you need a net that is strong, you need a net that is easy to lift and handle in the water, you need a net that is durable – and the Frabill Power Catch Fishing Net checks all of those boxes.. This StowMaster Tournament Series (Model Number TS94X) fishing net is not only the easiest northern pike fishing net to store, but it also has a lot of other great qualities to it that make it an excellent fishing net for pike!. If trophy northern pike fishing is a once or twice a year adventure for you, and you are just looking for a functional northern pike net in case you land a big fish – than we would recommend the Frabill Pro-Formance fishing net because it won’t break your bank.

There are few freshwater fish that are more fun to go after than the northern pike. Even moderate sized northerns can give one heck of a fight, and you want to make sure that you don’t lose them once you bring them in close to the boat.

Experienced northern guides and pike anglers generally agree that the best fishing nets for pike are made from strong materials that don’t get slick when wet, large hoops, and deeper nets.. Honestly, these are the best pike fishing nets we’ve used or have recommended to us from friends who act as pike fishing guides or have done even more successful northern pike fishing.. You need a good fishing net designed to handle the largest of northern pike.. Not a great experience if you’ve ever been there.. Q: What is the best sized net for a northern pike?. Q: How do you net a pike?. There are many options for fishing nets out there, however not all of them are going to be good for pike fishing.

One of my favorite childhood memories is sneaking out early in the morning with my dad from our family camp sites to do some sunrise northern pike fishing. We would load up our small fishing boat with all the gear we needed, and attempt to catch some really large fish!

Buy a good northern pike fishing net!. If my dad would have just bought a really good net for northern pike fishing, I’m sure I would have helped him land that fish.. So, to prevent your child from messing up when netting your large northern pike – here is our list of the best nets for northern pike fishing – plus some handy tips on what to look for in a good northern pike fishing net!. RankDescriptionPicture#1 EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net #2 Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna Teardrop Landing Net #3 StowMaster Tournament Series Precision Muskie Landing Net #4 Ranger “Big Game” Landing Net #5 EGO Large Landing Net. The EGO S2 Slider Large Rubber Coated Nylon Net is one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for a good Northern Pike fishing net.. The size of this net is very good.. The bag depth (net depth) is 31 inches making it large enough to handle long fish like northern pike.. This net offers a nice combination of strength, durability, mobility in the water – and with a price point of right around $40, it makes a great addition to anyone’s northern pike fishing gear collection.. It has a 48-inch handle, 34 x 32-inch hoop, and a net depth of 48-inches!. This is another net that is made for serious fisherman, looking to catch really big fish.. Net Hole/Mesh Size – For pike fishing, the minimum mesh hole I would recommend is an inch.. You also want to make sure the net is plenty deep – again large fish just need a large net.. You want a net that is going to last and can handle scooping up large fish.

Pike lures should be durable and look like real bait. We researched the best options to help you catch more pike.

These are the best pike lures.. Metal fishing spoons work very well with pike because they are easy to cast and bite onto.. Sizes range from 1.125 inches to 3.75 inches and are available in 0.25-ounce to 0.75-ounce weights.. The super tough Vibra-Flx wireframe is capable of withstanding the species’ teeth, while the included 12-inch steel leader stops them from biting through your line.. The former creates irresistible vibration and shine, while the latter mimics the undulating action of a baitfish in distress.. Made of durable plastic material, this lure comes in 6-inch or 7-inch sizes, so it's big enough for northern pike to grab onto.. There are 20 realistic color patterns to choose from, including bone, mullet, and gold black back.. This lure can be attached to a jig head, an internal jig head, or a weighted hook.. The lure is equipped with a single jig hook and a trailing treble hook that’s cleverly hidden in the bucktail for hooking short-striking pike.. The classic yellow/red diamond color is optimal for pike, and the lure comes in other sizes and colors.. Material: Most spooner lures are constructed of shaped metal that allows the lure to shimmer, bob, and move in the water, typically outfitted with one or more nickel bait hooks.. More traditional-looking bait lures are constructed of wood, plastic, or metal—sometimes a combination of all three—and are typically outfitted with at least two bait hooks.. And some swimbait lures are made entirely of flexible plastic to add natural shimmy to mirror the swimming motion of live bait.. Bigger lures also add more weight, which will improve the lure’s movement under water when running.

Some nets are made for catching small fishes, while others are designed for larger species.. The net is designed for a good catching job.. They make durable fishing nets that will last you for a long time.. The lightweight design makes it easier for you to handle the net.. Easy to store and carry Made of high-grade material Comfortable EVA handle Durable Lightweight. Long handle Good for hard-fighting fish Different hoop sizes Great grip. Nylon mesh nets are generally durable, whereas, rubber mesh is easy to use but they will wear out over some time.. If you catch fish of different sizes, then you need more than one fishing net.. Along with handling material, you also need to consider the size of the handle.. So these are the best fishing net you can go for.

Using the right type of line with the right strength is absolutely essential when it comes to pike fishing. I have been predator fishing for more than 20 years now and had to try out a lot of different brands and line strengths before I finally found the best fishing line for pike. In this article,...

Using the right type of line with the right strength is absolutely essential when it comes to pike fishing.. I have been predator fishing for more than 20 years now and had to try out a lot of different brands and line strengths before I finally found the best fishing line for pike.. In this article, I am sharing my experiences and best pike fishing tips, in order to help you find the perfect mainline for your pike fishing adventures.. Braid is the perfect choice when spin fishing or fishing with dead baits, while mono is your number one choice for live bait fishing and trolling.. If you want to learn everything there is to know about the different properties of braid and monofilament fishing line and exactly when you should be using braid or mono for your pike fishing, all you have to do is keep reading!. Both monofilament and braided lines are really solid choices when picking your mainline for pike.. So as you can see, both lines fit different pike fishing situations extremely well, you just have to know when to use which!. I have used it myself for many years now, both on my trolling rods and when float or bottom fishing with live baits for pike, and it’s just such a superb fishing line!. It holds up well against snags and no matter how big, fat, and angry that pike you’re gonna catch will be, that line will make sure that you can land that fish without any problem at all!. Once again, it comes down to what type of line you are using for your pike fishing.. Monofilament isn’t as strong as braid, which means that the pound test for a mono mainline will have to be higher than that of a braid mainline for pike.. Because if your line is too weak and you end up finding yourself in the middle of a fight with a big pike that swims hither and thither (and that usually heads right for the snags), the risk of a line break is simply too high.. No matter if you’re casting lures or fishing with dead baits, a 30lb braid will serve you extremely well by giving you a lot of feel and the perfect bait presentation.. On the upper end, I wouldn’t go higher than a 20lbtest , not so because of the visual aspect (pike really don’t care that much about a thicker, slightly more visible fishing line underwater), but because of flexibility and stiffness.. If you are fishing with your mono line on a regular basis, all these factors will make your line weaker over time, especially when targeting such a big and strong fish as the pike.

Pike is one predatory fish I really enjoy chasing. It's extremely aggressive, powerful and a spectacular catch. There are also many myths related to pike

Pike is one predatory fish I really enjoy chasing.. The thing is that pike is a predatory fish, and that makes a big difference.. Does using a big bait ensure big pike?. Let’s consider big pike.. Big pike, being aware of it’s size will try to preserve as much energy as it can, using qualities like camouflage, strike speed or very sharp teeth much better than a small pike.. Big pike will mainly attack big prey, because that means a very consistent meal.. You’re probably wondering, he said that big pike aren’t caught on big lures only.. The first reason is, as I said before, big pike are much more cautious.. This means that if you throw lures sized bigger than the actual prey in the water, big pike might notice something’s not right.. Do you remember when your lure is chased and missed by a small pike, and just a moment after a big mama strikes?. These are only two cases in which normal or small sized lures can be more effective in fishing big pike.. Fishing on a big lake in Sweden, I discovered flowing water with underwater weeds where pike were hiding.. Small pike can be a great opponent also if you adapt your gear to the size of the pike.

I am a huge fan of pike fishing, but it does require a little bit more planning than your average fishing trip. You can’t just grab your fly fishing net, a carton of worms, and your 5-foot fishing rod that has 6-pound test line on it and hope to catch big pike! It’s not going to end well.Basically,...

Pike Fishing Rods Pike Fishing Tackle Pike Fishing Line Pike Fishing Wire Leaders Pike Fishing Nets Pike Safety Equipment Final Wrap Up. If you are going to be fishing for large northerns, you got to make sure you have a fishing rod that can handle the major impact these fish have when striking a lure.. Here are some of my tips on picking the best pike fishing rod.. I have a Heavy rod that I use when I’m trolling or hunting for big pike, and I have a Medium rod I use often for crankbait fishing.. Tip #3 – When pike fishing, lures that make noise are a good thing.. Here are my tips on picking the right pike fishing line.. A wire leader is going to help prevent your line from getting cut.. Here is a list of some good northern pike wire leaders – there are a lot of different ones to pick from – as well as a complete article we did on wire leaders for pike fishing called “Quick Hitter: The Best Wire Leaders for Northern Pike Fishing.”. Now that you have the appropriate rod, fishing line, wire leaders, and tackle – you are going to need to be able to net your large northern pike.. It is not a good idea to use a very small net for this – it won’t end well for you most of the time, and you really shouldn’t be sticking your hands into the water to pull out a northern either.. So with that being said, here are some tips on how to pick out a good northern pike fishing net.. Hopefully this list of pike fishing gear will help make your next pike fishing trip as successful as possible!

Are you looking for the best northern pike fishing in United States? We've covered our favourites in this article.

One of the great things about pike fishing in the United States is that pike can be found all year round – even winter.. Many anglers favor ice fishing for northern pike.. Each of the 5 different lakes offers anglers different options when it comes to hooking their pike.. Location on Google Maps: Lake Onalaska is 8,391 acres in size and is only 40ft deep at its deepest point with a mean depth of 6ft.. The bays at Lake Onalaska are shallow, vegetative, and have everything needed to produce large Northern Pike.. Location on Google Maps: Green Bay is famous for housing some of the United States’ biggest northern pike.. They will help you out with all of the best spots, gear, and advice.. Location on Google Maps: Before wrapping things up we think it is worth giving some information on the northern pike species as this will definitely help you when it comes to landing one of these trophy fish.. It’s worth mentioning what these pikes like to eat as this might assist you when fishing with live baits.. Pike is a carnivorous species and eats a large amount of food each day.. They tend to lurk in dark shallow water and strike rapidly at passing prey.. So that just about does it for our 5 best northern pike fishing in United States locations.. With a small amount of research, you’re sure to find dozens of great northern pike fishing spots in the US.. And always abide by the fisheries rules related to catch and release.

The northern pike is one of the most sought-after sport fishing species, and you’ll need these top lures for catching northern pike this fall.

The pike is a favorite target species for many serious anglers.. For those familiar, many of the same tips and strategies that apply to catch large muskies overlap with northern pike fishing.. As a heavier pike lure, the Daredevle is easy to cast and retrieve, making them an excellent choice for new anglers.. Given their simple design, spoons are often regarded as a good lure to use when targeting weed beds that are often home to monster northerns.. Pros Excellent choice for navigating thick weeds Durable design will hold up to the most aggressive fish Experienced anglers can work it in all water depths. If you plan to target thick weed beds, as many northern pike anglers do, look no further than the Johnson Silver Minnow Spoon.. Pros Top choice for fishing thick weeds Easy lure to retrieve, yet still productive Durable design with many colors and sizes available. If you’re getting follows but not strikes, change up your retrieval speed dramatically during a cast.

All fish are predators, but northern pike come dressed for the part: needle teeth, vacant eyes, thick slime, serpentine shape. Their primeval morphology has changed little in 60 million years. Pike belong to the northern wilderness, where they remain most common. But stocking has extended their range south. If your state has predictable ice cover, chances are you have a northern pike lake nearby.

May is definitely the best time to fish for pike in the northern United States and southern Canada .. In short, spring pike fishing is as good as it gets.. White, yellow, and chartreuse are great pike lure colors, probably because they resemble the belly of a struggling food fish.. The Dakotas and Colorado have good pike fishing in reservoirs, and Alaska has some fine pike fishing.. The wilderness waters in the Canadian provinces have the least fishing pressure—and the biggest pike.. Ice-out pike gravitate to secondary coves, areas that warm before the main bay.In fact, pike might have spawned in the marshy shallows or flooded timber at the edges of such spots.. Some anglers believe that “nervous” baitfish such as shiners are better than chubs and suckers as pike baits, but the minnow’s accessibility to fish is more important than its species.. When you’re fishing near a prominent obstruction, around the mouth of a tributary, or over weeds, using a bobber is a good approach (you want it as small as possible to minimize the resistance when a pike takes the bait and runs).. Use a full(2- to 3-foot) but slow jigging motion and be ready for a strike on the fall.When a fish hits, drop the rod tip for a moment, then set the hook hard.Jig-heads in the ¼- to ½-ounce range seem to provide the best minnow action, but it’s more important to adjust for the depth and speed of the drift.

Just like any other species, you can maximize your chances of a hit by understanding more about the Pike and its behavior. Come learn how to fish for pike.

To make things even better, Pikes are usually overlooked by discerning anglers and trout snobs, which makes it very likely that you can find a relatively quiet spot on the lake, where you have the waters all for yourself.. For this reason, anglers must be prepared to cover the water and try out a variety of techniques to see what works.. Pike prefer deep, cool parts of the water with tons of vegetation that it can use to stay camouflaged from potential prey.. Even if you have rarely fished in rivers, you can easily land a catch, especially if you have hungry pike on the move.. Often, you will find experienced anglers fishing for pike all through the year.. Almost any lure will get you a bite and chances are that you will land the big females during this period.. This means that you just need to find a weed bed and throw in a spinner or a trolling spoon to entice the fish into taking a bite.. You can either park near a weed bed to target the fish that are moving out, or check the nearby open waters to find pike that are already on the hunt.. If there’s Pike actively hunting, then you will land a hit in no time.. Along with live bait, spoons and flies, there are some other types of lures that are equally effective while catching Pike.. Most anglers would focus on covering a lot of water during this time which makes big spinners very effective.. Almost any bait and lure setup should work in such waters.

Northern Pike are a trophy quality catch. Use these northern pike fishing tips to help you land the next world record the next time you go out.

These fish can be found in most bodies of water in the northern United States and fight a lot harder than largemouth bass !. This includes understanding the best pike fishing lures, pike fishing tips, where to find them, and even how to eat them.. These fish are some of the oldest species of fish that are thought to have existed over 65 million years ago!. Each female can spawn up to 200,000 eggs in the spring which give the little fry plenty of time to grow before winter!. Since they are some of the largest freshwater fish as well as how aggressive they are they do not have many predators in the wild, other than humans.. When looking for good areas to search and fish for pike, remember:. Yes, you will catch smaller pike but when a tank hits your line I assure you, you will want a bigger rod .. This is due to the number of sharp teeth in a pikes mouth, which can cut your line if there is not a leader in place.. Inline spinners are great baits for any type of predatory fish as they generally catch anything that goes after bait fish.. A topwater fishing lure is another great way to catch Northern Pike as they will typically feed on anything that moves in the water.. You should try eating pike especially if the one you catch is invasive in your area.. These fish are always feeding and can be a great fish to go after!

Looking for a new pike fishing rod in 2022? Click here for our full review of the top ten pike fishing rods on the market, including all the pros and cons!

Whether you are replacing an aged one, looking for an upgrade, or buying your very first pike fishing rod, we have you covered here.. Generally speaking, a good pike fishing rod should be between 6 and 12 feet long with fast action and enough power for those powerful lunges that pike are famous for.. Lure fishing has never been more popular, and there is something simple and satisfying about grabbing your lure rod, a net and a bag of tackle and just wandering up and down the local river or gravel pit, trying to tempt a hungry pike or two!. This guide brings you ten of our favourite pike fishing rods for 2022.. Read on for our full pike fishing rods in 2022 review!. BEST FOR LIGHTWEIGHT LURE FISHING. The rods have high-end NanoTechnology blanks (4 and 5 pc) with an action as good as a 2pc rod!. If nothing else, Abu Garcia max Pro Casting Combo is perfect for those new to lure fishing.. This is the 4th generation with completely renewed reels and rods, offering high quality and performance to every lure angler.. Strong and responsive 24T carbon rods with lightweight components are combined with the reliable, strong and lightweight MAX™ casting reels equipped with the latest technology and features.. The shorter length is ideal for smaller lures between 2-10g, and the full length can handle lures between the 40-80g range.. This rod is explicitly designed for big lures, with a powerful reel that activates fast, precisely when you need it.. The best pike fishing rod is the one that suits your personal needs, but feel free to get in touch with us for any help.. For more pike fishing rods, reels and other kit, visit Total Fishing Tackle .


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