15 Best Things To Do in Whitefish, Montana (2022)

Anyone who finds solace in the outdoors and natural landscapes will surely find a plethora of things to do in Whitefish, Montana.

The little American town just south of the Canadian border packs a punch and can deliver a heavy dose of some of the best things Montana has to offer.

Where is Whitefish?

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Whitefish, Montana is a resort town in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana. It’s surrounded by mammoth peaks, valleys, and beautiful lakes and is a well known summer and winter destination. Thanks to Whitefish Ski Resort it is one of the top places to ski in Montana in the winter, and during the summer it’s a popular place given it’s location near Glacier National Park.

The Kootenai Native American tribe lived in the area for over 10,000 years. Throughout the 19th century trappers, traders, and immigrants passed through the area.

In 1904, the Great Northern Railway was built through town, sparking the development of the town. Whitefish was originally known as “Stumptown” due to the amount of cleared timber to develelop the town, leaving plenty of treestumps behind.

Best Things to Do in Whitefish, Montana

Visit Glacier National Park

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We’re no strangers to the Rockies and they are unarguably one of the best places in the world to go for a hike. The jagged peaks are often snow-capped and the alpine meadows are filled with resplendent wildflowers like fireweed and paintbrushes.

Glacier National Park may not have much for glaciers these days, you’ll need to head further North to the Canadian Banff National Park for that! Regardless it’s a spectacular national park abundant in wildlife and natural beauty.

It’s not uncommon to witness bears, alpine goats, and elk. If you are visiting here in the summer heading to Glacier is easily one of the best things to do in Whitefish

Hike the Highline Trail

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There’s no better way to experience the natural beauty of Glacier National Park than on foot. From the trail, you get to take in all the serenity that you fail to miss from afar or a moving vehicle. A network of trails dots the park and ambles up and around the craggy peaks of the Southern Waterton Rockies.

While there are a plethora of trails the Highline trail in Glacier National Park is regarded as the most serene hikes in the park. The trail starts at Logan Pass and begins to climb up alongside the mountains often on a ledge that is only a few meters wide. In many ways, it reminds us of the thrilling and unique Crypt Lake Trail just over the border in Canada’s Waterton National Park.

At the trail’s end, hikers reach the Glacier Park Chalet where they can purchase some snacks or even spend the night (if you’re lucky enough to get reservations).

Drive the Going To The Sun Road

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The historic Going to the Sun Road is world-renowned for being one most scenic drives in America, and arguably one of the best road trips in the world. Completed in 1932 the 50-mile two-lane highway crosses Glacier National Park and over the Continental Divide at 6,646-foot-high Logan Pass.

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Along the way, drivers will pass a wide variety of landscapes that includes glacial lakes, cedar forests, jaw-dropping viewpoints, cliffs, and alpine tundra mountain passes. A large number of scenic viewpoints and parking lots are conveniently placed along the road so you can grab some excellent photographs.

Make sure to drive both directions on the highway as the views change and you’ll notice a lot you missed the first time around. This drive along with the Icefields Parkway in Canada are arguably two of the best mountain drives in North America. It’s easily one of the top things to do in Whitefish.

Rip Through the Trees at the Whitefish Ski Resort

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With an annual snowfall that’s nothing to dismiss Whitefish is revered for its tree skiing. This old school hill has been referred to as the “Last Best Thing.” What was once was a small local ski hill has turned into a full-service resort with a lot of the old charm.

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It’s not the resort to see and be seen at, but instead, it’s for those who come to ski and have a good time. Our first visit to Whitefish Ski Resort was in 2018 and it left us itching to return ever since. If you’re in the area for ski consider hitting up some of the other excellent resorts after your visit to Whitefish. Others that give similar vibes in the region like Fernie in Canada or Schweitzer in Idaho.

Stroll Through Downtown Whitefish

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Downtown Whitefish is delightful and it’s easy to fall in love with the town. Along the historic town front there you won’t find any chain stores. Browse through the local art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and sport equipment stores.

In the morning it’s tough to beat a cup of coffee from Montana Coffee Traders who serve their own delicious roasts.

Whitewater Rafting

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Take a ride down the Flathead River through Glacier National Park in a raft. There are a number of operators who offer half and full-day trips down the roaring river with class II-III whitewater rapids.

Most tours start at the Middle Fork of the Flathead River where parts of “The River Wild” were filmed. The scenic paddle is a thrilling and great way to stay cool on a hot summer day in Whitefish. Operators offer a number of tour packages that include fishing, BBQs, or even horseback riding.

Book A Whitewater Rafting Tour

Tackle the Mountain Bike Alpine Trail #7

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There are some excellent mountain biking trails around Whitefish, that is once the snow thaws. Of all the trails in the region, it’s tough to find a more destination-worthy trail than the Alpine Trail #7.

Some have ranked the trail as one of the top 10 trail rides in the U.S. along with being one of the toughest rides. It’s an epic trail that is loose and physically demanding as it follows along a ridgeline. Make no mistake the mountain bike trail is for advanced to expert riders with brief sections of exposure and hike-a-bike.

The trail is around 55 miles long and can be divided into two sections the North and South each around 25 miles long. Along the journey be prepared for some epic views of the Flathead Valley and Glacier National Park.

Of course, you don’t need to ride the most epic trail around Whitefish. There are a plethora of other trails that are well suited for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and experts. Whitefish Ski Resort also offers lift-assisted downhill biking in the summer. I may be biased, but it’s tough to find a better summer activity than mountain biking!

Relax On Whitefish City Beach

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Just outside of the town center is the Whitefish City Beach on Whitefish Lake. The scenic lake offers some tremendous mountain views along with a designated swimming area, non-motorized boat rentals, and a boat launch.

You can paddle down the Whitefish River or head out further on to the lake for some amazing fishing opportunities. Along the western shore of Whitefish Lake is Whitefish Lake State Park offers camp spots and more recreation opportunities.

Down A Cold Beer At Moose’s Saloon

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This no-bullshit bar serves up cheap pizza, sandwiches, and cold beer. Moose’s Saloon is a dive bar at its finest and an institution in the region. It’s not actually located in Whitefish but in the larger and less attractive city of Kalispell, however it’s well worth the drive!

The inside of the bar is dark, the floor is covered in sawdust and peanuts, and every inch of the wood interior is carved with patron’s names. It’s dark and a bit loud, but still family-friendly in early in the evening and the service is quick and friendly. There is a lot to love about this place.

Visit Downtown Kalispell

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None of this is to say Kalispell is not worth visiting or even staying for that matter. On our first trip out to the area, we choose to base ourselves in the city as it was more affordable than the very trendy and touristic Whitefish.

Similar to Whitefish downtown Kalispell has a historic downtown with plenty of shops and restaurants. It’s not quite as charming as Whitefish, but it serves as a great base and is well worth exploring if you’re around Whitefish for a while.

Flathead Lake

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Just south of Whitefish is Flathead Lake the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi in the lower 48 states. It has a whopping 200 square miles of water and features 185 miles of shoreline.

The state operates thirteen public access sites around the lake many include toilets, boat launches, camping, swimming, and picnic facilities. Along the west side of the lake is Wildhorse Island, a 2,165-acre state park that can only be accessed via boat.

The lake is perfect for sailing, boating, waterskiing, swimming, and camping. Come summertime keep an eye out for local fruit stands that sell apples, cherries, and huckleberries.

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Check Out a Craft Brewery

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When visiting pretty any town or city these days we love checking the local brewery. Whitefish has two great microbreweries and they serve up tasty brews. Sadly there used to be a great one downtown, but they recently closed their doors.

Bonsai Brewing Project

Bonsai is a charming little brewery located just outside of the town center. They have a large building with seating inside and outside and often have live local music in the summer. When we visited they even had an amazing Korean food truck outback. The vibes here are relaxed and they serve some wonderful beer.

Location: 549 Wisconsin Ave, Whitefish (GPS)

Backslope Brewing

Backslope Brewing is located in Columbia Falls on the way to Glacier National Park. It’s a few minutes outside of town and serves up some amazing pub food and beer. This place is great and they have the best beer we found in Western Montana.

Location: 1107 9th St W, Columbia Falls (GPS)

Flathead National Forest

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Glacier National Park can be a really busy place in the peak summer months. If you’re seeking some solitude in the wilderness head toward the Flathead National Forest that covers an expansive 2.4 million acres and is connected to Glacier National Park.

Since it’s a national Forest that means you can take to the trail via bike, like on the Alpine #7 Trail. There are also a number of cabins and campgrounds you can book.

While there are some quiet trails if you like a little more company head to one of the more popular trails like Danny On National Recreation Trail. Come expecting some great views and an abundance of wildflowers in the summer.

Go Fly Fishing on Flathead River

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Fly fishing feels synonymous with Montana and it’s tough to find a more ideal location than the bodies of water around Whitefish. If you’re an experienced angler there are a plethora of waterways to explore, but Flathead River is a classic fishing locale.

Even if you’re not experienced you can still hire a guide to show you the ropes and take you to all the best fishing spots. Of course, experience anglers can also benefit from the knowledge of a local guide who knows the best holes, flies, and what’s biting at that time of year.

Whitefish Depot

15 Best Things To Do in Whitefish, Montana (20)

If you’re a history buff, love trains, or want to learn more about the town of Whitefish head to the Whitefish Depot. The historic train station has been operating for over a century and is one the busiest depots between Seattle and Minneapolis.

Inside the historic depot building, is the Stumptown Historical Museum if you care to learn more. The Depot Park is a great park with picnic benches and is also home to the Whitefish Farmers Market on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer.

(Video) Whitefish Mountain Resort Montana Vlog | A COMPLETE TOUR !

Where to Eat in Whitefish

  • the Wich Haus: The best sandwich shop in Whitefish! Only minutes from downtown Whitefish and Big Mountain.
  • Tupelo Grille: One of the nicest restaurants in Whitefish, perfect for a romantic evening out. Tupelo serves New Orleans-style dishes such as gumbo & jambalaya.
  • Loula’s Cafe: A new American breakfast restaurant that is almost always busy!
23 BEST Whitefish Restaurants to Try (Montana)

Where to Stay in Whitefish

15 Best Things To Do in Whitefish, Montana (21)

Of course you’re going to want an amazing place to stay while experiencing all the best things to do in Whitefish. Here are our recommendations for hotels. However if an Airbnb is more your style we break down the best rentals in Whitefish here!

Plan For Your Trip

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Anyone who finds solace in the outdoors and natural landscapes will surely find a plethora of things to do in Whitefish, Montana. The little American town just south of the Canadian border packs a punch and can deliver a heavy dose of some of the best things Montana has to offer. Where is Whitefish?...

Whitefish, Montana is a resort town in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana.. Thanks to Whitefish Ski Resort it is one of the top places to ski in Montana in the winter, and during the summer it’s a popular place given it’s location near Glacier National Park.. Just outside of the town center is the Whitefish City Beach on Whitefish Lake.. Along the western shore of Whitefish Lake is Whitefish Lake State Park offers camp spots and more recreation opportunities.. It’s not quite as charming as Whitefish, but it serves as a great base and is well worth exploring if you’re around Whitefish for a while.. (Video) Things To Do In Whitefish, MT | Part 1 | Whitefish Mountain Resort. If you’re a history buff, love trains, or want to learn more about the town of Whitefish head to the Whitefish Depot .. The Depot Park is a great park with picnic benches and is also home to the Whitefish Farmers Market on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer.

Written by Brad LaneUpdated Sep 24, 2021

Whitefish's small but eclectic downtown district provides plenty of places to visit, including a community theater, local restaurants, and nearby parks with access to the Whitefish River.. The magical mountain splendor of Glacier National Park is accessible from Whitefish with less than a 30-mile commute.. Whitefish City Beach is one mile west of the Whitefish Depot and near the outflow of the lake.. Farther up the western shore, Whitefish Lake State Park is another popular spot to access the water.. The Danny On National Recreation Trail , one of the most popular hiking trails of the entire national forest, is located on Big Mountain on the northern edge of Whitefish.. Other popular areas of the national forest close to Whitefish include the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Jewel Basin Hiking Area .. Great for a place to sleep, the affordable rates at Cheap Sleep Motel help visitors enjoy the areas surrounding Whitefish, like Glacier, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and downtown.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Whitefish, Montana, we’ve put together this guide, with popular attractions and popular lodging areas.

Nestled in the Flathead Valley, just a short drive from Glacier National Park , and sitting on the shores of Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Montana is the quintessential Montana town.. It’s located on 2 nd Street in downtown Whitefish.. Big Arm State Park Big Arm State Park on Flathead Lake is a popular spot for summertime visitors to Whitefish and the Flathead Valley.. This park is another popular place to access the Lake.. If you’re not interested in staying in the downtown area of Whitefish, south Whitefish offers a quieter option, with chain hotels, and family-friendly accommodations.. HotelsAirbnbs Whether you’re here to enjoy the beauty of a Montana summer or the fun of a Montana winter, Whitefish is a wonderful community to call home while you’re visiting.

Montanans share their favorite things to do in Whitefish, MT. Find out what you can't miss in the downtown area of Whitefish and beyond it.

Even us Montanans love getting away to gorgeous Whitefish as often as we can.View of Downtown Whitefish and Whitefish Lake from Whitefish Mountain. The Travel Montana Now team loves Whitefish — Nancy spent summer vacations there in high school and college; Jackie loves all the boating, hiking, and snowshoeing opportunities around Whitefish; and Gina is a fan of the cute downtown area, kid-friendly main beach, and pristine mountain views.. Downtown Whitefish is located in a small valley at the base of the Whitefish Mountain Range.. Overlooking downtown Whitefish and the lake, and up a steep mountain road, is Whitefish Mountain Resort, one of the premier ski resorts in Montana .. Whitefish Museum at Whitefish Depot. Whitefish Lake with the Ski Resort in BackgroundThanks to Whitefish’s close proximity to both a lake and ski resort, you can find some exciting ski adventures whether you visit Whitefish in the summer or winter.. And snowboarders will also find their slice of heaven in Whitefish thanks to the terrain parks at Whitefish Mountain Resort.. Another summer vs winter thing to do in Whitefish is jet skiing on Whitefish lake in the summer and snowmobiling through backcountry plains in the winter.. The theater is located right on the outskirts of downtown Whitefish and is a brief walk from Whitefish Depot.. Whitefish is close to dozens upon dozens of hiking trails, but for a quintessential Whitefish hiking experience, head to the aptly named Whitefish Trail.. An initiative headed by the Whitefish Legacy Partners, the Whitefish Trail aims to protect the natural surroundings of Whitefish and make it accessible to the people in a manner that protects the nature that makes such beautiful and relaxing hiking possible.. To rent a fat bicycle while in Whitefish, check out the rentals from Whitefish Bike Retreat, Sportsman Ski Haus, and Glacier Cyclery & Nordic.

Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Whitefish is by far one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Montana.. Last, but not least, it's right by Glacier National Park!. Whitefish Lake and City Beach Depot Park Hiking Whitefish River Trail Art galleries Les Mason State Park Glacier National Park. Keep reading for a comprehensive travel guide for your trip to Whitefish, Montana!. You’ll encounter friendly locals who are eager to welcome you into the town and share their stories and recommendations.. The town has something for everyone.. Boat rentals are available along the lake.. Lion Mountain Trail is a 2.6 mile looped hike near the lake.. Check out Alltrails.com to discover more hiking trails around Whitefish!. This specific trail is 1 mile, but does connect to other trails if you wish to go further.. One of the most popular galleries is Sunti World Art Gallery.. During the open season, park hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.. This park has over 700 mountain lakes, 37 glaciers (of course you'd expect glaciers!

Things to do in Whitefish Montana are on the horizon for this summer. Come along for the ride and enjoy Glacier National Park!

Whitefish, Montana is the perfect place to visit given that it is a bustling town smack dab in the middle of vast stretches of untouched wilderness on all sides.. Some of the top destinations at Glacier National Park include Many Glacier, Going-to-the-Sun Mountain , and Heavens Peak which thankfully become more easily accessible during the warm summers.. In addition to Glacier National Park , the surrounding wilderness is home to the popular Flathead National Forest which houses over 2,000 miles of hiking/biking trails as well as several campgrounds.. Just four miles north of town, Whitefish Mountain Resort is nestled away on the Western edge of Flathead National Forest.. In addition to the trails, Whitefish Mountain Resort boasts several manmade attractions like the alpine slides where adults and children alike can test their luck on this modified luge track .. These craft beer experts will take you around Whitefish and the surrounding area to get a behind-the-scenes look at how award-winning microbrew is made in Northwest Montana.. At City Beach , there is a thin stretch of soft sand where beachgoers can sprawl out alongside a designated swimming area due to the high volume of boats that dart across Whitefish Lake.. And now that you know a few things to do in Whitefish Montana, let’s get you here:. I have driven from Missoula International Airport, which is about a two-hour drive to Whitefish, Montana with airport code MSO.. Now that you have your own curated list of top summer activities to do in Whitefish, it’s best that you start looking for a place to stay.. With so much to see and do along with this border-straddling community, I highly recommend you take the time to visit Whitefish (in the summer of course).

I'm sharing my complete and actual itinerary of things to do in Whitefish, MT in hopes of you adding this pleasant nugget of Montana to your bucket list.

Luckily I got the chance to spend several days in and around Whitefish, Montana and it quickly became one of my favorite trips of the year.. Cafe Kandahar is a restaurant that most would save for the end of a trip, however, it’s one of the first things I recommend doing in Whitefish, MT.. After having a “chill” first day in Whitefish, it’s now time to test your limits at Whitefish Mountain Resort .. Take A Lift Ride to the Summit of Big Mountain Summiting Big Mountain was one of the highlights of my day at Whitefish Mountain Resort.. Visiting Glacier National Park is a must-do when it comes to things to do in Whitefish, MT.. I had the pleasure of being taught how to rock climb from Link of Rock Climb Montana , and I’m already looking forward to my next go at this sport.. I highly recommend not only going for a climb during your visit, but booking with the pros at Rock Climb Montana.. Our pilot picked us up directly on the lake at The Lodge At Whitefish Lake and we glided above the mountains for about a half hour as he pointed out different homes and landmarks.. The Salt Box was a great way to end my trip and it’s a unique activity to add to your list of things to do in Whitefish, MT.. Like Cafe Kandahar, I also didn’t expect a place like Spotted Bear Spirits to be a hidden gem amongst many in Downtown Whitefish.. * My trip to Whitefish was hosted by the lovely team at Explore Whitefish.

The resort town of Whitefish is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains where it provides a gateway to Glacier National Park and Flathead National

The Tudor Revival Station Building dates back to 1927 and was recorded on the National List of Historic Places in 2002.. Dick Idol Signature Gallery, 238 Central Ave, Whitefish, MT 59937, Phone: 406-862-5070. Visitors to Whitefish will be pleased to know that the town has a thriving performing arts culture which you can enjoy when you attend one of the Whitefish Theatre Company performances.. The company produces a regular line-up of varied performing arts and music productions including live bands, children’s theatre and great adult entertainment.. There is something new every month and local budding performers can attend a variety of courses in dance, music and acting.. You are reading "What is There to Do with Kids in Whitefish, Montana" Back to Top or More tourism, attractions for couples, food, things to see near me today. Top things to see near me, beaches, cruises, parks near me, underrated tourist attractions downtown, travel blog, attractions, places near me right now, things to do near me, vacations, resorts near me, family weekend breaks, mountains, open now, tonight, breakfast near me, affordable rental, kids activities near me, campgrounds near me: East Coast Beaches , SC , Beaches near Orlando , Last Minute , NH , Houston , Palm Springs , Monterey , From Atlanta, GA , Sedona AZ. Whitefish Depot , Photo: Robert Paulus/stock.adobe.com Flathead National Forest , Photo: Tomasz Zajda/stock.adobe.com Dick Idol Signature Gallery , Photo: Dick Idol Signature Gallery Alpine Theatre Project, Whitefish, Montana , Photo: furtseff/stock.adobe.com Hugh Rogers Wag Park , Photo: New Africa/stock.adobe.com Whitefish Theatre Company, Whitefish, Montana , Photo: lapandr/stock.adobe.com Frame of Reference Fine Art Gallery, Whitefish, MT , Photo: Frame of Reference Fine Art Gallery Whitefish Lake Restaurant, Whitefish, Montana , Photo: Magdalena Bujak/stock.adobe.com Mama Blanca's, Whitefish, Montana , Photo: Mama Blanca’s Cover Photo: Shannon D. Hanson/stock.adobe.com

A paved road through the mountains of Glacier National Park that’s reserved for bikers and hikers? Yep. Here are all the reasons why Spring in Whitefish, Montana, is the best.There are many versions of paradise that include a palm tree, a tropical sun, and a fancy drink concoction topped with a pa...

Located in the Flathead Valley, just west of Glacier National Park, and on the shores of its five-mile-long namesake lake, the town of Whitefish offers everything an outdoor recreationalist could want, from biking and paddling, to hiking and sightseeing.. The locals and visitors also enjoy a variety of outdoor pursuits that change with the seasons: skiing in the winter, basking on the beach in the summer, hiking in the fall, and biking in the spring.. In fact, Whitefish is world-renowned for its early-season biking, especially because of the “Going-to-the-Sun” road in Glacier National Park, says local resident and rider Dan Hansen.. We caught up with Hansen to ask about the Glacier National Park road bike experience but learned there are many other reasons to check out Whitefish in the springtime.. Riding along the Weeping Wall on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park.. I) Riding the North Fork Road from Camas Road to Polebridge .. You can also find more information about local gravel grinding opportunities by checking in with Whitefish Outfitters.. For more about hiking trails in the park, visit the National Park Service website .

We'll show you the 15 best places to visit in Montana, including why we love each one, how to get there, the best sights, and more.

Most tourists to Bighorn Canyon prefer to fish and boat at the Bighorn River and Afterbay Lake, with excellent brown and rainbow trout fishing areas.. Anglers can stake out the water for lake trout, and if that’s not your scene, you can head to the Whitefish Lake State Park for some camping and hunting.. There could never be a list of the best places to visit in Montana without including Yellowstone National Park .. Flathead Lake State Park Big Arm State Park West Shore State Park Yellow Bay State Park Finley Point State Park. Iconic attractions like Flathead Lake, Bob Marshall Wilderness Area, Yellowstone National Park, and Glacial National Park require an experienced guide.

A gateway to Western Montana’s Glacier National Park, Whitefish is a friendly, close-knit community that’s used to welcoming visitors and outfitting them for all their park adventures. However, it’s also very much a destination in and of itself.

A gateway to Western Montana’s Glacier National Park , Whitefish is a friendly, close-knit community that’s used to welcoming visitors and outfitting them for all their park adventures.. I had the opportunity to visit Whitefish as part of a press trip, and I fell in love with this cozy town and its expansive list of activities; its wide selection of cute, casual cafes; and its outstanding variety of fun, funky shops.. Consider these activities on your Whitefish vacation.. The only 36-hole golf course in Montana, the Whitefish Lake Golf Club has fantastic views of both the lake and Big Mountain.. The Whitefish Trail , a community-driven, multipartner project to develop a recreational trail system around Whitefish Lake, provides 42 miles of surface trails and 12 trailheads.. Nathan Dugan / Shutterstock.com With its many gorgeous lakes, Whitefish is a popular destination for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding.. The Marina at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake provides kayak, canoe, and stand-up paddleboard rentals in central Whitefish, plus private boat tours of the lake.. Led by the team at Swan Mountain (about 1 hour and 45 minutes outside Whitefish), the llama excursions range from short day activities to complete overnight adventures.. Swift Creek Cafe is my favorite lunch spot in Whitefish, and my go-to order is the turkey club sandwich with a side of simple greens and avocado.. A popular Whitefish fine-dining spot since 1995, Tupelo Grille can best be described as a New Orleans-Montana fusion hot spot.. With a secondhand bookstore in the front and a chocolate shop in the back, Copperleaf Chocolat & Voyageur Booksellers might just have been my favorite stop in all Whitefish.. As Montana’s only AAA Four Diamond resort, The Lodge at Whitefish Lake offers a long list of amenities for travelers, from valet parking and charging stations for electric cars to heated pools, hot tubs, and private beach areas.. Snow Bear Chalets offers ski-in, ski-out luxury vacation rental treehouses and chalets near Whitefish Mountain Resort.

A guide to the top things to do in Whitefish MT, whether it's summer or winter. Biking, hiking, Glacier National Park, where to eat, where to stay, and more

Whitefish, MT draws many visitors to its popular ski resort, and for its proximity to the stunning Glacier National Park (and rightfully so.). The town of Whitefish is surprisingly well-known given its size; I think that has something to do with its feel both as a chic resort village and hidden mountain escape.. With its community feel, fresh mountain air, and a gem of a culinary scene, Whitefish was a great home base for my first stay in the state.. Whitefish Trail With 10+ trailheads and 42 miles of natural surface to walk, bike, or hike on right next to town, there are enough scenic views and forested paths to keep any nature-lover happy.. Whitefish Bike Retreat Located just outside town, the Whitefish Bike Retreat is a lodge, hub, and training center created especially for bikers.. They’re uniquely equipped to help with any and all biking needs, so it’s a good spot to know about if you plan on doing any mountain biking while in town.. Whitefish Lake The glacial lake bearing the same name as the town is a favorite for visitors and locals alike.. Whitefish Mountain Resort is the biggest draw (and you can also do mountain biking, hiking, and zip-lining here in the summer.). If you’re hiking or biking, you can grab the Whitefish Shuttle from town.. They go both to Glacier National Park and to the Whitefish Trailheads mentioned above!. Yoga at Yoga Hive I loved the class I took with Yoga Hive Montana, which has locations in downtown Whitefish and nearby Kalispell.. The Best Whitefish Restaurants I’ve got an upcoming post with more details about where to eat in Whitefish.. Whitefish, MT’s closest airport is Glacier Park International , which is a short 15-minute drive to downtown.. The well-established Lodge at Whitefish Lake is popular and so lovely, but so are many of the smaller B&Bs and apartments in town.. Whether you’re planning a trip and looking for things to do in Whitefish MT or you’re now thinking about going…I hope this sets you up to experience the best of the area!

Written by Brad LaneJul 15, 2021

Glistening alpine lakes, world-renowned ski resorts, and all three forks of the Flathead River are a few defining environments of Flathead National Forest.. A few Flathead National Forest summer activities include hiking, boating, fishing, and camping beneath the stars.. Flathead National Forest is an excellent alternative to Glacier National Park .. Whitefish Mountain Resort, one of Montana’s best ski resorts , is partially located within Flathead National Forest, north of Whitefish.. Holland Lake is one of several scenic bodies of water along Highway 83 that cuts through the Swan Lake District of the forest.. Other lakes along this corridor include Lindbergh Lake and Van Lake , both with campgrounds close to the shore.. Flathead National Forest encompasses the North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork of the Flathead River — collectively known as the Three Forks of the Flathead River .. Campsite at Murray Bay Campground in the Flathead National Forest | Forest Service Northern Region / photo modified. Some campgrounds, like Tally Lake Campground and Swan Lake Campground, have boat ramps.. Tally Lake is in the Tally Lake Ranger District of the forest, west of Whitefish.. This route spans from Seeley Lake past Swan Lake and to the northern tip of Flathead Lake.. Vintage forest service signs in the Flathead National Forest | Sam Beebe / photo modified. These four ranger stations include Tally Lake , Swan Lake , Spotted Bear , and Glacier View/Hungry Horse Ranger Stations.


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