15 Best Things to Do in Lake Placid in Summer - Let's Adventure Everyday (2022)

After a spring and summer of social distancing, I decided to take a trip to Lake Placid, NY in September 2020. It was one of the few places I was allowed to go given the travel restrictions at the time. So, I was excited to get out of the city and get some fresh air but didn’t expect much. But, it turned out to be a great place to visit!

When you think of upstate New York, you probably think of winter sports: skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, etc. And Lake Placid has winter sports galore! But, it’s also great for summer travel if you’re interested in things like hiking, biking, swimming, and boating. Since we went before New York fully opened up, many places were closed or modifying normal operations to comply with covid restrictions. Since Lake Placid is primarily an outdoor adventure destination, restrictions didn’t affect our trip much.

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If you dream of quiet landscapes full of mountains and lakes, Lake Placid may be the perfect destination for you! We spent our time hiking, paddling around Mirror Lake, and exploring the town. Here are the 16 best things to do in Lake Placid in the summer based on my trip.

Hiking near Lake Placid

Lake Placid is within Adirondack Park and is surrounded by multiple wilderness areas, making it a hiker’s dream. Whether you’re a day hiker (like me) or prefer longer backpacking and camping trips, you will be able to find the perfect route. When planning my hikes, I heavily relied on the guides on LakePlacid.com, which have descriptions of trails and usually maps as well.

1. Algonquin Peak via Avalanche Pass

My favorite hike of the trip was a full day hike to Algonquin Peak in the High Peaks Wilderness. Rather than take the most direct route, we did a loop from Adirondack Loj through Avalanche Pass and then up Algonquin Peak. If you take one of the many trails that start from Adirondack Loj, make sure to get there early (before 7 am on weekends or 9 am on weekdays)! Parking spots fill up very quickly in the morning, and if you arrive too late to get a spot in the main lot, you’ll need to park a mile up the road. If you’re planning a full-day hike, you don’t want to have an extra mile of walking up the road on either end.

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The first ~5 miles of this hike are pretty easy, walking through woods along streams and lakes on mostly flat ground. This part of the hike had the best scenery on the day I went, so make sure to enjoy the views of the cliffs and lakes while you’re there. After you hit Avalanche Lake, you’ll make your way around the lake by scrambling up and down boulders and ladders right next to steep cliffs. Then, you’ll reach the turnoff for Algonquin. This is where it gets interesting!

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The next 1.7 miles are very steep, with lots of scrambling up rockfalls and climbing open rock faces. Hiking poles would be helpful, but I made it up without. Once you emerge from the treeline, you’re almost to the peak! In about a half-mile of much easier terrain, you’ll be there. The way down is less steep than the way up, but don’t underestimate it. It’s 4 miles from Algonquin Peak back to the parking lot, and the first three are very rocky, so you need to focus on where you’re placing your feet the whole way down. The last mile is flatter and less rocky, so it feels like a nice break to finish out the day.

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2. Eagle Eyrie

The Eagle Eyrie hike leaves from Rt 86 near Connery Pond Road. There’s a small parking area on Connery Pond Road and a larger lot where the road crosses the Ausable River. We parked in the larger lot and walked along Connery Pond Road to the trailhead to start our hike. The very well-established trail travels along gently rolling hills for about 2.5 miles to Whiteface Landing on Lake Placid. At Whiteface Landing, there’s a boat ramp, so boaters can stop to enjoy the hiking trails as well. To continue on to the Eagle Eyrie, go straight at the intersection onto the fainter trail that continues around Lake Placid.

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At this point, it gets harder to follow the trail since it is not very well-used. But, there are white trail markers at regular intervals. Just make sure you are paying close attention to the trail markers so you don’t accidentally veer off the trail. Where the trail crosses a stream, a tree down obscured the path, but we crossed and found it again on the other side. The path then turns away from the lake and becomes more clearly established as it climbs the Eagle Eyrie. The trail doesn’t reach the peak, but an overlook that gives a nice view of Lake Placid. It’s a great spot to stop, have a picnic, and enjoy a beautiful day!

3. Whiteface Mountain Gondola to Summit

If you want to hike to the peak of Whiteface Mountain, but don’t want to commit to the full hike, take the gondola up to the top of Little Whiteface and hike from there. The hike from the top of the gondola to the summit is about 1.25 miles, and very steep. You’ll climb up ski trails initially, and take a path climbing through the woods for the last ascent.

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When you get off the gondola, head down Excelsior until you get to the first intersection. From there, take Paron’s Run upwards again. This is where it gets hard. Since you’re walking up a ski trail, it’s a pretty steady uphill. It’s a blue square, not a black diamond, so not horrible, but definitely exhausting. As you continue the climb, you can either continue up Paron’s Run or turn onto the Follies (to the left) for a slightly less steep option. Your goal in this section is just to get to the top of the Summit Quad chairlift. Once you reach the Summit Quad, look to the left to find the narrow trail that leads to the Whiteface Summit. This is where it gets fun!

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You’ll see as you start that there’s a rope to help you climb up the hill. As you continue up, you’ll come across multiple spots where you’ll be climbing up steep rock faces using ropes. For the most part, there are trees and roots around to help you up as well, but it is challenging. We saw about half of the people who started the hike reach the summit with us. If you do make it, you’ll love the views of high peaks and lakes on all sides.

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4. Peninsula Trails to Lake Placid

For a more calm hike, head to the Peninsula Nature Trails. This small trail system is accessible from a parking lot on Peninsula Way, close to Lake Placid town. The trails are well-maintained and can easily be used for trail running as well as hiking. You can walk the full trail system in an hour or two. Or, if you have time, stop and explore the dam and shoreline for a relaxing afternoon.

Other Adventures in and Around Lake Placid

5. High Falls Gorge

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High Falls Gorge is a set of waterfalls of the Ausable River surrounded by nature trails. The admission fee is $13 for adults. Once you pay the fee, head to the waterfall trail to appreciate the falls from both sides. There are bridges crossing the gorge, glass-bottom sections of the path, and plenty of overlook areas so you can see the falls from all angles. There are some large potholes and whirlpools as well, which will make you appreciate the power of water! After looking at the falls, head back to sit at the picnic area or choose to take the short nature walk through the trees. It’s about one mile and climbs uphill into the woods where you can enjoy flowers and bird watching.

6. White Water Rafting

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While you can’t go white water rafting right in Lake Placid, about an hour away you’ll find Hudson River Gorge, which is one of the best whitewater rafting areas in the US. Take a Hudson River Rafting Day Trip with Beaverbrook Outfitters for a fun and exciting day on the river. Right now, all rafts are private due to covid restrictions, so if you’re going with a smaller group, you will be paying higher per person rates. Depending on the season, you’ll be paddling on Class III-V rapids, and floating along in calmer sections of the river. There are a few spots where you can jump in and swim if you’re feeling adventurous as well! In September, the water was chilly (I still jumped in though), but it would be nice and refreshing on a hot summer day.

7. Boots and Birdies Mini Golf

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Boots and Birdies is near the Peninsula Trails and is great for an hour or two of afternoon fun. They have a mini-golf course that is western/gold rush-themed that we really enjoyed, and a bunch of options for kids. There’s a bungee trampoline station (without an age limit), where you get to jump on a trampoline while harnessed into bungee cords so you get more height and can do flips, and a gemstone mining station.

8. John Brown Farm Historic Site

I didn’t expect to see a historical site related to John Brown in Lake Placid, since I rememebered him as the leader of the attack on Harper’s Ferry in Kansas during the Civil War. But, he and his family lived in North Elba, NY, and his body remains buried there today. The farm is about 5 minutes from Main Street in Lake Placid and includes some nature trails, a cemetery, and the farmhouse. There was also a temporary exhibit in the barn about Gerrit Smith’s donation of 120,000 acres of land in the area to freed slaves. That exhibit was my favorite part since I hadn’t learned about the land donation and the challenges that the freed slaves faced in rural areas in the northern states until visiting.

9. Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

Many people know of Lake Placid because of the 1980 Winter Olympics. Many of the facilities used for the 1980 Games are still in use as training facilities for (potentially) future Olympians. The Olympic Ski Jumping Complex is the most visible of the Olympic sites, towering over the road as you enter the town on Route 73.

I always loved watching ski jumping on TV since the skiers appeared to be flying, so I enjoyed seeing the ramps and hills that Olympians train and compete on. At the jumping complex, you can take a gondola from the base lodge to the top of the hill that the two ski jumps sit on. From there, you can get in a glass elevator to the top of the 120-meter jump. There are great views from all sides inside the building, and you can go outside to see the view ski jumpers see before taking their turn. For a thrill on the way down, take the zipline that takes you along the path of the 90-meter jump.

In the winter, you can watch ski jumpers flying down the mountain. And in the summer, you can see them using the smaller jumps to practice, falling into large pools. We didn’t arrive in time to see training, but on the next trip, it would be on our list. Both ski jumpers and aerialists use the summer training area. Whether you just want to see the great views from the top of the jumps, or you want a thrilling zipline adventure, visit the Olympic Ski Jumping complex for a great time.

10. Mirror Lake Paddling or Swimming

The village of Lake Placid ironically sits around Mirror Lake, not Lake Placid. Mirror Lake much smaller than Lake Placid, and no motorized boats are allowed, so it’s very quiet. In the summer, people enjoy the lake by kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, and sailing. Since we stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn, we used the free kayaks and paddleboards to explore the lake. If you don’t stay right on the lake, there are places where you can rent kayaks and more in town.

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We paddled around the entire lake in about an hour and then swam. You can swim at the Mirror Lake public beach, in the same place that the athletes competing in the Ironman Lake Placid triathlon begin their swim each year. And, if you prefer dry land activities, you can see the lake from all sides by taking the path that circles the lake. Many people take advantage of the path by jogging it in the mornings.

Where to Eat in Lake Placid

11. Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery

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Ice cream is the perfect treat at the end of a long day of hiking or paddling. Emma’s in Lake Placid has so many options, you will want to go there every day of your vacation to try everything! They have hard and soft-serve ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, and even edible cookie dough. We went there at least four times throughout our week there, and I would highly recommend visiting on your trip to Lake Placid. It’s right on Main Street, so you can’t miss it!

12. Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals is also right on Main Street and has indoor seating along with an outdoor patio right on Mirror Lake. We ordered takeout since it was very busy. No one answered the phone when we called to order, but when we went in and ordered at the bar, they were able to make our food in about 15 minutes. As you may be able to guess by the name, Smoke Signals specializes in barbecue. I got the BBQ Nachos with pulled pork and the cornbread, both of which were delicious!

13. The View

If you’re looking to splurge on a fancy dinner, The View is the place for you! The View is a AAA Four Diamond restaurant, offering fine dining with beautiful views of Mirror Lake. If you plan to eat at The View, make sure to make a reservation a few weeks in advance to guarantee a table. When we sat down, our waiter gave us customized menus with our party’s name on them and the date, which was fun. Everything we ate was delicious, especially the dessert (a skillet cookie)!

14. Jimmy’s 21 Lake Side Restaurant

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Jimmy’s serves Italian food on Main Street, with indoor seating and a back patio right on the lake. The food and the views were both great. The comfort food made for a perfectly relaxing and casual end to a long day of hiking the High Peaks.

15. Generations Tap & Grill

We initially had some trouble finding a good breakfast spot without a line in Lake Placid, so after successfully getting into Generations quickly and enjoying the food, we went back each day. Generations has indoor and outdoor dining and is right on Main Street. They have all of the usual breakfast options: eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc, and some specialties like a soft pretzel stuffed with an omelet. It’s.a great place to fuel up before starting your day in the Adirondacks!

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Bonus: Cliffside Coaster

When I was in Lake Placid, the Cliffside Coaster was still being built. Since I didn’t actually get to try it out, I’m not including it in the main list of best things to do in Lake Placid. But, it would be on the top of my list if I went back. The coaster at Mount Van Hoevenberg is the longest in the US, and its path mirrors the bobsled track from the 1932 and 1980 Olympics. So, if you like a thrill and want to experience the feeling of flying down the mountain, check it out!


Is Lake Placid worth visiting in the summer? ›

You'll find so many fun things to do in Lake Placid NY during the summer months! The fresh mountain air, warm sunshine, numerous waterways and trails to hike make Lake Placid the perfect place to visit this summer.

Why is Lake Placid famous? ›

Lake Placid is now best known as the two-time site of the Winter Olympics (1932 and 1980). Lake Placid, St. Moritz Switzerland and Innsbruck Austria are the only sites to have twice hosted the Winter Olympic Games.

Is it worth visiting Lake Placid? ›

Lake Placid is truly one of New York's great escapes. From world-class skiing in winter to epic paddling in summer to incredible fall foliage, this postcard-perfect village is an ideal year-round destination. It also happens to be a two-time host to the Winter Olympic Games.

What is there to do in the Adirondacks in the summer? ›

Discover our suggested list of the best 46 things to do in the Adirondacks in summer and start planning your trip today!
  • Go to a Drive-in movie theatre.
  • Visit an art gallery.
  • Get ice cream at a roadside stand.
  • Visit Henry's Woods.
  • Visit John Brown Farm.
  • Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard.
  • Visit Adirondack museums.

What should I pack for Lake Placid in August? ›

Protective Outerwear. Summer is the rainiest season in Lake Placid, with an average of more than 4 inches of rain falling in each summer month. Storms can come on suddenly, so pack a rain poncho and travel umbrella. Evenings are chilly, especially by the water, so bring a warm jacket.

Is Lake Placid good for kids? ›

Lake Placid Area

1. Wild Center - Part natural history museum, part nature center, the Wild Center is a full day of fun with loads of exhibits, animal encounters and the new Wild Walk, an elevated path in the treetops where kids can experience what it's like to be part of nature themselves. 2.

Is Lake Placid Beautiful? ›

The Village of Lake Placid is breathtakingly beautiful even without serene Mirror Lake with its clear reflection of stately trees and the quaint town. No motor vehicles are allowed on the lake so it is always peaceful and quiet, perfect for leisurely paddling in your kayak or canoe.

What is the best time to visit Lake Placid? ›

The best time to visit Lake Placid is March-May

In the winter, temperatures can get down to -17℃ (2℉) around January. The sun stays up the longest in Lake Placid in July, so you'll get the most out of your daytime activities if you visit around this time.

Are there crocodiles in Lake Placid? ›

Lake Placid is known Croc Country and people in the area are reminded to always be Crocwise. In particular: Expect crocodiles in ALL far northern Queensland waterways even if there is no warning sign. Obey all warning signs – they are there to keep you safe.

Can you swim in Lake Placid? ›

Lake Placid Public Beach

Located in downtown Lake Placid on Mirror Lake, this sandy beach is a great place for swimming, kayaking, picnicking, and more. The beach has lifeguards on duty when in-season.

Why is it called Lake Placid? ›

The movie's name, it turns out, is not even the name of the lake featured in the movie. Rather, it is set on a fictional lake in Maine named Black Lake. The movie title refers to one of the early scenes, when the sheriff says, "They wanted to call it Lake Placid, but that name was taken." Was that a shout out to us?

Is Lake Placid clean? ›

Lake Placid is one of the purest lakes on earth. Only 2.5% of the water on earth is fresh water, and of that only 1% is suitable for drinking. Lake Placid is included in that 1%, classified as AA-Special, the highest rating for water quality.

How big is the crocodile in Lake Placid? ›

Production. Lake Placid was produced by Fox 2000 Pictures, Phoenix Pictures, and Rocking Chair Productions. The 32-foot (9.8 m) long crocodile was created by Stan Winston Studios. Some of the film's scenes were shot in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia.

What can I bring to Lake Placid? ›

Here's a list of the items you should keep in your pack year-round:
  1. Headlamp with extra batteries.
  2. Rain gear or poncho.
  3. Food.
  4. Water.
  5. Water purification tablets or pump.
  6. First-aid kit.
  7. Map.
  8. Compass.
Jul 18, 2018

Which is better Lake Placid or Lake George? ›

The Lake George area while nice is much more of a commerical area. with water and amusement parks. Lake Placid is more laided back and I think more scenic. Depending on your price range there are several very nice hotels to stay at.

Where do you stop on the way to Lake Placid? ›

The top stops along the way from New York City to Lake Placid (with short detours) are The Met Cloisters, Norman Rockwell Museum, and Lake George. Other popular stops include Saratoga Race Course, New York State Museum, and The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom.

Which is better Lake Placid or Lake George? ›

The Lake George area while nice is much more of a commerical area. with water and amusement parks. Lake Placid is more laided back and I think more scenic. Depending on your price range there are several very nice hotels to stay at.

Can you swim in Lake Placid? ›

Lake Placid Public Beach

Located in downtown Lake Placid on Mirror Lake, this sandy beach is a great place for swimming, kayaking, picnicking, and more. The beach has lifeguards on duty when in-season.

What should I pack for Lake Placid in August? ›

Protective Outerwear. Summer is the rainiest season in Lake Placid, with an average of more than 4 inches of rain falling in each summer month. Storms can come on suddenly, so pack a rain poncho and travel umbrella. Evenings are chilly, especially by the water, so bring a warm jacket.

What is there to do at Lake Placid Olympic village? ›

  • Olympic Center. Exhibit Gallery – Lake Placid Olympic Museum. The Olympic Center Store. Ice Skating. ...
  • Jumping Complex. Sky Flyer Zipline. Skyride Experience. Elevator Ride Only. ...
  • Mt Van Hoevenberg. Bobsled Experience. Climbing Center. Cliffside Coaster. ...
  • Whiteface. Veterans' Memorial Highway. Cloudsplitter Gondola Rides. Hiking.

For such a small town, Lake Placid, NY has a surprising range of activities and things to do due to its location in the heart of Adirondack Mountains, one of the most picturesque and beautiful regions in the country. With dense old forests, crystal clear lakes, towering mountain peaks, waterfalls, a...

The Village of Lake Placid is breathtakingly beautiful even without serene Mirror Lake with its clear reflection of stately trees and the quaint town.. Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, NY 12946. Adirondack Scenic Railroad is located in the Adirondack Park and operates on the tracks of the former New York Central Railroad Company that go through the scenic Adirondack Mountains between Utica and Lake Placid.. Lake Shore Trail goes along the shore of Lake Placid, ending at a dam.. "Best Things to Do in Lake Placid, NY for Locals & Tourists - Restaurants, Hotels" Back to Top or Beautiful places near me, what to do, restaurants for breakfast, travel guide, nearest beach. The trail, which stretches from Keene, Lake Placid, and Saranac Lake to Paul Smith, connects populated areas and four ski centers, and it includes longer sections of fun wilderness skiing.. The Lake Placid Olympic Museum celebrates both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and their effect on Lake Placid and the region.. The museum hosted the Olympic torch when it went around the United States before the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, and it hosts annual Lake Placid film forum.. The Lakes trip provides a close up view of the Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, the Olympic Village, McKenzie Pond, and the surrounding area.. If you’re looking for the most luxurious and relaxing experience to go with the stunning views of Lake Placid, look no further than The Spa at Mirror Lake Inn.. 77 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, New York 12946, Phone: 518-523-2544. 77 Mirror Lake Drive, Lake Placid, New York 12946, Phone: 518-523-2544. Mirror Lake , Photo: Courtesy of Demelza - Fotolia.com Mount Jo, Lake Placid, New York , Photo: Courtesy of lightphoto2 - Fotolia.com Adirondack Scenic Railroad , Photo: Adirondack Scenic Railroad ADK Aquatics, Lake Placid, New York , Photo: ADK Aquatics Things to Do in Lake Placid: Bobsled Experience , Photo: Bobsled Experience Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails , Photo: Courtesy of Steve Lagreca - Fotolia.com Cascade Cross Country Center, Lake Placid, NY , Photo: Cascade Cross Country Center Lake Placid Attractions: Herb Brooks Arena , Photo: Herb Brooks Arena High Falls Gorge, Lake Placid, NY , Photo: High Falls Gorge Olympic Ski Jump Complex , Photo: frank1crayon/stock.adobe.com Things to Do in Lake Placid: Jack Rabbit Trail , Photo: Courtesy of Colin - Fotolia.com John Brown Farm, Lake Placid, NY , Photo: John Brown Farm Lake Placid Olympic Museum, Lake Placid, NY , Photo: Lake Placid Olympic Museum Lake Placid Scenic Flights, Lake Placid, NY , Photo: Lake Placid Scenic Flights Lake Placid Sleigh Rides, Lake Placid, New York , Photo: Lake Placid Sleigh Rides Algonquin Mountain , Photo: frank1crayon/stock.adobe.com Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society Museum , Photo: Lake Placid-North Elba Historical Society Museum The Spa at Mirror Lake Inn , Photo: The Spa at Mirror Lake Inn Boots and Birdies Miniature Golf , Photo: Devin Allphin/stock.adobe.com Adirondack Foot Sanctuary , Photo: Adirondack Foot Sanctuary Lake Placid Center for the Arts , Photo: Lake Placid Center for the Arts Smoke Signals , Photo: Smoke Signals , Photo: Big Slide Brewery & Public House Dining at Mirror Lake Inn , Photo: Dining at Mirror Lake Inn The Breakfast Club, Etc , Photo: The Breakfast Club, Etc Cover Photo: Courtesy of frank1crayon - Fotolia.com

I’d never really considered a lake vacation, but our recent trip to Lake Placid, NY changed my mind. My family

It’s right in the heart of Lake Placid and backs up to Mirror Lake, so there are plenty of water activities, like pedalboats, paddleboards and kayaks.. There’s also a small man-made beach along Mirror Lake that’s perfect for little ones that want to splash in the lake or build sand castles (Golden Arrow is actually the only lakeside resort in Lake Placid).. Walk into the Lake Placid village and enjoy the free Songs at Mirror Lake concert series at the band shell every Tuesday evening through mid-August.. Lake Placid trains depart twice-daily bound for Saranac Lake.. In the basement of the Olympic Center, you’ll find the Lake Placid Olympic Museum, which features memorabilia from the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games.. There’s a grocery store less than 10 minutes down the road from Lake Placid (on the way to Saranac Lake), so pick up a few sandwiches and drinks, then have a picnic on the water.. Walk through the small village of Lake Placid and you’ll find yourself on a 2.5 mile sidewalk loop around Mirror Lake.

Traveling to New York's premier lakeside destination? Here are the top things to do in Lake Placid in the summer, including best hikes and where to stay.

That was until this summer, when the tourism boards of Lake Placid and the Adirondack Mountains invited me to experience Upstate New York for a few days.. While enjoying time on lake is one of the best things to do in Lake Placid in the summer, there’s so much more to discover in New York’s premier lakeside destination.. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to tackle an actual hike but still want to appreciate the beauty of the Adirondack region.. After a short walk from the parking area, visitors find themselves on top of one of the highest peaks in the Adirondacks.. Small shops and restaurants line the street, many of them offering views over Mirror Lake.. One of the best things to do in Lake Placid in the summer is hiking.. The Cottage This lakeside restaurant offers a beautiful view of Mirror Lake, especially at sunset.. The best place to stay in Lake Placid is on Mirror Lake!. Day 1: Long Day Hike, Sunset on the Mirror Lake Quick to-go breakfast at Stewart’s Indian Head hike Early dinner at a local brewery Sunset on Mirror Lake. I can’t wait to return to see the leaves change in the fall and experience Mirror Lake frozen over in the winter.

Lake Placid is a small town in Florida located in the southeast of the United States with the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on another.

A lot of people visit this town every year.. Here are the 15 best places you should consider visiting.. It is the only clown museum in the world.. Lake June in Winter Source One of the most interesting and excellent places on our list is Lake June In Winter.. The Lake is located 2.5 miles away from Lake Placid.. Bishop Park is a fantastic park located in Lake June in Winter, in Lake Placid, the city of Florida.. It’s a great place for fishing, even though you have you go to the particular area which the authority has selected for fishing.. Address: Lake June Clubhouse Rd, Lake Placid, FL 33852, United States. Every year a lot of visitors around the United States come here to enjoy the charming and attractive natural beauty.

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Nestled in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains, Lake Placid welcomes visitors throughout the year with fresh mountain air and breathtaking vistas.. Meanwhile, cooler months bring out the best of snow sports with skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling.. Lake Placid vacation rentals range from cozy, trendy condos to spacious chalets perfect for a large group.. When the snow flies, bundle up in a warm blanket and enjoy an afternoon riding on a dog sled with Thunder Mountain Dog Sled Tours.. Take in the local scenery and ride through the nearby national forest with a day of horseback riding at the Adirondack Equine Center.. Snuggle into a sleigh, and watch the snow-filled scenery glide by as horses pull you forward with a sleigh ride at Lake Clear Lodge and Retreat.. You can choose between a group ride and make new friends or opt for a romantic private sleigh ride.. Even though the Lake Placid Public Beach isn’t in Florida, you still need to pack your sunscreen for a day of playing in the water and lying on the beach.. Feel the wind on your face as you zoom down the track with an actual bobsled driver at Bobsled Rides at the Olympic Sports Complex.. Lake Placid has served as host city to winter Olympic games, the first in 1939 and the second in 1960, and you can learn more about both of these events at the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.. This ski resort offers some challenging runs while also featuring some smaller runs for those new to skiing.. Whether you’re interested in fly fishing or ice fishing, this group offers a professional guide to help make your trip a success.

The fresh mountain air, warm sunshine, numerous waterways and trails to hike make Lake Placid the perfect place to visit this summer. Check out our top picks below!Dec 29, 2020

Top Things To Do In Lake Placid In The Summer Kayak & Swim in Mirror Lake.. Things to Do in Lake Placid The Adirondack Experience.. Adirondack Sleigh Rides by Country Dreams Farm.. High Falls Gorge, Lake Placid, NY.. You can choose from cross-country skiing centers or, as your experience expands, our more backcountry trails.. These 13 Towns In New York’s Adirondack Mountains Are Nothing Short Of Charming Speculator.. Lake Placid.. Lake Placid ADK/Facebook.. Beautiful place to visit and the Olympic complex areas are worth a visit as well!. Visit Adirondack museums.. It’s easy to spend a day swimming, fishing, paddling, and checking out the scenery at this downtown beach!. Lake Placid is almost 300 miles from New York City.. How far is it from Manhattan to Adirondack Mountains?

If you are looking for a great summer outdoor vacation destination, the Adirondack Mountains in New York are calling! Check out all the fun things to do in and around the Olympic town of Lake Placid!

You will find many fun things to do in Lake Placid and nearby Saranac Lake.. The downtown part of Lake Placid is actually located on Mirror Lake, although Lake Placid is just a short hop away.. On a clear day, you can see as far as Lake Champlain to the east, the tallest peaks in New York to the south, as well as Lake Placid and the village.. Hiking Trails / Nature walks near Lake Placid for Beginners and Families If you are looking for something nice and gentle, there are a number of nature trails around Lake Placid including:. After a short walk, the trail follows the shores of Lake Placid with views of Whiteface Mountain.. The side trails offer views of Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain.. In addition to the great swimming available in the warm, clear waters of Lake Placid or Mirror Lake, there are countless other ponds and swimming holes nearby.. Located only 20 minutes from Lake Placid, the village of Saranac Lake, located on Flower Lake (what is it with these towns not being on the lake they are named after?). If you are looking for something that is a step up from the Golden Arrow, but still on the lake and in walking distance to downtown, the Mirror Lake Inn is a good option.. Located on Lake Placid (versus Mirror Lake), the Lake Placid Lodge is a luxury property that has been voted the #8 resort hotel in the Northeast from Travel + Leisure.. The View at Mirror Lake Inn is located at 77 Mirror Lake DriveLake Placid, New York 12946.. Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is located at 813 Mirror Lake Dr, Lake Placid, NY 12946.

Lake Placid is a gorgeous alpine village located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, and the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic games. There are so many great things to do in Lake Placid with kids- here are 7 you won't want to miss!

Lake Placid is a gorgeous alpine village located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and was the site of the 1980 Winter Olympic games.. It had long been on my “bucket list” of places to visit on one of our family road trips , because I love being in a mountain setting with all of the hiking and activities and gorgeous views- and also because I knew there would be so many great things to do in Lake Placid with kids!. For a beautiful hike head over to High Falls Gorge to walk past the waterfalls and check out the “potholes” that are created by the force of boulders spinning in the churning water over thousands of years.. Take a chairlift followed by a 26-story elevator ride to the top of the 120-meter Olympic ski jump to see what that looks like for an Olympian as they stand at the top of the tower before making the jump.. So plan a gondola ride to the top of Little Whiteface Mountain where you can overlook the Olympic ski runs that are still used today.. There is an adventure park area set up in the summertime for kids to enjoy at the base of the mountain too.. If you are road-tripping your way to Lake Placid, I highly suggest having the kids watch “ Miracle on Ice This is an affiliate link: MomOf6 earns a commission if you purchase, at no additional cost to you.” on the way there- the story of the USA hockey team who pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history over the Russian team.. There is also a small museum in the Olympic Center that my kids loved.. We started our visit with a trip through their adventure trail- which is a series of cargo nets, rope traverses across canyon walls, and zip lines and suspension bridges back and forth over the churning Ausable River.. Next there is a rope suspension bridge, followed more climbing along the canyon walls, and then a final suspension bridge crossing to exit the trail.. It was mostly a gently float trip led by a river guide who shared some old stories about the area- but there was also a small section of bumpy rapids that made it a lot of fun for my older kids (who paddled along with the guide).. *7 Reasons to Visit Lake Placid with Kids is part of a “ MomOf6 Loves NY !” series that highlights some our family’s favorite places to visit during a New York road trip!

Thinking of visiting the Adirondack Mountains? Check out these 10 things you HAVE to do while in Lake Placid, for all the best things to do in Lake Placid.

Today we’re diving into all the great reasons to visit the Adirondack Mountains along with the absolute best things to do in Lake Placid to make your trip a total hit.. First and foremost, where is Lake Placid?. Lake Placid is a village located in the Adirondack Mountains in Essex County, New York.. Saranac Lake is only about a 17 minute drive from Lake Placid, making this another popular destination to hit up in the Adirondack Mountains.. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more things to do in the Adirondack Mountains!. If I didn’t already have some pretty amazing memories of the Adirondack Mountains as a child, I may not have been as apt to book a trip.. If you don’t believe me though, just check out the following things to do in Lake Placid, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked on this endearing destination in no time…. However, I loved hiking to the top of Whiteface Mountain.. Did you know you can enjoy the beautiful Adirondack Mountains from high in the sky by taking a Whiteface Mountain gondola ride?. I personally loved this 30 minute walk, which takes you right back to the gift shop and cute cafe for a snack.. Like I mentioned above, Lake Placid is one of the Olympic host cities.. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Lake Placid, make sure you check out some of the Olympic sites!. The next time we’re back in Lake Placid, you now know where you can find me.. Overall, Rich and myself both thoroughly enjoyed this quick trip.

Mommy Gearest's family visited the Adirondacks and found the best 6 summer family activities in Lake Placid.

If waking up beside a crystal clear lake and spending your days filled with outdoor adventure sounds appealing, then Lake Placid in the Adirondacks is for you.. Here are 6 summer family activities in Lake Placid that are guaranteed memory-makers.. For US$40 per person, the Olympic Passport is the most cost-effective way to experience Lake Placid’s Olympic sites.. I sort of forced my usually timid 10-year-old to try this and he claims he thought he was going to die, but having done the Olympic bobsled run on ice in Utah myself, I assure you that heading down a few turns on wheels in Lake Placid is nowhere near as fast.. The lovely Hampton Inn & Suites Lake Placid on Mirror Lake, NY.. The Hampton Inn & Suites Lake Placid is a great mid-range resort on Mirror Lake, with many rooms facing the lake — with balconies.. You’ll get a decent breakfast (the make-your-own waffles are great), afternoon snacks that include burgers and hot dogs, nightly entertainment and S’Mores by the roaring campfire at 8 p.m. each day as part of your stay.. From here, you can walk to the beach in less than a minute and into the Village of Lake Placid — including the Olympic Museum and skating rink — in about two to three minutes.

What you need to know about Lake Placid, NY in summer: Olympic sites, breathtaking panoramic views of Adirondack Mountains, things to do, restaurants.

Lake Placid, NY in summer is just as great as in the winter if not better!. From paddle boats to hiking trails and seeing the majestic views of Lake Placid from atop Whiteface Mountain, you’ll get a good idea of what you can do and see.. With so many great eateries and shops right on/near Mirror Lake in addition to the many fun outdoor activities and Olympic arenas.. Discover Beautiful Lake Placid, NY in Summer!. Why should you go to Lake Placid in the Summer?. Lake Placid is a lake and the town name.. We found our hotel, the High Peaks Resort on Booking.com and it is right on/across from Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, NY.. Mirror Lake, Lake Placid NY. View of Whiteface Mountain from Lake Placid boat tour. You can do the boat tour of Lake Placid, go to the top of White Face Mountain, stop by the North Pole on the way down the mountain and see High Falls Gorge all in one day.. The beautiful gorge is on the way from Mirror Lake to Whiteface Mountain so you can see both the same sunny day.. Players 2405 Mirror Lake Dr. Lake Placid, NY. We had happy hour and lunch while eating lake side at this restaurant in town.. With so many good restaurants and shops, fun outdoor activities, Olympic arenas, breathtaking panoramic views that are well worth the hike, you will be glad you decided to visit the great Adirondack Mountains.. Discover Beautiful Lake Placid, NY in Summer.

Jun 15 2022 middot for such a small town lake placid ny has a surprising range of activities and things

The most popular things to do in Lake Placid with kids according to Tripadvisor travelers are: Mirror Lake; Lake Placid; Mount Jo; Herb Brooks Arena; John Brown Farm State Historic Site; See all kid friendly things to do in Lake Placid on Tripadvisor.. Things to Do in Sri Lanka, Asia: See Tripadvisor's 1,461,817 traveler reviews and photos of Sri Lanka tourist attractions.. Fields of Lupine Flowers near Lake Placid NY Jun 11, 2022; Is renting kayaks for Mirror Lake easy?. May 15, 2022; Whiteface lodge vs Mirror Lake Inn Mar 20, 2022; Driving from NYC to Lake Placid in February Feb 23, 2022; Suites at Mirror Lake Inn for Family/Young Kids?. Visiting Augusta means taking a relaxing stroll through elegant tree-lined avenues, visiting great museums and galleries, and enjoying famous Southern food.The city is also known as a center of biotechnology, medicine ..... Best Dining in Lake Placid, New York: See 23,092 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 81 Lake Placid restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more.. ... Lake Placid Photos Lake Placid Map Lake Placid Travel Guide All Lake Placid Hotels; Lake Placid Hotel Deals; Last Minute Hotels in Lake Placid; By Hotel Type ... 15.. Lake Placid.. Best Camping in New York on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for 238 camping in New York, United States.

There’s plenty to do in Lake Placid, New York, whether or not you're into winter sports. The area makes for an incredible weekend getaway.

Lake Placid, New York, is a tiny town (about 3,000 people live there) with a massive reputation.. Thankfully, there’s plenty to do in Lake Placid even if you’re not into extreme winter sports.. But Lake Placid is the perfect place to give snowshoeing a go.. If you’re heading to Lake Placid for the first time, here are some trails to check out (and most double as pretty hiking trails in the summer).. Lake Placid isn’t your average winter town, and this isn’t your average sledding hill.. For decades, the Lake Placid Toboggan Chute has offered thrilling toboggan rides from the top of a converted ski-jump trestle dating to the 1932 Winter Olympics.. There are multiple dogsled tour operators in Lake Placid, and all adventures include cuddles with the sweet pups who pull the sled.. Theresa Lauria / Shutterstock.com Technically, The Wild Center isn’t in Lake Placid, but it’s worth the 40-minute drive to nearby Tupper Lake, New York.. It’s just a few minutes from Lake Placid and is one of the most popular winter activities in the region.. Lake Placid Pub & Brewery is another lively destination that’s perfect for beers and bragging with friends after a day of outdoor adventure.. Located in the Hotel North Woods, the Cabin Grill is another great Lake Placid breakfast option.. The Cornell Maple Program operates out of Lake Placid and is part of Cornell University’s cooperative extension program that focuses on community development, making this maple syrup sweet in more ways than one.. One of the more unique shops in Lake Placid, Where’d You Get That Hat?

There are so many unique and fun things to do in Lake Placid for any adventurer, big or small. The Adirondack State Park in northeastern New York is

From exploring nature to the history of the park, you’ll want to come back every season to truly understand everything the Adirondack State Park and Lake Placid has to offer.. So, for a place to fuel up after a long day of exploring the things to do in Lake Placid, make sure to get your fill at Big Slide.. If you need something flat, the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails are a beautiful spot to explore the lake and woods around Lake Placid.. From visiting the Olympic training center and the old ski jumps to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum , you’ll see how much pride this town has in its history.. To enjoy the town of Lake Placid just a little more, rent a kayak or stand up paddle board and cruise around Mirror Lake.. Lake Placid is the perfect spot to ease your way into exploring the high peaks region, as well as getting accustomed to the lakes.


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