10 Best Bass Boat Brands Of August 2022 (2022)

10 Best Bass Boat Brands Of August 2022 (1)

Nothing compares to the freedom of owning your own bass boat – tow it to your favorite lake whenever you want, and spend as long as you’d like to fish, there are no restrictions.

But when it comes to buying a boat, everything’s not all rainbows and unicorns. You’ve got to know where to start looking for the best bass boat and do a good amount of research before investing so much money.

So if you’re one of those people who realize the liberating aspect of buying your own sweet ride but don’t have a clue where to start searching – don’t worry. I’ve listed the ten best bass boat brands where you can hunt for the boat of your dreams.

Also, before you head out to your dealer, check out the quick buying guide at the end of this post. Keep reading!

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Top 10 Bass Boats Brands that You’ll Love

If you’re enthusiastic about fishing, you’ll want a reliable and high-tech boat. The brands I’ve listed below will tick all the boxes of requirements of your dream bass boat.

Tracker Boats

If what you’re looking for is a budget-friendly boat that does not give up on you in the middle of nowhere, Tracker Boats is the place to go. It is a brand owned by the Bass Pro Shops, which also owns Cabela’s and several other popular trademarks.

Tracker Boats offer a variety of boats – bass boats, Jon, Deep V’s, etc. But one of the best things about their bass boats is that they won’t make you empty your bank account. You can purchase one with an attractive design and lots of features without a doubt about its quality.

This is because the sheer volume of the boats Tracker sell allows them to reduce costs while still using cutting-edge design and technology. Oh, and the best part? These are aluminum boats (you can finally fish in that shallow lake now) with the best warranties you’ll ever get.


A bass boat brand countdown wouldn’t be complete without including the world-famous Crestliner. It all started way back in 1946 when a young man named William Morse Sr. built his first aluminum boat. Years later, the company developed into the fastest-selling, reliable fishing boats brand in the country.


With a limited lifetime warranty on all boats, these durable yet agile bass boats will allow you to become a fan of the outdoors. In fact, Crestliner has a program for students called ‘Angling Aces,’ which promotes the passion for fishing amongst youngsters.

With boat engines starting from 20 HP and going all the way up to 250, you’ll find that these bass boats have a wide price range. And if you’re a serious angler wishing to win that bass tournament, check out the Crestliner XF series.

Ranger Boats

If you want to go all in to buy the best bass boat, I suggest you look into Ranger boats. Mind you – you’ll have to invest a good amount to purchase these super sporty, fully-equipped boats. I guarantee they’re worth the extra bucks, though.

With a legacy that dates back 50 years, Ranger boats have industry-leading fiberglass and aluminum bass boats. If you’re into fiberglass boats, their 10-year warranty on structure and a 3-year warranty on the interior will be something you’ll appreciate.

Are you hesitant to invest over 30,000 bucks on a Ranger boat? You can always participate in the Ranger Cup to win back some money, where over $19 million has been handed over to champions since 2011.

Safety, latest technology, comfort, and masterful design – what more could you want from a bass boat?

Bass Cat

Are you a fan of fiberglass bass boats? Go ahead and check out Bass Cat boats then, as they’re one of the most reliable in the industry.

With a lifetime structural warranty, these bass boats will serve you well when fishing leisurely or competing in tournaments. Even though most of them have smaller deck sizes than the other brands on this list, their design and durability are unbeatable.

With some of the most powerful motors, ranging up to 450 HP, you’ll find yourself gliding through the water with a Bass Cat. In fact, these boats are known for handling rough water pretty well.

Excellent customer service and reliability are the Bass Cat’s signature traits. So, if you’re looking for something robust, durable, yet innovative and cutting-edge, Bass Cat’s bass boats are the way to go.

Nitro Boats

Another subsidiary brand of Bass Pro Shops, Nitro Boats, provides yet another impressive range of fiberglass bass boats. Certified and awarded by the NMMA for superb customer satisfaction, Nitro has some of the most feature-packed fiberglass bass boats.

For instance, look at their latest Z21 Pro model. It has superior construction, a comfortable interior, and everything you could possibly ask for in terms of fishability. It’s a bass and crappie angler’s dream.

Purchased with a heavy-duty trailer, these boats have a mid to high-end price range. But trust me, they’re worth it with their powerful 300 HP engines and ample deck space.

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And did you know? This brand works with some of the top sportsmen of the fishing world to improve their design and bring you the best of the best. Considering those facts, Nitro will seriously add some nitro to your bass fishing game and take it to the top.

Lowe Boats

An industry leader in small fishing boats, Lowe started back in 1971. Today, it offers some of the most affordable yet high-quality aluminum bass boats.

The Stinger series is for those who want mid-range aluminum bass boats with 150 HP engines, while the Skorpion series starts from around $12700, which is best for newbies.

But if you want a super attractive package for a reasonable price, you might want to look into the Lowe Legacy – a boat specially built to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary this year.

The best part? They offer a limited lifetime warranty on several of their boat’s components, including the fully-welded aluminum build. Moreover, they let you customize a lot of stuff about your boat, including the vinyl flooring – something truly worth spending on.

Xpress Boats

Xpress Boats is considered as the pioneer of all-welded aluminum boats, as the company started back in 1966 and quickly flourished throughout the years.

These bass boats are cleverly designed to steer through shallow waters with their 115 to 250 HP engines.

But what Xpress Boats is especially proud of is its hulls, which are high-quality, strong, and agile. The Hyper-lift hulls of these bass boats, in particular, let you glide through all kinds of water for the best fishing experience.

Not just this, but they also come with pretty cool-looking exteriors. For instance, the Xplorer Bass series has an impressive camouflage design that is sure to turn heads. Aluminum bass boats that don’t just feel great, but also look great? Yes, please!

Overall, these mid-range bass boats are the perfect pick for those looking for excellence in aluminum structures. I’m sure you’re going to be super ‘xcited’ once you get your hands on these bass boats, just as their tag line suggests.

Lund Boats

Yet another impressive range of bass boats come from Lund boats, which has over 60 years of experience in the industry. These bass boats are made of the most durable aluminum in the industry, which is why you get a ten-year limited warranty with them.

Moreover, Lund considers safety as one of their top priorities, so you can never get in trouble with these boats. All of them (including the smaller varieties) have a closed-cell foam to maintain stable and leveled flotation so that you can stay safe in the roughest of waters with the smallest of boats.

You’ll also notice that the designers have paid close attention to detail in the boat’s interior design. A live well for the bait, small storage compartments for added space, grippy decks for further ensuring comfort and safety – they’ve got it all.

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Not too shabby, is it? Note that you might have to pay some extra thousand bucks for these bass boats, but the sheer durability and versatility of them makes it worth it.


Seventy years of experience leads to unmatched excellence, and that’s exactly what Skeeter’s bass boats have to offer.

With these boats, you’re the one in control. They give you superbly responsive handling and allow you to make sharp, 90° turns with ease. This is very useful when it comes to tournaments, which is why Skeeter is very popular amongst serious anglers.

Plus, the boat’s expert hull design with a 20° deep-V gives you the added benefit of staying dry and comfortable on the deck.

Apart from excellence in performance and design, Skeeter has won 18 consecutive CSI awards for one of the industry’s best customer services. And who doesn’t like a brand which stands behind their boats and backs you up?

You get a wide price range with Skeeter, but one thing remains constant – quality. Hence, it’s worth looking into, especially their newly-launched FXR bass boats, which offer powerful engines and unbeatable stability.

Gambler Boats

If what you’re looking for is a brand that pays close attention to what you want and serves you for a lifetime, Gambler Boats is the place to go. It specializes in bass boats and ensures high standards when it comes to construction and performance.

Gambler only takes limited orders per year to stand by their rule of ‘quality over quantity.’ Over 35 years of experience in designing bass boats have bought them some loyal customers that swear by their boat’s performance.

From chemically-bonded double hulls and extended reverse chines to stainless steel latches and high-end speakers, Gambler gives you the best of the best.

So if you’re a die-hard bass fisher looking to make a statement with your bass boat, contact them today.

Bass Boat Buying Guide

There’s more to buying a bass boat than simply looking up popular brands. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for, especially if it’s your first time purchasing a boat. Even the best brands can prove unsatisfying if you don’t buy the boat that fits your needs.

So, here are some basic yet important things you should consider about a bass boat:


You have two options: aluminum and fiberglass construction, and both of them come with their set of pros and cons. Aluminum boats are speedy and lightweight but harder to control, while fiberglass boats are stable and easier to maneuver.

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Try taking your boat out for a test drive to see what suits your style.


Even if you don’t want a speed demon for a boat, try investing in a higher HP engine. This will allow you to resell the boat for a better price compared to boats with a low HP engine.

Hull Weight

Don’t go for boats that have very lightweight hulls, even if it’s an aluminum build. The lighter the boat, the harder it will be to maneuver and control it.


Does your boat come with a trailer? It’s easier to buy a package that includes the appropriate trailer at a discounted price, as it means less hassle and more affordability for you.


Perhaps the most important aspect of a boat is its warranty. It decides whether the company will back you up when something fails. So look for 5+ years of warranty on components and 10+ on the structure.

Deck Size

When it comes to fishing bass or crappie, you’d naturally want more working room at the front. Not only will this give you space to move about with ease, but will also prevent unnecessary spills and mishaps.

So I suggest looking for boats that don’t have a very pointed front. Rectangular decks are more spacious in general and allow two people to fish comfortably.


A beam of a boat is its width, and if comfort is your top priority, you’ll want wider beams. Such boats offer bigger seats and more room for accessories or storing equipment. They also allow you to install a third seat between the passenger and the driver.


Buying a boat doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get a fast ride with the necessary features at a very reasonable price, especially with the trusted and reliable brands I’ve listed above.

Just be sure to know exactly what you want. Think material, size, and speed – and you’ll be all set to buy the rig of your dreams.

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10 Best Bass Boat Brands Of August 2022? ›

10 Best Bass Boat Brands
  • Ranger Boats.
  • Bass Cat.
  • Nitro Boats.
  • Lowe Boats.
  • Xpress Boats.
  • Lund Boats.
  • Skeeter.
  • Gambler Boats.

Who makes the best quality bass boat? ›

Ranking the Best Bass Boat Brands
  • #1 Ranger. The Ranger name carries a lot of weight in the world of bass boats. ...
  • #2 Bass Cat. Bass Cat is a brand that many bass fishermen swear by. ...
  • #3 Legend. All-in-all, Legend makes one of the best all-around boats on the market. ...
  • #4 Skeeter. ...
  • #5 Nitro. ...
  • Conclusion.

What is the best boat for bass fishing? ›

Best Overall: Bass Cat Puma FTD

The Puma FTD is top brand Bass Cat's most popular premium range option. It boasts a heavy-duty, ultra-comfortable fiberglass build and a 20'4” length that's stable in open water yet easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

What's the most reliable boat? ›

Bayliner. With more than six decades of industry knowledge, Bayliner is considered one of the most trusted and reliable boating brands in the United States. The combination of style and affordability is what makes the brand such a force to be reckoned with.

Which bass boat is best in rough water? ›

Re: Best rough water bass boat? Any bassboat in the 20' range will handle big water better than your 17' will. But to answer your question, the deep v hulls like Champion, Charger, Viper, Legend are designed for rough water.

What bass boats do the pros use? ›

Twenty-four of the Elite Series professionals use a Ranger Boat. Eighteen use a Skeeter Boat, 17 a Phoenix Boat, 16 use Nitro, 15 use Triton, nine use Bass Cat, four use a Legend, one uses a Strato, and two I could not identify the type of boat.

Who makes the fastest bass boat? ›

Allison XB-2002 Bass Boat holds the fastest bass boat record globally, owing majorly to its lightweight yet highly efficient construction. It has set a top-speed record of around 108.7 mph with an onboard passenger and a 300 HP Mercury engine.

Whats better aluminum or fiberglass bass boat? ›

Modern boats are most often constructed of fiberglass, but aluminum is the best material to choose for a workboat. Aluminum is more durable than fiberglass, which is prone to breaking or cracking from impact. Aluminum is more resistant to punctures also.

What is the best first bass boat? ›

Top 10 Best Bass Boats for Beginners in 2022
  • Crestliner XF 179.
  • G3 Sportsman 1710.
  • Lowe Stinger 188.
  • Nitro Z17.
  • Ranger Z175.
  • Skeeter ZX 150.
  • Tracker Pro 170.
  • Triton 17TX.
May 6, 2022

How much does a good bass boat cost? ›

Price for 10 Popular Bass Boats
Bass BoatBase Cost (boat, trailer and motor)
Ranger Z518$37,895
Skeeter FX21 LE$70,485
Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL$10,995
Tracker Pro Team 190 XT$22,495
6 more rows

Who makes the longest bass boat? ›

As their largest bass boat ever made, Ranger Boats has given consumers more features than ever before. To name a few, the Ranger 522D has a 56 gallon fuel tank to make long runs, a 31 gallon live well capacity to hold your days catch, and a 300 max horsepower capacity to get you running!

What is the best boat for the money? ›

23 Most Affordable Entry-Level Boat Models
  1. All-Purpose Fishing Boats: Lund 1650 Angler SS. ...
  2. Aluminum Fishing Boats: Starweld 16 Fusion DC. ...
  3. Bass Boats: Ranger RT188P. ...
  4. Bay Boats/Flats Boats: Mako 18 LTS. ...
  5. Bowriders: Regal 1900 ES. ...
  6. Cabin Cruisers: Jeanneau NC 795. ...
  7. Center Consoles: Robalo R160. ...
  8. Cuddy Cabins: Rinker 22MTX.

What bass boat do the pros use? ›

Twenty-four of the Elite Series professionals use a Ranger Boat. Eighteen use a Skeeter Boat, 17 a Phoenix Boat, 16 use Nitro, 15 use Triton, nine use Bass Cat, four use a Legend, one uses a Strato, and two I could not identify the type of boat.

Whats better aluminum or fiberglass bass boat? ›

Modern boats are most often constructed of fiberglass, but aluminum is the best material to choose for a workboat. Aluminum is more durable than fiberglass, which is prone to breaking or cracking from impact. Aluminum is more resistant to punctures also.

What is the fastest bass boat? ›

Allison XB-2002 Bass Boat holds the fastest bass boat record globally, owing majorly to its lightweight yet highly efficient construction. It has set a top-speed record of around 108.7 mph with an onboard passenger and a 300 HP Mercury engine.

Why did Legend Boats sell out? ›

The manufacturer that made Legend boats in the US has sold out to White River Marine Group, and the line has been discontinued. While you can still easily find a used Legend boat for a reasonable price, the resale value of these boats may go down over time due to the lack of an obvious warranty and service provider.

The reason why getting the best boat deck paint is quite crucial is because there is more to it than just the appearance. Repainting your surfaces to return

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Boaters should know the best boat ladder for safe and comfortable access on their boats. Hence, reading this review is worthwhile!

The best boat ladder can allow you to have a secure grip to be trouble-free to board and get off from your boat.. Affordable and better than its expensive counterparts Steps have slip-proof plastic for comfortable boarding and getting off the boat Well-made and heavy-duty for the safety of everyone Perfect bass boat ladder Top mounting design so no swinging against the hull Straightforward installation. Since I need to mount a ladder close to freshwater level, I went through several 3 step boat ladders.. Affordable but works like an expensive folding boat ladder Can bear heavyweight Has hand grips and flat poly treads for better grip and safe steps Smoothly retracts to its compact form Comes with a bungee rope to the folded ladder. This 4 step boat ladder is perfect for my pontoon boat from the 80s’ and even with the new models.. Quality ladder with massive strength and stainless steel telescoping steps Collapsible so it can be easily stowed any time Has steps with non-slip plastic for safety Great for a sailboat, ski boat, and as a swim ladder. A good boat ladder should allow you to safely and comfortably get in and out of the boat safely and comfortably like this one.. A better replacement for ladder added on some sailboats Well-made, sturdy, and durable to bear weight Has cushioned tips to prevent marring and to fit most vessels Flatten the hooks and standoffs for compact storage Has traction molded plastic steps for comfort Can be an entry ladder. Though its name says pool ladder, it should be the best among boat ladders with the platform.

Our experts have put together a list of the 10 best tow boats for water skiing and wakeboarding, broken down by sport and value.

Whether you’re at the helm or on the end of the tow rope, the boat you’re using makes a big difference in your water skiing or wakeboarding experience.. Last time we offered them in no particular order of preference, but this time, we’re going to categorize the boats: skiing only, wakesurfing and wakeboarding, value-priced models.. MasterCraft originated as a ski boat builder, so it stands to reason that it should still build one of the best tournament ski boats on the market.. Any discussion on value-priced tow boats has to include Moomba, a long established builder of boats that deliver a lot for a little.. It includes Moomba’s Flow 2.0 surf system, the new Moomba SmartPlate 2.0 (about 50 percent larger than version 1.0) the Moomba Launch System and the parent company’s patented AutoWake, which isn’t a built-in alarm clock, but rather an intuitive bit of electronics that uses predictive state technology that automatically adjusts ballast.. The value brand to sister Malibu Boats, Axis Wake builds value priced boats that let more people shop in the new market without sacrificing quality.. Sure, Axis Wake boats don’t come with all the latest tech found in Malibu models, but when you’re riding the lip behind the boat, you’ll hardly notice.. That’s because the A20 comes with the Axis Performance Surf Package, which includes the Power Wedge II hydrofoil, SurfGate and Surf Band, a wrist-worn controller that lets the rider adjust the Wedge, change the surf wakes from side to side and change boat speeds.


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